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14 12, 2018, 11:41:18 am by Arran | Views: 707 | Comments: 12

Download and install this newest build of MTA:

And then post here if your game crashes and any info the crash gives.

This is to help a new MTA developer who made custom animations, called saml1er. The change is called "Improve pool performance" which unfortunately doesn't improve FPS (but I've been told some players have reported increased FPS so worth a try) but is said to open up many doors for improvements to MTA.

In the unlikely event you have serious issues like often crashing or freezing you can install this older build:
01 12, 2018, 08:38:06 am by TheHacker | Views: 253 | Comments: 14

The characters aren't enough to fully explain this suggestion in the title, but made it as short as possible.

Suggestion explained in one paragraph: If a criminal loses his AR progres during an AR as he gets out of the robbery area, he won't be able to rob the Armed Robbery again, however if the criminal dies, the normal routine will apply on him, which is wait for 120 seconds since last robbery to rob again.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion: It is explained very well. Though, there will be a limit, that if the player gets out the robbery area, he will have chance to rob only once again for the area. This is because sometimes, there can be incidents, where a criminal accidentally leaves the area, so he will have a chance to rob again, but this is only once because the player will be aware that he shouldn't leave the area again. Though, repeating again, if the player dies or gets killed by a cop, he can rob again after 120 seconds of last robbery, means the same routine will be applied to him.

This suggestion is worth the time developing because: Now you must be wondering what is the whole point of this suggestion? Well, this should be implemented to avoid farming of Wanted level, APB and also to increase the fairness, where some players are working hard and fair to get APB, while others are just farming WL for it. A few of criminals are using this way, where they get out of the area and wait for 120 seconds and rob again, to get APB. There are several reasons for it, and one of them is to improve their criminal stats and reputation. You might also think that if this gets implemented, there are still other ways for criminals to farm wanted level, but at least this suggestion will remove a way. A small step can lead to success.
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* Changelog

Monday 17th December 2018
- Fixed explosives being taken whenever you restock ammo from supply crates. (Java)
- Reduced RPG cooldown for Military and Rebels from 80 seconds to 30 seconds. (Java + Brand)
- Decreased RPG damage fired by Military / Rebels to prevent it from being overpowered. (Java + Brand)
- Spy and Saboteur classes are now invisible on radar unless shown on screen. (Java)
- Added a new spotting system for Military and Rebels. Nearby enemies blips are now invisible unless spotted. (Java + Arran + Eggsy + Relerx + Brand)
- Added Demolitions classes for Military and Rebels that is responsible for placing mines and fire RPGs. (Java + Arran)
- Decreased maximum limit of dropping Supply Crates as Military or Rebel Pilot from 4 to 2. (Java + .Combat)
- Added a sound played whenever you restock ammo from Supply Crates. (Java + Arran)

Sunday 16th December 2018
- The supply crates that you drop as a Rebel or Military Pilot now have a capacity that decrease whenever someone re-supply ammo from it. (Java + KhoaBui)
- Cargobob can now be re-supplied with crates in addition to Raindance with a maximum limit of 4 crates. (Java + KhoaBui)
- Helicopters must now be re-supplied with crates at the Military or Rebel base in order to drop them. (Java + KhoaBui)
- Fixed too many bugs regarding Rebel and Military Pilot classes. (Java + KhoaBui)
- Dropping a Supply Crate now from a helicopter is changed to a better way, check it out! (Java + KhoaBui)
- Added Spy classes for Military and Rebels that is responsible for planting bombs. Bombs can be restocked at any Supply Crate. (Java + Eggsy + Arran)
- Fixed Combat Engineer and Rebel Engineer not being able to place barriers. (Java + Relerx)
- Dropping supply crates can be done only by Raindance helicopter for now. (Java)
- Added Pilot classes for Rebels and Military that is responsible for dropping supply crates and for flying aircraft. (Java + Arran)
- Added Support Gunner classes for military and rebel, who carry minigun. (Relerx + Arran)
- Fixed money payments for Military vs Rebels. You will now earn money properly for killing rebels and military, however you earn money from killing one person only once in 60 seconds. (Relerx)
- Fixed many bugs related to turfing system for Military vs Rebels, and now you will earn money for capturing checkpoints and turfs. Also, you will now respawn to a random checkpoint in the closest turf. (Relerx)

Saturday 15th December 2018
- Added a work in progress turfing system to Military vs Rebels. You will have to capture all checkpoints to capture a turf, for now money is given only for killing people, and will soon be added for things. To capture a checkpoint, stand in it. You can only capture checkpoints in a standard order - go to the red waypoint blip to see which one you can capture. (Relerx + Arran)

- Promoted Pilovali to L3 staff. (Staff Management)
- Injured team-mates will be marked on your radar when you're either a 'Combat Medic' or a 'Rebel Medic'. (Java + Elena)
- Added 'Jump Jet Infantry' class for military only that can fire guns while having the jetpack on. (Java + Arran)
- Increased payments at criminal events by a lot so maybe they'll actually get played. (Arran)

Friday 14th December 2018
- You will now properly receive your weapons when you reconnect as Military/Rebel. (Relerx + Nidus)
- Fixed being able to craft food by quitting job and taking the job again as military. (Relerx + Nidus)

Thursday 13th December 2018
- Headshots will do 20% more damage to players. (Brian + UniqueMercy)
- Rustler Bombs are free for military now. Military will now drop two bombs (normal bomb followed by another in 1 second), and will have to reload bombs once they run out of it. (Relerx + Arran)

Tuesday 11th December 2018
- L2. Magneto and Emma promoted to L3. (Staff Management)

Monday 10th December 2018
- Disabled teargas' camera shake effect due to MTA bugs making impossible to handle it. Increased teargas damage to compensate. (Brian)
- Fixed personal skins not being listed into '/customskin' panel. (Brian + Apple)
- Added 3 variants to Sanchez, you can change aspect of Sanchez in any vehicle mod shop. (Brian)
- Made the 'X' commands panel information translatable. (Arran + Vampire)
- Engineers can place barriers for free. (Arran)
- Fixed not making progress when you kill a cop inside an LS turf. (Java + 3bood)
- Killing a groupmate or an alliance mate inside an LS turf will decrease your group's control by 5. (Java + 3bood)

Sunday 9th December 2018
- Fixed not getting personal weapons back after playing as Rebel or Military and then using some commands like 'godj'. (Arran + Mayrou)

Saturday 8th December 2018
- Added 'Refresh' button in /ds to update the list. (Java)
- Suggestions in /ds are now sorted by priority as well as votes. (Java + Vampire)
- /ds is reset due to a minor bug occurred that caused the script to be buggy. (Java)
- Added '/djshout' for DJs to shout messages. This can be either enabled or disabled from /settings. (Java + xTra)
- Increased the maximum limit of creating suggestions in /ds from 2 to 4. (Java)
- Added many improvements to /ds such as a checkbox for being anonymous when creating a suggestion. (Java + Kavzor + Brand)
- Added 'Rules & Guidelines' tab to /ds. (Java + Brand)
- Added /ds to create suggestions in-game which enable replies from players above 100+ hours. (Java)
- Fixed LS turfs getting reset multiple times in a row. (Java + 3bood)

Friday 7th December 2018
- Added a new Armed Robbery in Vinewood hills. (Brian + Emma + Vampire + Magneto)
- Added a 'Random' button inside /weather panel to switch automatically between GTA's default weathers every 20 minutes. (Brian + Trixter)
- Disabled access to jetpack for Military and Rebel teams. (Arran + Nun0)
- Merged Military and Rebel job markers into 1 marker. (Arran)

Thursday 6th December 2018
- Military and rebels can no longer use drugs and will not receive health boost form kills. (Arran)
- Military and rebels will take +100% damage from guns (not sniper) +30% more to head -30% less to limbs. (Arran + RiDz)
- Removed ammunation markers from military and rebel bases. (Arran + MacMan)
- Military / rebel supply crates will now provide food, but food will heal these 2 teams very slowly. (Arran)
- Fixed military and rebels being able to hire guards. (Arran + RiDz)
- Fixed military and rebels being able to buy armor from Boxville. (Arran + RiDz)
- Fixed combat medic and rebel medic heal spray not working. (Arran + MacMan)
- Fixed silenced pistol not doing any damage when used by Military / Rebels. (Arran + Antonys)
- Fixed losing all your ammo when switching from Military / Rebel to certain jobs. (Arran + LeGe + Chin)

Wednesday 5th December 2018
- Fixed being able to receive money from LS turfs while being outside LS. (Java + MaZika)
- Hidden the LS turfs that are near the protected areas. (Java + Community)
- Split Military and Rebels into 4 different classes, this is work in progress more features and changes will be added later! (Arran + Royal)
- Military and Rebels no longer use personal ammo when playing and can get more ammo at a supply crate or from death. (Arran)
- '/grouponline' and '/squadonline' will show info on another group or squad if you specify a name after the command. (Arran + Nun0)
- Made group notes more noticable in the chat. (Arran + RiDz)

Tuesday 4th December 2018
- Added the old prison. (Brian + Arran + .Combat)
- Due to several players being idle and farm money from LS turfs, LS turfs will get reset every 24 hours. Use /turfleft to know the time left for the reset. (Java)
- Fixed taking damage from molotovs in the duel tournament lobby. (Java + Nuko)

Monday 3rd December 2018
- Forum: Added DSWAR board for Military & Rebel suggestions as I have decided to start a major development campaign on this. (Arran)
- Military personnel can no longer engage in combat with wanted criminals. (Arran + .Combat)
- Removed the limit of owning 5 LS clusters of turf due to it doing more bad than good. (Java + Community)
- LS turfs that are near a running armed robbery will be temporarily hidden until it stops. (Java + Community)
- Re-designed LS turfs and increased the turfs to 37 instead of 23. (Java + Community)
- During the days of December, the lottery prize will be 10 times higher. (Arran + Emma)
- '/customskin' now opens a GUI with available group and squad custom skins. (Arran + eXoud)
- Fixed making progress in an LS turf being buggy sometimes. Use /dbgturfs if you spotted a bug then, send me the outputs to fix. (Java)
- Halved the maximum time in which your camera will stop shaking after being hurt by teargas. The effect will now last 17 seconds. (Brian)
- Hack fixed camera shake effect being infinite due to MTA bugs. (Brian + Paschi + Riquel)
- You will now not be able to rob 120 seconds after fleeing a robbery, since it did not work properly previously. (Relerx + TheHacker)

Sunday 2nd December 2018
- Added 31 more objects to the CITy building list. (IDriver)
- Killing a cop in an LS turf now increases your turf control by x2. (Java + WillyPoo)
- Added a better way for making progress in LS turfs. (Java + Kavzor)
- Roukas, M1D0, UlasDO, Gonzo and Brand passed Trial period. (Staff Management)
- New players will start with 300 Oil. (Arran + JustLuck)
- Reduced the amount of people who will be muted for making non English super adverts by blocking some non English characters. (Arran + Peace)
- Forum: Added a 'Discussion' board inside 'Suggestions' board for development discussion. (Arran)
- Fixed getting the reward you earn from LS turfs twice in a row. (Java + MaZika)
- Replaced Teargas' blur effect with default GTA's camera shake effect to improve performance. Increased Teargas damage by 10% to compensate. (Brian + Brand)
- Made 'Delivery Man' have 20 deliveries each time you load your van with goods. (Brian + DollaMyHolla)
- Each gang is now restricted from claiming more than 5 LS clusters of turfs. (Java + Nidus + MaZika)
- Added a text beside the cluster name that shows how many turfs are in this cluster. (Java)
- Increased rewards you get from LS turfs with 1/3 possibility of earning an extra amount. Rewards depend now on how big the cluster is. (Java + Kavzor)
- Surrounded LS with clusters of turfs. Each cluster consists of a specific amount of turfs. (Java + WillyPoo + Community)

Saturday 1st December 2018
- Rami, Nervous and RiDz added as trial staff. (Staff Management)
- Added 'Law points earned today' to 'F5' / police computer. (Arran + Apple)
- Body guards will not shoot players while they are in LV. (Arran + FastLane)
- Re-enabled 'Murder Mystery' hourly event. (Java)
- Added trucker load / unload points to Tierra Robada / Bone County. (Arran + TORRES)
- Changed the key bindings for accepting and denying mechanic repairs/paintwork to 'K' for accepting it, and 'L' for denying it. (Relerx + Dimit)
- Added info on extracted and total iron when extracting iron in Iron Miner job. (Arran + Antonys)
- Added 'X Command Panel' to '/settings'. (Arran + Apple)
- Added 'No Military' and 'No Rebels' to the setting 'Healing / Armor Sale Restrictions'. (Arran + ShaneES)
- Once you list an item for sale in F7 while inside a market area, you can then leave the area and the item can still be bought. (Arran + Dimit)

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