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Forum and Ingame Rules
« on: 26 05, 2011, 08:30:39 pm »

Summary (Use CTRL + F to find sections)

Ingame Rules
Forum Rules
Standardization of Ingame Rules
Translated Rules

Ingame Rules

1. Do not disrupt other players. Examples: Ramming cars, impersonating a player or group / squad, discriminatorily attacking a player, repeated verbal provocation and harassing players in their group base. It's against the rules to enter bases when the gate is closed. This rule applies in LV.

Maximum punishment: Admin jail or global mute using default duration for most acts. 5 year ban for extreme cases.

2. Listen to server staff, these are people with [CIT] in their name. You must comply with all reasonable requests made by a staff member. Do not annoy staff. Supporters can mute you if you ignore them in Support chat. Do not misuse '/report'.

Maximum punishment: Admin jail or global mute not exceeding 48 hours or the default duration.

3. You can discuss real world things like religion and politics but remain calm and respectful while doing so.

Maximum punishment: Global mute not exceeding 72 hours or the default duration.

4. Do not cheat, exploit bugs or scam players. If you don't break rule 8 you wouldn't get scammed.

Maximum punishment: 5 year ban for any cheater. Up to 5 year ban for exploiting. 5 year limitation for scamming, ban if serious.

5. You mustn't say more than 1 message in main or team chat which is not in English. Do not say 'Fail' afterwards.

Maximum punishment: Mute not exceeding 24 hours or the default duration.

6. Do not spam, complain about lag, or post 'quick stats'. Press 'J' if you need to contact an admin. All admins start with [CIT]. Do not misuse the chats that are there for a purpose and not for chatting randomly in. Do not talk about somebody getting punished.

Maximum punishment: Mute not exceeding 72 hours or the default duration. 3 day ban for major spam.

7. Do not be verbally abusive. Abbreviations such as STFU are permitted.

Maximum punishment: Global mute not exceeding 30 days or the default duration. 1 year ban for extreme and or repeat offenders.

8. Attempting to transfer something to another player which isn't done through a system such as F7 Trading is forbidden. Excluding DL + shader transfers.

Maximum punishment: Limitation not exceeding 5 years. A limitation prevents receiving / transferring items from / to other players.

Forum Rules

1. Do not be dishonest.
2. Do not post or link to illegal, copyright infringing, pornographic, disgusting, inappropriate content or plagiarise player made goods.
3. Do not insult, be nasty, or trollish to people. Do not use of any racist or homophobic words.
4. Do not make useless or off topic posts.
5. Post new topics in the right board, look through the board list before posting.
6. Do not post things that have already been posted.
7. The contents of your forum avatar, signature and profile must be appropriate.
8. Names must be appropriate and an actual name. For example using a full stop as a name will be not be tolerated. Names must only contain English alphabetical, numerical or standard keyboard characters.
9. Questions posted in the "General Support / Questions" MUST BE ABOUT CIT. If you want to make a server, buy a website or anything that has nothing to do with CIT, DO NOT ASK FOR HELP IN THIS BOARD. Go to "MTA Support" board which is located in "General Support / Questions" board as its child board and ask your MTA related questions there.
10. Registering a forum account via a proxy or using a temporary email account will be assumed as attempted ban evasion or registering with malicious intent and will result in a permanent ban. When we are processing your forum registration attempt and another forum account has been used recently from the same IP address, probably because you're trying to create multiple identities for yourself and or ban evade, you will probably end up banned for multi accounting.
11. Do not PM staff members about bans, irrelevancies or anything else they don't want in their inbox. Do not mention staff members without a valid reason.
12. You can't use animated images in signature or avatar.
13. You can discuss real world things like religion and politics but remain calm and respectful while doing so.
14. When posting in the forum shout box do not post anything against the above rules that also includes racism, non-English and any other inappropriate content. Do not complain about being disconnected or being unable to connect to the server. Posting in the shout box while muted will get you banned from the forum until your mute expires.
15. Asking somebody to vote in a certain way in a topic or post undermines democracy and is forbidden.
16. Giving stupid answers in support board like "format your PC" is stupid and will not be tolerated.
17. Topics that exceed 50 pages of replies will be deleted for performance reasons. Unimportant topics like "count to..." and "chat" may be deleted sooner.

What happens if I get muted?
You become muted if your warning level goes over 70%. Warning levels go down by 1% every day and when it goes below 70% again you will be able to post again.

Staff code of conduct

A) Don't jump to conclusions, gather sufficient evidence first.
B) If you have a problem, raise it with whoever it may concern.
C) Set a good example and don't act stupid.
D) Only use your powers for what they're intended for, unless you're being creative in the interests of the community.
E) If you join a group, squad, etc you mustn't get involved in any appeals or complaints of other members.
F) When warning somebody for a post on the forum, either delete the post or post afterwards saying they've been warned.
G) Ban reasons must be detailed and reflect the actual ban reason.
H) Comply with any reasonable instruction given by a higher level member of staff.
I) Anything which is private must remain private unless stated.
J) Treat everyone fairly and how you'd expect to be treated yourself, everyone in the community should be treated equally regardless of their position or what they mean to you. Rules are to be enforced equally across the board. Cherry picking people who they punish and any sort of bias is strictly forbidden.
K) You must not be dishonest.
L) Staff are required to maintain professional conduct while handling their duties such as, punishing players or moderating any official boards. Staff are not to let their personal feelings or beliefs cause them to treat people differently. They must remain objective at all times.

Standardization of Ingame Rules (Click spoiler)
Topic where all rules are explained in detail with examples.

Show content
Standarization of the ingame rules

Part of this topic was taken from the Staff Private Board, I came to understand that it would bring transparency for the community. Just like a law book has examples of crimes this topic contains exactly that. This topic was originally created on the Staff Private Board by Casual to avoid punishing players differently as it doesn't show much professionalism at all. This will eliminate where people go around and ask different admins if something is rulebreaking after getting a punishment and get completely different answers from each one of them. That's not how it should be.

"These rules should be familiar, I made a few examples of different situations and my proposition how to punish there. It is supposed if people like the idea that they also publish examples of punishments and we, together come to a decision regarding if it's rulebreaking or not and what the appropriate punishment should be. I've written what I had in mind about it but if anyone else has any ideas or how to make it better, post here and don't be shy to speak up." -Casual


Read the following examples as if you were a member of the Staff team since it was written by a Staff member, for Staff members.

1. Do not disrupt other players. Examples: Ramming cars, impersonating a player or group / squad, repeated verbal provocation and harassing players in their group base. It's against rules entering bases without authorization with the only purpose of harassing players inside them. Rule is valid in LV as well.


Ex.1 - People ramming with cars
Proposed action: Spectate and see if they are repeatedly doing that. If so, jail for #1.

Ex.3 - asssssdad logs in and got reported by a player for having an unacceptable name.
Proposed action: Kick him from server with reason "Change that name". If he comes back with same name, ban for 20 mins with same reason.

Ex.7 - Invading bases
John entered/keeps entering a base to harass its owners.
Proposed action: Slap John, if he keeps repeating the action, jail for #1. Rule is valid everywhere, LV included.

2. Listen to server staff.
Listen to server staff, these are people with the [CIT] tag in their name. You must comply with all reasonable requests made by a staff member. If a staff member admin kills you, it was either because you were stood in the road or because you were annoying them, do not approach them again. When using the support section of 'J' chat interface you must listen to what supporters tell you. Sending invalid reports using '/report' is punishable.
After multiple warning about changing unacceptable name, staying in a location where player should not be, constantly trolling your work, or staying in a base ect. You may punish this player for not following your orders. Those orders should be rational, always study all the situation before jumping to conclusion.

  • If you kill a person because he is trolling a certain meeting and he does constantly come back, you may punish jail the person for this rule.
  • If you make a note about a certain point, "(Note)killing people in this party is not allowed" And someone does it, you may jail the person for this rule.
  • Constantly using unacceptable names, and changing them back even after you renamed him, you may jail the person.
  • Constantly flooding a chat, with something which is non related to the chat, you may mute the player for this rule.
  • You can also blow up vehicles with players in them unless it blocks them from completing a game event. If they annoy you with horns then you may destroy their vehicle and their occupants.

3. CIT is a politics and religion free zone, keep real life arguments out of CIT!


Ex. 1 - I'm blocking all tags related to religions and middle asian cultures, due to continuous fights. - Brian

Ex. 2 - Mahmoud talking in team chat
Mahmoud: I am Muslim
Tyrone comes and replies with
Tyrone: All muslims are fucking terrorists, they all should die
In this case Tyrone should get banned for rule #3

4. Do not cheat, exploit bugs or scam players. If you don't break rule 8 you wouldn't get scammed.
Cheating is defined as an unfair advantage. Hosting car shows where entrants must pay is forbidden. Scamming is mainly when you have an agreed transaction with another player but you don't intend to fulfil the transaction.


Ex.1 - John is using a small skin mod with a changed hitbox which means you can't kill him that easy. He isn't abusing it but still using it.
Proposed punishment: 7 day ban for attempt of cheating

Ex.2 - John is using his small skin mod, he's in a criminal event as a cop killing everyone he can see. He comes out on top of the criminal event with lots of kills.
Proposed punishment: Permanent ban for cheating

Ex.3 - Player is camping in the hospital's protection zone as HIT, he knows it and takes the advantage of being invicible.
Proposed punishment: /removehit and slap. Method is better suited for those constantly placing hits on themselves at the hospital. Jail for exploiting if repeated

Ex.5 - RandomGuy is hiding into an unaccessible CITy zone as wanted and refuses to open and let cops chase him.
Proposed action: Jail for exploiting. Call a L4+ staff to wipe his zone and force-sell it.

Ex.7 - OrangeFish162 is health bugged (he doesn't lose health) and is in a criminal event. He manages to kill a few people while unable to be hurt, while this is happening, people tell him to reconnect because he's not losing health. He ignores and continues. | GreenCandy28 is health bugged and kills 1 person, people tell him he is unable to be hurt. He stops what he's doing once he realises.
Proposed action: Slap him. Kick from the server for being bugged or reconnect him. Use Shout button and tell him.

5. You mustn't say more than 1 message in main or team chat which is not in English. Do not say 'Fail' afterwards.

 Team chat:
Mahmoud: salam salam a gd3aan
Randomplayer: English please.
Mahmoud: a gd3aan 7ad 3arbyy?

In this case only, Mahmoud gets muted, but if Mahmoud didn't talk again in Arabic then he wouldn't have got punished.

Ex.2 - John drives into Los Santos and says "Yo amigos!" in main chat to display his presence.
Proposed action: None, using a single or a few widely known non-english words is not a reason to mute.

Ex.3 John says "Finns det några snälla barn här?" in the main chat
Proposed action: Inform the player that you're not allowed to talk non-english in the chat and guide him to the language chats in J
*John talks again in non english*
Proposed action #2: Mute for breaking rule #5

6. Do not spam, don't misuse the chats.
Do not spam, complain about lag, post quick stats or quotes from chats or messages. Press 'J' if you need to contact an admin. All admins start with [CIT]. Do not misuse the chats that are there for a purpose and not for chatting randomly in. Do not talk about somebody getting punished.


Ex. 1 - Player 1 has spammed (ex. output: asdhasufdhaskdlfhasjdfhkadjs or any kinds of spam) on main/team chat.
Proposed action: Give a normal mute for spamming

Ex. 2 - Player 1 has spammed (ex. output: asdhasufdhaskdlfhasjdfhkadjs or any kinds of spam)) on any other chats excluding main/team chat.
Proposed action: Give a global mute for spamming.

Ex. 3 - Player 1 has spammed at main/team chat and already got muted for it, but has continued spamming at any other chats: (eg.: Local and support chats).
Proposed action: Un-mute then give another global mute (It's because the first mute should serve as a warning for him).

Ex.4 - MrYolo393 advertises another server in a public chat.
Proposed action: Permaban

Ex.5 - (contact admin) Someone: Any admin can warp to me, please
(contact admin) supportpls: Contact him in main chat
(in a nutshell, answering people in contact admin when you're not a staff)
Proposed action: Global mute for chat misuse

7. Do not flame / insult / offend people. Don't do it, ever.

Mute everyone if they flame. Fuck off is a flame.

8. Transferring something to another player which isn't done through a system such as F7 Trading is forbidden.
Selling ingame money / VIP / etc for real life money is prohibited. Selling groups/squads and their founder status is prohibited and will be punished with group deletion.

John is looking for a CS:GO account seller
Mahmoud says he is selling a CS:GO account

Both John and Mahmoud agree on a specific price, John pays Mahmoud the money but Mahmoud refuses to give him the CS:GO account or vice versa
Proposed action: A punishment to the scammer, yet the scammed player doesn't get refunded for being such an idiot and ignoring the rules.
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Re: Forum and Ingame Rules
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Translated Rules (Click "Show content")
Topic where all the rules are translated.

Show content
--Original post made by @Ryan. / community in the Punishment Appeals board--
Forum Rules
Language: / English
Translated by: Arran & Staff Team
Translated rules:
Show content
1. Do not be dishonest.
2. Do not post or link to illegal, copyright infringing, pornographic, disgusting, or inappropriate content.
3. Do not insult, be nasty, or trollish to people.
4. Do not make useless or off topic posts.
5. Post new topics in the right board, look through the board list before posting.
6. Do not post things that have already been posted.
7. The contents of your forum avatar, signature and profile must be appropriate.
8. Names must be appropriate and an actual name. For example using a full stop as a name will be not be tolerated. Names must only contain English alphabetical, numerical or standard keyboard characters.
9. Questions posted in the "General Support / Questions" MUST BE ABOUT CIT. If you want to make a server, buy a website or anything that has nothing to do with CIT, DO NOT ASK FOR HELP IN THIS BOARD.
10. Registering a forum account via a proxy or using a temporary email account will be assumed as attempted ban evasion or registering with malicious intent and will result in a permanent ban. When we are processing your forum registration attempt and another forum account has been used recently from the same IP address, probably because you're trying to create multiple identities for yourself and or ban evade, you will probably end up banned for multi accounting.
11. Do not PM staff members about bans, irrelevancies or anything else they don't want in their inbox. Do not mention staff members without a valid reason.
12. Avatars or signatures that use an animated GIF, and that GIF movement is significant enough to cause annoyance or distraction to anybody who is trying to read stuff, but can't because somebody has an annoying avatar or signature which is constantly moving next to what they're trying to read. You will get warned and the image will be removed.
13. CIT is a politics and religion free zone, keep real life arguments out of CIT!
14. When posting in the forum shout box do not post anything against the above rules that also includes racism, non-English and any other inappropriate content. Do not complain about being disconnected or being unable to connect to the server. Posting in the shout box while muted will get you banned from the forum until your mute expires.
15. Asking somebody to vote in a certain way in a topic or post undermines democracy and is forbidden.  Do not post links to server suggestions.
16. Giving stupid answers in support board like "format your PC" is stupid and will not be tolerated.

Language: Turkish
Translated by: @Mert & @FalconHawk
Translated rules:
Show content
1.Dürüst ol
2.Yasadışı , telif hakkı ihlal , pornografik , iğrenç , veya uygunsuz linkler paylaşma.
3.Hakaret etme, çirkin olma ve rahatsız edici davranma.
4.Gereksiz konular açmayın ve konu dışında yorumlar atmayın.
5.Konularınızı ilgili bölümlere açınız, bir yere konu açmadan önce orda açılan konuları kontrol ediniz.
6.Yazılmış olan şeyleri bir daha aynı yere yazmayın.
7.Profil fotoğrafın, imzan, ve profilin uygun içerikli olmalıdır.
8.İsmin gerçek ve uygun olmalıdır.Mesela, tamamen nokta koyamazsın.Ingilizce alfabesinin harflerinden ve rakamlarından veya normal klavye harflerinden oluşmalı.
9."General Support / Questions" bölümünde oluşturulan soru konuları CIT sunucusuyla alakalı olmalıdır.Eğer kendi sunucunu açmak istiyorsan, internet sitesi vb. şeyler al, CIT sunucusunun onunla ilgili yapabilceği bir şey yok. Bu tür destekleri orada paylaşmayın.
10."Proxy" ile veya geçici e-mail adresiyle hesap açmak yasaktır.Bu yollarla açılan hesaplar önceki yasaktan kaçma olarak veya kötü niyetli açılan hesap olarak değerlendirilecek ve süresiz sunucu yasağına mağruz bırakılacak.Biz sizin kayıt olma isteğinizi gerçekleştirirken eğer aynı IP den başka bir hesapla karşılaşırsak, yasaktan kaçma olarak değerlendiririz ve bu olay sunucudan yasaklanma olarak sonuçlanır.
11.Sunucu personellerine aldığınız yasaklar(ban) hakkında mesaj atmayınız. Gereksiz veya herhangi bir şeyi mesaj kutularında istemiyorlar.GEÇERLİ bir sebep dışında personeli mentionlamayın.
12.Avatarın veya imzanda bulunan haraketli GIF ler, bu tür GIFler herhangi birini(senin postunu okumaya çalışan mesela) rahatsız etmeye veya oyalamaya müsait.Bu sebepten dolayı insanlar yazılanları sırf sizin haraketli resimlerinizden dolayı okuyamayabilir.Bu sebepten dolayı şikayet olursa veya görülürse, GIF kaldırılır ve uyarı cezası alırsınız.
13.Siyaset ve dinsel konular CIT la alakasızdır, CIT dan uzakta tutun.
14.Ana sayfadaki "shoutbox" olarak adlandırılan konuşma ekranında, yukardaki kurallardan şaşmayın.Ayrıca, ırkçılık, İngilizce dışı laflar ve herhangi diğer uygunsuz söz, bunları asla ve asla oraya bulaştırmayın. Asla sunucuya bağlanamadığınızdan şikayette bulunmayın.Eğer forumda susturulmuşkan bu konuşma ekranında bir şey yazarsanız, susturulma cezanız kalkana kadar foruma girişiminiz engellenir.
15.Herhangi birisine bir konuyu oylamasını sormanız demokrasi dışıdır ve yasaktır. Öneri bölümüyle ilgili linkler paylaşmayın.
16."Format your PC(Bilgisayarına format at)" gibi salakça cevaplar tolare edilmeyecektir.

Language: Romanian
Translated by: @Warbringer
Translated rules:
Show content
1. Nu fii necinstit.
2. Nu posta lucruri sau link-uri ilegale, care sa incalce drepturile de autor, pornografice, dezgustatoare sau cu un continut neadecvat.
3. Nu injura si nu iti bate joc de oameni.
4. Nu posta fara sens.
5. Posteaza topic-urile noi in board-ul potrivit, uita-te in board inainte sa postezi.
6. Nu posta lucruri care au fost deja postate..
7. Continutul avaturlui tau, al semnaturii si al profilului trebuie sa fie adecvat.
8. Numele trebuie sa fie adecvat si sa aiba serns. De exemplu un nume gen . (punct) nu o sa fie tolerat. Numele trebuie sa contina numai litere din alfabetul englez, numere sau caractere standard ale tastaturii.
9. Intrebarile postate in "General Support / Questions" TREBUIE SA FIE DESPRE CIT. Daca vrei sa-ti faci un server, cumpara-ti un webiste sau orice care n-are legatura cu CIT, NU CERE AJUTOR IN BOARD-UL ACESTA.
10. Inregistrarea contului cu ajutor unui proxy sau folosirea unui email temporar va fi considerat ca o incercare de evadare a ban-ului sau cu scopul de a face rau si va rezulta intr-un ban permanent. Cand verificam cererea ta de inregistrare pe forum si un alt cont a fost folosit recent de pe acelasi IP, probabil incerci sa-ti creezi mai multe identitati si sau sa scapi de ban, probabil vei sfarsi banat pentru faptul ca ai mai multe conturi.
11. Nu trimite PM adminilor pt ban-uri, chestii irelevante sau orice altceva ce nu este dorit in inbox. Nu mentiona adminii fara un motiv serios.
12. Avatarele sau semnaturile care folosesc GIF-uri animate, si miscarea GIF-ului este destul de semnificativa incat sa creeze disconfort pentru oricine care incearca sa citeasca, dar nu poate deoarece cineva are un avatar sau o semnatura care se misca constant catre ce vor ei sa citeasca. O sa primesti un warn si imaginea va fi stearsa.
13. CIT nu este o zona pentru politica si religie, pastreaza argumentele din lumea reala departe de CIT!
14. Can postezi in shout box, nu posta nimic care sa incalce regulile, asta include rasismul, alte limbi inafara de Engleza sau oricare alt continut inadecvat. Nu te plange despre faptul ca ai luat disconnect sau ca nu te poti conecta pe server. Postatul in shout box cat timp ai primit un "mute" in joc va rezulta intr-un forum ban pana cand "mute"-ul va expira.
15. Intrebarea cuiva sa voteze intr-un anumit fel intr-un topic sau sa posteze intr-un mod care sfideaza democratia este interzis.  Nu posta link-uri catre sugestii.
16. Raspunsurile stupide in support board de genul "formateaza-ti PC-ul" sunt stupide si nu vor fi tolerate.

Language: Chinese
Translated by: @HKPenguin
Translated rules:
Show content
1.   請時刻保持誠實態度
2.   請勿於論壇貼出或連結不法,侵犯版權,色情,嘔心或不當內容,或抄襲由其他玩家而來的成果
3.   請勿侮辱,淫穢或愚弄他人。
4.   請勿開設無用處或離題的主題。
5.   請於開設主題前詳細查看論壇板區清單,以確保自己於適當的板區中開設主題。
6.   請勿重複開設本來已存在的相關主題。
7.   請確保自己於論壇上的個人檔案內容,頭像及簽名內容均為恰當。
8.   論壇內使用之名稱必須為恰當的真實名稱。只可以包含英文字母及英數字。名稱中不容許出現任何符號。
9.   於"General Support / Questions" 版區中發問的貼子必須與CIT有關。假如想要發問的問題是有關於自行開設伺服器,購買網站或其他跟MTA有關但與CIT無關之事,請於"General Support / Questions"板區中的子板"MTA Support"內發問。
10.   不得經由代理服務器或以臨時電郵地址註冊論壇賬號。有關行為會被視作逃避懲罰或帶有不軌企圖,並會帶來永久禁止進入伺服器之懲罰。
11.   不可傳送有關遊戲懲罰,無關CIT之事宜,以及會造成滋擾的個人訊息(‘PM’)給予管理員/職員。不得於無合理理由情況下對管理員/職員名稱使用 ‘提及’ (’mention’) 論壇功能。
12.   不可於論壇頭像或簽名內容中使用動態圖片(”GIF”)。
13.   你可以討論現實世界中的東西,如信仰及政治。但於討論中請保持冷靜及尊重他人。
14.   當你使用論壇廣播箱子/揚聲箱子 (“Shout Box”) 時,請勿張貼任何違反以上所述規則,或是包含種族歧視,非英語,或其他不當內容之信息。不得在箱子張貼有關連線中斷或無法與遊戲伺服器連結的投訴。於被禁言期間使用箱子的話你將會被禁止進入論壇,直至禁言時間結束。
15.   不得以任何或有損民主之方式令他人以特定方式於主題內投票。
16.   不得在支援板區 (“Support Board”) 中以愚弄或無建設性的答覆回應他人提問。

Language: Russian
Translated by: @Toby
Translated rules:
Show content
Правила форума
1. Не быть нечестным.
2. Не постить порнографию, нелегальный контент, нарушающие авторские права посты.
3. Не оскорблять, не выводить из себя и не троллить людей.
4. Не создавать бесполезные посты.
5. Создавайте новые топики на правильном борде, смотрите на название борда перед тем, как сделать это.
6. Не постить то, что уже было.
7. Содержание вашего форум-профиля, аватара и сигнатуры должно быть в соответствии правилам.
8. Имена также должны соответствовать правилам. Только английские буквы, цифры и стандартные клавиатурные знаки.
9. Вопросы в "General Support / Questions" ДОЛЖНЫ БЫТЬ О СЕРВЕРЕ СИТ. Если вы хотите создать сервер, тогда купите сайт, или что-то, что не имеет отношения к серверу.
10. Не постить ничего в бан аппеалах, если вы не имеете к этому отношения. Использование proxy или другого email будет расцениваться как попытка обойти бан, в наказание вы будете забанены навсегда.
11. Не писать админам о ваших банах, наказаниях или чего-либо еще, что они не хотят читать.
12. Аватары или сигнатуры с анимациями, которые раздражают других и не дают спокойно прочитать текст, будут убраны и имеющий их человек будет наказан.
13. СИТ Сервер - политически и религиозно свободная зона, тут нельзя разговаривать о политике, религии и унижать людей за это.
14. Когда вы постите что-то в форум чат, то это не должно быть против правил.
15. Просить кого-то о голосе в вашем предложении - наказуемо.
16. Давать глупые ответы в саппорте типо "Выкинь свой компьютер" глупо и также наказуемо.

Language: Arabic
Translated by: @AmR98 & @Steam
Translated rules:
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1. لا تكون غير صادق
2. لا تنشراو توصل بلنك لأي شي غير قانوني، شي يخرق حقوق النشر ، اباحي ، مثير للإشمئزاز، او محتوى غير لائق
3. لا تهين اي حد ، تكون سيئ ، اوتكون مخرب
4. لا تنشر اشياء بدون فائدة ، او خارجة عن موضوع التوبك
5. انشر توبكس في البورد الصحيح ، انظر في قائمة البوردات قبل ما تنشر
6. لا تنشر اشياء منشورة من قبل
7. المحتوى تاع صورة البروفايل ، التوقيع او البروفايل لازم يكون مناسب
8. الأسماء لازم تكون مناسبة وأن تكون اسماء حقيقية ، مثال: انك تستخدم نقطة كأسم مش راح يكون متسامح به ، الأسماء لازم تكون احرف الأبجدية الإنجليزية ، الأرقام او احرف الكيبورد الأساسية
9. الأسئلة المنشورة في الدعم العام او الأسئلة لازم تكون عن سي اي تي ، اذا بدك تعمل سيرفر اشتري ويب سايت "فورم" الي يكون ما الو دخل في سي اي تي ، لا تسأء اي اشي مالو دخل في السيرفر
10. تسجيل حساب عن طريق البروكسي او باستخدام حساب ايميل راح يفترض انك بتتهرب من بان او تسجيل خبيث سينتج عنه بان دائم ، لما نكون بنعامل في محاولة تسجيلك تاع الفوم وكان في حساب فورم ثاني مستخدم من نفس ال اي بي ، على المؤكد انك بتسوي نسختين من نفسك او بتتهرب من بان ، انتا على الأرجح راح تنتهي ببان لحسابات مختلفة
11. لا ترسل رسائل للستاف عن البانز ، كلام فاضي او اي شي ثاني ما بدهم اياه يكون في الرسائل عندهم ، لا تعمل ذكر "منشن" للستاف بدون سبب مقنع
12. الصورة "الافتار" للبروفاية الي بتستخدم "جي اي اف" متحركة ، والحركة تاعت ال جي اي اف تكون مزعجة بشكل انها تشكل ازعاج او ارتكاب للي بحاول يقرأ في الكلام ، بس ما بقدر لأني في حد عندو افتار "صورة متحركة" مزعجة تتحرك جنب الكلام الي بحاول يقرأ ، راح توخذ تحذير "وارننج" والصورة راح تنمسح
13. سي اي تي مكان مفتوح للجميع ، سي اي تي ما اله دخل في السياسة  او الديانات ، خلي مشاكلك خارح نطاق السيرفر
14. لما تكون بتنشر في التشات"شاوت بوكس" لا تنشر اي شي ضد القواعد الي فوق وكمان بشتمل على الكلام العرقي ، غير اللغة الإنجليزية او اي شي غير مناسب ، لا تشتكي على انك غير متصل او على انك غير قادر على الإتصال بالسيرفر ، تنشر في التشات "شاوت بوكس" وانتا "ميوتد" راح يحصلك على باند لحد ما ينتهي الفورم ميوت
15. تطلب من حد يصوت لتوبك محدد او ينشر شي غير ديموقراطي هو ممنوع ، لا تنشر لنكس لتوبك يكون اقتراح
16. تعطي اجوبة غبية في بورد المساعدة مثل "فرمت كمبيوترك" هو غبي وما راح يكون متسامح به

Language: Hebrew
Translated by: @Man
Translated rules:
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חוקי הפורום
1. אל תהיה ישר.
2. אל תפרסמו או קישור למפר חוקי, זכויות יוצרים, פורנוגרפי, מגעיל, או תוכן לא הולם.
3. לא להעליב, להיות מגעיל, או trollish לאנשים.
4. אל תעשו הודעות בנושא חסרות תועלת או כבויות.
5. נושאים הודעה חדשים בלוח הימני, להסתכל דרך רשימת הלוח, לפני הפרסום.
6. אל תפרסמו דברים שכבר פורסם.
7. התוכן של גלגול פורום, החתימה והפרופיל שלך חייב להיות מתאים.
8. שמות חייבים להיות מתאימים ושם בפועל. לדוגמא באמצעות עצירה מלאה כשם יהיה בלתי נסבל. שמות חייבים להכיל רק אלפביתי אנגלית, תווי מקלדת מספריים או סטנדרטיים.
9. שאלות פורסמו ב" הכללית התמיכה / שאלות "חייבות להיות על CIT. אם אתה רוצה להפוך את שרת, לקנות אתר או כל דבר שאין לו מה לעשות עם CIT, לא לבקש עזרה בפורום זה.
10. רישום חשבון פורום באמצעות שלוח או באמצעות חשבון הדוא"ל זמני להניח כהתחמקות איסור ניסה או רישום עם כוונות זדוניות ויגרום איסור קבוע. כאשר אנו מעבדים ניסיון הרישום שלכם בפורום וחשבון פורום אחר כבר בשימוש לאחרונה מאותה כתובת IP, כנראה בגלל שאתה מנסה ליצור זהויות מרובות עבור עצמך ולהתחמק או איסור, סביר להניח שאתה בסופו של אסר לחשבונאות רב.
11. אל PM חברי צוות על איסורים, טפלים או כל דבר אחר שהם לא רוצים בתיבת הדואר הנכנס שלהם. לא מזכיר חברי צוות ללא סיבה חוקית.
12. אווטרים או חתימות המשתמשות באנימצית GIF, וכי תנועת GIF היא משמעותית מספיק כדי לגרום למטרד או הפרעה לכל מי שמנסה לקרוא דברים, אבל לא יכול כי מישהו יש גלגול המעצבן או חתימה שכל הזמן נע בסמוך ל מה שהם מנסים לקרוא. אתם תקבלו הזהירו והתמונה יוסרו.
13. CIT הוא פוליטיקה ואזור חופשי דת, לשמור טיעוני חיים אמיתיים מתוך CIT!
14. בעת הפרסום בתיבה לצעוק פורום לא לפרסם שום דבר נגד הכללים לעיל הכולל גם גזענות, שאינה באנגלית וכל תוכן בלתי הולם אחר. אינו מתלונן על להיות מנותק או שלא הצליח להתחבר לשרת. פרסום בתיבה לצעוק תוך מושתק תקבל אסר מהפורום עד האילם שלך יפוג.
15. מישהו מבוקש להצביע בדרך מסוימת בנושא או הודעה מערערת את הדמוקרטיה ואסורה. אל תפרסמו קישורים להצעות שרת.
16. מתן תשובות טיפשיות בלוח התמיכה כמו "לפרמט את מחשב" הוא טיפש ולא יהיה נסבל.

Language: Tunisian
Translated by: @Inferno.
Translated rules:
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9awa3ed el forum
1. 3omrek matektheb 3a nes
2. Matpostich illegal links, ma3neha el link el mamnou3in, ou rod balek la tcoupi 7aja makch 3amelha, wela 7keya tab3a el porno ou el 7ajat eli kifhem.
3. Koun behi m3a el nes 3omrek latsebhom, matetmanykch 3lihom
4. Mata3melch useless topic, ma3neha topics eli maywaslou el chay.
5. Kif t7eb ta3mel topic, a3mlou fel board e s7i7. Bech ta3ref anahou el board e s7i7, chouf e description.
6. Matpostich 7keya mpostya men aslha.
7. Taswiret el forum mta3ek lazem tkoun mo7tarma, mech t7ob taswiret zeb mathalan.
8. Asmek lazem ykoun mo7taram, mech t7ot esmek '' Zabour " wela '' Nouna '' wela t7ot esmek no9ta wela ar9am.
9. El as2la eli bech tes2elha fi General Support / Questions lazem tkoun tab3a CIT, mech 3andek mochkla m3a PC, t9oum tas2elha thama.
10. Ta3mel register fel forum bel proxy yesama ban evasion ou tnik ban a5er fi joretha. Raw CIT staffs 3anhem el power bech ychoufou les IP.
11. Matasamasich staffs 3la el bans mta3ek wela ay 7keya wa7ed a5er ynajem y3awnek 3liha. Ou mata3melch mention el staff bla sabab mo9ne3.
12. E tsawer el met7arkin mamnou3 t7othem fi avatar mta3ek 3la 5aterhem y9al9ou enes.
13. Mata7kich 3la el adyan fi CIT, mech wa7ed israili tsebou ou houwa ma3malek chay.
14. Kif ta3mel shout fel shoutbox, ekteb 7keya mech thid e rules ou lazemha tkoun English ou mafihech racism. Matas2ech 3lah server ylagi wela ykicki fih thama. Tposti fi chatbox ou enti muted y5alik ta5ou ban.
15. Tes2el wa7ed bech yvotilek fi suggestion wela 7aja kifha mamnou3.
16. Ta3ti ajwba 5aybin ou mech s7a7 fel support board, mathalan t9olhem format your PC bech tetna7a el problem mamnou3

Language: Spanish
Translated by: @Rabbid Rabbit & @Charly
Translated rules:
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1. No seas deshonesto (mentir).
2. No postees o pongas enlaces a contenido ilegal, pornografico, asqueroso, inapropiado o que infringa copyright.
3. No insultes, seas malo o ser troll con las personas.
4. No hagas posts inutiles o fuera de lugar.
5. Postea topicos nuevos en el board correcto, mira en el listado del board antes de postear.
6. No postees cosas que ya han sido posteados.
7. El contenido de tu avatar en el foro asi como tu firma y perfil deben ser apropiados.
8. Los nombres deben ser apropiados y un nombre real. Por ejemplo, utilizar un punto (.) como nombre será considerado como trolling. Los nombres sólo deben contener caracters de Inglés alfabética, los caracteres del teclado numérico o estándar.
9. Las preguntas que hagais en el board de '' General support / questions [ Ayuda general / preguntas ] '' deben ser sobre CIT solo y unicamente. No hagais preguntas sobre, si quieres hacer un servidor, comprar una web o cualquier otra cosa que tiene nada que ver en CIT.
10. Se tomará como intento de evasion de ban o registrar con fines malos registrar una cuenta de foro mediante proxy or usando un email temporal y resultará en un ban permanente cuando un admin este procesando tu intento de registración. Cuando estamos procesando tu registracion del foro y vemos que otra cuenta del foro has sido utilizada con la misma direccion de IP, probablemente debido a que estas intentando crear multiples identidades/cuentas, resultara en que acabes baneado por multicuentas y tu registracion al foro sera retrasada y denegada
11. No envies mensajes privados a admins sobre bans, irrelevancias o cualquier cosa que no quieran en su bandeja de mensajes. Do menciones a los Administradores sin un motivo valido.
12. Un avatar o firma / signature que sean de formato .gif ( imagenes animadas ) que causen distraccion o molestias a la hora de concentrar porque alguien tiene un avatar o firma molesta que se mueve sin parar junto a lo que estan intentando leer .. resultara en que seas warneado y tendras esa imagen eliminada de Tu perfil / firma.
13. CIT es un comunidad libre de ( mantener fuera ) religion o politica, deja las discusiones religiosa-politicas fuera de CIT!.
14. Cuando postees en el chatbox del foro, no postees nada que vaya en contra de lo anteriormente mencionado que tambien incluye racismo, no-ingles y / o cualquier cosa inapropiada. No te quejes de haber sido desconectado del servidor o de no poder conectar al servidor. Postear en el shoutbox mientras estas muteado hara que te baneen del foro hasta que expire tu mute.
15. Pedir a alguien que vote de una manera u otra en un topico o post socava la democracia y esta prohibido. No postees enlances a sugerencias del servidor.
16. Dar respuestas estupidas en el Board de Support como '' formatea tu pc '' es estupido y no sera tolerado.

Language: Hindi/ Urdu
Translated by: @iEx_TcR & @Ryan.
Translated rules:
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1. Jhoot mat boliye/Hamesha sach boliye.
2. Koi avaidh(najaiz), qanoon ki khilafwarzi(ninda) karne walay, galat ya kisi bhi tarha ke kharab links share na kare.
3. Kisi ki be-izzatai na kare aur kisi ko taqlif na de.
4. Koi faltu topics post na kare.
5. Naye topics banane se pehlay achi tarha dekh lijiye ke sahi board par hain, aur boards pehlay check kar lein ke aap ke topics ke liye sab se zyada suitable board kon sa hai.
6. Pehlay se post ki gayi cheezain dobara mat post kare.
7. Apni forum picture, signature ki cheezain aur personal text me kisi bhi tarah ki avaidh(galat) jaankari na daliye.
8. Apna forum name sahi rakhein, koi aur keyboard per diye hue alphabets ke alawa koi aur special characters jo keyboard per nahi hote, unka istemaal na kare.
9. Agar aap 'General Support/Questions' board par madad mang rahay hain to aap ke topics SIRF CIT ke baray main hone chahiye, AUR KUCH BHI NAHI!, agar naya server banana hai to ja ke website khareediye aur jo kuch chahiye woh kare, ISS BOARD PAR NA POOCHEIN. "MTA Support" board par jaye jo ki 'General Support/Questions' board mein ek child board hai aur MTA ke baare mein waha sawal pooche
10. Ek forum account honay ke bawajood dusra na banaye, agar aap proxy ya kisi aur tarha naya account bana rahay hain to ye account ban evasion ke tour par dekha jayega aur aap ke saray accounts ban ho jayengay. Naya account register kartay waqt aap ki IP check ki jayegi aur uss se pata kiya jaye ga agar aap ka pehlay se account hai ya nahi, agar hai to dono ban kar diye jayengay.
11. Staff team members ko ban khatam karnay ya punishment khatam karnay ya kisi aur aesi cheeze ke liye PM na kare jo wo nahi chahtay. Staffs ko binawaja kisi topic par mention bhi na kare.
12. Apnay signatures aur profile picture main kisi bhi qisam ka GIF (hilne wale chitra) na rakhien ke jis se koi post parhnay walay ko padhne me taklif ho ho. Aap ki profile picture agar bohat hil rahi hai to aap ko warn kar ke picture remove kar di jaye gi.
13. CIT me rajneeti(politics) aur mazhab(Jaat) ki baatein aap kar sakte hai, lekin shanti aur samman se.
14. Jab forums shoutbox pe post karo to iss me koi aesi cheeze na likhein jo uper ke kaido(rules) ke khilaf ho ya jis main non-english, racism wagera ho. Shoutbox me "server band hai?, kab chalu hoga?" ya "me connect nahi ker pa raha" aesi posts karnay se aap ko ban kiya jaye ga aur mute kiya jayega, ban tab tak expire nahi ho ga jab tak mute na khatam ho jaye.
15. Kisi ko bhi kisi bhi topic mein vote karne ke liye na bataye.
16. Support board par bewaqoof jawab jesay ke "Apna computer format karain", na de. Aise jawab dene per apko warning di jayegi.
Warning ke bare me:
Agar apka warning level 70% se zyada hai toh aap kuch bhi post nahi ker sakte. Warning level rozana 1% se kam hota hai toh jab apka warning level 70% ke kam ho jaye tab ap firse post ker payenge.

Language: Bulgarian
Translated by: @sasheto
Translated rules:
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1. Бъдете честни.
2. Не публикувайте линкове към незаконни, нарушаващи
авторски права, порнографски или неподходящи съдържания.
3. Не обиждайте и не бъдете груби към хората.
4. Не правете ненужни или извън темата публикации.
5. Публикувайте нови теми в правилния за това раздел.
6. Не публикувайте неща, които вече са били публикувани.
7. Съдържанието на аватара, подписа и профила трябва да е
8. Имената трябва да са подходящи. Като пример използването
на точки като име няма да бъде толерирано. Имената трябва да
съдържат само английски букви, цифри или стандартни  клавиатурни знаци.
9. Въпросите публиквани в "General Support / Questions" трябва да са за  CIT. Ако искате да правите сървър, купите
сайт или нещо което няма нищо със  CIT не питайте за помощ в  този раздел.
10. Регистрирването на форум акаунт чрез прокси или използването на временен емайл ще се смята като опит за избягване на бан. Регистрирването със зло намерение се  наказва с постоянен бан.
11.Не изпращайте лично съобщение на админите за банове или  нещо друго което не биха желали в своята вх.поща. Не
споменавайте админи без валидна причина.
12.Аватари и подписи които използват GIF анимации, и тези  GIF движения са достатъчни да причинят дразнимост ор
разконцентрация за някой коити се опитва да прочете  материала, но неможе защото някой има дразнещ аватар или
подпис който постояна мърда до това което те искат да  прочетат. Ще получите предупреждение и вашата картинка ще
бъде премахната.
13. CIT е свободен от политика и религия. Не спорете за неща  от истинския живот тук.
14. Когато публикувате в форумната чат кутия не публикувайте неща които нарушават горните правила, това включва също и расизъм, друг език освен английски и други неподходящи  съдържания. Не се оплакваите от прекъсване на връзката или невъзможност да се свържете към сървъра. Публикуването в чат кутията когато сте мутнат ще доведе до бан до изтичането на мутването.
15. Питането на играч да гласува по определен начин или да публикува подкопаващи демокрацията неща е забранено. Не публикувайте линкове към идеи за сървъра.
16. Даването на глупави отговори с раздела за помощ като  "форматирай си компютъра" няма да бъде толерирано.

Language: Algerian
Translated by: @Spawlz & @Capuz
Translated rules:
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1-kon sare7 w matekdebch.
2. madirech post ta3 links masralhach copyright, mamno3a, 9be7a.
3. matkonech mare9 fe rasek , w mttrolech el nas lo5ra.
4. madirech post ma3ndhach ma3na w la 3ala9a bel topic le feh .
5. dir topics fel board ta3ha w a9ra rules ta3 le board 9bal m tposti .
6. madirech post el 7aja tpostat men 9bal .
7. mat7otch fel profile/signature ta3ek feh 7waej 3ayana w la ta3 rasicem .
8. dir asm mli7 fel forum,eda dert asm kima .... wala *** momken tidi ban fel forum .
9. Les question f general support / questions lazem ykouno 3la CIT, Ida rak 7ab takhdam server, Achri site wela ay 7aja ma3ndhach 3ala9a m3a CIT. Matsa9sich fi hadak board.
10. Tsajal cont bel Proxy wela ay ghich o ynt3ad Ban evasion (li yna7iw ban) Mamnou3 tadi ban pernament. Ki tsajal fi CIT mata7sabch mayamargouch psq ychofo IP o ya3arfok chkoun nta.
11. madirch PM lel admins 3ala 7aja mech mohema wala 7aja mte3jobhemch. O madirlhomch Mention bla saba mo9ni3a.
12. Dir ay photo ta3 profile li tamchi (GIF) wela taswira machi mliha, Tedi warn o photo tatna7a.
13. CIT ma3ndhemch 3ala9a bel adyan aw el seyasa ma3naha madirch post 3anhom.
14. ke t3od raye7 tahdar fel shout box mdirech break lel rules ta3ha ya3ni matetekalamech non-English aw tkon 3onsori w matetekalamech wenta muted rak tide ban.
15. mat9olech lel aye wa7ed ano yderlek upvote lel suggestion ta3ek aw tposte link le aye suggestion f ay blasa 7ata w tokn fel chatroom.
16. Fel support section, kon dir post (answer)kima' dir format lel computer ' y3odouh ghaba2 o momken tedi warn.

Language: Greece
Translated by: @ManosGR & @antoni4ever
Translated rules:
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1.Να μην γίνεσαι άτιμος
2.Να μην δημοσιεύεις παράνομα πράγματα
3.Να μην προσβάλεις,να μην είσαι δυσάρεστος και να μην τρολάρεις τους άλλους
4.Να μην δημοσιεύεις θέματα που είναι έξω από το θέμα
5.Να δημοσιεύεις για θέματα στο σωστό μέρος, να ψάχνεις καλά πριν δημοσιεύσεις κάτι
6.Να μην δημοσιεύεις πράγματα που έχουν ήδη δημοσιευτεί
7.Το περιεχόμενο της φωτογραφίας του φορουμ πρέπει να είναι κατάλληλο
8.Τα ονόματα πρέπει να περιέχουν ένα απλό όνομα.Για παράδειγμα ένα όνομα που θα περιέχει μόνο μια τελεία δεν είναι δεχτό.Τα ονόματα πρέπει να είναι κατά αλφαβητική σειρά,αριθμούς ή απλά γράμματα στο πληκτρολόγιο σας.
9.Οι δημοσιεύσεις στο General Chat/Questions πρέπει να εχουν σχέση με τον CIT.
10. Η εγγραφή ενός λογαριασμού φόρουμ χρησιμοποιώντας έναν προσωρινό λογαριασμό ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου θα θεωρηθεί ως απόπειρα διαφυγής, θα απαγορεύσει την εγγραφή με κακόβουλη πρόθεση και θα οδηγήσει σε μια μόνιμη απαγόρευση. Όταν επεξεργαζόμαστε την προσπάθεια εγγραφής σας και ένα άλλο λογαριασμό φόρουμ έχει χρησιμοποιηθεί πρόσφατα από την ίδια διεύθυνση IP, πιθανώς επειδή προσπαθείτε να δημιουργήσετε πολλαπλές ταυτότητες για τον εαυτό σας ή για την απαγόρευση αποφύγεις θα καταλήξουμε πιθανόν να απαγορευτεί για πολλά λογιστικά.
11. Μην στέλνετε μηνύματα των μελών του προσωπικού σχετικά με τις απαγορεύσεις, περιττά ή οτιδήποτε άλλο δεν θέλουν στα εισερχόμενα τους. Να μην αναφέρετε τα μέλη του προσωπικού χωρίς βάσιμο λόγο.
12. Εικόνες ή υπογραφές που χρησιμοποιούν ένα κινούμενο GIF, και αυτή η κίνηση είναι αρκετά σημαντική ώστε να προκαλέσει ενόχληση ή απόσπαση της προσοχής σε όποιον προσπαθεί να διαβάσει τα πράγματα ή δεν μπορεί επειδή κάποιος έχει μια ενοχλητική εικόνα ή υπογραφή που κινείται συνεχώς δίπλα σε ότι προσπαθούν να διαβάσουν. Θα πάρετε προειδοποίησε και η εικόνα θα αφαιρεθεί.
13. Το CIT είναι πολιτική και η θρησκευτική ελεύθερη ζώνη, κρατήστε τα πραγματικά επιχειρήματα της ζωή σας έξω από το CIT!
14. Όταν δημοσιεύετε στο φόρουμ "shoutbox" μην δημοσιεύετε κάτι εναντίον τους παραπάνω κανόνες, που περιλαμβάνει επίσης το ρατσισμό, μη-αγγλικά και οποιοδήποτε άλλο ακατάλληλο περιεχόμενο.  Μην παραπονεθείτε ότι αποσυνδεθείκατε ή ότι δεν είστε σε θέση να συνδεθεί με το διακομιστή. Δημοσιεύοντας στο "shoutbox" ενώ είστε σε σίγαση "muted" θα σας απαγορέψει το φόρουμ να δημοσιεύσετε μέχρι να λήξει σίγαση "muted" σας.
15. Ζητώντας κάποιος να ψηφίσει με ένα συγκεκριμένο τρόπο σε ένα θέμα ή δημοσιεύσεις υπονομεύει τη δημοκρατία και είναι απαγορευμένη. Μην δημοσιεύετε συνδέσμους "links" για τις προτάσεις του server.
16. Δίνοντας ηλίθιες απαντήσεις στο διοικητικό συμβούλιο υποστήριξης "Support board", όπως "διαμορφώστε το PC σας" είναι ηλίθιο και δεν θα γίνει ανεκτή.

Language: Egyptian
Translated by: @Crash28
Translated rules:
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1-mtb2ash 8er sre7
2-mt3mlsh post le games cracked aw 7agat copy righted aw 7aga mo2refa aw porn
3-mtshtmsh , mtb2ash kazer , mt3mlsh troll lel nas
4-mt3mlsh topics/replies malhash lazma , we mt3mlsh post msh mota3alek be el topic
5-2e3ml el topics el gededa fe el board el sa7 , shof enta bt3ml post fen 2abl mat3ml post
6-mt3mlsh post le 7aga ma3molaha post 2abl keda
7-el 7agat ely fe el sora aw el tawke3 bta3ak lazm teb2a monasba (mt7otsh 7aga breaking lel rules y3ny)
8-el esm lazm yb2a monaseb we lazm teb2a name msh ay ta5ref we 5alas el esm lazm yb2a feh 7rof English bas aw arkam aw rmoz (!-@-#) etc..
9-el 2as2ela ely fe el "General support / question "lazm yb2a 3an CIT , law 3awez t3ml server aw tshtery website aw ay 7aga msh mota3aleka be el server , mt3mlhash post
10-mynf3sh tsgl be el "proxy" aw be e-mail mo2akat , law 3amalt keda ka2enk bt3ml ban evading w hygelk ban lel 2abad , law we enta btsgl 3la el forum we fe account mosta3mal men wa2t 2orayb fe nafs el IP , hgelk ban fe el 2a5er
11-mt3mlsh PM le staffs 3shan el bans aw ay 7aga homa msh 3yznha fe el inbox bta3hom  , mt3mlsh mention le staff men 8er sabab mohem
12-el avatar aw el tawake3 ely feha sowar btt7arak ,  we law fe 7ad 3ayz y2ra 7aga bas msh 3arf 3shan el sora ely btt7arak , hygelk warn
13-mttklmsh fe el syasa wla fe el dyanat aw ay 7aga fe el 7a2e2a fe CIT
14-wenta bt3ml post fe el shoutbox mt3mlsh break le ay rule ely maktoba fo2 , mt3mlsh shout le 7aga 3onsorya we lazm ttklm English fe el shout box , bt2olsh en el server galo disconnect/crash etc.. aw hygelak warning , mttklmsh fe el shout box we enta muted , law 3amalt keda hygelk ban
15-mynf5sh t2ol le 7ad y3ml vote le suggest enta 3amlo , we myn3sh t7ot el link bta3a el suggest bta3ak fe ay 7eta
16-law 2olt egabat malhash lazma fe el support board zay "format your PC" momkn ygelk warning
Eh ely hay7sl law 5at mute 3la el forum?
Enta hata5od mute law el warning level bta3k ba2a 70% 2aw a3la.El warning levels betnzl 1% kol youm we 2awl matnzl ta7t el 70% hat2dr te3ml post tany.

Language: Norwegian
Translated by: @Gebro
Translated rules:
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1. Ikke være uærlig.
2. Ikke post eller lenke til ulovlig, opphavsrett krenkende, pornografisk ekkelt eller upassende innhold.
3. Ikke fornærme, være ekkel, eller trolsk til folk.
4. Ikke gjør ubrukelig eller off topic innlegg.
5. poste nye innlegg I høyre bord, se gjennom listen brettet før du legger inn.
6. Ikke legg ut ting som allerede er bokført.
7. Innholdet I forumet avatar, signatur og profil må være passende.
8. Navn må være hensiktsmessig og en faktisk navn. For eksempel med et punktum som et navn vil bli ikke bli tolerert. Navnene må bare inneholde engelsk alfabetisk, numerisk eller standard tastaturtegn.
9. Spørsmål postet I "General Support / Spørsmål" MÅ VÆRE OM CIT. Hvis du ønsker å lage en server, kjøpe en nettside eller noe som har ingenting å gjøre med CIT, ikke spør om hjelp I dette forumet.
10. Registrering av et forum konto via en proxy eller ved hjelp av en midlertidig e-postkonto vil bli antatt som forsøk forbud unndragelse eller registrering med onde hensikter, og vil resultere I et permanent forbud. Når vi behandler forum registrering forsøk og et annet forum kontoen har nylig blitt brukt fra samme IP-adresse, sannsynligvis fordi du prøver å opprette flere identiteter for deg selv og eller forbud unngå, vil du sannsynligvis ende opp utestengt for multi regnskap.
11. Ikke PM medarbeidere om forbud, irrelevancies eller noe annet de ikke ønsker I innboksen sin. Ikke nevn ansatte uten gyldig grunn.
12. avatarer eller signaturer som bruker en animert GIF, og at GIF bevegelsen er betydelig nok til å være til sjenanse eller distraksjon til noen som prøver å lese ting, men kan ikke fordi noen har en irriterende avatar eller signatur som er I konstant bevegelse ved siden av hva de prøver å lese. Du vil bli varslet, og bildet vil bli fjernet.
13. CIT er en politikk og religion fri sone, holder reelle argumenter ut av CIT!
14. Når du legger ut I forumet shout boksen ikke legge inn noe mot ovenstående regler som også omfatter rasisme, ikke-engelsk og eventuelle andre upassende innhold. Ikke klag om å bli koblet eller ikke klarer å koble til serveren. Oppslaget I den shout box mens dempet vil få deg utestengt fra forumet inntil mute utløper.
15. Spør noen til å stemme på en bestemt måte I et emne eller post undergraver demokratiet og er forbudt. Ikke legg ut linker til server forslag.
16. Å gi dumme svar til støtte styret som "formatere PC" er dumme, og vil ikke bli tolerert.

Language: Italian
Translated by: @Rasta
Translated rules:
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1 Non essere disonesto
2 Non postare o linkare contenuti illegali, che violano il copyright, pornografici, disgustosi o inappropriati
3 Non insultare, essere maleducato, o trollare gli altri giocatori
4 Non creare post inutili o fuori tema
5 Posta le nuove discussioni nella giusta sezione, perciò guarda la lista delle sezioni prima di postare qualsiasi cosa
6 Non postare cose che sono già state postate
7 I contenuti del tuo profilo sul forum: immagine, informazioni e firma, devono essere appropriati
8 I nomi devono essere appropriati, ed essere nomi veri. Per esempio usare come nome un solo punto non è tollerato. I nomi devono contenere solo caratteri alfabetici, numerici, o comunque caratteri della tastiera standard
9 Le domande postate in “General Support / Questions” DEVONO RIGUARDARE CIT. Se vuoi creare un server, comprare un sito o qualsiasi cosa che non c’entri con CIT, NON CHIEDERE AIUTO IN QUESTA SEZIONE
10 Registrare un account mentre usi il Proxy o una e-mail temporanea verrà considerata come un tentativo di evadere a un BAN, oppure come registrazione con cattive intenzioni, e il risultato sarà un BAN permanente. Quando processiamo il vostro tentativo di login, controlliamo se uno stesso account con lo stesso IP è uscito da poco, in questo caso, probabilmente stai cercando di creare più identità, e rischi il ban per multi-accounting
11 Non mandare messaggi privati ai membri dello staff (admin) riguardanti ban, cose di poco conto o qualsiasi altra cosa che potrebbero non volere nella loro casella di posta. Non menzionare I membri dello staff senza una valida ragione
12 Se utilizzi delle .gif come immagine profilo, se questa ha dei movimenti piuttosto decisi che deconcentrano dalla lettura allora potresti ricevere un warn e la immagine sarà rimossa
13 CIT è una zona senza politica e religione, tieniti le tue opinioni sui fatti della vita realte per te
14 Quando posti qualcosa nella Shoutbox, non postare nulla che va contro le regole qua citate, quindi niente razzismo, contenuti inappropriati o qualsiasi cosa in una qualunque lingua che non sia inglese. Non lamentarti perché non riesci a connetterti o se vieni disconnesso dal server. Postare nella shoutbox quando sei mutato sul forum ti porta inesorabilmente a un ban fino a quando il mute è finito
15 Chiedere a qualcuno di votare una certa opzione in una discussione è vietato.
16 Dare stupide risposte nella sezione di supporto come “formatta il tuo pc” è stupido e non sarà tollerato

Language: German
Translated by: @Dimit
Translated rules:
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1. Gib keine falschen Informationen an.

2. Veröffentliche keine Links zu illegalen, pornografischen, verstörenden, Urheberechts-verletzenden oder unangemessenen Inhalten
3. Keine beleidigungen, kein unhöfliches Verhalten gegenüber anderen.
4. Keine unerwünschten posts oder posts die dem Thema fremd sind.
5. Schaue erst das Board durch bevor du neue posts erstellst und erstelle neue topics im richtigen board.
6. Poste keine Dinge, die schon gepostet wurden.
7. Der Inhalt des Avatars und Profils sollte angemessen sein.
8.Namen müssen angemessen und ein tatsächlicher Name sein. Beispielsweise ein Punkt als ein Name wird nicht toleriert. Namen dürfen nur enthalten: englische alphabetische, numerische oder Standard tastaturzeichen.
9. Fragen in "General Support / Fragen" MÜSSEN CIT BEZOGEN SEIN.  Um einen Server zu machen, kaufe eine website und alles was nichts mit CIT tun hat, BITTE NICHT UM HILFE IN DIESEM BOARD.
10.  Registrieren eines forum Kontos über einen Proxy oder ein temporäres E-Mail-Konto wird als Versuch einer Ban evasion oder Registrierung mit bösen Absichten gewertet und wird in einem permanenten Bann geahndet. Wenn dein Forum Registrierungs versuch bei uns eingeht und ein anderes Forum Konto vor kurzem von der gleichen IP-Adresse verwendet wurde, weil du vermutlich versuchst meherer Identitäten zu erstenneln, wirst du wahrscheinlich für multi-accounting gebannt.
11. Schicke keine PM an Staff member über Bans, Belanglosigkeiten oder irgendetwas anderes was sie nicht in ihrem Posteingang möchten. Highlighte Staff member nicht nicht ohne triftigen Grund.
12. Avatare oder Posts, die ein animiertes GIF verwenden, und das GIF nervig genug ist, um Belästigung oder Ablenkung für jeden zu verursachen, der versucht, Sachen zu lesen, aber nicht kann , weil jemand einen lästigen avatar oder Post verwendet , führt zu einer Forum Warnung, erhalten und das Bild wird gelöscht.
13.  CIT ist eine Politik und Religions freie Zone, halte Real life Angelegenheiten fern von CIT!
14.  Poste in der shoutbox nichts gegen die oben genannten Regeln, die auch Rassismus, nicht-englische und anstößige Inhalte mit einschließen. Beklage dich nicht über getrennte Verbindung oder dass du dich nicht mit dem Server verbinden kannst. Wenn du in der Shoutbox postest während du auf dem Forum gemuted bist, wirst du gebannt, bis dein mute abläuft.
15. Jemanden auf eine bestimmte Weise in einem topic zu vote oder zu antworten untergräbt die Demokratie und ist verboten.
16. Dumme Antworten im dem Support board wie "formatiere deinen PC" ist dumm und wird nicht toleriert.

Language: Bangla
Translated by: @NoMaN
Translated rules:
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1. সত্য কথা বলবেন। অসৎ থাকবেন না।
2. কোনো অবৈধ লিঙ্ক, কপিরাইট অনধিকারপ্রবেশকারী, অশ্লীল, অরুচিকর বা অনুপযুক্ত কিছু বস্তু পোস্ট করবেন না।
3. কার সাথে বিশ্রী ব্যাবহার করবেন না, কাউকে পচাবেন না এবং ফাইযলামি করবেন না।
4. কোন বেহুদা বা অন্য পরসঙ্গের পোস্ট দিবেন না।
5. নতুন বিষয় থাকলে ঠিক বোর্ডে পোস্ট করবেন, দরকার হলে পোস্ট করার আগে বোর্ড এর লিস্ট দেখে নিবেন।
6. এমন কিছু পোস্ট করবেন না যা আগেই অন্য কেউ পোস্ট করেছে।
7. আপনার ফোরাম এভাটার, স্বাক্ষর এবং প্রোফাইল উপযুক্ত হতে হবে
8. নাম উপযুক্ত এবং আশল নাম হতে হবে।উদাহরণ স্বরূপ, একটি ফুলস্টপ কে নাম হিসাবে ব্যাবহার করা সহ্য করা হবে না। নামে সুধু ইংরেজি বর্ণমালা, সংখ্যাসূচক বা সাধারণ কীবোর্ড এর আকার ব্যাবহার করে রাখতে হবে।
9. জেনারেল সাপোর্ট বোর্ড এর শব পোস্ট CIT সংশ্লিষ্ট হতে হবে। আপনি যদি নিজে সার্ভার বানাতে চান, একটি ওয়েবসাইট কিনুন যেটি CIT সংশ্লিষ্ট নয়, এই বেপারে জেনারেল সাপোর্ট বোর্ডে কন প্রশ্ন করা যাবে না।
10. প্রক্সি(Proxy) বা অস্থায়ী ইমেইল দিয়ে ফোরাম এ একাউন্ট খুললে নিষেধাজ্ঞা এড়িয়ে যাওয়ার উদ্দেশ্য হিসেবে ধরে নেয়া হবে এবং স্থায়ী ভাবে আপনার একাউন্ট নিশিদ্ধ করা হবে। আমরা যখন আপনার একাউন্ট রেগিট্রেশন এর পর যখন একাউন্ট চেক করব, তখন যদি আমরা দেখি যে আপনার আইপি থেকে প্রশ্রয় এক্তি একাউন্ত ব্যাবহার করা হয়েছে, তাহলে আমরা বুঝে নিব যে আপনি নিজের জন্য বিভিন্ন চরিত্র তৈরি করার চেষ্টা করছেন বা নিষেধাজ্ঞা টালার চেষ্টা করছেন, আপনি শেষ পর্যন্ত চিরস্থায়ী নিষেধাজ্ঞা পাবেন।
11. স্টাফ সদস্যদের নিষেধাজ্ঞা, অপ্রাসঙ্গিক বা অন্য কিছুর বেপারে পার্সোনাল ম্যাসেজ দিবেন না। স্টাফ সদস্যদেরকে একটি যুক্তিসিদ্ধ কারণ ছাড়া মেনশন(Mention) করবেন না।
12. বিরক্তিকর ও বিক্ষেপী কোন আনিমেটেদ GIF স্বাক্ষর বা অ্যাভাটার হিসেবে ব্যবহার করা যাবে না, এতই বিরক্তিকর যে কেউ কিছু পড়ার চেষ্টা করছে কিন্তু পারছে না আপনার সেই স্বাক্ষর বা অ্যাভাটার এর কারনে। আপনাকে ওয়ারন করা হবে এবং তা সরানো হবে।
13. CIT একটি রাজনীতি ও ধর্ম ফ্রি স্থান। আপনার আশল জীবনের তর্কবিতর্ক CIT এর বাইরে রাখুন!
14. ফোরাম এর শাউতবক্স(Shoutbox) এ পোস্ট করার সময় উপরের কোন নিয়ম ভঙ্গ করে পোস্ট করা যাবে না। তার মদ্ধে আর আছে বর্ণবাদ এবং ইংরেজি ছাড়া অন্য ভাষায় বা অযোগ্য কিছু পোস্ট করা যাবে না। সার্ভার এ ঢুকতে পারছেন্ না বা এমন কিছু পোস্ট দেয়া যাবে না। মিউটেদ অবস্থায় শাউটবক্সে পোস্ট করলে আপনার একাউন্ট নিশিদ্ধ করা হবে ততদিন পর্যন্ত যতদিন আপনার মিউট শেষ না হয়।
15. কাউকে কোন কিছুতে ভোট দিতে বলা বা গোপনে গণতন্ত্রে ক্ষতিসাধন করা নিষিদ্ধ। সার্ভার সাজেশন এর কন লিঙ্ক পোস্ট করবেন না।
16. সাপোর্ট বার্ডে মূর্খের মত উত্তর দেয়া যাবে না, যেমন “আপনার পিসি ফরম্যাট মারেন” গবেট মারকা উত্তর এবং এইগুল সহ্য করা হবে না।

Language: Filipino
Translated by: @Heinz
Translated rules:
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1. Huwag manloko.
2. Huwag mag-post o link sa labag sa batas, lumalabag sa karapatang-kopya, pornograpiya, Nakaiinis, o hindi naaangkop na nilalaman.
3. Huwag mang-insulto, maging pangit, o trollish sa mga tao.
4. Huwag gumawa ng inutil o off posts topic.
5. Post bagong paksa sa tamang board, hanapin sa pamamagitan ng board list bago magpaskil.
6. Huwag mag-post ng bagay na nai-post na sa iba.
7. Ang mga nilalaman ng iyong avatar forum, pirma at profile ay dapat na naaangkop.
Dapat na naaangkop at isang aktwal na pangalan 8. Names. Halimbawa ng paggamit ng isang buong hihinto bilang isang pangalan ay hindi pinahihintulutan. Names dapat maglaman lamang ng English abakada, numerical o standard keyboard character.
9. Tanong nai-post sa "General Support / Questions" DAPAT TUNGKOL CIT. Kung nais mong gumawa ng isang server, bumili ng isang website o anumang bagay na may kinalaman sa CIT, HUWAG humingi ng tulong sa BOARD NA ITO.
10. Pagrerehistro ng isang forum account sa pamamagitan ng isang proxy o gamit ang isang pansamantalang email account ay ipinapalagay bilang tinangka ban sa pag-iwas o pagrerehistro sa mga malisyosong layunin at ay magreresulta sa isang permanenteng ban. Kapag kami sa pagpoproseso ay iyong pagtatangka registration forum at ibang forum account ay ginamit kamakailan mula sa parehong IP address, marahil dahil ikaw ay sinusubukan upang lumikha ng maramihang mga identities para sa iyong sarili at o ban umiiwas, ikaw ay malamang na end up pinagbawalan para sa multi accounting.
11. Huwag mag PM sa miyembro ng staff tungkol bans, irrelevancies o anumang bagay na hindi nila gusto sa kanilang inbox. Huwag banggitin mga miyembro ng kawani na walang wastong dahilan.
12. Avatar o lagda na gumamit ng isang animated GIF, at na GIF kilusan ay makabuluhang sapat upang maging sanhi ng pagkayamot o kaguluhan ng isip sa kahit sino na sinusubukan mong basahin ang mga bagay-bagay, ngunit hindi maaari dahil ang isang tao ay may isang nakakainis avatar o signature na kung saan ay patuloy na gumagalaw sa tabi kung ano ang kanilang sinusubukang basahin. Makakatanggap ka ng binigyan ng babala at ang imahe ay aalisin.
13. CIT ay isang pulitika at libre sa kanilang sariling relihiyon, panatilihin arguments totoong buhay sa labas ng CIT!
14. Kapag nagpo-post sa forum shout box huwag mag-post ng anumang bagay na laban sa mga patakaran sa itaas na kabilang din Pangako, di-Ingles at iba pang mga hindi naaangkop na nilalaman. Huwag magreklamo tungkol sa pagiging hindi maliwanag o pagiging hindi makakonekta sa server. Pag-post sa shout box habang naka-mute ay makakakuha ka pinagbawalan mula sa forum hanggang expire ang iyong mute.
15. Humihingi ng isang tao na bumoto sa isang tiyak na paraan sa isang paksa o mag-post undermines demokrasya at ay ipinagbabawal. Huwag mag-post ng mga link sa mga mungkahi server.
16. Pagbibigay ng tangang sagot sa support board tulad ng "i-format ang iyong PC" ay tanga at hindi pahihintulutan.

Language: Brazilian
Translated by: @Stifler
Translated rules:
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1. Não seja desonesto.
2. Não poste conteúdo ilegal, que infrinja direitos autorais, pornográfico, desagradável ou conteúdo inapropriado.
3. Não insulte, seja desagradável ou perturbe pessoas.
4. Não faça comentários inúteis ou fora do assunto em questão.
5. Poste novo tópicos em suas respectivas boards, veja a lista de boards antes de postar algo.
6. Não poste algo que já foi postado anteriormente.
7. O conteúdo do seu avatar, assinatura e perfil devem ser apropriado.
8. Nomes devem ser apropriados e um nome de verdade. Por exemplo, usar um 'ponto final' como seu nome não será tolerado. Nomes devem conter apenas letras do alfabeto inglês, numeros ou letras contidas em teclados padrões.
9. Questões postadas no "General Support / Questions" DEVEM SER RELACIONADAS AO CIT. Se você quer fazer um server, compre um site ou qualquer outra coisa que não tem nada a ver com o CIT, NÃO PEÇA AJUDA RELACIONADA A ISSO NESTA BOARD.
10. Registrar uma conta usando um proxy ou usando uma conta de e-mail temporária será considerado como uma tentativa de evadir um banimento ou registro com intenções maliciosas e resultará em um banimento permanente. Quando estamos processando seu registro no fórum e outra conta foi usada recentemente neste mesmo IP, provavelmente você está querendo criar múltiplas identidades para você mesmo e/ou evadir um banimento, você provavelmente terminará banido por múltiplas contas.
11. Não manda uma mensagem privada para os staffs sobre banimentos, coisas irrelevantes ou qualquer outra coisa que eles não desejam em sua caixa de entrada. Não mencione um administrador sem uma razão válida para isso.
12. Avatar ou assinaturas que usam uma GIF animada, e essa GIF faz um movimento significante o bastante parar causar distração ou irritação para qualquer um que está tentando ler algo, mas não pode devido a você usar um irritante avatar ou assinatura que está constante em movimento perto do que ele está lendo. Você receberá um warning e a imagem será removida.
13. CIT é um local que não é permitido falar sobre religião e política, mantenha os argumentos da vida real fora do CIT.
14. Quando postar no shoutbox do forum tenha certeza que não está postando algo que quebre as regras mencionadas acima que também incluem racismo, algo que não esteja em ingles e qualquer outro conteúdo inapropriado. Não reclame se foi desconectado ou não está conseguindo entrar no server. Se postar no shoutbox enquanto estiver mudo você será banido do fórum até que seu mute expire
15. Pedir para alguém votar de alguma maneira em um tópico ou post sob democracia é proibido. Não poste links para sugestões do server.
16. Dar uma resposta estúpida na board de suporte como "formate seu PC" é estúpido e não será tolerada.

Language: Dutch
Translated by: @stde
Translated rules:
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Wees niet oneerlijk.
Post geen links naar illegale, auteursrecht inbreukmakende, pornografische, afschuwelijke of ongepaste bronnen of informatie.
Wees niet gemeen tegen iemand en beledig of trol niemand.
Maak geen waardeloze of off-topic berichten.
Post nieuwe onderwerpen in het juiste board. Bekijk de boardlijsten voor je iets post.
Post geen dingen die al voor jou gepost zijn geweest.
De context van je avatar, handtekening of profiel moet geschikt zijn.
Namen moeten geschikt zijn en een echte naam zijn. Bijvoorbeeld een punt als naam wordt niet getolereerd. Namen mogen enkel maar Engelse letters bevatten, getallen of standaard toetsenbord tekens.
Vragen in het “General Support / Questions” moeten over CIT gaan. Als je een server wilt maken, moet je een website kopen of iets dat niets te maken heeft met CIT, je mag hier zeker niet om vragen in dit board!
Een forum account aanmaken via een proxy of een tijdelijk email adres wordt gezien als ban ontwijking of registeren met kwaadaardige bedoelingen zal resulteren in een permanente verbanning. Wanneer we je aanvraag om te registeren verwerken en we zien dat je een forum account probeert aan te maken van een IP adres dat onlangs is gebruikt, waarschijnlijk omdat je probeert meerdere identiteiten te creëren voor jezelf, zal je waarschijnlijk eindigen met een ban voor meerdere accounts.
Stuur geen privé berichten naar staff leden over bans, irrelevante of iets dat ze niet in hun inbox willen. Noem ook geen staff lid zonder een geldige reden.
Een avatar of handtekening die gebruik maakt van een geanimeerde GIF, en die GIF beweging is duidelijk genoeg om iemand te irriteren of af te lijden terwijl hij of zij iets aan het lezen is. Dan zal je gewaarschuwd worden en je avatar of handtekening zal verwijderd worden.
CIT is een politieke en religieuze vrije zone, argumenten over het echte leven mogen niet plaatsvinden in CIT.
Wanneer je iets post in het forum shout box gedeelte, dan mag je niets posten tegen de bovengenoemde regels en dit houdt ook in geen racisme, een andere taal dan Engels of elke andere ongeschikte informatie. Post geen klachten over verbinding verbrekende redenen of wanneer je geen verbinding krijgt met de server. Posten in de shout box wanneer je gemute bent zal resulteren in een ban totdat je forum mute verlopen is.
Iemand vragen om zijn stem uit te brengen over een bepaald onderwerp dat de democratie kan ondermijnen is verboden. Post ook geen links naar suggesties.
Stomme antwoorden zoals “los je lay-out op” zijn idioot en worden niet getolereerd.

Language: Portugal
Translated by: @Luther
Translated rules:
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1. Não sejas desonesto.
2. Não postes 'links' que levem a conteúdo ilegal (downloads, pornografia, etc).
3. Não insultes nem desrespeites os outros membros do forum.
4. Não faças posts que não sejam relacionados com o tópico ou com a board onde estás a postar.
5. Posta as coisas nas boards certas. Lê as descrições das boards antes de postares qualquer coisa.
6. Não postes coisas que já tenham sido postadas por outros membros do forum.
7. Usa imagens apropriadas no teu avatar.
8. O teu nome no forum deve ser um nome 'normal'. Nada de caracteres que nao sejam normais. Usa letras e/ou numeros, só.
9. As questões que colocares na board "General Support / Questions" devem ser relacionadas com o CIT. Se queres fazer um server do MTA, comprar um site, ou qualquer coisa que não esteja relacionado com o CIT, não uses aquela board.
10. Registar uma conta no forum através de um proxy ou usar um email temporário para criares uma conta, vai ser assumido como 'tentativa de ban evasion (invadir um ban) e vai resultar num ban permanente. Quando os administradores estiverem a processar o teu registo no forum, se alguma conta tiver sido usada recentemente através do mesmo IP, é provavel que estejas a tentar criar várias contas, o que significa que vais ser banido.
11. Não envies mensagens privadas a administradores sobre bans ou coisas que eles de certeza não vão querer receber, vais ser punido por isso. Não os menciones (através do mentioning system com @) sem uma razão válida.
12. Avatares ou assinaturas em GIF, suficientes para distrair alguém que esteja a tentar ler um tópico, não são permitidas.
13. Não fales de religiões ou outros assuntos que possam gerar confusão.
14. Quando fores postar na shoutbox, cumpre as regras normais do forum. Não te queixes se foste desconectado do servidor. Se postares na shoutbox quando estiveres muted, vais ser banido até o mute acabar.
15. Pedir a alguém para votar num tópico não é permitido. Não postes links para sugestões.
16. Responder estúpidamente no suporte (do tipo 'formata o teu PC e fica resolvido') é proibido.

Language: Slovenian
Translated by: @[R]oad[R]unner
Translated rules:
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1. Nebodi nepošten.
2. Ne objavljaj ilegalnih, pornografskih, ogabnih ali neprimernih vsebin ter vsebin z avtorskimi pravicami.
3. Ne žali, ne bodi grd in ne "trollaj".
4. Ne objavljaj neuporabnih objav ali objav, ki ne spadajo pod določeno temo.
5. Nove teme objavljaj v pravi članek, vedno preveri članek preden objavljaš.
6. Ne objavljaj stvari, ki so že bile objavljene.
7. Forum profil, avatar in podpis morajo biti primerni.
8. Imena morajo biti primerna. Neprimerna imena ne bodo tolerirana. Ime lahko vsebuje samo črke angleške abecede, številke in standardne znake.
9. Vprašanja objavljena v "General Support / Questions" morajo biti vezana na CIT. Vprašanja o MTAju ali čemerkoli kar ni povezano z CITom, ne objavljaj tukaj.
10. Registriranje forum računa preko proxyja ali začasnega elektronskega naslova, se šteje kot prepovedana oziroma zlonamerna registracija in vodi v ban. Če bomo obdelovali tvojo registracijo in ugotovili, da je bil na tem IP naslovu pogosto uporabljen drug račun, ter da si hotel izdelati več identitet ali se izogniti banu, bo sledil ban.
11. Ne PMjaj osebja o banu, nepomembnih stvareh ali čemerkoli drugem, česar nočejo pod svojo pošto. Ne omenjaj članov osebja brez razloga.
12. Če je avatar ali podpis animirani GIF, naj gibanje ne bo moteče za bralca. Če je gibanje moteče, boš opozorjen, slika GIF pa bo odstranjena.
13. CIT je politično in religiozno prosta cona, argumente iz resničnega življenja zadrži zase.
14. Če objavljaš v forum "shoutbox", ne objavljaj ničesar proti pravilom, to vklučuje rasizem, ne Angleško govorico in neprimerne vsebine. Ne pritožuj se nad serverjem ali slabo povezavo. Objave v "shoutboxu" so lahko mutane, ti pa banan.
15. Prositi nekoga da glasuje na določen način ali pa nasprotuje demokraciji je prepovedano. Ne objavljaj povezav do predlogov za server.
16. Neprimerni odgovori v "support boardu" kot so "format your PC" itd ne bodo tolerirani.

Language: Albanian
Translated by: @Gebro
Translated rules:
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1. Mos të jetë I pandershëm.
2. Mos postoni apo lidhje të paligjshme, cenojnë të drejtën e autorit, pornografike, I pështirë, apo përmbajtje të papërshtatshme.
3. A nuk fyerje, të jetë e keqe, apo trollish për njerëzit.
4. Mos bëni postimet padobishme ose jashtë teme.
5. tema Post reja në bordin e duhur, shikoni nëpër lista bordit para se të postimi.
6. Mos postoni gjëra që tashmë janë postuar.
7. Përmbajtja e forumi avatar tuaj, nënshkrim dhe profilin e duhet të jetë e përshtatshme.
8. Emrat duhet të jetë e përshtatshme dhe një emër aktual. Për shembull, duke përdorur një ndalesë të plotë si një emër nuk do të tolerohet. Emrat duhet të përmbajnë vetëm alfabetit anglisht, karaktere numerike apo standarde e tastierës.
9. Pyetjet postuar në "Mbështetje të Përgjithshëm / Pyetjet" duhet të merrem me CIT. Nëse ju doni të bëni një server, blej një faqe interneti apo ndonjë gjë që ka të bëjë asgjë me CIT, MOS PYET PËR ndihmojë në këtë bord.
10. Regjistrimi I një llogarie forum nëpërmjet një proxy ose duke përdorur një llogari të përkohshme email do të konsiderohet si tentativë evazionit ndalimit ose regjistrimit me qëllim të dëmshëm dhe do të rezultojë në një ndalim të përhershëm. Kur ne jemi të përpunimit përpjekje e regjistrimit tuaj forum dhe një tjetër llogari forum është përdorur kohët e fundit nga të njëjtën adresë IP, ndoshta për shkak se ju jeni duke u përpjekur për të krijuar identitete të shumta për veten tuaj dhe ose ndalimit të shmangen, ju ndoshta do të përfundojë të ndaluara për shumë kontabilitetit.
11. A nuk PM anëtarët e stafit në lidhje me ndalimet, irrelevancies apo ndonjë gjë tjetër se ata nuk duan në kutinë e tyre. A nuk e përmend anëtarë të stafit pa një arsye të vlefshme.
12. allau ose nënshkrime që përdorin një GIF animuar, dhe se lëvizja GIF është e rëndësishme të mjaftueshme për të shkaktojë bezdi apo zbavitje për askënd që është duke u përpjekur për të lexuar gjëra, por nuk mund të për shkak se dikush ka një avatar bezdisshëm apo nënshkrimin e cila është vazhdimisht lëviz tjetër për çfarë ata janë duke u përpjekur për të lexuar. Ju do të merrni paralajmëruar dhe imazhi do të hiqen.
13. CIT është një politikë dhe feja zonë e lirë, mbajnë argumentet e jetës reale nga CIT!
14. Kur postimi në kutinë forumi shaj mos postoni asgjë kundër rregullave të mësipërme që përfshin edhe racizmin, jo-anglisht dhe çdo përmbajtje të tjera të papërshtatshme. A nuk ankohen duke shkyçur ose të paaftë për të lidheni me serverin. Posting në kutinë bërtas duke mbytur do të ju ndalohet nga forumi deri skadon memec tuaj.
15. dikush Asking për të votuar në një mënyrë të caktuar në një temë apo pas minon demokracinë dhe është e ndaluar. Mos postoni lidhje me sugjerimet server.
16. Dhënia e përgjigjeve të trashë në bord mbështetje si "format PC tuaj" është budalla dhe nuk do të tolerohet.

Language: French
Translated by: @Urban
Translated rules:
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1. Ne soit pas malhonnête.
2. Ne poste pas de lien illégal, droit d'auteur, à l'atteinte de quelqu'un, pornographie, dégoûtant, or bien contenu inapproprié.
3. N'insulte pas, ne soit pas méchant, ni trolleur.
4. Ne fait pas de poste inutile ou hors sujet.
5. Poste un nouveau topic dans le bon endroit. Regarde à travers le board avant de poster.
6. Ne poste pas des choses qui ont déjà été postés.
7. Le contenu de l'avatar sur le forum, signature et profile doivent être appropriés.
8. votre nom doit être approprié et un nom réel. Comme par exemple un nom en majuscule seulement ne sera pas autorisé. Votre nom doit seulement contenir des lettres alphabétiques, un clavier standard ou numérique venant de lettre de la langue anglaise seulement et non français (comme le "é" ou "ù" ou "ç" etc... en français.)
9. les questions posées dans le "support général" DOIVENT être à propos de CIT. Si vous voulez faire un serveur, acheter un site or quelque chose d'autre qui n'a rien avoir avec CIT et bien ne demander pas d'aide dans le "support général" board.
10. Enregistrer un compte de forum via un proxy ou utiliser un e-mail temporaire de compte sera assumé en tant que tentative d'évasion de ban ou enregistrement avec intentions malicieuses, tout cela résultera d'un bannissement permanent. Quand nous procédons à l'enregistrement de votre compte de forum et qu'un autre compte a été utiliser récemment par la même adresse IP, probablement car vous essayiez de vous créer plusieurs identités pour vous même et/ou pour une évasion d'un ban vous allez surement finir avec un bannissement pour avoir crée plusieurs comptes.
11. N'envoyez pas de message privée aux administrateurs à propos de votre ban, non-pertinence  ou quoi que ce soit qu'ils ne veulent pas dans leur boite de réception. Ne mentionnez pas un administrateur sans raison valable/valide.
12. Les avatars ou signatures qui utilisent une animation GIF dont les mouvements sont assez signifiants pour causer de la contrariété ou la distraction à quelqu'un qui essaye de lire quelque chose ne sont pas autorisés. Vous recevrez un niveau d'avertissement et votre image sera supprimée si vous faite cela.
13. CIT est une zone libre de religions et politiques, gardez vos arguments de la réalité en dehors de CIT!
14. Quand vous parlez dans la boite de chat sur le forum, Ne postez rien qui soit contre les règles du forum cités au dessus. Cela inclut aussi le racisme, ce qui est non-anglais et tout autre contenu qui n'est pas approprié. Ne plaignez pas à propos d'être déconnecté ou que vous ne soyez pas capable de rejoindre/vous connecter au serveur. Poster dans la boite de chat (shoutbox) lorsque vous êtes muet est interdit et vous causera un bannissement jusqu'à ce que vous ne soyez plus muet.
15. Demander à quelqu'un de voter de n'importe quelle façon dans un topic ou de poster et d'ébranler la démocratie est interdit. Ne postez pas de lien à des suggestions pour le serveur.
16. Donner des réponses stupides dans le board "General Support" du genre "formate/formater ton/votre PC" est stupide et ne sera pas toléré.

Language: Estonian
Translated by: @Gebro
Translated rules:
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Agan, not understandable Google translate. Look in Estonian forum board. (Tiiger)

Language: Ex-Yu
Translated by: @NoSwear
Translated rules:
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#1 Nemoj lagati.
#2 Ne postavljaj linkove ilegalnih stvari, pornografije, sadrzaj koji narusavaju autorska prava, neprikladan I gnusan sadrzaj.
#3 Vredjanje I trolovanje ljudi se ne moze tolerisasti.
#4 Ne postavljaj bespotrebne odgovore ili odgovore koji nemaju veze sa temom.
#5 Postavljaj nove teme tamo gde pripadaju, pretrazi board za temama slicnim tvojoj pre nego sto je postavis.
#6 Ne postvljaj stvari koje su vec postovane.
#7 Tvoja forum slika profila I potpis moraju biti prikladni.
#8 Tvoje forum ime mora biti pravo ime, na primer, koriscenje tacke kao ime nece biti tolerisano. Tvoje ime se mora sadrzati iz simbola sa normalne, engleske tastature.
#9 Pitanje koje postavis u General Support board MORA BITI VEZANO ZA CIT. Ako zelis da napravis website, otvoris server, ili uradis bilo sta drugo sto nije vezano za CIT, ne trazi pomoc u tom board-u.
#10 Registrovanje profila preko proxy-a I koriscenje privremenog e-mail naloga se smatra izbegavanjem ban-a ili pokusaj da se naudi forumu I bices banovan zbog toga. Kada pregledamo zahtev za registraciju proveravamo tvoju IP adresu I ako vec imas profil registrovan sa te IP adrese, smatramo da pokusavas da izbegnes ban I u vecini slucajeva ces biti banovan za koriscenje vise od jednog forum profila.
#11 Ne salji privatne poruke adminima u vezi banova ili bilo cega drugog nebitnog. Nemoj mention admine bez razloga.
#12 Zabranjeno je koriscenje GIF-a u avataru jer skrece paznju ljudi od texta koji pokusavaju da citaju. Krsenjem ovog pravila se dobija warning I tvoj avatar ce biti uklonjen.
#13 Zabranjena je bila kakva politicka ili religijozna rasprava na CIT-u.
#14 Kada postavljas nesto u shout-box, sva pravila iznad se odnose I na shoutbox. Nemoj se zaliti kako te server diskonektuje I da imas neki drugi problem sa konekcijom. Postavljanje necega u shoutbox dok si mute-ovan je zabranjeno I bices banovan sa foruma sve dok ti mute ne istekne.
#15 Zabranjeno je pitati druge igrace da glasaju pozitivno za tvoj predlog jer je to protiv demokratije. Ne postavljaj nigde linkove predloga.
#16 Postavljanje glupih odgovora u General Support board kao "formatiraj svoj PC" je zabranjeno I nece biti tolerisano.

Language: Swedish
Translated by: @Jocke
Translated rules:
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Forum Regler
1. Ljug inte, var ärlig.
2. Skriv och dela inte länkar som är olagliga, bryter mot upphovsrättslagen, innehåller porr, äckligt eller olämpligt innehåll.
3. Var trevlig.Förolämpa eller kränk ingen. Du får inte heller "trolla", alltså ha roligt på en annans bekostnad.
4. Skapa inte onödiga forum trådar och håll dig till ämnet när du skriver ett inlägg.
5. Skapa nya trådar på de rätta platserna. Kolla först igenom forumet innan du skapar en tråd.
6. Gör inget inlägg som redan har gjorts.
7. Din profilbild, signatur och profil måste vara lämplig, alltså inte innehålla något som står I regel 2.
8. Ditt forum namn måste vara lämpligt och en riktigt namn. Till exempel så tolereras inte ett namn med alla stora bokstäver. Namn får bara innehålla bokstäver I det Engelska alfabetet, siffror eller vanliga tangenter.
9. Frågor som I "General Support / Questions" måste vara om CIT. Om du vill skapa en egen server, köp en hemsida eller något som inte har någonting alls med CIT att göra. Fråga INTE efter hjälp på detta forum.
10. Att registera ett forum konto via en proxy eller en temporär email adress tolkas som att du försöker undvika en banlys, eller att du registerar dig med en dålig/elak avsikt resulterar I en permanent banlys. När vi processar ditt forum registrations försök och ett annat forum konto har används nyligen från samma IP adress så tolkar vi det som att du försöker använda flera konton och identiteter och du blir förmodligen banlyst för att använda flera konton samtidigt.
11. Skicka inte ett privat meddelande till admins  angående bannar, irrelevanta grejjer eller någonting som de helt enkelt inte vill ha I deras brevlåda.  Du får inte heller nämna (genom att använda forum funktionen "mention") någon admin utan en giltig anledning.
12. Profilbilder och signaturer som har en animerad GIF och den GIFen är rörlig är tillräckligt för att skapa distration för någon som försöker att läsa någonting. Detta får dig varnad samt att GIFen blir borttagen.
13. CIT är ett politiskt fritt område, håll argument angående omvärlden utanför CIT.
14. När du postar I Shoutboxen på "Home" sidan måste du hålla dig till reglerna ovan. Du får inte heller skriva något rasistiskt, det måste vara på engelska och det måste vara något passande till CIT. Klaga inte här heller om att du blir frånkopplad från servern eller inte kan koppla dig till servern. Om du skriver I Shoutboxen medans du är mutad på forumet gör att du blir bannad tills du inte längre är mutad.
15. Du får inte be någon att rösta på något särskilt sätt. Demokratin ska upprätthållas och du får inte försöka påverka någon annans beslut eller tycke. Du får inte heller länka till ett server förslag.
16. Om du ger någon ett dumt svar I support forumet som "formatera din PC" eller något annat dumt tolereras inte.

Language: Finnish
Translated by: @Captcha
Translated rules:
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Foorumin säännöt
1. Älä valehtele.
2. Älä julkaise tai postaa linkkejä laittomaan, tekijänoikeuksiin loukkaavaan, aikuisviihteelliseen, tai muuten sopimattomaan sisältöön.
3. Älä loukkaa, ole epäystävällinen tai trollaa ihmisiä.
4. Älä postaa turhia tai aiheeseen liittymättömiä asioita.
5. Postaa uudet postaukset niille kuuluville osioille, katso ''board list'' ennen postaamista.
6. Älä postaa asioita mitä on jo postattu.
7. Foorumin kuvan, allekirjotuksen ja profiilin pitää olla asiallinen.
8. Nimien pitää olla asiallisia ja oikeita nimiä. Esimerkiksi pisteen käyttäminen nimenä ei ole hyväksyttävää. Nimien pitää sisältää Englannin aakkosia, numeroita tai normaalin näppäimistön merkkejä.
9. Kysymykset "General Support / Questions" osiossa PITÄÄ OLLA CIT AIHEISIA. Jos haluat tehdä serverin, ostaa nettisivun, taikka tehdä mitään muuta jolla ei ole mitään tekemistä CIT:n kanssa, ÄLÄ PYYDÄ APUA SIINÄ OSIOSSA.
10. Jos rekisteröit foorumille proxyn tai tilapäisen sähköpostin kautta, oletamme sinun kiertävän bänniä taikka tulevan ilkeällä tarkoituksella, joten se johtaa automaattiseen bänniin. Kuin prosessoimme rekisteröitymistäsi ja jos toinen foorumitunnus on käyttänyt samaa IP-osoitetta, se johtuu todennäköisesti siitä että yrität tehdä useampaa identiteettiä ja yrität kiertää bänniä, joka tulee todennäköisesti johtamaan bänniin useamman profiilin käyttämisestä.
11. Älä laita yksityisviestiä ylläpidolle bänneistä, turhista asioista tai ylipäätänsä asioista mitä he eivät halua viesteihinsä. Älä mainitse ylläpitoa ilman hyvää syytä.
12. Jos käytät animoitua GIF kuvaa allekirjoituksessasi tai profiilin kuvassa, se ei saa häiritä muita ihmisiä. Jos se liikkuu tarpeeksi paljon ja häiritsee
toisten ihmisten keskittymistä, sinua varoitetaan ja kuvasi poistetaan.
13.  CIT on politiikka- ja uskonto vapaa alue, pidä oikean elämän erimielisyydet ja väittämät pois CIT:istä!
14. Postatessa foorumin ''shout boxiin'' katso ettet riko yllä mainittuja sääntöjä, siihen lasketaan mukaan rasismi, kaikki ei englanninkieliset tekstit ja mikä tahansa asiaton materiaali. Älä valita että yhteytesi katkeaa pelatessa taikka siitä ettet pääse serverille. Jos olet mutetettu ja postaat ''shout boxiin'' tulet saamaan bännin, mikä kestää muten ajan.
15. Älä pyydä ihmisiä äänestämään määrätyllä tavalla tai postaa mitään mikä vaikeuttaisi demokratiaa. Älä postaa linkkejä serverin suosituksiin.
16. Antamalla tyhmiä vastauksia tukiosastolla, kuten ''formatoi tietokoneesi'' on idioottimaista ja sitä ei tulla sietämään.

Language: Indonesian
Translated by: @Near
Translated rules:
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1. Jangan Berkata Tidak JUJUR.
2. Jangan posting atau link ke ilegal, pelanggaran hak cipta, pornografi, menjijikkan, atau konten yang tidak pantas.
3. Jangan menghina, menjadi jahat, atau trollish untuk semua pemain.
4. Jangan membuat posting topik berguna atau tidak pantas.
5. topik - topik baru di papan kanan, melihat  daftar papan sebelum mem posting.
6. Jangan posting hal-hal yang telah diposting.
7. Isilah  forum avatar Anda, tanda tangan dan profil yang sesuai.
8. Nama harus sesuai dan nama sebenarnya. Misalnya menggunakan nama yang tidak sesuai sebagai nama akan tidak ada ditoleransi. Nama hanya boleh berisi abjad bahasa Inggris, numerik atau standar karakter keyboard.
9. Pertanyaan diposting di "Dukungan Umum / Pertanyaan" HARUS TENTANG CIT. Jika Anda ingin membuat server, membeli situs atau apapun yang tidak ada hubungannya dengan CIT, JANGAN MEMINTA BANTUAN DI DEWAN INI.
10. Mendaftarkan akun forum melalui proxy atau menggunakan akun email sementara akan dianggap sebagai larangan penggelapan berusaha atau mendaftar dengan niat jahat dan akan menghasilkan larangan permanen. Ketika anda sedang melakukan pendaftaran di forum dan akun forum lain telah digunakan baru-baru dari alamat IP yang sama, mungkin karena Anda mencoba untuk membuat beberapa identitas untuk diri sendiri dan atau larangan Menghindar, Anda mungkin akan berakhir dilarang untuk multi akun(akun ganda).
11. Jangan PM anggota staf tentang larangan, tidak relevan atau apa pun mereka tidak ingin di inbox mereka. Tidak menyebutkan anggota staf tanpa alasan yang sah.
12. Avatar atau tanda tangan yang menggunakan animasi GIF, dan bahwa gerakan GIF cukup signifikan untuk menyebabkan gangguan atau gangguan untuk siapa saja yang mencoba untuk membaca hal, tapi tidak bisa karena seseorang memiliki avatar mengganggu atau tanda tangan yang terus bergerak di sebelah apa yang mereka coba untuk membaca. Anda akan mendapatkan memperingatkan dan gambar akan dihapus.
13. CIT adalah politik dan zona bebas agama, tetap argumen kehidupan nyata dari CIT!
14. Ketika posting di shout box forum tidak posting apa-apa terhadap peraturan di atas yang juga mencakup rasisme, non-Inggris dan setiap konten yang tidak pantas lainnya. Jangan mengeluh tentang terputus koneksi anda atau tidak dapat terhubung ke server. Posting di kotak shout sementara diredam akan membuat Anda dilarang dari forum sampai bisu Anda berakhir.
15. Meminta seseorang untuk memilih dengan cara tertentu dalam suatu topik atau posting menganggu demokrasi dan dilarang. Jangan posting link ke saran Server.
16. Memberikan jawaban bodoh di papan dukungan seperti "memformat PC Anda" bodoh dan tidak akan ditoleransi.

Language: Ukrainian
Translated by: @iShadow
Translated rules:
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1. Не бути нечесним.
2. Не постити порнографію, нелегальний контент, який порушує авторські права посту
3. Не ображайте, не виводьте із себе і не тролльте людей.
4. Не створюйте непотрібні пости.
5. Створюйте нові топіки на правильному борді, дивіться на назву борда перед тим, як зробити це.
6. Не постити те, що вже було.
7. Зміст вашого форум-профіля, аватара та сигнатури повинно бути відповідно з правилами.
8. Імена також повинні відповідати правилам. Тільки англійські букви, цифри і стандартні клавіатурні знаки.
9. Питання в "General Support / Questions" ПОВИННІ БУТИ О СЕРВЕРІ CIT. Якщо ви хочете створити сервер, тоді купуйте сайт, або щось, що не має відношення до сервера.
10. Не постіть нічого в заявках на разбан, якщо ви не маєте відношення до цього. Використання proxy або іншого email буде розцінюватися як спроба обійти бан, в якості покарання ви будете забанені назавжди.
11. Не писати адмінам про ваші покарання і про те, що вони не захочуть читати.
12. Аватари або сігнатури з анімаціями, які дратують інших і не дають спокійно прочитати текст, будуть прибрані, людина що має іх буде покарана.
13. СІТ Сервер - політично і релігійно вільна зона, тут не можна розмовляти про політику, релігію і принижувати людей за це.
14. Коли ви постите щось в форум чат, то це не повинно бути проти правил.
15. Просити когось про голос у вашій пропозиції заборонено. Не постіть ссилки з вашою пропозицією.
16. Давати дурні відповіді в саппорті типу "Викінь свій комп'ютер" нерозумно і також карається.

Ingame Rules
Language: / English
Translated by: Arran & Staff Team
Translated rules:
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1. Do not disrupt other players. Examples: Ramming cars, impersonating a player or group / squad, discriminatorily attacking a player, repeated verbal provocation and harassing players in their group base. It's against the rules to enter bases when the gate is closed. This rule applies in LV.
2. Listen to server staff, these are people with [CIT] in their name. You must comply with all reasonable requests made by a staff member. Do not annoy staff. Supporters can mute you if you ignore them in Support chat. Do not misuse '/report'.
3. CIT is a politics and religion free zone, keep real life arguments out of CIT!
4. Do not cheat, exploit bugs or scam players. If you don't break rule 8 you wouldn't get scammed.
5. You mustn't say more than 1 message in main or team chat which is not in English. Do not say 'Fail' afterwards.
6. Do not spam, complain about lag, post quick stats or quotes from chats or messages. Press 'J' if you need to contact an admin. All admins start with [CIT]. Do not misuse the chats that are there for a purpose and not for chatting randomly in. Do not talk about somebody getting punished.
7. Do not flame / insult / offend people. Don't do it, ever.
8. Transferring something to another player which isn't done through a system such as F7 Trading is forbidden.

Language: Turkish
Translated by: @Uber
Translated rules:
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1. Diğer oyuncuları rahatsız etmeyin. Örneğin: Araçlara çarpmak, bir kişi ya da grubu/grubun tagını kullanarak sahtecilik yapmak. Tekrarlanan sözel provokasyon ve oyuncular baselerinin içindeyken öldürmek/zarar vermeye çalışmak. İzinsiz herhangi bir baseye girmek ve oyuncuları içeride rahatsız etmek kural ihlalidir. Bu kural LV'de geçerlidir.

2. Sunucu yetkililerinin dediklerini dinleyin, bu kişilerin isminin başında [CIT] eklemesi(tagı) bulunur. Yetkililer tarafından yapılan isteklerin bütününe uymanız gerekir. Bir yetkili kişi sizi 'komutla öldürürse' bunun sebebi ya sizin yolun ortasında durmanızdır, ya da onları rahatsız ettiğinizdendir, yanlarına yaklaşmayın. Yardım ve destek bölümünü kullanırken (J) size yardım eden kişiler ne derse dinlemelisiniz. /report komutunu kullanarak yaptığınız sahte ve gerksiz  şikayetlerin cezası vardır.

3. Gerçek hayattınızdaki politik ve dini şeyleri tartışabilirsiniz.Fakat bunu yaparken sakin kalın ve saygılı olun.

4. Hile ve bug yapmayın, ya da insanları haksız yere soymayın/dolandırmayın  - Hile yapmak üstün ve adil olmayan bir avantaj sağladığı için yasaklıdır. Eğer 8. kuralı ihlal etmezseniz kimse sizi dolandıramaz.

5. Takım ve ana yazışma bölümlerinde 1'den fazla kere ingilizce harici dil konuşamazsınız. 1 kerelik de olsa yanlışlıkla yollarsanız ardından 'fail' yazmanıza gerek yoktur.

6. Yazışma bölümünden hızlı statlar (Quick Stat/qs) ve alıntılar yapmayın. Eğer bir admine ihtiyacınız varsa J'ye basın. Bütün adminlerin isimleri [CIT] ile başlar. Bir amacı bulunan ve rastgele kullanılmaması gereken yazışma bölümlerini yanlış amaçlar için kullanmayın. Birinin yediği ceza hakkında konuşmayın ya da gülmeyin.

7. Sözlü tacizde bulunmayın.

8.  F7 sistemi üzerinden yapılmadan gerçekleştirilen transferler/ticaretler yasaktır.

Language: Romanian
Translated by: @Warbringer
Translated rules:
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1. Nu deranja alti jucatori. Exemplu: distrugerea masinilor, impersonand alti jucatori sau grupuri/squad, discriminare atacand un jucator, repetarea unor insulte verbale, atacarea jucatorilor in baza grupului. Este impotriva regulilor sa intri intr-o baza cand poarta este inchisa, fara permisiune. Aceasta regula se aplica in LV.

2. Asculta de echipa serverului (staff) , acestia au [CIT] inaintea numelui. Trebuie sa te supui tuturor cererilor rezonabile date de un membru staff. Nu everva staff-ul. Suporterii iti pot da mute daca ii ignori in Support chat. Nu abuza de '/report'.

3. Poti discuta lucruri din lumea reala  precum religie sau politica dar, trebuie sa ramai calm si respectuos.

4. Nu trisa, nu exploata bug-uri si nu insela/pacali alti jucatori. Trisatul se defineste prin folosirea unui avantaj nemeritat. Daca nu incalci regula 8, nu ai putea fi pacalit/inselat.

5. Nu trebuie sa spui mai mult de un mesaj in chatul principal (/main) sau pe cel al echipei (Y) care nu este in engleza. Nu spune "fail" dupa.

6. Nu spama, nu te plange de lag, nu posta 'quick stats'. Apasa J daca ai nevoie de un administrator. Toti administratorii au [CIT] la inceputul numelui. Nu abuza de chat-urile care sunt acolo pentru un motiv si nu pentru a vorbi la intamplare in ele. Nu vorbi despre sanctiunea cuiva.

7. Nu folosii un limbaj ofensator.

8. Incercarea de a transfera ceva catre un alt jucator,  care nu este facut printr-un sistem precum F7,  este interzisa. Cu exceptia transferurilor de donator (DL) sau 'shaders'.

Language: Chinese
Translated by: @HKPenguin
Translated rules:
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1.   不可作出任何會對其他玩家造成擾亂的行為。例如︰刻意沖撞車輛,假扮其他玩家或團隊 / 小隊,針對某玩家作出攻擊,不斷作出言語挑及於基地騷擾其團隊玩家。在基地閘門關閉的情況下進入基地屬於違反規則的行為。此規則於LV區域亦適用。


2.   請遵從管理員及CIT職員,即名稱中包含[CIT]字眼的玩家 所作出的指示及要求。請勿騷擾職員。假如你於支援頻道(Support Chat)中無視支援人員,他們有權將你禁言。請勿濫用 '/report' 指令。


3.   玩家可以討論現實世界中的東西,如信仰及政治。但於討論中請保持冷靜及尊重他人。


4.   不可以任何形式作弊,故意利用遊戲漏洞,或對其他玩家進行詐騙。


5.   不應於公開頻道(Main Chat) 或隊伍頻道(Team Chat) 中發表多於1個非英語訊息。如不慎錯用頻道,不要再發表 'Fail' 或更多錯誤訊息。


6.   不可濫發訊息,對伺服器卡頓作出無意義投訴,或貼出“玩家簡短統計” ('quick stats')。如需聯絡管理員,請按 'J' 鍵。所有管理員名稱都由[CIT]字眼作開頭。不可濫用或不當使用特設或指定頻道。不得取笑任何受到懲罰的玩家或以此亂生事端。

7.   不可辱罵他人。允許縮寫如 'STFU’。


8.   不得使用非正規途徑 (正常途徑例子︰CIT 中的 ’F7’ 交易系統) 轉移任何項目給予其他玩家。允許伺服器捐贈者等級 (DL) 及 塗裝/皮膚 (shader) 轉移。


Language: Russian
Translated by: @Toby
Translated rules:
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1. Не мешайте другим игрокам. Примеры: Таранить машины, выдавать себя за кого-то, кем вы не являетесь, провокации. Атаковать чужие базы также запрещено. Строго запрещается заходить на какие-либо базы без разрешения. Это правило применяется в ЛВ.

2. Слушайте администраторов сервера, это люди с тэгом [CIT] перед именем. Вы должны слушать и исполнять все, что вам говорят администраторы. Не раздражайте администраторов. Саппортеры могут дать вам мут, если вы будете использовать саппорт чат не по назначению. Использовать функцию репорт '/report' только если это необходимо.

3.  Вы можете обсуждать в реальном мире такие вещи, как религия и политика, но Вы всегда должны оставаться спокойным и уважительным при этом.

4. Не используйте читы, не злоупотребляйте багами, и не обманывайте игроков. Использование читов - несправедливое преимущество и карается баном на 5 лет. Если вы не нарушаете правило 8, то вас нельзя будет обмануть.

5. Ты не можешь говорить больше одного сообщения в main или TEAM чатах не на английском. Не говори 'Fail' потом.

6. Нельзя спаммить, нельзя сообщать о лагах. Показы автомобилей и эвенты не считаются. Нажми J для того, что-бы связаться с администрацией {J>Contact Admin}. Говорите только на английском языке. Не пишите глупые вещи, не пытайтесь троллить кого-то в этом чате. Эти чаты (Support/Contact Admin) созданы для помощи людям, а не троллинга. Не говорите о ком-то, кого наказали.

7. Не веди себя оскорбительно.

8. Нельзя продавать или передавать что-либо за пределами F7.

Language: Arabic
Translated by: @Lucifer
Translated rules:
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- لا تؤذي اللاعبين, على سبيل المثال تصدمهم ب سيارة او تضربهم بدون سبب, او تقلد اسم احد ب قروبه او سكواده والى اخره و الاستفزاز لفظيا بتكرار ومضايقة اللاعبين في مقراتهم, من الممنوع عليك الدخول مقر اي قروب بدون اذن, وهذه القاعدة تنطبق على لاعبين ال ڤي
٢- يجب عليك الاستماع لادمنية السيرفر, يمكنك التعرف على الادمنية من اسمائهم, وتكون اسمائهم هكذا
[CIT]<أسم الادمن>
ويجب عليك اطاعة اي طلب معقول يطلب منك من الادمنية, ويمنع عليك ايذاء الادمنية, ومن الممكن للمساعدين في شات الدعم (السبورت) ان يعاقبوك اذا لم تستمع لهم, ويمنع سوء استخدام خاصية التبليغ (الريبورت) ومن الممكن ان تتعاقب اذا اسأت استخدامه
٣- هذا السيرفر خالي من مشاكل السياسة والدين, لا تدٌخل اشياء الحقيقة في اللعبة
٤- لا تغش, تستخدم التغرات او تنصب على اللاعبين, اذا استمعت ل القاعدة الثامنة لن يتم النصب عليك
٥- يمنع عليك ان تكتب بلغة غير اللغة الانجليزي في الشات العام الا مرة واحدة, واذا تكلمت بلغة غير اللغة الانجليزي اكثر من مرة سيتم معاقبتك, ولا يجب عليك ان تقول انك اخطأت في الكتابة عندما تتكلم بلغة غير اللغة الانجليزية في الشات العام
٦- لا تؤذي الناس في الشات, ولا تتذمر اذا كانت اللعبة بطيئة لديك, ويمنع نسخ ولصق اشياء الى الشات, اضغط حرف ت واذهب الى شات كونتاكت ادمن اذا احتجت الى مساعدة من ادمن, لا تسيئ استخدام هذا الشات, ولا تتكلم او تضحك على حد اذا تمت معاقبته
٧- لا تشتم, تهين او تغضب اي شخص, فهذا ممنوع منعا باتاً
٨- ارسال شيئ للاعب اخر بطريقة غير رسمية مثل ان تستخدم اف7 ممنوع منعا باتاً

Language: Hebrew
Translated by: @Man
Translated rules:
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הערה: כללים מסוימים הוסרו ולכן יש מספר חסר ותעודות הזהות של השלטון לא יכולה לשנות מבלי להשפיע על העונש האוטומטי שלנו למערכת הפוגע חוזר.
2. תקשיבו לצוות השרת, אלה הם אנשים עם התג [CIT] בשמם. עליך לציית לכל בקשות סבירות שנעשו על ידי חבר צוות. אם מנהל חבר צוות הורג אותך, זה היה או בגלל שאתה עמד בכביש או כי הייתם מעצבן אותם, לא להתקרב אליהם שוב. בעת השימוש בסעיף התמיכה של ממשק הצ'אט "J" אתה חייב להקשיב למה שאומר לך תומכים. שליחת דיווחים לא חוקיים באמצעות '/ דוח היא עונש.
4. לא לרמות, לנצל באגים או שחקני הונאה - רמאות מוגדרת כיתרון לא הוגן. אירוח מכונית מראה היכן מתחרים חייבים לשלם אסורים. הונאה היא בעיקר כאשר יש לך עסקה שסוכמה עם שחקן אחר, אבל אתה לא מתכוון למלא את העסקה.
6. האם לא דואר זבל, מתלוננים על פיגור, לפרסם נתונים סטטיסטיים או ציטוטים מהירים משיחות או הודעות, או לפרסם מחוץ לחדר 'המסחר' בממשק הצ'אט "J". (רכב תערוכות ואירועים לא נחשבים). - "J" לחץ אם אתה צריך ליצור קשר עם מנהל. כל המנהלים להתחיל עם [CIT]. לא לנצל לרעה את השיחות שנמצאות שם למטרה ולא למפטפטים באופן אקראי ב. אל תלכו על על מישהו להיענש. אל תשאל מישהו SMS בצ'אט ראשי או צוות.
8. אל לשבש שחקנים אחרים. דוגמאות: ניגוח מכוניות, התחזות שחקן או קבוצה / כיתה, חזר פרובוקציה מילולית.
10. CIT הוא פוליטיקה ואזור חופשי דת, לשמור טיעוני חיים אמיתיים מתוך CIT!
חשבונות 11. מכירה, מעצרים, או כל דבר אחר שאינו מובטחת העברה אינה מותר ואם שחקן ההונאות שהיא באשמתך לשבירת הכלל הזה. מכירת הכסף ingame / אח"ם / וכו 'לכסף חיים אמיתיים אסור. מכירת קבוצות / חוליות ומעמד מייסדם אסור וייענש במחיקת קבוצה.
12. אל להבה / עלבון / להעליב אנשים. אל תעשה את זה, אי פעם.
13. דבר אנגלית רק בצ'אט ראשי וצוות.

Language: Tunisian
Translated by: @Assad-Khan.
Translated rules:
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1. Mat3atalch el players lo5rin kima mathalan: tedhrab krahbhom wala ta3mel impersonating w tenta7el cha5siet wala group wala squad. Mat3awdch klem 5ayeb fel base mte3hom w heka dhed el rules w matod5olch lel base mte3hom man8ir matchawerhom w el rule hedhi rahi temchi fel LV.

A9sa punishment: Ki ye7bsek admin wla globale mute bel default duration bel nesba l a8labiyet el 7weyej eli enti 3malthom. 5 snin ban fel 7alet el 9oswa.

2. Dima esma3 klem l'admins ; etag mte3hom yebda b [CIT] ; ay order y9olek 3lih l'admin yalzmek ta3mlou , ken 9etlek admin akid el sbab. Mat9al9ch el staff  w el supporters ynajmou ya3mloulek mute ken matsm3ch klemhom fel support chat w 5asatan mata3mlch missuse lel /report.

A9sa punishment: Ki ye7bsek admin wla globale mute matfoutech 48 se3a wala default duration.

3. Tnajem ta7ki 3ala 7weyej met3al9a l real worl and poilitcs zeda ama koun calm w e7tarem la3bed wenti ta7ki.

A9sa 3ou9ouba: Globale mute matfoutech 72 se3a wala bel deafult duration.

4.  Rod belek t8ech, walla test8al bug walla tet7ayel 3ala we7ed ; el 8ech 7aja mouch 3adla, Louken mata5lefch el rule ra9m "8" mat5afech w maysirlek chay w maynajem y8ochek 7ad.

A9sa punishment: 5snin ban l ay wa7ed 8ach, 5snin ban lel exploiting, 5 snin limitation fel scamming.

5. 3andek el 7a9 bech t9oul 1message fel team wala main chat b non-english ama mat9oulech fail ba3dha.

A9sa punishment: Mute matfoutech 24 se3a wela bel default duration.

6. Rod belek tspammi  walla tetchaka mel lag,wala toncher quick stats wala quotes men chat. o9res  'J' ken t7eb tetkalem m3a ay admin elli  tag mte3hom yabda b [CIT]. Matesta5demch chats bel 8alet , matetda5elech fi we7ed 5tha punishment.

A9sa punishment: Mute matfoutech 72 se3a wala default duration. 3 ayamet ban l a8labiyet el spam.

7. Matsebech w mathinech wala t8achech el players.

A9sa punishment: Globale mute matfoutech 30 day wala default duration. 1 (3am) ban lel 7alet el 9oswa wla ki t3awed nafs el 8alta.

8. Tbi3 7weyj l player e5er man8ir el system F7 wala bel sar9a/8acha rahou mamnou3. 7ata DL traisnfer wel el transfer mta3 el shaders zeda.

A9sa punishment: Limitation matfoutech 5 snin. Limitation temna3 receiving / tranferring 7weyej men / l player lo5rin.

Language: Spanish
Translated by: @Rabbid Rabbit
Translated rules:
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1. No molestes o hagas de "troll" a otros jugadores. Por ejemplo: Chocar y aplastar vehículos, suplantar a un jugador o grupo/squad, seguidamente provocar verbalmente y acosar jugadores en su base de grupo. Es en contra de las reglas entrar a bases sin autorización con el propósito de acosar jugadores que estén dentro de ésta. Esta regla también se aplica en LV.

2. Escucha siempre a los staffs del servidor, estos son las personas con [CIT] en su nombre. Debes cumplir con todas las peticiones razonables que un Staff te pida. Los supporters tambien pueden mutearte si los ignoras en el chat Support. No hagas mal uso de '/report'

3. Hablar sobre política, religión o cosas de la vida real, está permitido, pero, haciéndolo con calma y respeto.

4. No hagas trampa, explotar errores o estafar jugadores. Si no rompes la regla 8 no serás estafado.

5. No debes decir más que 1 mensaje en los chats Main o Team que no sea Inglés. No digas 'Fail' después.

6. No hagas flood/spam, quejarse acerca del lag, postear Quick Stats o Citas de otros chats o mensajes. Apreta J para contactar un admin. Todos los admins tienen [CIT] en el inicio del nombre. No hagas mal uso de los chats que están por algún propósito y no chatear aleatoriamente en ellos. No hables acerca de alguien que fue castigado.

7. No seas verbalmente abusivo con nadie.

8. Transferir algo a otro jugador que no se puede hacer por medio de un sistema como en el menú de Comercio en F7 está prohibido.

Language: Hindi/ Urdu
Translated by: @CooLDuDe
Translated rules:
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NOTE: Kuch rules khatam kar diye gaye hain jis ki waja se kuch counting missing hai. Ye countying rename nahi ho sakti kyun ke ye ingame punishment counts ke saath mili hui hai aur script isay isi tarha parhay gi.
1. Dusre players ko pareshaan na kare. Example: Unki gaadi ko apni gaadi se maarna, kisi player, group ya squad ko beizaat karna, bekaar tarike se kisi player pe attack karna, group base mein logo ko pareshaan karna. Kisi bhi base mein ghus jaana jab gates closed ho, allowed nahi hai. Yeh rule LV mein bhi apply karta hai.

Jaada se jaada badi punishment: Admin jail ya global mute default duration ke saath kayi mamlo ke liye. Paanch (5) saalo ka ban jada battar cases ke liye.

2. Server staff ki baat sune, [CIT] tags ke saath jo hote hai, woh staff hai. Aapko staff ki requests man ni chahiye. Staff ko pareshaan na kare. Supporters bhi mute kar sakte hai agar aap unhe support chat mein ignore kare toh. '/report' command misuse na kare.

Jaada se jaada badi punishment: Admin jail ya global mute 48 hours se kam ya phir default duration.

3. Aap dharm aur raajaneeti kee tarah  vastavik duniya ki baaton par charcha kr sakate hain lekin shant aur samman tarike say.

Jaada se jaada badi punishment: Global mute 72 hours se kam ya phir default duration.

4. Cheating na kare, bugs ka galat istamal (exploit) na kare aur players ko scam bhi na kare. Agar aap rule #8 nahi todege toh aap scam nahi hoge.

Jaada se jaada badi punishment: 5 saalo ka ban kisi bhi cheater ke liye. 5 saalo se zaada bada ban exploiting ke liye. 5 saalo ki limitation scamming ke liye, ban agar ma'amla battar ho

5. Aapko ek baar se zada non-English nahi bolni chahiye team/main chat mein. Agar aapne kiye toh 'fail' mat boliega phir.

Jaada se jaada badi punishment: Mute 24 hours se kam ya phir default duration

6. Spam na kare, lag ke baare mein complaint na kare, ya phir 'quick stats' post na kare. 'J' button dabae agar aapko kisi staff ki madat chahiye. Sab staff ka naam [CIT] tags se shuru hota hai. Chats ka galat istamal na kare, woh yaha ek purpose (maksat) ke liye hai, randomly chat karne ke liye nahi. Kisi ka mazak na udae agar woh punish ho.

Jaada se jaada badi punishment: Mute 72 hours se kam ya phir default duration.

7. Verbally abuse na bane. Abbreviations jaise ki STFU allowed hai.

Jaada se jaada badi punishment: Global mute 30 days se kam ya phir default duration. Ya phir 1 year ka ban battar ya repetive cases ke liye.

8. App F7 chor ke kahi se bhi kuch bhi kharid na/bech na/ vyapaar karne ki anumati nahi hain. Donator Level ya Shaders chor ke.

Jaada se jaada badi punishment: 5 saalo ki limitation. Ek limitation jo recieving/ transferring ko limited karti hai.

Language: Bulgarian
Translated by: @sasheto & @United
Translated rules:
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1. Не разстройвайте други играчи. Примери: Блъскане на колите, представяне за друг играч, група / отряд, дискриминиране на играч, продължителни словесни провокаций и притесняване на играчи в базата на групата им. Забранено е влизането в чужди бази без разрешение с умисъл за притесняване на играчите вътре. Това правило важи в Las Venturas.

2. Слушайте админите, те носят таговете [CIT] в името си. Трябва да се съобразявате със всяка молба на админите. Не досаждайте на админите. Supporter-ите могат да ви заглушават, ако ги игнорирате в Support чата. Не злоупотребявайте със '/report'.

3. Може да се дискутират неща които засягат светът извън играта, като религии и политици, но запазете спокойствие и се уважавайте взаймно докато го правите.

4. Недейте да мамите, използвате бъгове, или мамите други играчи. Ако не нарушаваш правило 8 не би трябвало да бъдеш измамен.

5. Не трябва да казваш повече от 1 съобщение в главния чат или чат на работата което не е на Английски език. Не казвай 'Fail' след това.

6. Не спамете, не се оплаквайте от лаг, не пращайте quick stats съобщения или цитати в чата. Не рекламирайте извън "Trading" чата {Шоутата с коли и събитията не се считат}. Натиснете "J", ако искате да се свържете с админ. Не използвайте специализираните чатове с цел произволен чат. Не се подигравайте, ако някой е наказан. Не питайте хората да ви напишат СМС в главния чат.

7. Не злоупотребявайге устно. Съкращения като "STFU" са разрешени.

8. Опити за трансфериране на нещо на друг играч което не се извършва, чрез система като F7 Размяната е забранено. Не важи за Donator Level + размяна на shader.

Language: Algerian
Translated by: @Spawlz & @Capuz
Translated rules:
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2. Asme3 l CIT staff, Li asmhom ybda b [CIT]. Lazem dir kolchi yotolboh menak. Ida katlek staff, Yokotlk psq balak kont ga3ad fel trig wela kont dirongi fih. Matt9arabch lihom. Ki tkoun tsta3mel J support lazemlk tsma3 l supporters. Tb3at report mahich kamel s7i7a tt3a9b 3liha.
4. Matcheatich, Wela txploti f bugs wela ta5da3 nass. El cheat ma3tabrino ghayr 3adal. Matcampich fi CITy zones bech mat5alich cops yoktlok, Ila idha kanet 3andk zone sghira w sa8la bech yeweslo ou ydokhlo liha. Ida tkoun thosti car show ou tgol li yodokhlo bel tonobilat ntaw3hom khalsouni mamnou3. Takhda3 win ykoun 3andk itifa9 m3a wa7dd besa7 makontch tenwi. W tkoun tan khada3 ki techri CITy zone mn server ou tbi3ha l wa7ed b kthar men souma li chritha. Idha dert hadi yediwlek l drahem li rba7thom ou li chrit bihom el zone ou tedi banned 2 smanat.
6. Matspamich, Techtki men lag, Tposti logs ntaw3ek, Wela tdir advertisement kharej J> Trading. (Carshow ou events normal). -3abaz 3la J ida kont 7ab tcontacti kach admin. Ga3 admins ybdaw asmawathom b [CIT]. Matsou2ch f istikhdam chat li mahouch kamel ta3 el chat. Matdh7akch 3la wa7ed da punishment. Matsa9sich kach wa7d bech YSMSik f team wela main chat.
8. Al3ab mli7, Mattrolich. mat9aladch asem la3ib. group wela squad. Asta3ml group tag idha group hadak galolk esta3amlo. Matdhaya9ch ay la3b dakhal el base khasa b group ta3o. Matktolch cops li rahom yestenaw bech ydokhlo criminal event.
10. CIT server mo7tarm, Madakhalch fih diyanat taw3ek, Wela tahdar 3la achya2 khasa b 7yatk f sa7.
11.Tbi3 cont, Wela ay 7aja machi madhmouna mamnou3, Ou ida 5ad3ak la3ib emala ghalta ta3ek 3li mataba3tech rule. Tbi3 drahem nta3 jeu / VIP / Ila a5irih mamnou3.  Tbi3 group/squad wela Founder rank (Li criya group/squad) Mamnou3 o 3i9ab ta3hom howa anhom yamhiwlhom group/squad.
12. El sab wel chatm mamnou3 9at3an batan.
13. Ahdar ghir englais f team ou main chat.

Language: Greece
Translated by: @ManosGR & @antoni4ever
Translated rules:
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2. Να υπακούς στον staff του server, όλοι οι staff έχουν στην αρχή του ονόματος τους την ετικέτα [CIT].
4. Μην εκμεταλλεύεστε σφάλματα "bugs" άλλων παιχτών - Εξαπάτηση ορίζεται ως ένα άδικο πλεονέκτημα. Διοργανώνοντας "car shows" όπου η συμμετοχή πρέπει να χρεώνετε  απαγορεύεται. Εξαπάτηση είναι κυρίως όταν έχετε μια συμφωνημένη συναλλαγή με έναν άλλο παίκτη, αλλά δεν έχετε την πρόθεση να εκπληρώσετε τη συναλλαγή.
6. Μην κανείς ενοχλητικές δημοσιεύσεις "spam", μην διαμαρτύρεστε για καθυστέρηση "lag". Μην δημοσιεύετε τα στατιστικά ή τα αποσπάσματα από τις συνομιλίες ή μηνύματα, ή να διαφημίζουν έξω από το δωμάτιο «Trading» στο «J» διεπαφή συνομιλίας "chat interface". (Τα car shows και τα events δεν μετράνε). - Πιέστε το «J», αν θέλετε να επικοινωνήσετε με έναν διαχειριστή. Όλοι οι admins ξεκινάνε με [CIT]. Μην κάνετε κακή χρήση των συνομιλιών που υπάρχουν για έναν σκοπό και όχι για κουβέντα τυχαία.  Μην πεις τίποτα σε περίπτωση που τιμωρηθεί κάποιος και μην ζητήσεις από κάποιον να σου στείλει SMS στο "main" ή στο "team" chat.
8. Παίξε ωραία. Μην κάνεις troll, μην ενοχλείς και μην σκοτώνεις τους άλλους χωρίς λόγο, μην προσποιείσαι άλλα άτομα, μην δημιουργήσεις μία ομάδα με την πρόθεση να ενοχλήσεις μία άλλη ομάδα. Χρησιμοποιείσε την ετικέτα μιας ομάδας μόνο αν σε αφήσουν. Η γελοιοποίηση της τιμωρίας κάποιου άλλου ή να λες "GJ <όνομα ομάδας> αφού τα μέλη αυτής της ομάδας έχουν τιμωρηθεί θα θεωρηθεί ως trolling. Μην σκοτώσεις αστυνομικούς μέσα στην βάση τους. Μπορείς μόνο να σκοτώσεις αστυνομικούς όταν είσαι στη περιοχή ενός criminal event. Μην κάνεις turf από πολύ υψηλές στέγες.
10. Το CIT είναι ένας χώρος χωρίς θέματα πολιτικής και θρησκείας. Κρατήστε τα επιχειρήματα της πραγματικής ζωής έξω από το CIT.
11. Η πώληση των λογαριασμών, συλλήψεων(arrests) ή VIP σε άλλους παίχτες δεν επιτρέπεται(κύριος για την αποφυγή απατών).
12. Μην βρίζεις/ προσβάλεις αλλά ατομα. Μην το κάνεις, ποτέ.
13. Να μιλάτε αγγλικά στο main(T) και το team(Y) chat.

Language: Egyptian
Translated by: @Ghost05
Translated rules:
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1. Mmno3 ez3ag el nas el tanya. msal mt5btsh fel nas bel 3rbya, ent7al sh5syt player aw group aw squad, est2sad el nas el bt2tlha we bardo mtstfzsh el 2odamk bel klam w tday2 el nas fel group base bt3hom. Mynf3sh t5osh el base mn8er ezn 3lshan t3ml troll, el rule de 7ta fe LV.
2. Esm3 kalam elstaffs bto3 elserver, elstaff bykon fe awl esmo [CIT].Lazm t3ml ay 7aga y2olhalk elstaff bs tkon fe elm32ol. Law staff 2atlk, e7tmal yekoon enk kont wa2f fe nos eltare2 aw btday2 7ad fehom, 7awl mt2rbsh L7d fehom tany.Lama tegy test5dm elsupport chat fe 'J', lazm tsm3 kalam elsupporters.Enk tb3t report 8alt aw mlhash lzma (invalid), momkn ta5od punishment.
3. CIT malosh d3wa bel syasa aw elden, law 3ayz ttklm 3ala 7aga fehom, etklm bara CIT.
4. Mt7awlsh t3'esh fel game b2y tre2a, aw tst3'l el bugs aw td7ak 3la el nas 3lshan tsr2hom, lw mksrtsh rule rkm 8 mesh hyt3mlk scam.
5. Mt2olsh aktr mn rsala wa7da bs msh English fel team aw main chat, we lw 3mlt mt2olsh fail b3dha.
6. Mt3mlsh spam, aw to3od t2ol en fe lag, aw to3od tktb elquickstats, aw tn2l kalam byt2al fe ay chat. Law 3ayz tklm ay admin, est5dm el 'Contact Admin' fe el 'J'. Eladmins bybtdo b [CIT]. Mtst5dmsh ay chat btoro2 8alt, kol chat leh est5damo, mesh enk t3ml chat fe ay 7eta w 5alas, mttklmsh 3n 7ad a5d punish.
7. Mtshtmsh aw tday2 ay 7ad, mt3mlsh kda 5als.
8. Mmno3 tbe3 ay 7aga bara system el F7, enk tbe3 7gat zy el steam accounts de ms2oletak el sh5sya wel admins mlhomsh d3wa beha.

Language: Norwegian
Translated by: @rellic
Translated rules:
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OBS: Noen regler har blitt slettet, derfor er det noen tall som mangler og vi kan ikke forandre IDen til reglene fordi da vil det forandre auto-straff for gjentatt uakseptabel oppførsel.
2. Hør på server administrator, administratorene har [CIT] tag før navnet sitt. Du må overholde alle rimelige forespørsler fra en administrator. Hvis en administrator dreper deg, er det enten fordi du sto midt I veien eller fordi du irriterte han/henne, ikke gå opp til dem hvis igjen hvis dette skjer. Når du bruker support seksjonen I 'J' chat grensesnitt må du høre på hva en hjelper/supporter forteller deg. Å sende en ugyldig rapport til administrator kan følge til straff.
4: Ikke juks, utnytt feil I systemet eller svindle andre spillere - Juksing er en urettferdig fordel for deg som ikke andre har. Hvis du lager en bil-konkurranse kan du ikke ta betalt for at spillere skal bli en del av konkurransen. Svindel er hovedsaklig når du er enig med en annen I å enten betale noe eller låne noe vekk men ikke gjør det du sier selv.
6. Ikke spam, klag på lag, skrive quickstats eller linjer fra andre chatter eller meldinger, eller annonser utenfor ''Annonse'' chatten som du finner I 'J' grensesnitt. (Bil show og events teller ikke). - Trykk på 'J' hvis du trenger å ta kontakt med en administrator. Alle administratorene har [CIT] før navnet sitt. Ikke misbruk chatter som kun skal bli tatt I bruk til hva den sier den skal. Som for eksempel Contact Admin, bare bruk denne chatten hvis du skal ta kontakt med administrator. Ikke le av andre når de blir straffet. Ikke spør om noen kan skrive en SMS til deg I hoved eller lag chat.
8. Ikke forstyrr andre spillere. Eksempler: Kjøre bilen din I dis, late som om du er en annen/en gjeng eller gjentatt stygt ordbruk.
10. CIT er en politisk og religion fri sone, ekte argumenter bør holdes unna CIT!
11. Selling av brukere, arrestasjoner, eller noe annet som ikke har en garantert trygg betalingsmåte er ikke lov og hvis en spiller svindler deg er det din feil for å bryte denne reglen. Selling av spill penger/VIP/ osv for ekte penger er forbudt. Selling av gjeng eller noe annen type gjeng er ikke lov og dersom du bryter denne regelen vil gjengen din bli slettet.
12. Ikke snakk stygt eller fornærm andre spillere. Aldri gjør det.
13. Hvis du skal bruke hoved eller lag chat /main - team/ er du nødt til å snakke Engelsk.

Language: Italian
Translated by: @Apache995
Translated rules:
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2 Ascolta lo staff del server, queste persone sono identificate dalla tag [CIT]. Devi accettare tutte le richieste/azioni fatte dallo staff. Se un membro dello Staff ti uccide da admin, vuol dire che stavi bloccando una strada o gli stavi dando fastidio, non avvicinarti più a loro. Quando usi la sezione di supporto nella interfaccia chat su “J”, devi sempre ascoltare ciò che ti dicono I Supporter. Mandare segnalazioni non valide con /report , è punibile.
4 Non barare, abusare bugs o truffare un giocatore. Barare viene considerato un vantaggio sleale. Organizzare uno show di auto con l’accesso a pagamento è vietato.
6 Non spammare, lamentarti del lag, non postare citazioni o dati delle statistiche, non pubblicizzare un prodotto al di fuori della “Trading Chat”(nella interfaccia chat in “J”). Nell’interfaccia “J” c’è una chat per contattare gli Admin. Non usare queste chat per chiacchere o disturbare. Non chiedere a qualcuno di mandarti un SMS in “Main “ e “Team” chat.
8 Non disturbare altri giocatori. Ad esempio : non tamponarli con l’auto, impersonare una persona o un gruppo, non provocare.
10CIT è un luogo libero da religione e politica, tieni fuori da CIT questi argomenti della vita reale.
11 Vendere account, arresti, attività finanziare o altro che non possa avere un pagamento garantito ,non è permesso e se un giocatore ti truffa ,è tua la responsabilità per aver infranto questa regola. Vendere soldi del gioco/VIP/ o altro ,in cambio di soldi veri è proibito. Vendere lo stato di fondatore di un gruppo/ squadra è proibito e verrà punito con la cancellazione del gruppo/squadra.
12 Non offendere, insultare altra gente. Non farlo mai.
13 Parla inglese solo in main e team chat.

Language: German
Translated by: @Dimit
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1. Nerve keine anderen spieler. Beispiele: Autos rammen, Spieler oder gruppen impersonaten, einen Spieler diskriminieren, kontinuierliche verbale provokation oder Nerven von Spielern in ihren Bases. Es ist verboten Bases von Spielern zu betreten um sie zu nerven. Diese regel gilt in LV.
2. Höre auf das Staff team, du erkennst sie am [CIT] Tag in ihrem Namen. Du musst  allen Anweisungen des Staff teams nachzukommen. Geh ihnen nicht auf die nerven. Supporter können dich muten wenn du unangemessene nachrichten in den Supportchat schreibst. Mach keinen mist mit der  /report funktion.
3. CIT ist eine Politik und Religions freie zone, halt dein Reallife Zeug fern von CIT!
4. Cheate nicht, nutze keine fehler aus und scmame niemanden. Wenn du regel 8 folgst wirst du nicht gescammed.
5. Schreibe nicht mehr als eine non-englisch nachricht in den mainchat. Sag danach nicht "fail"
6. Kein Spam, keine beschwerden sich über Lag,  poste keine Kopien von chat nachrichten, /quickstats etc. Drück J wenn du einen admin brauchst.  Alle admins starten mit  [CIT]. Chatte nicht in chats die nicht zum chatten gedacht sind. Kommentiere keine punishments.
7. Beleidige nicht. NIE.
8. Etwas an einen anderen spieler ausserhalb vom F7 Trading system zu transferieren ist nicht erlaubt.

Language: Bangla
Translated by: @NoMaN
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2. স্টাফদের কথা শুনবেন, তাদের নাম এর আগে [CIT] থাকে। আপনাকে তাদের যৌক্তিক নিবেদন মেনে চলতে হবে। যদি কন স্টাফ মেম্বার আপনাকে মেড়ে ফেলে এর মানে আপনি তাদের রাস্তায় দাড়িয়ে ছিলেন বা তাদেরকে জালাচ্ছিলেন, তাদের সাথে আর অভিগমন করবেন না। যখন ‘J’ সাপোর্ট চ্যাট ব্যাবহার করবেন তখন আপনাকে সহায়তাকারীদের কথা শুনতে হবে।/report ব্যাবহার করে ব্যর্থ রিপোর্ট পাঠানো দণ্ডনীয়।
4. ঠকাই, বাগস অপব্যবহার বা কার সাথে কেলেঙ্কারি করবেন না। ছেঁচড়ামি একটি অন্যায্য সুবিধা। এমন কন কার শো হস্ট করা যাবে না যেখানে প্রবেশকদের থেকে টাকা নেয়া হয়। কেলেঙ্কারি তখনি যখন আপনার কোন প্লেয়ার এর সাথে টাকা লেনাদেনার চুক্তি হয়েছে কিন্তু আপনার কাছে তার টাকা দেয়ার কোন উদ্দেশ্য নেই।
6. একই জিনিস বারবার লেখবেন না, ল্যাগের বেপারে চিল্লাপাল্লা, আপনার কুইক স্টাটস, অন্য চ্যাট বা মেসেজ ও ‘J >Trading’ (কার শো এর বিজ্ঞাপন দেত্তয়া যাবে) এর বাইরে বিজ্ঞাপন দেত্তয়া এগুলর কোনটাই করা যাবে না। J প্রেস করবে স্টাফদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করতে পারবেন। সব স্টাফ এর নাম শুরু হয় [CIT] দিয়ে। সেখানের চ্যাট অপব্যাবহার করবেন না, সেগুল ফালতু কথা বলার চ্যাট না। কার শাস্তি পাওয়া নিয়ে বেশি বাড়াবাড়ি করবেন না। মেইন বা টিম চ্যাটে কাউকে আপনাকে এসেমেস করতে বলবেন না।
8. অন্য প্লেয়ারদেরকে ব্যাহত করবেন না। উদাহারনঃ ভাঙ্গা, কোন প্লায়েরের নাম নকল করা বা কোন গ্রুপ এর ট্যাগ উসে করা, বারবার মৌখিক ক্রোধোদ্দীপন করা।
10. CIT একটি রাজনীতি ও ধর্ম ফ্রি স্থান। আপনার আশল জীবনের তর্কবিতর্ক CIT এর বাইরে রাখুন!
11. একাউন্ট, এরেস্ট বা এমন কিছু জার হস্তান্তর নিশ্চিত নয়, তা বিক্রি করা নিশেধ এবং কন প্লেয়ার যদি আপনাকে কেলেঙ্কারি করে তাহলে এটা আপনার দোষ কারণ আপনি নিজে এই নিয়ম ভঙ্গ করেছেন। গেমের টাকা/ভিয়াইপি/ইত্তাদি আসল দুনিয়ার টাকার পরিবর্তে বিক্রি করা নিষিদ্ধ। গ্রউপ/স্কয়াড এবং তাদের মালিকানা বিক্রি করা নিষিদ্ধ এবং ডণ্ড দেয়া হবে, সাথে গ্রুপও ডিলিট করা হবে।
12. অন্যদের গালিগালাজ/ অপমান/ অপরাধ করবেন না। এই কাজ কক্ষনো করবখন।
13. মেইন এবং টিম চ্যাটে শুধু ইংরেজিতে কথা বলবেন।

Language: Filipino
Translated by: @Heinz
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2. Makinig sa staff server, ang mga ito ay mga tao na may [CIT] tag sa kanilang pangalan. Dapat kang sumunod sa lahat ng mga makatwirang kahilingan na ginawa ng isang miyembro ng kawani. Kung ang isang miyembro ng kawani admin pumapatay sa iyo, ito ay alinman dahil ikaw ay nakatayo sa daan o dahil ikaw ay sa kanila nakakainis, hindi lumapit sa mga ito muli. Kapag ginagamit ang mga seksyon ng suporta ng chat interface 'J' kailangan mong makinig sa kung ano ang mga tagasuporta sabihin sa iyo. Nagpapadala ng mga di-wastong mga ulat gamit ang '/ ulat' ay dapat parusahan.
4. Huwag lokohin, pagsamantalahan bug o scam manlalaro - Pandaraya ay tinukoy bilang isang di-makatarungang kalamangan. Hosting kotse ay nagpapakita kung saan ay dapat magbayad ng mga Kalahok ay ipinagbabawal. Scamming ay higit sa lahat kapag ikaw ay may isang sumang-ayon na transaksyon sa ibang player ngunit hindi mo nilayon upang matupad ang mga transaksyon.
6. Huwag spam, magreklamo tungkol sa pagkaantala, mag-post ng mabilis na stats o mga panipi mula sa chats o mga mensahe, o-advertise sa labas ng room 'Trading' sa chat interface ng 'J'. (Car nagpapakita at mga kaganapan ay hindi mabibilang). - Pindutin ang 'J' kung kailangan mong makipag-ugnayan sa isang admin. Simulan ang lahat ng mga admin sa [CIT]. Huwag maling paggamit ng mga chat na doon para sa isang layunin at hindi para sa pakikipag-chat sapalarang in. Huwag pumunta sa tungkol sa isang tao sa pagkuha ng parusahan. Huwag humingi ng isang tao sa sms ka sa main o koponan chat.
8. Huwag I disturbo/sirain ang ibang mga manlalaro. Mga halimbawa: Ramming cars, nagpapanggap ang isang player o grupo / pangkat, paulit-ulit na pandiwang pagpapagalit.
10. CIT ay isang pulitika at libre sa kanilang sariling relihiyon, panatilihin walang mangyaring kaguluhan/magtatalo man sa kanilang totoong buhay ay dapat sa labas ng CIT!
11. Pagbebenta ng mga account, pag-aresto, o anumang bagay na ay hindi isang garantisadong ma transfer ay hindi pinahihintulutan at kung ang isang player scam mo na ang iyong mga kasalanan para sa paglabag sa patakaran na ito. Magbenta ingame pera / VIP / etc para sa pera sa tunay na buhay ay ipinagbabawal. Magbenta ng grupo / squads at ang kanilang katayuan founder ay ipinagbabawal at ay parusahan sa pagbura group.
12. Huwag mang trashtalk / insulto / saktan ang damdamin ng mga tao. Huwag gawin ito, kailanman.
13. Magsalita Ingles lamang sa main at team chat.

Language: Brazilian
Translated by: @Vampiiree
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1. Não perturbe outros jogadores. Exemplos: Empurrar carros, fingir ser um jogador ou grupo/squad, discriminatoriamente atacar um jogador, provocação verbal repetitiva e assediar os jogadores em sua base do grupo. É contra as regras entrar em bases quando o portão estiver fechado. Esta regra aplica-se em LV.

2. Escute os administradores, eles podem ser identificados com [CIT] em seu nome. Você deve cumprir com todos os pedidos feitos pelos membros da staff. Não perturbe um staff. Os supporters podem te mutar se você ignorá-los no chat do Suporte. Não faça mal uso do '/report'.

3. CIT é uma zona livre de políticas e religião, mantenha os argumentos da vida real fora do CIT!
4. Não trapaceie, abuse de erros ou roube jogadores. Se você não quebrar a regra 8, você não será roubado.

5. Você não deve dizer mais de 1 mensagem no chat principal ou da equipe que não seja em inglês. Não diga 'Fail' depois.
6. Não faça spam, reclame de lag, poste o 'quick stats' ou citações de chats ou mensagens. Aperte 'J' se você precisar contatar um administrador. Todos os administradores começam com [CIT]. Não faça mal dos chats que estão lá para um propósito e não para conversar aleatoriamente. Não fale sobre alguém que foi punido.

7. Não xingue / insulte / ofenda pessoas. Nunca faça isso.
8. Transferir algo para um outro jogador que não pode ser realizado através de um sistema como o F7 (Comércio) é proibido.

Language: Dutch
Translated by: @stde
Translated rules:
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1. Luister altijd naar een staff lid. Dit zijn de personen met de “CIT” tag in hun naam. Je moet voldoen aan alle redelijke verzoeken van een staff lid. Als een staff lid je vermoordt met een admincommando, dan was het ofwel omdat je op een weg stond of je irritant was, ga ze dan ook niet nog eens opzoeken. Wanneer je het support gedeelde van “J” gebruikt moet je luisteren naar wat een supporter je vertelt. Het versturen van foute reports door middel van “/report” is strafbaar.

2. Maak geen gebruik van mods die je een oneerlijk voordeel kunnen geven, maak geen misbruik van bugs en licht geen mensen op. Autoshows organiseren waarvoor mensen die willen deelnemen een bedrag moeten betalen is verboden. Scammen of oplichten is meestal wanneer je een overeenkomst hebt met een persoon over een transactie en je bent niet van plan je te houden aan die overeenkomst.

3. Het is verboden om te spammen, te klagen over lag of quick stats te plakken in de chats. Gebruik “J” als je contact wilt met een admin. Alle admins hebben het voorvoegsel “CIT”. Misbruik de chats die er voor een bepaalde bedoeling zijn niet om gewoon te chatten. Ga niet in discussie over iemand die gestraft is of gestraft moet worden.

4. Irriteer geen andere mensen. Zoals tegen auto's botsen, je voordoen als iemand anders of van een andere groep of squad of herhaalde verbale provocatie.

5. CIT is een politieke en religieuze vrije zone, argumenten over het echte leven mogen niet plaatsvinden in CIT.

6. Het verkopen van accounts, arrestaties of VIP voor echt geld is verbode

7. Beledig of scheld niemand uit. Doe dat nooit!

8. Je kunt enkel Engels spreken in hoofd- en teamchats.

Language: Portugal
Translated by: @Luther
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2. Faz o que os administradores te dizem. Os administradores estão identificados com a tag [CIT] no nome. É suposto cumprires com todos os pedidos dos administradores. Se um administrador te matar, ou fê-lo porque estavas a impedir a passagem de alguem (no caso de estares parado no meio da estrada) ou por porque os estavas a incomodar. Quando usares o chat para suporte, deves cumprir com os pedidos dos 'Supporters' (texto verde no suporte). Podes ser punido por enviares 'reports' inválidos através de /report.
4. Não faças batotas nem enganes os outros jogadores. Fazer eventos, nos quais os participantes têm de pagar para participar é proíbido.
6. Não faças 'spam', não reclames por causa de 'lag', não envies 'quick stats' ou mensagens de outros chats para o main chat. Não faças publicidade no mainchat (usa /superadvert ou /td). Podes fazer publicidades apenas a eventos. Clica no 'J' e em 'Contact Admin' se precisares de falar com algum administrador. Não gozes com alguém que tenha sido punido por um administrador. Não envies mensagens no mainchat (/main) ou no teamchat ('Y') a pedir a alguém para te manar uma sms.
8. Não impeças o bom ambiente do jogo aos outros jogadores. Isto conta com ir propositadamente contra os carros dos outros, usar o nome de outra pessoa ou grupo ou até mesmo provocar com palavras. Respeita.
10. Não discutas religiões ou outros assuntos da vida real que possam gerar confusão. Isto é um jogo!
11. Vender contas, 'arrests' ou alguma coisa que não seja uma transferencia segura não é permitido. Se fores roubado, a culpa é tua... foste avisado. Vender dinheiro do jogo, 'VIP Hours', grupos, squads ou qualquer coisa do jogo em troca de dinheiro real também é proibido.
12. Não insultes os outros jogadores.
13. Só podes falar inglês no /main. Se queres falar português, usa 'T' e fala.

Language: Slovenian
Translated by: @Extreme.
Translated rules:
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1. Ne mote druge igralce. Primeri: Rammanje avtov, impersoniranje igralca ali skupine / ekipe, diskriminatorno napadanje igralca, ponavljajoče se verbalne provokacije in nadlegovanje igralcev v bazi njihove skupine. To je proti pravilom za vstop baz kadar so vrata zaprta. To pravilo velja v LV.

Najvišja kazen: Admin zapor ali globalni mute uporabljanje privzeto trajanje za večina aktov. 5 letni ban za ekstremne primere.

2. Poslušaj strežnikovo osebje, to so ljudje s [CIT] v njihovem imenu. Moraš biti v skladu v vsemi njihovimi zahtevami, ki jih postavi član osebja. Ne moti osebje. Supporterji te lahko mutajo če jih ignoriraš v support chatu. Ne zlorabljaj '/report'

Najvišja kazen: Admin zaport ali globalni mute da ne presega 48 ur ali privzeto trajanje.

3. Lahko govoriš o stvareh v resničnem svetu kot vero in politiko, ampak ostani miren in spoštljiv.

Najvišja kazen: Globalni mute da ne presega 72 ur ali privzeto trajanje

4. Ne goljufaj, izkoriščevati bugov ali prevarati igralce. Če ne bi prekršil pravila 8 ne bi bil prevaran.

Najvišja kazen: 5 letni ban za kakršnega koli goljufa. Do 5 letnega bana za izkoriščevanje. 5 letni limit za prevaranje, ban če je resno.

5. Ne moreš reči več kot 1 sporočilo v glavnem ali skupinskem chatu ki ni v Angleščini. Ne reči 'Fail' potem.

Najvišja kazen: Mute ki ne presega 24 ur ali privzeto trajanje.

6. Ne spamaj, se pritoževati zaradi laga, ali objavljati 'hitre statistike'. Pritisni 'J' če hočeš kontaktirati admina. Vsi admini se začnejo s [CIT]. Ne zlorabljaj chate ki so tam za razlog in ne za naključno pogovarjanje. Ne govori o nekomu ko je kaznovan.

Najvišja kazen: Mute ki ne presega 72 ur ali privzeto trajanje. 3 dnevni ban za velik spam.

7. Ne bodi verbalno zloraben. Kratice kot so STFU so dovoljene.

Najvišja kazen: Globalni mute ki ne presega 30 dni ali privezto trajanje. 1 letni ban za ekstremne in ponavljajoče se storilce.

8. Poskušanje prenesti nekaj do drugega igralca ki ne poteka skozi F7 Trgovanje je prepovedano. Razen DL + shader prenose.

Najvišja kazen: Limit ki ne presega 5 let. Limit preprečuje sprejem / prenos predmetov iz / v druge igralce

Language: Albanian
Translated by: @Gebro
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2. Dëgjoni stafit server, këta janë njerëz me të [CIT] tag në emër të tyre. Ju duhet të përputhet me të gjitha kërkesat e arsyeshme të bëra nga një anëtar I stafit. Nëse një admin anëtar I stafit të vret, ajo ishte ose për shkak se ju u ndal në rrugë, ose për shkak se keni qenë I bezdisshëm e tyre, nuk I afrohen ato përsëri. Kur përdorni mbështetjen seksionin e 'J' chat ndërfaqe ju duhet të dëgjoni atë që përkrahësit e them. Dërgimi I raporteve të pavlefshme duke '/ raportin' është e dënueshme.
4. A nuk mashtrojnë, shfrytëzojnë të mete apo lojtarë scam - Bëhen është përcaktuar si një avantazh të padrejtë. Hosting makinë tregon ku Konkurentët duhet të paguajnë është e ndaluar. Scamming është kryesisht kur ju keni një transaksion të rënë dakord me një tjetër lojtar, por ju nuk keni ndërmend për të përmbushur transaksionin.
6. A nuk e bllokuara, ankohen për vonesë, postoni statistikat shpejtë apo citate nga biseda apo mesazhe, apo reklamuar jashtë dhomës 'tregtimit' në 'J' chat interface. (Car tregon dhe ngjarjet nuk llogariten). - Press 'J', nëse ju duhet të kontaktoni një admin. Të gjitha Administratorët fillojnë me [CIT]. Mos I shpërfillin biseda që janë atje për një qëllim dhe jo për të biseduar rastësisht në. Mos shkoni në lidhje me marrjen dikush dënohen. Mos pyesni dikë për SMS ju në kryesor ose ekipit chat.
8. A nuk e ndërpresin lojtarë të tjerë. Shembuj: ramming makina, impersonating një lojtar apo grup / skuadër, të përsëritura provokim verbale.
10. CIT është një politikë dhe feja zonë e lirë, mbajnë argumentet e jetës reale nga CIT!
Llogaritë 11. Shitja, arrestime, apo ndonjë gjë tjetër që nuk është një transferim të garantuara nuk lejohet dhe në qoftë se një lojtar ju mashtrimet se është faji juaj për të thyer këtë rregull. Shitja ingame parave / VIP / etj për paratë jetën e vërtetë është e ndaluar. Shitja e grupeve / skuadrat dhe statusin e tyre themeluesi është I ndaluar dhe do të ndëshkohet me fshirjen e grupit.
12. A nuk e flaka / fyerje / fyejnë njerëzit. A nuk e bëjmë atë, kurrë.
13. Flisni anglisht vetëm në kryesore dhe ekipit chat.

Language: French
Translated by: @Urban
Translated rules:
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2. Écoutez les admins/staff du serveur, ce sont des personnes avec le tag de [CIT] dans leur nom. Vous devez vous conformer à toutes les demandes raisonnables faites par un membre du personnel. Si un admin/staff vous tue, s'était soit parce que vous vous teniez sur la route ou parce que vous les ennuyez, ne les approchez pas à nouveau. Lorsque vous utilisez la section "support" de l'interface de chat 'J' vous devez écouter ce que vous disent les supporteurs (plus connus sous le nom de supporters) . Envoyez des rapports non valides en utilisant /report est punissable.
4. Ne tricher pas, n'exploiter pas des bugs, n'escroquer pas les joueurs - la tricherie est défini comme un avantage injuste. Organiser un "carshow" ou les participants doivent payer est interdit et à oublier. L'arnaque est principalement lorsque vous avez une transaction convenue avec un autre joueur, mais vous ne payez pas ou ne faite pas la transaction.
6. Ne spammer pas, ne vous plaignez pas, poster vos statistiques rapides (quick stats) ou cotations/citations des chats ou des messages, ou de la publicité à l'extérieur du chat de "Trading" dans l'interface de chat 'J'. Appuyez sur 'J' si vous avez besoin de contacter un admin/staff. Tous les admin/staff commencent avec le tag de [CIT] devant leur nom. N'utilisez pas à mauvais escient les chats qui sont la pour une raison et pas juste pour chatter tranquillement. Ne pas rigoler ou parler à propos de quelqu'un qui vient de se faire punir. Ne pas demander à quelqu'un de vous envoyer un SMS dans le chat principal (main chat) ou en chat d'équipe (team chat).
8. Ne pas perturber les autres joueurs. Exemples: Foncer dans une voiture, utilisez le nom d'un autre joueur et se faire passer pour lui (la règle est la même pour les groupes et les squades/escouades ) et ne pas faire des provocations verbales.
10. CIT est une politique et sans religion évitez donc les sujets par apport à la religion et garder vos arguments/débats de la vie réelle hors de CIT!
11. Vendre un/des compte(s), des arrestations ou toute autre chose qui n'est pas un transfert garanti ne sont pas autorisées sur CIT et si un joueur vous escroque ce sera de votre faute pour avoir enfreint cette règle. Vendre de l'argent en jeux / VIP / etc pour de l'argent réel est interdit et à oublier. Vendre des groupes / squads/ escouades et leur statut de fondateur est interdite et sera puni avec la supression du groupe/squad/escouade.
12. N'insulter pas / n'offenser pas les joueurs. Ne faite jamais ça.
13. Parler anglais seulement dans le chat principal (main chat) et dans le chat d'équipe (team chat).

Language: Estonian
Translated by: @Gebro
Translated rules:
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That was so utterly f-ed up Google translate, you can find legit rules in Estonian forum board. (Tiiger)

Language: Ex-Yu
Translated by: @Wilz
Translated rules:
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1. Nemoj ometati druge igrace. Primer: Udaranja automobila, krasti naziv nekog igraca/grupe, diskriminatorski napadati igraca, provocirati ili maltretirati nekog igraca I uznemiravati igrace u njihovim grupnim bazama.

2. Slusaj admine servera, oni se mogu prepoznati tako sto imaju [CIT] tag ispred imena. Moras ispostovati svaki logican zahtev dat od strane admina. Nemoj da uznemiravas/nerviras admine. Suporteri te mogu mutati ako ih ignorises u support chat-u. Nemoj da zloupotrebljavas /report komandu.

3. Mozes da polemises na temu religije I politike samo ako ostanes pribran I ne zapocnes konflikt.

4. Nemoj da varas, iskoriscavas bugove I nemoj da prevaris igrace. Postuj pravilo 8. kako bi izbegao prevaru.

5. Ne smes napisati vise od jedne reci u main ili team chat-u koja nije na engleskom. Nemoj da napises "Fail" nakon sto si pogresio.

6. Nemoj da spamujes, da se zalis na lag ili da copy-paste tvoj "quick stats" u chat. Pritisni "J" ako ti treba adminova pomoc. Svi admini imaju [CIT] tag. Nemoj zloupotrebljavati chatove koji postoje sa razlogom I nisu namenjeni za caskanje. Nemoj da spominjes neciju kaznu.

7. Nemoj da verbalno zlostavljas druge igrace.

8. Pokusaj prenosa dobara van sistema koji je F7 Trading je zabranjen. Samo DL I skin shaderi su dozvoljeni za transfer van F7 sistema.

Language: Swedish
Translated by: @Jocke
Translated rules:
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1. Förstör inte för andra spelare. Exempel: Ramma inte andra bilar, försök inte att vara en annan spelare eller vara I en grupp eller squad som du inte är medlem I genom att använda deras namn eller taggar I namnet. Diskriminera och provocera inte. Var trevlig både fysiskt och verbalt helt enkelt. Om en dörr till en bas är stängd så får du inte ta dig in I basen. Denna regel gäller även I LV.

2. Lyssna på server admins. Dom börjar med [CIT] I deras namn. Du måste alltid lyssna på en admin som ger dig en resonlig order som följer reglerna. Stör och reta inte admins. Supportrar kan bestraffa dig om du ignorerar dom I support chatten. Du får inte skicka felaktiga rapporter via '/report'.

3. Du får diskutera verkliga ämnen som religion och politik men du måsta vara lugn och visa respekt när du gör det. Annars avstå.

4. Fuska inte och exploatera inte server buggar. Du får inte heller lura folk på pengar eller diverse saker. Tänk på att om du inte bryter mot regel 8 så blir du själv inte lurad.

5. Du får inte säga mer än 1 meddelande I huvud- eller lagchatten som inte är Engelska. Om du råkar prata något annat språk så säg inte "fail".

6. Spamma inte, klaga inte på lag och kopiera inte meddelanden rakt in I chattar. Tryck på J om du vill ha kontakt med en admin (via Contact Admin fliken). Alla admins börjar med [CIT] I namnet. Använd inte chattar för något som dom inte är till för. Kommentera inte bestraffningar som ges ut av admins.

7. Var inte otrevlig, nedtryckande, förolämpande och skäll inte på någon. Du får däremot använda abbrevationer som STFU osv.

8. Försök inte skicka något till en annan spelare som inte är via ett säkert CIT system som till exempel F7. Det ända du får skicka utanför dessa system är DL och shaders.

Language: Finnish
Translated by: @Captcha
Translated rules:
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Pelin sisäiset säännöt.
Joitakin sääntöjä on poistettu ja se on syy miksi osa numeroista puuttuu. Se on myös syy miksi säännön numero ei voi muuttua ilman vaikuttamatta meidän automaattiseen rangaistusjärjestelmään.
2. Kuuntele serverin ylläpitoa, tunnistat ylläpidon [CIT] tagista heidän nimissään. Sinun pitää totella jokaista kohtuudella olevaa käskyä ylläpidolta. Jos ylläpidon jäsen tappaa sinut se johtuu joko siitä, että seisoit keskellä tietä tai ärsytit heitä - älä lähesty heitä uudestaan. Kun käytät tukiosastoa 'J' chatissa, sinun pitää kuunella mitä tukijat (supporters) kertovat sinulle. Väärien /report viestien lähettäminen on rangaistavaa.
4. Älä huijaa, käytä hyväksesi bugeja tai scämmää pelaajia - Huijaaminen määritellään epäreiluna etuna. Autonäyttelyiden tekeminen, missä osallistujien pitää maksaa liittyäkseen on kielletty. Scämmääminen on pääasiassa sitä, kun olet sopinut siirrosta toisen pelaajan kanssa, mutta sinulla ei ole tarkoitusta toteuttaa siirtoa.
6. Älä spämmi, valita lagista, liitä lainauksia keskusteluista tai quick statseja, taikka mainosta 'J' keskustelualueen 'Trading' osion ulkopuolella. (Lukuunottamatta autonäyttelyt ja muut tapahtumat, joita saa mainostaa 'Trading' osion ulkopuolella). Paina 'J' ottaaksesi yhteyttä ylläpitoon. Kaikki ylläpidon jäsenet alkavat [CIT] tagilla. Älä väärinkäytä chatteja jotka ovat tarkoituksella siellä, eikä satunnaisiin keskusteluihin. Älä kommentoi toisen saamaa rangaistusta. Älä vastaa ihmisille Contact Admin osiossa, ellet liity asiaan.
8. Älä kiusaa toisia pelaajia. Esimerkkejä: Tahallinen törmäily muiden autoihin, ryhmän tai pelaajan esiintyminen ja jatkuva verbaalinen yllytys. On sääntöjen vastaista mennä tukikohtiin, jos tarkoituksesi on ahdistella muita pelaajia tukikohdan sisällä. Tämä sääntö on myös voimassa LV:ssä
10. CIT on politiikka- ja uskonto vapaa alue, pidä oikeanelämän erimielisyydet ja väittämät pois CIT:istä!
11. Tunnuksien, poliisipidätyksien tai minkään muun myyminen, joka ei ole taattu siirto on kiellettyä ja jos pelaaja huijaa sinua, tämä on sinun vikasi, koska rikoit tätä sääntöä. Pelinsisäistä rahaa/VIP/ jne oikealla rahalla myyminen on kielletty. Ryhmien myynti ja niiden omistaja aseman myynti on kielletty ja rangaistuksena ryhmä poistetaan.
12. Älä hauku / loukkaa muita pelaajia. Älä tee sitä, koskaan.
13. Puhu vain Englantia pää- ja tiimi chatissa.

Language: Indonesian
Translated by: @Near 
Translated rules:
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1. Jangan mengganggu pemain lain. Contoh: menabrak mobil secara sengaja, meniru nama pemain atau kelompok / skuad, diskriminatif menyerang pemain tana alasan,megulang provokasi verbal dan melecehkan pemain dalam markas kelompok mereka. Ini bertentangan dengan aturan untuk masuk markas ketika gerbang ditutup. Aturan ini berlaku di LV.

Hukuman maksimum: penjara Admin atau bisu global yang menggunakan durasi default untuk kebanyakan tindakan. 5 tahun larangan untuk kasus-kasus ekstrim.

2. Dengarkan server staf, ini adalah orang-orang dengan [CIT] atas nama mereka. Anda harus mematuhi semua permintaan yang wajar dilakukan oleh anggota staf. Jangan mengganggu staf. Pendukung dapat menonaktifkan Anda jika Anda mengabaikan mereka di Dukungan chat. Jangan menyalahgunakan '/Report '.

Hukuman maksimum: penjara Admin atau bisu global yang tidak melebihi 48 jam atau durasi default.

3. Anda dapat mendiskusikan hal-hal dunia nyata seperti agama dan politik  tapi tetap tenang tidak melakukan ricuh dan hormat saat melakukannya.

Hukuman maksimum: bisu global tidak melebihi 72 jam atau durasi default.

4. Jangan mencoba untuk menipu, mengeksploitasi bug atau penipuan. Jika Anda tidak melanggar aturan 8 Anda tidak akan mendapatkan scammed.

Hukuman maksimum: larangan 5 tahun untuk cheater apapun. Hingga tahun larangan 5 untuk mengeksploitasi. Keterbatasan tahun 5 untuk menipu, melarang jika serius.

5. Anda tidak harus mengatakan lebih dari 1 pesan di utama atau tim chatting yang tidak dalam bahasa Inggris. Jangan mengatakan 'Gagal' sesudahnya.

Hukuman maksimum: tidak Mute melebihi 24 jam atau durasi default.

6. Jangan mencoba untuk spam, mengeluh tentang lag, atau posting 'quick qoute'. Tekan 'J' jika Anda harus menghubungi admin. Semua admin mulai dengan [CIT]. Jangan menyalahgunakan chatting yang ada untuk suatu tujuan, bukan untuk chatting secara acak di. Jangan bicara tentang seseorang mendapatkan dihukum.

Hukuman maksimum: tidak Mute melebihi 72 jam atau durasi default. 3 hari larangan spam utama.

7. Jangan Berbicara kasar secara verbal. Singkatan seperti STFU diizinkan.

Hukuman maksimum: bisu global tidak melebihi 30 hari atau durasi default. 1 tahun larangan untuk ekstrim dan atau berulang pelanggar.

8. Mencoba untuk mentransfer sesuatu untuk pemain lain yang tidak dilakukan melalui sistem seperti F7 Trading adalah Dilarang . Tidak termasuk DL + shader transfer.

Hukuman maksimum: Pembatasan tidak melebihi 5 tahun. Keterbatasan mencegah menerima / mentransfer item dari / ke pemain lain.

Language: Ukrainian
Translated by: @iShadow 
Translated rules:
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. Не заважайте іншим гравцям. Наприклад: таранити машини; видавати себе за когось іншого, ким ви не є; провокаціі. Атакувати чужі бази заборонено. Строго забороняється заходити на будь-які бази без дозволу. Це правило астосовуеться і  в ЛВ.
2. Слухайте адміністрацію сервера, це люди з тегом [CIT] перед іменем. Вы повинні слухати і виконувати все, що вам говорять адміністратори. Не дратуйте адміністраторів. Саппортери можуть дати вам мут, якщо ви будете використовувати саппорт чат не  за призначенням. Користуйтеся функцією репорт '/report' тільки якщо це є необхідно.
3. Ви можете спілкуватися на різні теми з реального життя, такі як релігія та політика, але при цьому Ви завжди повинні залишатися спокійним та шанобливим.
4. Не використовуйте чіти, не зловживайте багами, і не обманюйте гравців. Чити і все з ними пов'язане є несправедливою перевагою і карається баном на 5 років. Якщо ви не порушуєте правило 8, то вас неможливо буде обдурити.
5. Ти не можеш писати більш ніж одне повідомлення у main або TEAM чатах не на англійській. Не кажи 'Fail' після цього.
6. Не можна спамити, не можна повідомляти про лаги. Покази автомобілів та івенти не враховуються. - Натисни J для того, щоб зв'язатись з адміністрацією {J>Contact Admin}. Розмовляйте тільки на англійській мові. Не пишіть дурні речі, не намагайтеся тролити когось в цьому чаті. Ці чати (Support/Contact Admin) створені для допомоги людям, а не тролінгу. Не розмовляйте у чаті про того, кого покарали.
7.  Не ображайте інших гравців. Ніколи. Такі абревіатури (скорочення) як STFU / GTFO дозволені.
8. Будь-які спроби передачі або продажу чого-небудь, за виключенням DL та шейдерів, за межами F7 системи заборонені.

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