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CIT Staff Roster
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CO - Community Operator (Special access for management of all services.)
FR - Final Ruler (Make a final ruling on situations such as appeals, ensures fairness.)
LD - Lead Developer (Makes final development decisions, manages other developers.)
STM - Staff Team Manager (Makes final decisions on all staff matters such as promotions and policy making.)
CFM - Community Features Manager (Manages all those features that make our server into a community.)
SPM - Staff Performance Manager (Regularly checks staff activity and maintains staff performance) (It's handled by all L4+ staff)
ARM - Account Recovery Manager (Validates inaccessible account claims and returns access.)
BAM - Ban Appeal Manager (Handles bans issued by ex-staff or inactive staff.)
CSM - Country Supporter Manager (Regularly monitors and reviews country supporters activity.)
FMM - Forum Membership Moderators (Ensures that membership ranks are given accordingly.)
GAM - Group Affairs Manager (Gathers groups information and regularly helps in reviewing them.)
PAA - Punishment Appeal Associate (Regularly helps PAMs with staff access for better efficiency.)
QAM - Quality Assurance Manager (Regularly tests reported bugs and validate / invalidate them.)
SAM - Staff Applications Manager (Updates application topics and gathers applicant information.)
TPM - Translation Progress Manager (Monitors translation progress to decide who should be given access to translate.)
ME - Map Editor (Access to place objects to fix map bugs and enhance the world.)

Staff Members

L5 (Leaders of the community)

L5. Arran (CO) (LD)
L5. Cheeze (CO)
L5. Brian (CFM)
L5. IronMan (FR)
L5. Franco (STM)

L4 (Assistant leaders of the community)

L4. Rands
L4. Cerberus
L4. Vampire (CSM) (QAM) (ME) (TPM)
L4. Shanu (CSM) (SAM)
L4. Ex_TcR [Inactive: Final year exams]
L4. Pepo [Inactive: Education]

L3 (Experienced staff members)

L3. Farhan (ARM)
L3. Ryan (PAA)
L3. JaMaW (SAM) (GAM)
L3. Kirito (ARM)
L3. xb0x
L3. Richiniro (CSM) (GAM)
L3. Goku_Black (BAM) (CSM) (PAA)
L3. Shehabos (ARM) [Inactive: IRL issues]
L3. Mukhtar (FMM) (BAM) [Inactive: IRL issues]

L2 (Trained staff members)

L2. Quartz (FMM) (GAM)
L2. Lacosta
L2. iFrank (QAM)
L2. Medusa (FMM)
L2. Blizz (SAM)
L2. Moons
L2. Lucifer
L2. ShaDy
L2. K90
L2. Denos (SAM) (BAM)
L2. Dream (BAM) (QAM)
L2. Amman (QAM)
L2. Avenger (FMM)
L2. Zecke [Inactive: Exams/Projects]
L2. PedoBear [Inactive: IRL Job]
L2. ProTo [Inactive: University project and job] (30% WL)
L2. Moni [Inactive: School and family issues]
L2. Pilovali [Inactive: Job/Work]
L2. RealGame [Inactive: Job/Work]

L1 (Staff members on trial)

L1. Dusty 
L1. M1D0 
L1. MaXenon
L1. FidoDido
L1. Dredd

Changes Logs

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January to March

L3. Kirito set as inactive. (03.04.2018 IronMan)
L2. Shady is active again. (06.04.2018 Ex_TcR)
L4. Cerberus is back active (07.04.2018 Cerberus)
L2. Mahmoud assigned as SAM. (10.04.2018 IronMan)
Cleared up change logs of January, February and March. (11.04.2018 IronMan)
L2. Shehabos, L2. Richiniro and L2. Goku_Black promoted to L3. (11.04.2018 High&Head Staff + Franco)
RealGame passed trial. (11.04.2018 High&Head Staff + Franco)
L3. Shehabos assigned as ARM. (12.04.2018 IronMan)
L3. Goku_Black assigned as PAA. (12.04.2018 IronMan)
L3. Richiniro assigned as GAM. (13.04.2018 IronMan)
L3. Kirito is back as active. (17.04.2018 Ex_TcR)
L2. iFrank has been officially warned (source: 1 & 2). (17.04.2018 IronMan & Franco)
L2. ProTo marked as inactive. (18.04.2018 IronMan)
L2. Lacosta removed as FMM. (18.04.2018 Franco)
L2. Amman marked as inactive. (20.04.2018 Rands)
L2. Cherry is back active. (20.04.2018 Rands)
L2. Mahmoud and L1. Shadow have been kicked from the team. (20.04.2018 HeadStaff)
L2. Lacosta is back active. (21.04.2018 IronMan)
L3. Shehabos set as inactive. (25.04.2018 IronMan)
L2. ShaDy set as inactive. (26.04.2018 IronMan)
L2. Zecke set as inactive. (26.04.2018 Pepo)
L4. Rands set as inactive. (27.04.2018 Pepo)
L2. Cherry resigned. Added back as Honorable. (29.04.2018 Brian)
L3. Farhan set as inactive. (01.05.2018 IronMan)
L4. Pepo set as inactive; however, will still be handling things on the forum during the inactivity period. (02.05.2018 Franco & Pepo)
L2. Amman changed inactivity reason to 'Out of city for work'. (03.05.2018 Brian)
L2. PedoBear marked as inactive. (03.05.2018 IronMan)
L3. Shehabos is back active. (03.05.2018 IronMan)
L3. Ryan marked as inactive. (04.05.2018 IronMan)
L2. Avenger set as inactive. (07.05.2018 IronMan)
L2. Blizz marked as semi-active due to exams. (07.05.2018 IronMan)
L2. RealGame marked as inactive. (08.05.2018 IronMan)
Dredd added as trial staff (09.05.2018 Cerberus)
L2. Zecke is back active. (10.05.2018 IronMan)
L2. ProTo has been officially warned (source). (10.05.2018 Franco & Cerberus)
L3. MHP resigned. (10.05.2018 IronMan)
L3. Mukhtar marked as inactive. (13.05.2018 Pepo)
L3. Shanu promoted to L4. (14.05.2018 Franco & IronMan)
L3. Vampire promoted to L4. (14.05.2018 Franco & Arran)
L4. Rands is back active. (14.05.2018 Rands)
Removed myself as FMM, since I'm a L4. I'll still help regularly. (16.05.2018 Shanu)
L3. Ryan is back active. (16.05.2018 Shanu)
L2. ShaDy is back active (17.05.2018 Shanu)
L2. Denos assigned as BAM. (18.05.2018 IronMan)
L2. Blizz assigned as SAM. (18.05.2018 IronMan)
L2. iFrank's warning has been expired. (18.05.2018 IronMan)
L2. PedoBear removed as GAM. (18.05.2018 IronMan)
L2. Amman is back active. (19.05.2018 Pepo)
L3. Farhan is back active (20.05.2018 Shanu)
L2. Blizz is back active (24.05.2018 Shanu)
L2. Zecke set as inactive. (25.05.2018 IronMan)
L3. Shehabos set as inactive. (25.05.2018 IronMan)
L2. Avenger is back active. (26.05.2018 IronMan)
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