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Community Roster
« on: 22 04, 2011, 10:05:52 am »

L4. Leaders of the staff team

L4. Vampire (DM, FBM, STM)
L4. Goku_Black (DM, BAML, STM)
L4. Lacosta (DM)

L3. Experienced staff members

L3. Dream (BAM, ARM)
L3. iFrank (CM)
L3. Coolit3 (BAM, FMM, PAA)
L3. Pilovali (ARM)
L3. UlasDO (IRS)
L3. Brand (PR, CM, PAA)
L3. Madrigos (CM, FMM, GLML)

L2. Trained staff members

L2. DeadStunter (FMM, CSM)
L2. Gonzo. (PR)
L2. Rami (TPM)
L2. Springrelic
L2. Harb (FMM)
L2. NoMaN (QAM)
L2. Uber (BAM)

L1. Staff members on trial

L1. Badboy
L1. Diamond

ICM. Ingame chat moderators

ICM. T0keN
ICM. Trapsfall
ICM. Combat
ICM. TheHacker
ICM. MaZika
ICM. RyanC
ICM. Bad Boy (Warned)
ICM. Nightwolf
ICM. Denos


ARM - Account Recovery Manager (Validates inaccessible account claims and returns access - L3+ staff.)
BAM - Ban Appeal Manager (Handles bans issued by ex-staff or inactive staff.)
BAML - Ban Appeal Managers Leader (Oversees BAMs, serves the purpose of 3rd Instance Appeals)
CM - Complaints Manager (Regularly checks complaints board for a faster response from staff members.)
CSM - Country Supporter Manager (Regularly monitors and reviews country supporters activity.)
DM - Duties Manager (Authority to assign CEM, PC, CB, SO, Head, ARM, Squad Bank, ICM, Trial Staff, Translator and more.)
FBM - Forum Board Manager (Authority to add / remove / edit forum boards.)
FMM - Forum Membership Moderators (Ensures that membership ranks are given accordingly.)
IRS - Injustice Resolution Secretary (Assists the community leader in injustice resolutions.)
ME - Map Editor (Responsible for enhancing the world and fix map bugs. This duty is only assigned when needed.)
PAA - Punishment Appeal Associate (Regularly helps PAMs with staff access for better efficiency.)
PR - Profiles Reviewer (Responsible for providing a proper feedback to topics created on Administrative Profiles board in order to assist Duties Manager.)
QAM - Quality Assurance Manager (Regularly tests reported bugs and validate / invalidate them.)
STM - Staff Team Manager (Ensure that reviews are done on a monthly basis and evaluate promotions/demotions requests along with High Staff.)
TPM - Translation Progress Manager (Monitors translation progress to decide who should be given access to translate.)
GLML - Group Level Manager Leader (Handles addition of GLM and administrative matters related to GLM.)

Changes Logs

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Cleared change logs and added them to pastebin. (01.01.2019 Quartz)
L2/Dev. Relerx resigned. (04.01.2019 Arran)
Emma set as inactive. (04.01.2019 Quartz)
L1. Rami passed trial. (06.01.2019 Staff Management)
L2. MaXenon removed as CSM due to inactivity. (07.01.2019 Vampire)
L2. DeadStunter assigned as CSM. (07.01.2019 Vampire)
ICM. Arnold resigned. (09.01.2019 Goku Black)
L2. Rami assigned as TPM. (11.01.2019 Vampire)
Trapsfall added as ICM. (11.01.2019 Goku Black)
L1. Chin failed trial (misusing Staff features). (13.01.2019 Vampire)
ICM. Charmy has been kicked due to having his account shared (security risk). (15.01.2019 Vampire)
L4. Cerberus set as L3 due to absence of involvement with headstaff duties. (19.01.2019 Brian)
L1. Volcano passed trial. (19.01.2019 Brian-Vampire)
Combat added as ICM. (20.01.2019 Goku Black)
L3. Kavzor marked as active. (20.01.2019 Vampire)
L3. Kavzor resigned as IRS. (20.01.2019 Vampire)
L2. UlasDO assigned as IRS. (22.01.2019 Brian)
TheHacker added as ICM. (22.01.2019 Brian)
L3. Richiniro marked as active. (24.01.2019 Quartz)
L2. Roukas removed due to not complying a previously issued warning about getting involved in Staff activities. (26.01.2019 Vampire + Arran)
L3. Lacosta promoted to L4. (27.01.2019 Brian + Vampire + Goku)
L3. Kavzor marked as inactive due to School Exams (27.01.2019 Brian)
Removed CM & ARM titles from Lacosta as he is L4 and can still manage the duties without having these titles. (29.01.2018 Vampire)
L2. Maxenon removed from team due to long inactivity. (29.01.2019 Brian)
Emma resigned. (30.01.2019 Arran)
Phorpride resigned. (30.01.2019 Brian)
L2. Brand assigned as CM. (31.01.2019 Vampire)
NoMaN, Harb and Springrelic added as Trial Staff. (31.01.2019 Vampire + Brian + Goku Black)
MaZika added as ICM. (31.01.2019 Vampire + Goku Black)
L2. Dusty set as resigned due to long-term of inactivity. (02.02.2019 Brian)
Suix added as Trial Staff. (02.02.2019 Vampire + Brian + Quartz)
L4. Quartz added as Duty Manager (DM) (04.02.2019 Brian)
Marked myself as inactive. (08.02.2019 Quartz)
Re-added STM duty and assigned myself. (08.02.2019 Vampire + Arran)
L3. Cerberus resigned. (09.02.2019 Brian)
L1. Suix removed due to help build another community (copy of CIT) and for stealing CIT forum stuff - Security risk. (12.02.2019 Vampire + Lacosta)
L3. Richiniro resigned. (12.02.2019 Vampire)
Jaguar and Madrigos added as L1. Trial Staff. (15.02.2019 Goku Black + Vampire + Lacosta)
L2. UlasDO promoted to L3. (15.02.2019 Vampire + Lacosta + Goku Black)
L3. Pilovali assigned as ARM. (16.02.2019 Lacosta + Vampire)
Uber added as Trial Staff. (21.02.2019 Vampire + Goku Black + Lacosta)
L3. UlasDO assigned as ARM. (22.02.2019 Goku Black + Vampire)
Marked myself as inactive for a week due to a Trip outside the country. (28.02.2019 Vampire)
I'm back as active. (06.03.2019 Quartz)
Marked myself as active again. (07.03.2019 Vampire)
Jaguar, NoMaN, SpringRellic, Harb and Madrigos passed trial. (08.03.2019 Brian + L4s)
Uber passed trial. (10.03.2019 Vampire + Goku Black)
L2. Jaguar assigned as CSM. (11.03.2019 Vampire + Lacosta + Quartz)
L2. Madrigos assigned as CM. (11.03.2019 Vampire + Lacosta + Quartz)
L2. Harb set as inactive. (18.03.2019 Lacosta)
L2. Brand promoted to L3 (20.03.2019 High Staff)
L3. Brand assigned as PAA. (21.03.2019 Vampire)
L2. DeadStunter set as inactive. (22.03.2019 Lacosta)
L3. Magneto has been removed from ARM team due to mistrust in giving such access. (22.03.2019 Goku Black + Brian)
L3. Magneto resigned. (23.03.2019 Vampire)
ICM. SuperI3ow resigned. (23.03.2019 Lacosta)
L2. Harb marked as active. (25.03.2019 Vampire)
L2. Jaguar set as inactive. (26.03.2019 Quartz)
L2. Volcano resigned. (27.03.2019 Vampire)
L2. DeadStunter marked as active. (29.03.2019 Quartz)
L3. Pilovali marked as inactive. (02.04.2019 Goku Black)
L2. NoMaN assigned as QAM. (07.04.2019 Vampire)
L2. Uber assigned as BAM. (08.04.2019 Goku Black + Vampire)
Diamond and Badboy added as trial staff. (17.04.2019 Brian + L4 staff)
RyanC added as ICM. (17.04.2019 Lacosta)
L2. Springrelic marked as inactive. (22.04.2019 Lacosta)
Bad Boy added as ICM. (22.04.2019 Lacosta + Vampire)
L3. Pilovali removed as FMM due to inactivity. (23.04.2019 Brian)
L3. UlasDo resigned as FMM. (24.04.2019 L4 Staff)
L2. Jaguar resigned. (24.04.2019 Quartz + Vampire)
L3. UlasDO removed as ARM due to low performance. (27.04.2019 Vampire)
Added Nightwolf as ICM. (28.04.2019 L4 Staff)
L2. Madrigos added as FMM. (28.04.2019 Goku Black + Brian)
L2. Springrelic marked as active. (30.04.2019 Vampire)
L4. Goku Black assigned as STM. (01.05.2019 Goku Black + Arran + Vampire)
ICM. Maricon removed as ICM due to low performance (04.05.2019 Lacosta + Vampire + Goku_Black)
L3. Kavzor resigned. (07.05.2019 Vampire)
Denos added as ICM. (08.05.2019 Goku Black + Vampire)
ICM. Bad Boy has been officially warned due to the injustice resolution(topic=337794.0) (09.05.2019 Lacosta + Goku + Vampire)
Java resigned as developer and staff. (09.05.2019 Arran)
L2. Harb assigned as FMM. (09.05.2019 Goku Black + Vampire)
L3. Pilovali is back active. (11.05.2019 Goku Black)
ICM. Djuka resigned. (14.05.2019 Lacosta)
L4. Quartz set as L3 due to inactivity in L4 duties. (15.05.2019 Brian)
L2. Madrigos promoted to L3. (16.05.2019 L4 Staff)
L3. Quartz resigned. (16.05.2019 Goku Black)
Renamed the description of L4 staff level. (18.05.2019 Arran)
Created GLML duty and assigned Madrigos to it. (19.05.2019 Brian + Vampire)
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