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Community Roster
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L4. Vampire (TPM)
L4. Goku_Black (BAM, CSM, PAA, TPM)
L4. Franco
L4. Pepo
L4. Rands
L4. Cerberus


L3. Richiniro (CSM, ARM)
L3. Mukhtar
L3. Quartz (FMM, PAA)
L3. Kavzor (IRS)
L3. Moons (BA‏M, FMM)
L3. Lacosta (CM, ARM)


L2. Pilovali
L2. Avenger (CM)
L2. ShaDy (QAM)
L2. Dream (BAM)
L2. Dredd
L2. Coolit3 (BAM, CM)
L2. Dusty (CSM) [Inactive: Exams]
L2. iFrank (CM)  [Inactive: Moving]
L2. MaXenon (FMM, CSM) [Inactive: Computer issues]


L1. Magneto (QAM)
L1. Shehabos

ICM. (Ingame chat moderators)

ICM. remaked
ICM. DaKent
ICM. Tincho
ICM. xTra
ICM. Synax
ICM. Apple
ICM. Rami
ICM. Ally


Developers of the community

JaVa (Senior Developer)
Relerx (Senior Developer)
Gonzalo (Junior Developer)
Nvreformat (Junior Developer)


ARM - Account Recovery Manager (Validates inaccessible account claims and returns access - L3+ staff.)
BAM - Ban Appeal Manager (Handles bans issued by ex-staff or inactive staff.)
CSM - Country Supporter Manager (Regularly monitors and reviews country supporters activity.)
FMM - Forum Membership Moderators (Ensures that membership ranks are given accordingly.)
PAA - Punishment Appeal Associate (Regularly helps PAMs with staff access for better efficiency.)
QAM - Quality Assurance Manager (Regularly tests reported bugs and validate / invalidate them.)
TPM - Translation Progress Manager (Monitors translation progress to decide who should be given access to translate.)
IRS - Injustice Resolution Secretary (Assists the community leader in injustice resolutions.)
CM - Complaints Manager (Regularly checks complaints board for a faster response from staff members.)

Changes Logs

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L2. Moons assigned as FMM. (03.08.2018 IronMan)
L2. MaXenon assigned as FMM. (03.08.2018 IronMan)
L2. Moni set as resigned due to long term inactivity (03.08.2018 Head Staff)
L2. Amman assigned as SAM. (07.08.2018 IronMan)
L2. Avenger assigned as SAM. (07.08.2018 IronMan)
L2. ShaDy assigned as QAM. (07.08.2018 IronMan)
L2. Lacosta assigned as CSM. (07.08.2018 IronMan)
Kavzor added as Trained staff. (07.08.2018 Shanu & IronMan)
L3. Goku_Black assigned as TPM. (12.08.2018 Vampire)
L1. Coolit3 promoted to L2. (15.08.2018 Brian & IronMan)
L2. Amman marked as inactive. (17.08.2018 Shanu)
Changelogs before August are added to pastebin. (18.08.2018 IronMan)
L2. Dusty marked as inactive (20.08.2018 Shanu)
L2. RealGame set as resigned due to long term inactivity (21.08.2018 Brian)
L2. Dream is back active. (23.08.2018 IronMan)
L3. JaMaW removed as ARM. (24.08.2018 IronMan)
L2. MaXenon assigned as CSM. (24.08.2018 IronMan)
Marked myself as inactive. (27.08.2018 IronMan)
L2. MaXenon marked as inactive. (27.08.2018 Vampire)
L3. Mukhtar removed as BAM due to lack of activity. (27.08.2018 Brian)
L2. Coolit3 assigned as BAM. (27.08.2018 Brian)
L2. Kavzor marked as inactive. (29.08.2018 Shanu)
Added back "Complaints Manager" duty. This isn't so staff can do nothing and sit there while others have a duty, but it's to make everyone work by mentioning staff where they are needed. (30.08.2018 Brian)
L2. Blizz marked as inactive. (31.08.2018 Shanu)
Coolit3, iFrank, Kirito assigned to CM duty. (01.09.2018 Brian)
Removed Amman's duty due to long term inactivity. (05.09.2018 Brian)
Removed L5 Staff rank. (Arran 08.09.2018)
Re-added L0 as CM which only has access to use [CIT] tag and issue 10 mutes per 12 hours. (Arran 08.09.2018)
Added Diaz as CM to help clean up LV chat. (Arran 08.09.2018)
Added remaked as CM. (Arran 08.09.2018)
Added ANTONHS as CM. (Arran 08.09.2018)
L2. Kavzor is back active. (08.09.2018 Pepo)
Edited Chat Moderators tag to ICM due to the fact it was conflicting with CM duty for staff. (Brian 09.09.2018)
Marked myself as active. (10.09.2018 IronMan)
Added JaVa as Senior Developer. (09.09.2018 Arran)
Added DaKent as ICM. (10.09.2018 Arran)
Added Magneto as L1. (10.09.2018 Arran)
L4. IronMan resigned, added as Honorable. (10.09.2018 Brian)
Removed SAM duty. (10.09.2018 Vampire)
L4. Shanu marked as inactive. (11.09.2018 Shanu)
Added Tincho as ICM. (12.09.2018 Vampire)
Added UlasDO as ICM. (12.09.2018 Vampire)
L3. JaMaW, L2. PedoBear and L2. Amman set as resigned due to long term inactivity. (12.09.2018 Brian)
L2. Kavzor, Moons and Lacosta promoted to L3 (12.09.2018 Brian + Vampire)
Lacosta resigned as CSM and added as CM. (12.09.2018 Vampire)
Added xTra as ICM. (14.09.2018 Vampire)
Added Synax as ICM. (14.09.2018 Vampire)
Added Antiquity as ICM. (14.09.2018 Vampire)
L4. Shanu resigned. (14.09.2018 Vampire)
L3. Kirito resigned. (14.09.2018 Vampire)
L3. Farhan resigned. (14.09.2018 Vampire)
L2. Blizz resigned. (14.09.2018 Vampire)
L3. Goku_Black promoted to L4. (15.09.2018 Brian + Vampire)
Added VeGa as ICM. (15.09.2018 Brian + Vampire)
Kicked VeGa as ICM for abusing his access. (15.09.2018 Vampire)
Avenger assigned as CM. (16.09.2018 Vampire)
Removed useless dumped duties. (16.09.2018 Brian)
Added Lacosta as ARM. (16.09.2018 Brian)
Apple added as ICM. (16.09.2018 Brian)
Kicked Diaz from ICM for abusing his access and impersonating Staff team members. (16.09.2018 Vampire + Brian)
Added Richiniro as ARM. (16.09.2018 Brian)
Shehabos added as Trial Staff. (16.09.2018 Brian + Goku Black + Vampire)
Antiquity kicked as ICM. (17.09.2018 Brian + Vampire + Cerberus)
Rami addded as ICM. (17.09.2018 Vampire)
Added Quartz as PAA. (18.09.2018 Goku Black)
L3. Mukhtar removed as FMM due to inactivity. (19.09.2018 Vampire + Brian)
L3. iFranK requested demotion due to future period of inactivity. (19.09.2018 Brian)
Ally addded as ICM. (19.09.2018 Brian)
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