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CIT Staff and Honourables
« on: 22 04, 2011, 10:05:52 am »
Duty Abbreviations
  • CO - Community Operator (Unlimited access)
  • ARM - Account Recovery Manager (Validates inaccessible account claims and returns access)
  • SAM - Staff Applications Manager (Updates application topics and gathers applicant information)
  • BAM - Ban Appeal Manager (Handles bans issued by no longer active staff)
  • SPM - Staff Performance Manager (Regularly checks staff activity and maintains staff performance) (It's handled by all L4+ staff)
  • SSM - Supporter Staff Manager (Regularly oversees the quality of supporters and keeps performance in check) (It's handled by all L4+ staff)
  • FMM - Forum Membership Moderators (Ensures that membership ranks are given accordingly)
  • ME - Map Editor (Edits part of maps and fixes map bugs)
  • TSM - Manages TeamSpeak3 CIT server
  • CSM - Country Supporter Manager (Regularly monitors and reviews country supporters activity)

Active Staff Members

L5 (Leaders of the project)

L5. Arran (CO, Leader of Development)
L5. Cheeze (CO)
L5. Brian (Leader of Community)
L5. Franco (Leader of Staff Team)
L5. IronMan (Leader of Community)

L4 (Assistant leaders of the community)

L4. Ex_TcR
L4. Pepo (TSM)
L4. Rover
L4. Sabfas (ME)

L3 (Experienced staff members)

L3. Shadow. (TSM) (ARM)
L3. Nvidia (ME)
L3. Moni (ARM)
L3. Farhan (ME) (FMM)
L3. Ryan (ARM) (CSM)

L2 (Trained staff members)

L2. Aty
L2. Avenger. (FMM) (BAM)
L2. Echoo (BAM) (CSM)
L2. Toby (SAM) (CSM)
L2. Master (BAM) (CSM)
L2. Skilled
L2. Vengeance (SAM)
L2. Richiniro (TSM)
L2. Rands
L2. Vend3tta
L2. Cherry

L1 (Staff members on trial)

L1. Max96
L1. Shanu
L1. United

Inactive Staff Members

L2. Shehabos (Exams)
L2. Cerberus (FMM) (Travelling)


ccw - The most amazing person on the Internet. Without his contributions to MTA I can tell you for a fact most of the MTA community including CIT would not exist, or exist in a much smaller, boring, unsafe and unstable form.

ryden - An incredibly intelligent and talented computer programmer whose contributions to MTA made CIT possible.

Cazomino05 - An MTA developer whose contributions to the mod allow CIT to be as enjoyable and successful as it is today.

SinovenatoR (old) - SinovenatoR (new) - Running one of the first successful gangs, successfully running the Quality Assurance team for a long time, making a notable contribution to the staff team.

Amazonic Successfully running the Quality Assurance team for a long time, making a big contribution to the staff team.

Fin_Jape - Around for a long time, helping people, regularly contributing to the forum, and contributing to the staff team as well.

Dave - Running the first successful gang on the server, making a big contribution to the staff team.

Seeker - Making a large contribution to the staff team and always being available for help.

Anon - Providing new insights regarding many subjects, making a big contribution to the staff team for a very long time.

Chique - Contributing to the development of CIT by adding things such as fuel system.

Rick - Contributing to the development of CIT by submitting bug fixes and being an active staff member.

DustyManaging the server and being a trust-able and respected staff member for a long time.

StevieFTW - Founding the SAPD team and contributing to the development of the law side of the server. Also making a big contribution to the staff team.

Dikhoofd - Contributions to the community.

Nico - Staff for over a year, leading Armed Forces and "more".

AraaA variety of scripting contributions to CIT as well as a long lasting staff member.

Kavzor - Considerable effort and dedication to CIT and CIT staff. Improved quality of server with his presence. Most active and helpful staff even during bad times.

DennisFounding member plus head staff for 2 years.

Perry - Contributing much of his time to the Staff team and the Community as a whole for a long time.

Pretface - Very long term dedicated, loyal staff member who made it to the top of the trust list.

NemO - Extremely dedicated staff member that was with us for 3 years and well over 3 months and stayed through all the ups and downs.

Cherry - Huge contributions to staff and community as well as long term staff member. Created ARM system from scratch, took care of bug reports for a long time, significantly improved CITy designs as well as fighting for fairness and integrity. Always working on background to make this server a better place to play on. Providing new solutions to players' common issues.

Nvreformat - Huge contribution with server development, added lots of features that are still used, such as group system improvements.

KC - Outstanding ideas contributing to improvements for the criminal team.

Ryan. - Contributions to community and server development plus dedicated and loyal staff for long time.

Geert - Contribution to community's spirit with his self-hosted CIT2 Radio.

MikeJones - Using his web development skills to create things such as the live map.

Pac-Man - PedoBear - Jaeger - Flucado - Lelouch - Rusty - Jamie - Casual - Nitrocide - Ramy - Jtgsuomi - Som3a - Vazz - Deadly - NightWolf - Rabbid Rabbit - xb0x - Uber - Shehabos - Moons - Lucifer - Turismo - Denos - Been a staff for long time contributing to improvement of CIT server with their presence and dedicated work.

Vampiiree - Master. - Joanna - Outstanding contributions to translating the server into different languages.

MeMo. - Czyeth - RealGame - Magneto - Reporting so many bugs and exploitable bugs.

Recent Changes Log

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L1. MasterYi failed trial due to inactivity (09.01.2017 Denos)
L3. Ryan(USNS) assigned as ARM. (12.01.2017 IronMan)
L3. Turismo resigned and added him as Honorable.(13.01.2017 Franco)
L1. Moons resigned. (13.01.2017 Pepo)
L5. Franco marked as inactive due to some real life issue. (16.01.2017 IronMan)
Removed myself from ARM because my rank already allows me to perform this duty. I'll still help regularly. (16.01.2017 Sabfas)
L2. Cherry marked as inactive due to studies. (17.01.2017 IronMan)
L1. Vend3tta marked as inactive due to final exams. (17.01.2017 Pepo)
Cleaned up the Change Log. (17.01.2017 Pepo)
Added Magneto as Honourable. (18.01.2017 Arran)
L2. Skilled is back active. (18.01.2017 Pepo)
L2. Rands marked inactive for Exams. (22.01.2017 Denos)
Max96 added as Trial Staff. (22.01.2017 Staff Team)
Ryan[SK] has resigned as L3. Experienced Staff. (23.01.2017 iEx_TcR)
Vengeance and Richiniro passed Trial Staff. (23.1.2017 Franco)
L1. Vend3tta is back active. (25.01.2017 Sabfas)
Added HassoN as Honourable. (26.01.2017 Arran)
L3. Sandbox changed his name back to Nvidia. (29.01.2017 Franco)
L2. Cerberus marked inactive till 15th March due to traveling. (31.01.2017 iEx_TcR)
L2. Vengeance added as SAM (31.01.2017 Franco)
L5. Franco is back from inactivity. (03.02.2017 Franco)
L4. Denos resigned, added him as Honorable for his contributions towards the community and staff. (03.02.2017 Franco)
Removed QAM (Quality Assurance Manager) duty from roster because its board has been deleted and the duty doesn't exist anymore. (06.02.2017 IronMan)
L2. Rands is back active. (06.02.2017 IronMan)
Shanu added as Trial Staff. (08.02.2017 Ex_TcR)
United added as Trial Staff. (12.02.2017 Sabfas)
L1. Vendetta promoted to L2. (12.02.2017 Brian)
L2. Richiniro assigned as TSM. (14.02.2017 IronMan & Franco)
L3. Shadow assigned as ARM. (14.02.2017 IronMan & Franco)
Officially added CSM duty. (20.02.2017 IronMan & Toby)
Added L3. MHP, L3. Ryan, L2. Echoo, L2. Master & L2. Toby as CSMs. (20.02.2017 IronMan)
Removed HassoN as honourable as it turns out new event system is worse than old. (22.02.2017 Arran)
L2. Cherry is back active. (22.02.2017 Pepo)
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