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CIT Staff and Supporters
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CO - Community Operator (Unlimited access)
CA - Community Architect (Design and implementation of world entities, mainly special entities such as shop markers.)
ARM - Account Recovery Manager (Validates inaccessible account claims and returns access)
SAM - Staff Applications Manager (Updates application topics and gathers applicant information)
BAM - Ban Appeal Manager (Handles bans issued by no longer active staff)
SPM - Staff Performance Manager (Regularly checks staff activity and maintains staff performance) (It's handled by all L4+ staff)
SSM - Supporter Staff Manager (Regularly oversees the quality of supporters and keeps performance in check) (It's handled by all L4+ staff)
FMM - Forum Membership Moderators (Ensures that membership ranks are given accordingly)
ME - Map Editor (Edits part of maps and fixes map bugs)
CSM - Country Supporter Manager (Regularly monitors and reviews country supporters activity)
TPM - Translation Progress Manager (Monitors translation progress to decide who should be given access to translate)
PAA - Punishment Appeal Associate (Regularly helps PAMs with staff access for better efficiency)
GAM - Group Affairs Manager (Gathers groups information and regularly helps in reviewing them)
QAM - Quality Assurance Manager (Regularly tests reported bugs and validate / invalidate them)

Active Staff Members

L5 (Leaders of the project)

L5. Arran (CO, Leader of Development)
L5. Cheeze (CO)
L5. Brian (Leader of Community)
L5. Franco (Leader of Staff Team)
L5. IronMan

L4 (Assistant leaders of the community)

L4. Ex_TcR
L4. Pepo
L4. Rands

L3 (Experienced staff members)

L3. Rover
L3. Nvidia (ME)
L3. Farhan (FMM) (ME)
L3. Avenger (BAM) (ARM)
L3. Cerberus (ARM)
L3. Moni (ARM) (PAA) (BAM)
L3. xb0x
L3. Shanu (FMM) (CSM)
L3. Cherry (CA) (TPM)

L2 (Trained staff members)

L2. Richiniro (CSM)
L2. United (SAM) (GAM)
L2. Pilovali
L2. Extreme (QAM)
L2. Mukhtar (FMM)
L2. Vend3tta (ME)
L2. Quartz (FMM) (CSM)
L2. JaMaW (SAM) (GAM)
L2. ShaDy (BAM)
L2. Kirito (QAM)
L2. Lucifer (QAM)
L2. Rusty
L2. ProTo
L2. Lacosta (FMM)
L2. Vampire (CSM) (QAM)
L2. Uber (ME) (FMM) (BAM)
L2. Max96 (ME)
L2. Vengeance (SAM)

L1 (Staff members on trial)

L1. Harb
L1. Toby
L1. Nikos
L1. Goku_Black
L1. K90
L1. Medusa
L1. Slammer

Inactive Staff Members

L3. Ryan (GAM)
L2. PedoBear
L3. Aty (BAM) (School)
L3. Skilled
L2. Moons  (School)
L1. iFrank (School)


Amr (Inactive)
Anwar (Inactive)

Changes Logs

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January - July 2017

L3. Skilled assigned as BAM. (01.08.2017 Sabfas)
L2. Rusty marked as inactive. (01.08.2017 IronMan)
Lucifer added as a trained staff. (02.08.2017 Sabfas)
L5. Sabfas resigned and was added as Honorable for his immense contributions towards the community. (02.08.2017 Franco)
L4. Rover marked as inactive until the 12th of August due to holidays. (02.08.2017 Rover)
L2. Rusty is back active. (05.08.2017 IronMan)
L2. ProTo marked as inactive until 13th of August due to holidays. (05.08.2017 IronMan)
L2. Mukhtar assigned as FMM. (07.08.2017 IronMan)
L3. Rands promoted to L4. (08.08.2017 High + Head Staff)
L4. Rover is back active. (11.08.2017 Rover)
L2. ProTo is back active. (12.08.2017 IronMan)
L2. Lacosta marked as inactive due to holidays. (12.08.2017 IronMan)
Removed myself from ARM since I am L4. (12.08.2017 Rands)
Goku Black added as trial staff. (12.08.2017 Staff Team & Community)
K90 added as trial staff. (14.08.2017 Staff Team)
L2. Vampire marked inactive due to real life issues. (18.08.2017 iEx_TcR)
L3. Avenger resigned as FMM. (18.08.2017 IronMan)
L3. Avenger assigned as ARM. (18.08.2017 IronMan)
L3. Ryan assigned as GAM. (18.08.2017 IronMan)
L3. Aty marked as inactive. (18.08.2017 Pepo)
L3. Echoo marked as inactive. (18.08.2017 Pepo)
L3. Shadow resigned as TSM. (19.08.2017 IronMan)
L2. Lacosta is back active. (19.08.2018 IronMan)
L3. Skilled has gone inactive due to studies and life priorities. (19.08.2017 iEx_TcR)
L3. Skilled dropped his BAM duty due to inactivity. (19.08.2017 iEx_TcR)
L2. Vampire is back active. (21.08.2017 IronMan)
Added new duty called QAM (Quality Assurance Manager) who would regularly check bug reports on Development board and make sure they are valid/invalid, if they are valid, they are moved to the private board where developers can check and fix them. (21.08.2017 IronMan & Vampire)
L2. Uber assigned as BAM. (21.08.2017 IronMan)
L3. Shadow assigned as QAM. (24.08.2017 IronMan)
L2. Lucifer assigned as QAM. (24.08.2017 IronMan)
L2. Vampire assigned as QAM. (24.08.2017 IronMan)
L2. Richiniro resigned as BAM. (25.08.2017 IronMan)
L3. Moni assigned as BAM. (27.08.2017 IronMan)
L2. Extreme assigned as QAM. (27.08.2017 IronMan)
L4. Rands has been suspended from Staff for 2 weeks. (27.08.2017 Head Staff)
L2. Moons marked as inactive. (28.08.2017 Pepo)
L2. Moons resigned as BAM. (28.08.2017 IronMan)
L2. Uber marked inactive, going on vacations. (29.08.2017 Ex_TcR)
L3. Echoo is back active. (04.09.2017 Pepo)
L2. Max96 marked as inactive. (05.09.2017 Pepo)
L3. Cherry marked as inactive. (07.09.2017 Pepo)
L2. Uber is back active. (08.09.2017 IronMan)
L3. Echoo assigned as ARM. (11.09.2017 IronMan)
L4. Rands is no more suspended. (11.09.2017 IronMan)
L2. Max96 is back active. (15.09.2017 Pepo)
L1. Slammer marked as inactive. (16.09.2017 Pepo)
L3. Echoo marked as inactive. (17.09.2017 Pepo)
TeamSpeak Manager duty has been removed. (22.09.2017 Franco)
Assad-Khan resigned as Supporter. (23.09.2017 Franco)
L3. Shadow has been kicked for unacceptable behaviour and abusing certain access. (25.09.2017 Head Staff & High Staff)
L2. ProTo resigned as ME. (27.09.2017 IronMan)
Added Medusa as Trial Staff (28.09.2017 Staff Team)
L2. Shady marked inactive due to real life priorities.  (29.09.2017 Ex_TcR)
L3. Aty is further inactive due to important year of school. (30.09.2017 Ex_TcR)
L3. Echoo resigned from staff. (30.09.2017 Brian & Pepo)
L0. Anwar marked as inactive due to school. (30.09.2017 Pepo)
L4. Rover has been demoted to L3. (01.10.2017 Head Staff)
L2 Vengeance marked as inactive. (01.10.2017 Pepo)
L3. Cherry is now semi active instead of inactive. (03.10.2017 IronMan)
Amman added as an ingame supporter. (03.10.2017 IronMan)
L2. Vengeance is back from inactivity and marked as semi active for now. (05.10.2017 IronMan)
L0. Amman marked inactive due to a serious emergency. (06.10.2017 Pepo)
L1. Slammer is now back active. (07.10.2017 Pepo)
L0. Amman is back active. (08.10.2017 IronMan)
L1. iFrank marked inactive due to school. (08.10.2017 Pepo)
L3. Denos resigned. (09.10.2017 Franco)
L0. Pepe resigned as Supporter. (10.10.2017 IronMan)
L2. Kirito assigned as QAM. (13.10.2017 IronMan)
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