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30 11, 2016, 02:06:47 pm by RealGame. | Views: 304 | Comments: 1

Suggestion explained in one paragraph: As the suggestion title says that it is about adding a new command which is /offsms <Account Name> <Message> to message offline contacts by using it. We all know that most of the CIT people have a huge amount of people in their contacts' list (All CITbook friends go to contacts' list), so it is really hard to find the offline person account name we want to message between hundreds of people.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion: The command will be '/offsms <account name> <message>'

This suggestion is worth the time developing because: It is worth the developers' time, and it deserves to be added in game because it is hard to find an offline person's account name between hundreds of people in the contacts' list. I often need to message an offline person, but I sometimes get bored of wasting my time searching between hundreds of people in the contacts' list. Adding this will make it easier for us to message an offline person.
29 11, 2016, 09:09:33 pm by Tiiger | Views: 448 | Comments: 1

Suggestion explained in one paragraph: Replacing the Wayfarer bike with a chopped model. It's rather unused and the motorcycle enthusiasts of this community (Bikers, Outrage and whoever wanted to have a say) have unanimously voted to have it replaced with something else.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion: This is the topic where the vote was conducted. After a couple of weeks of discussion we decided that this model should be the replacement:


Its pros:
  • Fully GTA SA style compatible, because what it is - basically just a regular Wayfarer with all the ugly plastic parts chopped off
  • Beast appearance - not even comparable to this fat heap of junk we currently have
  • Repaintable to any desired color - maybe even shader applicable (?)
  • Minimal DL size (88kb altogether)

  • idk

This suggestion is worth the time developing because: The part of this community whom this suggestion concerns the most has already came to an agreement and have decided in favour of this particular model. We would be glad to see the developers make our roadtrips more diverse and grant us another bike option to choose from.

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* Changelog

Sunday 4th December 2016
- CITdeliveries: Truckers and Ferry Captains will be able to choose between loading points and get paid with different types of resources (look at map blips). Delivery Men will get paid with random resources. (Brian)
- Added a new model for Wayfarer. (Brian + Tiiger)

Saturday 3rd December 2016
- Fixed an exploit where event managers could change the vehicle model of an owned vehicle. (Arran + Danzy)
- Fixed 'Door Control' in 'X' ('/od') not working. (Arran + Toby)
- Fixed '/zstats' never updating damage taken and times killed by zombies. (Arran + Nightdark)
- Fixed a shamal that's not in main dimension being able to create an entrance marker in main dimension. (Arran + Weston)
- Fixed mod shop GUI not displaying upgrades sometimes. (Arran + Amman)
- Fixed nearby vehicles becoming semi visible after attending a race. (Arran + noD3)
- Fixed top healers at armed robbery not working. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)
- Fixed 'Mafia Wars' achievements not appearing in '/achievements'. (Arran + RealGame)
- Added a new group called "Translators" same as supporters, their main duty is to help Non-English community. See translators board at forums for more information. (IronMan + Ryan + Toby + Master)
- Removed an un-working button from 'X' GUI. (Arran + Max96)
- Fixed '/batm' not adding a blip for some ATM's. Improved the script so that this can never happen again. (Arran + Amman)

Friday 2nd December 2016
- Fixed not being able to submit some translations for some strings. (Arran)
- Staff: L2. Sandbox promoted to L3. (Head Staff)
- Changed rule 7 (don't be verbally abusive) to permit abbreviations such as STFU. Please refrain from abusing your new liberty, you can still be muted for 'chat misuse' if you go round saying flaming abbreviations for no reason. (Arran + lawlietpay)

Thursday 1st December 2016
- Fixed being able to talk in group chat when globaly muted using the 'J' chat interface. (Arran + MHP)
- Fixed an exploit where wanted players could warp from employment office to 2 job locations. (Arran + Magneto)
- Added '/offsms <account> <text>' to send offline message to players, same as F10 > Friends > SMS to red names, just quicker. (Ryan + RealGame)
- Fixed F10 messenger not showing chat window from X > Clicking on player > Send SMS. (Ryan + RealGame)

Wednesday 30th November 2016
- Fixed knife equipment not hiding criminal blips when in indoor criminal events. (Arran + RealGame)
- Fixed not being able to get the 100 stores robbed and 500 briefcases delivered achievements. (Arran + RealGame)
- Fixed event managers not being able to set the water level in event dimension. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed hit targets not being able to use parachutes. (Arran + Mahmoud.)
- Group applications older than 7 days will automatically get deleted. Only 500 out of 4200 total apps were actually 'recent' apps. (Ryan)
- Fixed group and squad apps always getting deleted upon accepting/denying an app. (Ryan + Wiggle + Magneto)

Tuesday 29th November 2016
- Added M4 equip hud icon for those players who disabled 'Player equipment' in /settings. (Brian + Me5a)
- Added an AI trader that buys 500 Nitrous for $8 a unit. (Arran + Mayrou)
- Sniper rifle is now the most over powered weapon as it can be used at close range. (Arran + roundeR)
- Fixed selling Herbs being 3 times more profitable than selling Hemp. AI now buy both for $30. (Arran)
- CIT2Radio DJ's can now place speakers any where. (Arran + Master)
- You can now search for players in '/stats' using account their account name. (Arran + NightFury)
- Removed the colt damage bonus when having it equipped. (Arran + Herq)

Monday 28th November 2016
- Fixed 'Buy Slot 2' in '/equip' not working when playing with non-English language. (Arran + Wiggle)
- Fixed house robbery not working when playing with non-English language. (Arran + Magneto)
- MasterYi added as Trial Staff (Staff + Community)
- Re-added Armed Robbery section to '/gps'. (Arran)
- Added a new armed robbery called Treasure Island. (Sabfas)

Sunday 27th November 2016
- Second equipment won't appear attached to your ped if you've disabled 'Player equipment' in /settings. (Brian + Cerberus)
- Wanted criminals who abuse safe zones can now be arrested in 1 hit. (Arran)
- Increased fire rate of 'SPAS: Crowd Control' mod in F9. (Arran)
- Added a paintable Hotknife mod. Buy it at expensive carshop. (Brian + Tiiger)
- Added a setting to '/settings' called 'Minimum FPS' (default 30) that will disable effects when FPS is below minimum. (Arran)
- Disabled Hydra flares that don't work. Replaced it with 2 forward facing M4s. (Arran)

Saturday 26th November 2016
- Removed the abusable safe area for hits in hit warehouse as they now spawn at 6 different places. (Arran + Toby)
- Fixed satchels being able to do damage outside of LV. (Arran + Sandbox)
- Fixed being able to skip the get up off ground after fall animation by previewing a skin. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed an exploit where criminals could farm wanted level with criminal trucker. (Arran + Dead)
- Fixed an exploit where cops could use '/afk' at the same time as arresting someone. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Vend3tta & Richiniro added as Trial Staff. (Staff Team + Community)

Friday 25th November 2016
- Fixed the notification you get when a group admin gives you a warning. (Arran + Jumper)
- Fixed the stop watch in CITPhone not setting minutes to 0 when 1 hour passes. (Arran + Alexcho)
- Fixed collision-less vehicles such as Coach being collision-less outside of main dimension. (Arran + Ron.)
- Getting Auto APB'ed now requires 2000 wanted points instead of 1000. (Arran)
- Fixed car tune GUI not working when using a translated language. (Arran + OneBlacky)
- Fixed job occupation colors still applying after changing job. (Arran + Kirito)
- Fixed criminals not being able to hurt cops while in an apartment. (Arran + NeVox)
- Fixed outlaws being able to damage a vehicle by gluing to it then shooting it. (Arran + Camaro)
- Fixed not being able to complete the 'Jumping canals' race. (Arran + Amman)
- Vengeance[AF] added as L1. Trial Staff (Staff Team + Community)

Thursday 24th November 2016
- Staff: Shehabos promoted to L2. (Head Staff)
- Added 'Formula 1' mod to the last Hotring Racer. Buy it at expensive vehicles shop. (Brian + Arran + Premium)
- When you only have 1 hour of VIP left you get a message telling you this. (Arran + VoLcAnoMC)
- Equipping '9mm Pistol' in '/equip' causes the Colt-45 to do 25% more damage. (Arran + Pager)
- Added a new turf at the large hangar in LV Airport. (Arran + GodLike)
- Fixed an exploit where you could start a store robbery milliseconds after exiting the store. (Arran + TraXeR)
- Fixed an exploit where you could preview skins to stop yourself from falling. (Arran + Moons)

Wednesday 23rd November 2016
- Staff: Ryan#SK promoted to L3, Toby, Master & Cherry promoted to L2. (Arran)
- Fixed zombies freezing if their target leaves the area. Zombies that leave the area will now be destroyed. (Arran + Nightdark)
- Fixed being able to move and shoot with the Tec 9 mod if you shoot without aiming. (Arran + Mahmoud)
- Fixed cops being able to arrest instead of kill armed robbers. (Arran + RealGame)
- Fixed an exploitable bug where a broken down motor-bike would freeze in the air. (Arran + M1D0)
- Fixed being able to use '/criminal' when attacked in last 5 seconds. (Arran + Vend3tta)
- Fixed the apartment exit marker working even after exiting the apartment. (Arran + Mahmoud)

Tuesday 22nd November 2016
- Awarded Vampiiree, Master, and Joanna with Honourable status for outstanding contributions to translating the server. (Arran + Cherry)
- Fixed 2 exploits in the duelling system. (Arran + Magneto)

Monday 21st November 2016
- Fixed '/viewss' not displaying a list of screenshots. (Arran + Weston)
- Fixed '/fp' for first person conflicting with '/fp message' for Filipino chat. (Arran + Cherry)
- Fixed not being able to wear CJ suits that you've bought. (Arran + SpongeFin)
- Fixed civilian job levels not appearing on the scoreboard. (Arran + Shanu)

Sunday 20th November 2016
- Rover promoted to L4. (Headstaff)
- Custom weapons on Advanced Hummer can now hurt players and get the driver wanted for it. (Arran + Brian)

Saturday 19th November 2016
- Fixed F10 chatrooms being deleted randomly within 7 days of creation. (Ryan)
- Added cheap carshops to grove street and Civilian HQ. These carshops have help text over the marker which supports translation. (Ryan + Cherry)
- Moons added as a trial staff. (Staff Team)
- Added translation support to most civilian and business scripts. (Arran)

Friday 18th November 2016
- Finished updating CITy, CITbook, and chat scripts to support translated text. (Arran)

Thursday 17th November 2016
- Finished updating criminal mission scripts to support translated text. (Arran)
- Finished updating group, squad and unit scripts to support translated text. (Arran)
- Fixed an exploit in bayside marina where players could get winning team reward even after committing suicide. (Ryan + RealGame)

Tuesday 15th November 2016
- L1. Echoo promoted to L2. (Head Staff)
- If you are fluent in English and Slovenian, Hungarian, Croatian or French you can apply to be a translator and each translation you submit earns you good money, visit

Monday 14th November 2016
- Cherry added as a trial staff. (Staff Team)
- Updated many resources so that they support translated text. Many more resources to go. (Arran)

Friday 11th November 2016
- Added a new web page on called 'Translation Log' to see if there's new stuff to translate and if anyone is submitting wrong translations. (Arran)
- Added a translation system which allows players to contribute and get paid for translations. Check 'Ideas and Suggestions' at the forum if you are good at English and another language. (Arran)
- You can view some interesting statistics (resets when server restarts) like screen resolutions and languages with '/userstats'. (Arran)
- All online DJs (in game) are now informed with message when /songreq is submitted. (Ryan + Geert)
- Made rustler airbombs free in Law dimension, also reduced cooldown time to 1s. (Ryan + Risk)

Thursday 10th November 2016
- Added setting called "Daily reward time counter" to enable/disable the bottom right text showing minutes left for reward. (Ryan + Pilovali)
- Fixed "Lock vehicle camera" setting not working after reconnect. (Risk + iMeMo)

Wednesday 9th November 2016
- Reduced M4 equipment head shot damage bonus to 40%. (Arran + LeoPhobia)
- Added a timer at hud displaying how many minutes are remaining for daily login reward. (Ryan)
- Fixed some players being able to open supporters shortcuts GUI without having access. (Ryan + Toxido)

Tuesday 8th November 2016
- CIT2Radio DJs can now place speakers by /streamurl like DL3/CEMs. (Ryan + Norman)
- Added '/eminvinc' for Event Managers to toggle invincibility in event dimension. (Ameer)
- Added a setting in /settings to lock vehicle camera static to vehicle movements. (Risk)
- Moved Rustler's airbomb bind key from LCTRL to LSHIFT. (Ryan + OzBeast)

Monday 7th November 2016
- Added back the terrorist skin. (Brian + Tyler_Durden)
- Added a new Police Detective skin. Check ID 266. (Brian + Holger)
- O2 Tanks effect in equip will last twice as long. (Brian)
- Lowered promotion requirements for Diver job and increased its payment by 36% to compensate the boredom of playing it. (Brian)
- Made it so Diver Job pays with Explosives, Iron, Chemicals and Electronics instead of cash. (Brian)
- Added "Logins streak" counter to players' /stats which is the number of logins you did without any break. (Arran + Ryan)

Sunday 6th November 2016
- Made rustler bombs free in event dimension, also reduced cool down time in EM. (Ryan + Vandam)
- Fixed not being able to reserve deleted chatrooms commands in F10 rooms panel. (Ryan + RealGame)
- Increased medic payment by 1000%. (Arran + Mackepper)
- When using a repair kit it now says how many you have left. (Arran + VoLcAnoMC)

Saturday 5th November 2016
- Removed the 4 LS turfs that were where Armed Robberies are now. (Arran + Richiniro)
- You can now do the same Armed Robbery twice. (Arran + Wizzard)
- Added instantaneous weapon switch when using binds in LV. (Arran + Johns)
- Forum: Added maximum punishment duration for ingame rules in the official rules topic in News board. (Arran)
- Redesigned rule 3: "You can discuss real world things like religion and politics but remain calm and respectful while doing so." (Arran)
- Reworded rule 7 to remove "offend" as being offended by what someone says is the fault of the one being offended. Note that F1 rules translations are very outdated. (Arran)
- Added Spanish and Turkish translations of the new player help. If you are interested to see it you can use '/shownewplayerhelp'. (Mackepper + Master)

Friday 4th November 2016
- Added a new notification window that appears on first login which includes Russian and Arabic translation if MTA language is set to those. (Arran + Toby + Avenger)
- Fixed an exploit in hitman targeting system. Also made it so if you assign a task and and go offline, task will be removed instead of removing your cash offline. (Ryan + Czyeth)
- Added old Armed Robbery script. Use '/arl' for info. (Arran + Biggy)

Thursday 3rd November 2016
- Removed the script that auto jails people if they punch cars too much. (Arran + Master)
- Instead of being kicked for high ping or packet loss you won't be able to move instead. (Arran)
- Rustlers can now drop air-bombs, to throw one, get into rustler, fly, press LCTRL. Each bomb costs $1000. (Ryan + Dredd)
- Added a game speed increase to LV of 20%. (Arran + GodLike)
- Added promotion rewards when being promoted in civilian jobs. See the news board for amounts. (Arran + Mukhtar)
- Fixed some wrong calculations in daily login rewards system. (Ryan)

Wednesday 2nd November 2016
- Hit targets in terminator mode ($500,001 hit) can no longer sprint, so now you might actually be able to kill them. (Arran)
- Added new criminal event 'Jungle Smuggling' can be found using '/gps'. (Farhan + Arran)
- Forum: Relaxed many rules on posting suggestions, such as you can now suggest stuff like "bring back" or "revert". (Arran)

Tuesday 1st November 2016
- L1. Cerberus promoted to L2. (Head Staff)
- L1. Avenger promoted to L2. (Head Staff)
- Cops and criminals can now fight each other in apartments and not get wanted. (Arran + VoLcAnoMC)
- Local chat range applies across the whole of your apartment. (Arran + VoLcAnoMC)
- Restaurants now consume 2000 Wheat + 5000 Fish per hour and earn $230,000 per hour. (Arran + iMemO)
- Added daily login reward system. To get rewards, login daily for at least 1 hour. You can earn as much as $40,000 + 35 of each drug daily. The rewards may vary with time. (Ryan + Dredd)
- Maximum amount in '/hitme' increased to $500,000. ($500,001 is still for terminator mode). (Arran + MimoS)
- Added a setting to '/settings' called 'Disable Wind Sound' it's enabled by default however it only applies after entering an interior. (Arran)
- Equipping the M4 with '/equip' will cause head shots to do 100% more damage. (Arran)
- Fixed terminator mode working in LV due to abuse. Reduced terminator damage resistance from 90 to 80%. (Arran)
- Master. added as trial staff. (Staff Team)

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