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20 07, 2016, 08:41:39 pm by HeadBoss | Views: 235 | Comments: 1

Suggestion explained in one paragraph:
Since the "Crime of Threatening an Officer was removed, we can't kill cops anymore and If a cop arrests a wanted criminal we are not able to help this crim because we can't damage the cop so my suggestion is If a cop is arresting a criminal, non-wanted criminals will be able to aim and kill this cop.

Suggestion explained in as much detail as necessary:
We were killing cops all over the LS, but since you removed the Crime of Threatening an Officer we are no longer able to kill policemens, yesterday, a criminal was arrested and I just tried to help him by destroying the car but the car did not get damaged because I was unwanted. So I'm here to say: "If you are not wanted and see the policemen who arrested a criminal, you will be able to destroy the car and get wanted so you will be able to kill this cop and save CRIMS.

This suggestion will make players happier because:
It will bring the fairness for both sides, just imagine that a criminal who is supposed to break the rules can't even help another criminal who is arrested?.
20 07, 2016, 05:33:42 pm by MoSTKiLLeR | Views: 497 | Comments: 1

Suggestion explained in one paragraph: People will see how much their vehicles cost in F2. People has a lot of vehicles and they don't know how much they have spent for their vehicles.

Suggestion explained in as much detail as necessary:I have made an example here
Show content

This suggestion will make players happier because: They won't need to sell hundreds of vehicles to know how much their vehicles cost. They will know how much money they have with their vehicles.
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* Changelog

Sunday 25th July 2016
- Fixed some more bugs that caused memory usage to go up. (Arran)
- Added an Achievement System. Achievement progress can be seen at: '/achievements'. (Arran)

Saturday 23rd July 2016
- Non wanted players can now run inside houses. (Arran + M1D0)
- Emergency services won't get fined for wrong side of road if vehicle sirens are on. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Cops can only enter the same outdoor criminal event twice. (Arran + Richiniro)
- Fixed 'Space Miner' job being broken, the job now mines all 4 rocks in 1 go. (Arran + AniS)

Friday 22nd July 2016
- Unwanted criminals will now get wanted when aiming at a cop whose arrested someone. (Arran + HeadBoss)
- Re-enabled the old '/feedback' panel. (Arran)
- Forum: renamed 'Event Squads' board to 'Civilian Squads'. (Brian + Gogliko)
- Added a Desert Eagle weapon mod to '/crafting'. (Arran)
- You can now see how much your selected vehicle cost you in the F2 vehicles panel. (Arran + MoSTKiLLeR)
- Removed the 3 second freeze when an unwanted criminal removes their jetpack near a cop. (Arran + Kenawy)
- Added a cautionary note for players who enter LV with less than 24 hours of play time. (Arran + Brian)

Thursday 21st July 2016
- Fixed AFK cops getting the fine payment for driving on the left if they were nearest cop. (Arran + AniS)
- Fixed the referral system not actually giving anything when 40 hour play time is reached. (Arran + yousifff)
- Increased Medic's job side mission payment to 15 med kits for each ped you heal. (Brian)
- Added a mod for SPAS and M4 to '/crafting'. (Arran)
- Fixed a ped being invincible in a hitman mission. (Arran + Heroin)
- Added a new section to '/crafting' for weapon mods. (Arran)
- Fixed a Cave Miner exploit. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed Medic and Fire Fighter jobs informations not mentioning their secondary missions. (Brian)

Wednesday 20th July 2016
- Criminals can now get wanted when aiming at the Van Heist. (Arran)
- Optimised some scripts to use less CPU. (Arran)
- Fixed some bugs which were causing memory usage to go up. (Arran)
- Event managers running an event can now make their local chat messages more noticeable. (Arran + Jocke)
- Medics and Fire Fighters can no longer get fines for speeding. (Arran + Aditya.N)
- The color of message from '/me' and '/do' is now different to normal local chat color. (Arran + SubZero)
- Double clicking on an item for sale in F7 will automatically buy all units of it. (Arran + SpongeFin)
- When a mechanic paints their own vehicle with spraycan they won't have to confirm they want it painting. (Brian + MeMo)

Tuesday 19th July 2016
- Disabled being able to use jetpack in cave mines as the Cave Miner job is now overpaid. (Arran)
- Added 'Horse Mask' and replaced 'Cylinder Hat' with a better model. Check /viphats. (Brian)
- Merged BR and PT country chats. (Arran + Leal)
- Made it so you can't paint vehicles with spray can while being inside Car Show area. (Brian + Czyeth)

Monday 18th July 2016
- Forum: Re-opened 'Ideas and Suggestions' to everyone. Read the read me topic before posting. (Arran)
- Fixed getting respawn options GUI when you have no respawn to pick. (Arran + MicroSoft)
- Fixed not getting auto slapped when disconnecting while in event dimension. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed mechanic not having the spray can removed when quitting job. (Arran + Vandam)
- Fixed not being able to use '/criminal' when the hijack vehicle is nearby. (Arran + Kenawy)
- Advanced Hummer turrets now work in the event dimension. (Arran + Sabfas)
- Criminals can no longer hurt peds that are just stood around. (Arran + Echoo)
- Fixed some groups not being able to manage group apps. (Ryan)
- Added Ryan (from USNS) as Trial Staff. (Staff Team)

Sunday 17th July 2016
- Increased the cost of rapid transport by 100% and removed some of the markers. (Arran + Luffy)
- Disabled the crime of "Threatening an Officer" as all it did was allow criminals to deathmatch. (Arran)
- Totally redesigned the way Cave Miner works. Instead of wasting ages searching for the right marker you can now mine every marker once every 5 minutes. (Arran)
- Made Iron and Cave Miner mining animation less annoying by freezing your camera. (Arran)
- Added the $ blip to the location of the active criminal event. (Arran + Apache995)
- Selling a vehicle will now automatically refund you any engine parts you spent on it. (Arran + MeW)
- Fixed being able to do /gocb while near hit. (Ryan + Richiniro)
- Fixed being able to do Firefighters' side mission faster by using other vehicles than firetruck. (Ryan + Mayrou)
- Pilots will no longer be ejected from their vehicle when flying over the active criminal event. (Arran + ixi910)
- Added a race track near LS docks. Model made by Mechanic and edited by me. (Brian)
- Removed an ugly and old mask from /viphats and replaced it with a cowboy hat. (Brian)

Saturday 16th July 2016
- Lawlietpay added as a Trial Staff. (Staff Team)
- Since so many criminals think they can get away with DMing me: added 'discriminatorily attacking a player' to rule 1. (Arran)
- When a mechanic repairs their own vehicle they won't have to confirm they want it repairing. (Arran + Inferno)
- Steroids are now 100% more effective at healing you. (Arran + Extreme)
- Added an ammunation marker at Criminal Villa. (Arran + Kenawy)
- Doubled the cost and food points given to all food items at food stores and drive thru. (Arran + Czyeth)

Friday 15th July 2016
- Replaced no entry signs with road arrow markings. Driving in the opposite direction of the arrow can get you fined. (Brian + Arran)
- Advanced Hummer no longer requires fuel. (Arran + Captcha)
- Added a better way to select a custom respawn location. (Arran + Ryan)
- Fixed being able to do /gocb and /gopc while wanted or while doing various other actions. (Ryan + Echoo)
- Geert set as Honorable for his contribution with CIT2 Radio. (Brian + KC)
- Added back "Death Scythe" equipment. (Brian + Uber)

Thursday 14th July 2016
- Fixed vehicle drivers being able to craft armor making them too hard to kill. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed a Bus Driver exploit. You won't earn anything until second bus stop. (Arran + Pepe)
- Fixed hit targets being too hard to kill by staying inside a train. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed an exploit in drug trafficking mission. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed an exploit which allowed you to keep a vehicle frozen in the air. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed an exploit in Jefferson Motel that allowed you to hide under the floor. (Arran + DoudY)
- Fixed players getting bugged if they enter criminal event as medic then enter it again as police or criminal. (Arran + Weston)
- Fixed being able to buy armor from a vehicle that is very far away from you. (Arran + Akrso)
- Fixed being able to place a hit on yourself when not in the main dimension. (Arran + Navneet)
- Farhan-Khan added as a Trial Staff. (Staff Team)
- Mystery Bags will spawn outside LS as well. Removed the possibility to blow up if you pick up a bag outside LS. (Brian + LawlietPay)
- Added back old CrimBoss skin. Enable it with /gocb 220. (Ryan + Uber)
- Made state officials marriages get logged in State Official logs (logs were seen by AHSO and HSO). (Ryan)

Wednesday 13th July 2016
- Fixed other players being able to kill peds that are for your mission. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed an exploit where you could complete Trucker missions slightly faster. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed an exploit where a criminal could remove their jetpack near a cop without being frozen. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed an exploit where you could teleport from an apartment icon to San Fierro. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed getting frozen for 5 seconds when you unsuccessfully buy armor. (Arran + Kenawy)
- Fixed getting message spam when re-entering Trashmaster as Waste Manager. (Arran + DoudY)
- Removed 'Apply' from '/settings' as changes will now automatically be applied. (Arran)
- Fixed not being able to play Trucker again after quiting the job. (Arran + MeMo)
- Added new SO permission at /sopanel, it's AHSO, given by HSOs. AHSO can add/remove SOs and see logs of SOs. (Ryan)
- Fixed not being able to send messages to FMSG and Alliance using J chat interface. (Arran + Dread)
- Fixed returning to wrong position after using clothes shop in prison. (Arran + TheBoss'07)
- Fixed not being able to work as Fisherman again after quiting the job. (Arran + Richiniro)
- Fixed getting stuck in hanging from helicopter animation if helicopter disappears. Pressing enter vehicle key will now cancel the hanging animation. (Arran + Chetan)
- Fixed players not getting unglued when they're arrested. (Arran + Siko)
- Fixed being able to farm wanted level by re-entering Jefferson Motel. (Arran + Navneet)
- Fixed Traffic Officer being able to place stingers while not on the ground. (Arran + Jungle)
- Hugely increased the limit on changing your walking style. (Arran + MimoS)
- Fixed Lumberjack being able to use chainsaw when off shift. (Arran + MeW)
- Fixed being able to do Firefighters' side mission while off shift. (Ryan + Chains)
- Firefighters' side mission won't give VIP bonus anymore as that will make it 'highly overpaid' at higher levels. (Ryan)
- Made Firefighters' side mission give 10 fires count per vehicle. Which means you can get as much as 80 Fires Put out per 5 minutes. (Ryan)
- Made the Firefighters' side mission pay with level multiplier. The least average pay for L0s is ~20k and most average pay for L10s is ~70k. (Ryan)

Tuesday 12th July 2016
- Removed one Firefighters' burning vehicle spawning in protected area near SFPD. (MHP + Ryan)
- Fixed other players being able to extinguish your burning vehicles in Firefighter side mission. (MHP + Ryan)
- Fixed a bug where players could extinguish burning vehicles with S.W.A.T tank (or any other water cannon vehicle). (MHP + Ryan)
- Fixed wanted players being able to hide in their own broken down vehicle. (Arran + DaKent)
- Fixed mod shop getting bugged if user was knocked off their bike. (Arran + Addicted)
- Fixed abandoned vehicles sometimes spawning on LS airport runway. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed being able to capture a turf while arrested. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed 'L' not toggling car lights on emergency vehicles. (Arran + Rands)
- Fixed being able to use '/eventwarp' when glued to a vehicle. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed healing at an outdoor criminal event not counting towards CE top healers. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed seeing refuel and repair vehicle buttons when you're inside a vehicle. (Arran + Toxido.)
- Fixed being able to fish with Reefer when not in the water. (Arran + IamEvil)
- Fixed food going down while falling or floating in the air. (Arran + IamEvil)
- Fixed being able to wear a jetpack inside an apartment. (Arran + Addicted)
- Fixed being ejected from vehicle in event dimension when going to active outdoor crim event. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed chat bubbles being enabled if they were disabled, after doing '/cinemamode'. (Arran + Chapo)
- Fixed some outdated criminal activity descriptions in F5. (Arran + Heroin)
- Fixed any possibility of cops being able to hide in an outdoor criminal event before it starts. (Arran + FaDy)
- Fixed tree blips not disappearing when quiting Lumberjack job. (Arran + Richiniro)
- Fixed not being able to craft 2 fish cakes in 1 go. (Arran + Navneet)
- Fixed pilot job having a helicopter delivery point that was inaccessible. (Arran + ixi910)
- Fixed undercover police car (which doesn't appear on radar) being visible with "mini vehicle blips" setting. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed Jefferson Motel top damager sometimes being wrong. (Arran + Navneet)
- Fixed illegal trucker trailer not getting reattached. (Arran + Will)
- Fixed being able to fire Advanced Hummer by towing it with Towtruck. (Arran + CoManDeR)
- Fixed not being able to equip jetpack while in the Cave Miner mines. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed being able to play Bus Driver while off shift. (Arran + Chapo)
- Fixed a bug where auto APB was posted over and over ending up in giving output spam. (Ryan + Moons)
- Removed 'Shader Wet Roads' as it had un-fixable conflicts with important on screen text. (Arran + Indigo)

Monday 11th July 2016
- Added a Fire Fighter side mission. Get into fire truck with water cannon and press "N" then follow red flags in SF. (MHP)
- Medic Mission will give you 1000 healpoints for each ped you rescue. (Brian + Arran)
- Fixed being able to kill mission peds without wanted level by running them over and existing vehicle. (Arran + Scarface)
- Fixed arrested players being able to earn money being inside Jefferson Motel. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Added new State Officials panel accessible by /sopanel. (Ryan#USNS + Ryan#SK)
- Added a new setting to enable/disable GTA's default smoke/dust particles. Check GRAPHICS sections in /settings be sure to read setting's description. (Brian)

Sunday 10th July 2016
- Added a side mission for Medic job in which you get paid med kits to heal peds. (Brian)
- Added a new vehicle for medics. You can buy it at Hospitals. (Brian)
- Added Bandana to /equip. Its side effect will make you immune to teargas. (Brian + Tiiger)
- Indoor criminal events now have random door positions so teams will fight at different places. (Arran)
- Fixed a bug where Civilians were able to see criminals' Cv blip. (Ryan + Vandam)

Saturday 9th July 2016
- Business forum board: topic owners are able to delete any reply to their topic. (Brian + Ptole)
- Fixed being able to use '/groupjob' when your group rank doesn't have access. (Arran + Fady21)
- Removed some duplicate handshake animations. (Arran + Mackepper)
- Fixed Bus Driver state route not working sometimes. (Arran + Amman)
- Added Criminal Boss v2.0, /cbpanel for Criminal Bosses. More information at criminals team board. (Ryan)
- Fixed players with less than 50 hours play time only being able to send $100,000 instead of $1,000,000. (Arran + Chetan)
- Fixed Tug Boat needing to be refueled. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed a typo in /apb message when APBs are placed. (Ryan + External)

Friday 8th July 2016
- Ryan passed Trial. (HeadStaff)
- Ryan (Ryan. on forum) is now an official CIT developer. (Arran)
- Forum: Due to spam, suggestions board is now JCM+ only. (Arran)
- New players will now start with 30 repair kits. (Arran + Mackepper)
- Fixed bugs with /typing, made it give you test pay every 6 hours instead of 24 hours. (Ryan)
- Made auto posted APB blip "Red shield" and manually posted APB blip "Blue shield". (Ex_TcR + Dimit)
- Added 3 new LS turfs at Rodeo Bank, LSA Storage and Country Club (old Armed Robberies locations). (Brian + iCriminal)
- Stopped ingame /appeal system as it was 'useless'. (Ryan)
- Fixed a bug where demoted/kicked members could manage group apps. (Ryan + Siko)

Thursday 7th July 2016
- Increased speed drug duration to 80 seconds. Made all drugs last 80 seconds. (Arran + Kenawy)
- Reduced criminal reputation points from completing hijack from 2000 to 1000. (Arran + Richiniro)
- Reduced minimum VIP purchase in F7 from 20 to 10 hours. (Arran + GemY)
- Uploading screenshot with '/report' will now be quicker. (Arran + Pilovali)
- Increased outdoor criminal event hold time from 3 to 4 minutes. (Arran + Farhan-Khan)
- Reduced LS turfing reputation points by 20%. (Arran + KC)
- Increased criminal event success reputation points from 450 to 1000. (Arran + KC)
- You can now '/surrender' when near a cop, the nearest cop gets the arrest. (Arran + KC)
- Increased LV briefcase payment by 100% Pay is player count * 70. (Arran + KhALiD)
- Fixed APB not issuing from /pcpanel. (Ryan + Navneet)
- Fixed APB blip staying even after APB was killed. (Ryan + Jungle)

Wednesday 6th July 2016
- Fixed hitting a cop with some melee weapons not causing damage when not wanted. (Arran + Richiniro)
- Fixed a business property GUI not closing when closing the main GUI. (Arran + Aty)
- Fixed cave miner pick axe not disappearing after finishing pick axing animation. (Arran + HassoN)
- Fixed admin log about being unsacked from police not showing account name. (Arran + Rands)
- Fixed group blip disappearing if you disable squad blips when player is in same group and squad. (Arran + MeMo)

Tuesday 5th July 2016
- Added '/appeal' for making a punishment appeal ingame. (Ryan)
- Fixed Unoccupied team members not being able to enter LSPD interior. (Arran + Medusa)
- Fixed police dispatch saying Playa del Seville barber instead of Marina barber. (Arran + George)
- Fixed being able to fly with jetpack while doing bomb disposal mission. (Arran + Navneet)
- Fixed being able to do bomb disposal mission while AFK. (Arran + Weston)
- Fixed bomb disposal mission not cancelling when doing '/kill'. (Arran + Navneet)
- Logging in to event dimension will now always result in death. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed outdoor criminal event escape payment being wrong. (Arran + Farhan-Khan)

Monday 4th July 2016
- Police Chief system updated. /pcpanel for PCs. Supports multiple APBs. /gochief now supports 2 skins: /gochief 285 and /gochief 295 (Ryan + Ex_TcR)
- Removed 'Las Venturas' from house search as no houses are in LV. (Arran + Florenzi)
- Mystery bag can't be picked up if used rapid transport in past 60 seconds. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Added new info adverts at top bar. L3+ staff can add new info. Any player can change it's output language by changing localization from Esc>Settings>Interface>Language (Will output in English if your Language is not added). English, Arabic, Russian, Turkish are already added, more are being added. (Ex_TcR)
- Fixed a server freeze / crash. (MTA developer: ccw)

Sunday 3rd July 2016
- Added '/typing' to access typing challenge. (Ryan)
- Added '/songreq' to view info and request songs on CIT2Radio. (Ryan)

Saturday 2nd July 2016
- DashHXQ added as a Trial Staff. (Staff Team)

Thursday 30th June 2016
- Added referral system where if someone enters your account name when they register you will get 600 hours of VIP when they reach 40 hours of play time. (Arran + Ryan)

Wednesday 29th June 2016
- MHP promoted to L3 (HeadStaff)
- Removed all car recovery pads around map except those at jail releases and at hospitals. (Brian + Alxi)

Tuesday 28th June 2016
- Denos promoted to L4. (HeadStaff)

Monday 27th June 2016
- Medics can now enter criminal events after they've begun. (Arran + Richiniro)
- Fixed spray can not being removed after quiting Medic job. (Arran + Justin)
- An APB will be automatically placed on someone who gets over 1000 wanted points. (Arran + Synax)
- Halved the ammunation cost and crafting cost of Sniper Rifle ammo. (Arran + Mate)

Sunday 26th June 2016
- Ryan added as Trial Staff. (Staff Team)

Sunday 26th June 2016
- Fixed an event manager command '/addem' not working. (Arran + Avenger)
- Fixed outlaws being able to capture an LS turf while arrested. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed being able to kill peds with Advanced Hummer turrets. (Arran + Salamander)
- If you press X and right click on a vehicle that has a driver you can get the vehicle options. (Arran + HeadBoss)
- Game speed in LV will be 20% faster than normal. (Arran + JaVa)
- Added ingame group application system. Group leaders must use '/gapps' to create an application. To apply double click on a group name in the group list. Group leader can then view and accept or deny applications in '/gapps'. (Ryan)

Saturday 25th June 2016
- Reset LV speed to normal, as some say it allows for exploiting and I can't even find the suggestion that said increase game speed so if the community really wants faster game speed they will need to suggest it. (Arran)
- '/crimevent' will now say what and where the next event is (press N) if CE is in progress. (Arran + Akrso)
- Top 3 medics in criminal events will earn some med kits. (Arran + Luffy)

Friday 24th June 2016
- Car wheels upgrades will use GTA's 3rd vehicle colour so now you can choose up to 3 different colours when tuning your vehicle. (Brian + Arran + HouaissPT)
- Fixed civilians not getting kicked for high ping while in LV. (Arran + iiOmArXx)
- Spray can and infrared goggles now work in safe zones. (Arran + Red-X)
- Selling drugs to peds will now earn 100 criminal reputation points. (Arran + MeMo)
- Hold time for outdoor criminal events is now only 3 minutes. (Arran + Richiniro)

Thursday 23rd June 2016
- Jumping will consume food, to discourage people constantly jumping. (Arran)
- Fixed an exploit where you could leave your vehicle without animation. (Arran + Weston)
- Added a new help advert message to advertise the '/helpme' command. (Arran + Fady21)
- You can now shoot while glued to an Advanced Hummer. (Arran + Uber)

Wednesday 22nd June 2016
- Fixed 4 restricted skins being available to buy from skin shop. (Arran + SlimShady)
- Fixed infra red goggles not working properly if you died while wearing them. (Arran + Chapo)
- Fixed a rare occurrence where an outlaw's name tag color was wrong. (Arran + Akrso)

Tuesday 21st June 2016
- Criminals will earn $10,000 more for completing an outdoor criminal event and 10 more drugs per kill. (Arran + KC)

Monday 20th June 2016
- DLx can paint vehicles with a Spray Can if they own one. (Brian)
- DL3's can place speakers next to their house icon, with very low max stream distance. (Arran + Morpheus)
- Added message when jailed explaining how to pay jail fine. (Arran + KC)
- Cops can now enter indoor criminal events after they've begun, once. (Arran + Brian)
- Vengeance promoted to L3. (Head Staff)

Sunday 19th June 2016
- Considering recent happenings and the fact players like to cross the line of decency in any form possible, excessive flaming, being racist and anything that harms players can get you punished even in CITbook chat. (Brian + Staff Team)

Saturday 18th June 2016
- Added CSGO Asiimov weapon pack to /gunmods. (Brian + Cupra)
- Max food increased from 100 to 200. (Arran + Navneet)
- Globally muted players won't be able to change the message in their custom title. (Arran + rellic)
- Cops will get $10,000 if they kill all criminals in a criminal event. (Arran + Jamaw)
- Re-added the ability to craft armor while in a criminal event. (Arran + Richiniro)
- Fixed an exploit where the farmer could plant seeds outside of farming area. (Arran + MeMo)
- Added a setting to enable/disable vehicle neons inside "GRAPHICS" section. (Brian + Pilovali)
- Fixed Elegy Drift's neons appearing only on one side. (Brian + Loyalist)

Friday 17th June 2016
- Fixed being able to use '/eventwarp' while already in UAV mode. (Arran + Omar)

Thursday 16th June 2016
- Added '/neon'. (Ryan + HassoN)

Monday 13th June 2016
- Added countdown and stopwatch GUI: '/sw' (Ryan)

Sunday 12th June 2016
- Extended LS east prison release / criminal spawn safe zone. (Arran + Gummeh)
- Decreased freeze time when crafting armor from 8 to 5 seconds. (Arran + Fraco)
- Added some objects for cover in criminal events like it was long ago. (Arran + eryeshesh)
- Jetpack can now be used in Mount Chilliad caves. (Arran + FiGhTeRs)
- Made it so Mechanics can paint vehicles anywhere by using spray can. (Brian)

Friday 10th June 2016
- Fixed warp location names in employment office being wrong if the location was in an interior. (Arran + Vandam)
- Fixed abandoned car script spawning cars on SF airport runway. (Arran + Kubilay)

Thursday 9th June 2016
- Fixed not being able to put spoilers on Police Sultan. (Brian)
- Added Ryan (The one in SK) as Honourable and the first ever Community Developer. (Arran)
- Added '/helpme message' that lets you ask for help from supporters. (Ryan)
- Fixed group chat color being reset when server restarts. (Arran + Skilled)
- Fixed top killer and top damager at LV DM zone and Jefferson Motel sometimes being wrong. (Arran + NormalTulip)
- Fixed not being able to preview some interiors at the house shop. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed 'Advanced Hummer' being spawned by abandoned vehicle script. (Arran + paron)

Wednesday 8th June 2016
- When a mechanic repairs a vehicle they have a 20% chance of finding 15 engine parts. (Arran + Navneet)
- Getting sacked from police while in law dimension results in death. (Arran + Bocanegra)
- Anyone can use '/warpmap' while in the law dimension. (Arran + Yazeed)

Tuesday 7th June 2016
- Shadow passed Trial. (HeadStaff)
- Added a spawn point at SFPD for police. (Arran + Univers)
- Merged Romanian and Moldavian country chat. (Arran + Bokila)
- Fixed seeing LS briefcase after quiting job as outlaw. (Arran + Akrso)
- Fixed group bank deposit permission not working. (Arran + Fady)
- Fixed '/r' giving a useless error when playing as Trucker. (Arran + Tetoo)

Sunday 5th June 2016
- Vehicle shops now show the selected vehicles max velocity and engine acceleration. (Arran)
- Awarded MeMo honourable status for dedication to improving fairness by finding exploits. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to add over 500,000 units of a resource to a business if there was none of that resource already. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed being able to use '/gojob' to join police or civilian team when wanted. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed entering and exiting an event or shamal interior while in LV causing you to not be considered in LV. (Arran + HassoN)
- Fixed LSD effect not going off when removing infra-red goggles. (Arran + POYRAZ)
- Fixed motorbikes not slowing down when the engine turns off while cruise control is on. (Arran + Aty)

Friday 3rd June 2016
- Deleted 1.6 million group and squad log lines from 2014 and 2015. Creation date lines were retained. (Arran)
- Fixed '/gochief' not giving a camera. (Arran + Navneet)
- Fixed LS docks car shop blip not being where the marker is. (Arran + SinovenatoR)
- Fixed group and squad invite messages only appearing in console. (Arran + Tomoxx)
- Fixed alliance login and quit messages appearing in "Group" instead of "Alliance" in J chat interface. (Arran + HassoN)
- Fixed casino win message not always matching the actual won amount. (Arran + Medusa)
- Fixed being able to reload colt when the magazine is already full. (Arran + Uber)
- Fixed being able to accept a bribe from someone who is dead. (Arran + Ptole)

Thursday 2nd June 2016
- Added 'Mini Browser' app to CITphone. (Ryan)

*** For updates older than this check the 'Updates Changelog' in the 'News' board on the forum ***

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    Today at 05:35:32 pm
  • Pilovali: And what hardware has it? Probably a Celeron or something. You CANT game on a budget laptop.
    Today at 05:31:08 pm
  • Pilovali: *sigh*
    Today at 05:30:43 pm
  • Zaer: my laptop is samsung not old , i just buy it a month ago
    Today at 05:26:46 pm
  • Siddesh: GTX 1070 [link]
    Today at 05:14:30 pm
  • Pilovali: Then get a better laptop, and not a 10 year old budget laptop.
    Today at 05:13:14 pm
  • Pilovali: And save money for your own PC.
    Today at 05:12:59 pm
  • Zaer: i've a lapto butt, when im play = my fps droooooop
    Today at 05:12:56 pm
  • Pilovali: Blame the kid who caused it and the owner for cloning all PCs.
    Today at 05:12:43 pm
  • Coke: Save your money Instead of using it to internet cafe
    Today at 05:12:30 pm
  • Coke: Buy a pc for you
    Today at 05:12:07 pm
  • Zaer: i already rekt the kid
    Today at 05:05:17 pm
  • Zaer: man the kid is banned this serial but staff is not understand . so nice
    Today at 05:04:54 pm
  • Brian92: I bought IronMan, shhhh
    Today at 04:57:25 pm

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