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13 04, 2018, 09:07:51 pm by TOoMY | Views: 458 | Comments: 1

Suggestion explained in one paragraph: I am suggesting bringing back the old explosive effect for shotgun at lv, because player can pick out of 3 weapons (sawn-off, shotgun, spas) so they their free will to pick their own weapon that'd fit their playing style, instead of being forced to play with a certain gun (spas) or (sawn-off)  that'd allow them to kill people while running, like (uzi or Tec-9), when there was the shotgun lv 2nd slot equipment, lots of people were using it but now barely anyone using shotgun at LV, as it's not strong enough as it doesn't have that explosive effect anymore, also as the (sawn-off) become pretty weak and it doesn't cause that much of damage as it hits 2 bullets each 2 seconds and sometimes it doesn't hit the target as it's like (uzi) you gotta run while shooting, so we're more like forced to use the spas as it's the most accurate gun out of 3 guns, but it still weak as it doesn't have it's old effect.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion: If we found out that it's bothering people in an annoying way, then we can decrease the damage by half so it'd fit it's purpose without being overpowered, and as a shield of it, people can use "water fire extinguisher" to be immune to most of the damage which will be caused of the explosion of that equip, or maybe forcing a price over that explosive effect would be legit like 5 up to 10 millions.

This suggestion is worth the time developing because: That would help players to have their own way of playing style and the freedom to pick their own gun to fight with, instead of being forced to play with a certain gun which he can't do that much with it, as he'd lose the fun like that.
09 04, 2018, 09:42:10 pm by OhhKarim | Views: 446 | Comments: 0

Suggestion explained in one paragraph: I'm suggesting that steroids drug won't heal you if you are sprinting.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion: Since medkits were disabled to heal players, Arran increased the healing from food and made steroids drug increase the food healing by twice. I like this idea, but it needs to be slightly balanced. I checked one of my older videos from last week, and made a comparison. We used to get 30 HP every couple seconds while using food and medkits together, now we get 40 HP every 5 seconds if you use food and steroids drug.

How is it unbalanced? Well the medkits wouldn't heal you unless you were either standing still or only walking, it wouldn't heal you if you were sprinting, only the food would do that, which made it more special, you could say. So now I've been seeing that players heal incredibly fast, so I tested it out with Noki. I came to the conclusion that food heals 20 HP every 5 seconds, and steroids drug heals increases this by x2, so it heals 40 HP every 5 seconds, even while sprinting. So I'm suggesting to make it so that you can only heal with steroids drug if you aren't sprinting, it'll basically be like the medkits. This way food will be our main source of healing, and steroids won't make it overpowered as it is now. Currently a lot of players just run around so you can't shoot them, and then they heal instantly back their HP. You can heal your full HP back in less than half a minute, that's way too fast, (40HPx4) every (5secondsx4) = 160 HP every 20 seconds which is simply unbalanced.

This suggestion is worth the time developing because: As I've explained above, currently it's way too overpowered in its healing, you can literally gain back 160 HP in 20 seconds, which is more than our total HP, which is 150. I also recorded a video with Noki to prove it. Here it is:

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* Changelog

Saturday 21st April 2018
- Updated the first aid course with the new guidelines that increase chance of patient survival. (Arran)

Friday 20th April 2018
- Removed courses that gave bonus pay for Taxi Driver and Waste Manager, bonus pay is now given to all. (Arran)
- Added 7 more paintjobs for various vehicles. (Brian + Various Designers)
- Added 36 paintjobs for vehicles that normally support shaders. (Brian + Tmax)

Wednesday 18th April 2018
- Added 'Blip ATMs' to CITphone. (Arran + Vampire)
- Added a final 6 more icons when pressing 'X'. (Arran + Dredd + Vampire)
- Added 'Go Criminal' and 'Go Gangster' when pressing 'X'. (Arran + KhoaBui)
- Fixed /basekick not working. (Brian)

Tuesday 17th April 2018
- Forum: Removed 'Development' board due to players being such ungrateful morons who don't deserve the privilege. (Arran)

Monday 16th April 2018
- Fixed new 'X' icons being too big for players who are using a garbage 20 year old resolution like 800x600. (Arran + Brian)
- Scary_Killers promoted to L7. (Staff Team)
- Removed '/burpg'. Added 'Ammo: Rocket Launcher HS' to Trading. Reduced minimum purchase quantity of RPG/RPG-HS to 1. (Arran)
- Fixed not being able to buy RPG if you have an RPG-HS or if you have RPG-HS and try buy RPG. (Arran + Nuko)
- All cops now see a message when an officer responds (/res) to a call. Added an entry in /settings to disable these messages. (MHP + Phorpride)
- Fixed the high jump bug on BMX, Mountain Bike and Bike. (Relerx + Vampire)

Sunday 15th April 2018
- Added 24 icons to 'X' instead of having to click on yourself and then click a text button. (Arran + Vampire + Dredd)
- Added a nerfed version of incendiary shotgun bullets equipment for LV. (Brian + Toomy)

Saturday 14th April 2018
- Optimized time taken to join the server by only applying mods when needed. Also might reduce occurence of random collisionless objects. (Arran)
- Fixed some objects around the map being collisionless. (Arran + Well.-Played)

Friday 13th April 2018
- Fixed bomb disposal job being extremely overpaid. (Arran + MaX15)

Thursday 12th April 2018
- Added an AI Trader that sells Oil for $35 a unit. (Arran + Precious)

Wednesday 11th April 2018
- L2. Richiniro, L2. Shehabos and L2. Goku_Black promoted to L3. (Head Staff)
- RealGame passed Trial. (Head Staff)
- A gangster will get wanted for killing another gangster if a cop is within 110 meters of the killer. (Arran + Gummeh)
- Fixed being able to lose ammo when buying cheaper ammo like if buying teargas while having many grenades. (Arran + Quartz)
- Added new police detective job. (Gonzalo)

Tuesday 10th April 2018
- Increased price of grenades and satchels from $2000 to $3000. (Arran + Quartz)
- Steroids won't double food healing if sprinting. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- While driving a vehicle, press 'X' to see the new dashboard to control your vehicle. (Arran + Vampire)
- Removed the wanted level bribe system. (Arran)

Monday 9th April 2018
- You're now able to translate F5 military missions. (JaVa + LoLcO)

Sunday 8th April 2018
- Made being a cop less confusing by allowing any wanted criminal (not just violent ones) to get killed. (Arran)
- Lowered the time of extinguishing a fire as a firefighter. (JaVa)
- Fixed entering vehicles than fire truck as a firefighter when you end your shift. (JaVa + T0keN)
- Added new various missions and improvements to firefighters missions. (JaVa + RealGame)
- Fixed getting stuck inside a house while playing a firefighter house mission. (Arran + Suix)
- You can now see your Medic Job progress in F3. (Relerx + Amman)
- Added close button at top right of most GUI's. (Not for vehicle GUI yet as it causes disruption restarting it.) (Arran)
- Reduced performance impact on clients when skin mods are applied. (Brian)
- Fixed some cops skins not being correctly replaced. (Brian + MaZika)

Saturday 7th April 2018
- Added a button at the top right of some GUI's with an 'X' in it, this closes the GUI, will do more GUI's later. (Arran)
- Added a new firefighter mission which is at a zone being on fire and people need to be rescued. (RealGame + JaVa)
- Removed slot 2 from '/equip'. You will be refunded $40,000,000 when you login. (Arran + Brian)
- Removed 'Blast Shield' from '/equip'. (Arran + Quartz)
- Fixed not seeing top killers, damagers and healers of an armed robbery when it ends. (Arran + Fraudz)
- The server can now be translated into Greek, thanks to Dredd for adding Greek MTA translation for the MTA community. (Dredd + Arran)

Friday 6th April 2018
- Added detail shader to even more textures around the world to make the game look even better. (Arran)
- White text above a players head like wanted level will be visible at the weapon range of what weapon you're aiming. (Arran)
- Made it much easier to identify wanted players, wanted level will appear as stars (★) above their head. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to abuse fire truck as a firefighter by extinguishing many fires at once. (JaVa + Suix)
- Fixed not being able to see the group blips when they reconnect. (Arran + Jonio)
- When vest or helmet armor drop below 6% the color of the amount on the HUD will become orange. (Arran + Dredd)
- Fixed law team player limit being 12 in heist when it was 20 for criminals. (Arran + Azer)
- You now get 20 wanted points while robbing a store, and another 20 wanted points after successfully robbing the store. (Relerx + RealGame)
- Med kits will no longer be used to heal. Increased healing from food to compensate. (Arran)
- Added various AI traders that will buy med kits in F7 trading panel for $1500. (Arran)
- Removed "You can't sell food in this place!" restriction when selling food since it was bugged and annoying. (Brian)
- Fixed Taxi Driver job not counting VIP bonus into job progression. (Brian + Chin)
- Fixed paintjob costs not being displayed inside 'Costs' panel inside mods shops. (Brian + Jupiter)
- Fixed being charged $5,000 for paintjob when you actually removed it. (Brian + Amman)

Thursday 5th April 2018
- Removed the restriction that a player must have 12 hours of play time before being able to receive money. (Arran + ALI)
- Fixed running a restaurant being overpaid since the drop in fish price. (Arran + SanD)
- Fixed CITPhone event times app not showing how many minutes are left on a long term mute. (Arran + Medusa)
- Removed bot that was inside vault in casino heist as it could somehow shoot through the door. (Arran + Wave)
- Fixed remaining drilling time in heists not being visible. (Arran + DesiigneR)
- Added new custom paintjobs for vehicles listed in topic=309449.0. (Brian + Multiple Designers)
- 'Light Police Vest' equipment will give 20% steady resistance to bullets. (Brian + Phorpride)

Wednesday 4th April 2018
- Added 'Show Selected Weapon Only' to '/settings'. If you're using new HUD it will only show your current weapon. (Arran)
- Removed the exploitable desync causing instant weapon switch that LV players demanded. (Arran + Noki)
- You can now change discord message colors through '/settings'. (Relerx + Amman)
- If you have someone on your ignore list, they won't be able to try and send you money. (Arran + Vampire)
- Instead of having poorly attended Heist and Armed Robbery running at same time, they will cycle between the 2. (Arran + Relerx + Gummeh)

Tuesday 3rd April 2018
- Added an AI Trader to 'F7' that sells Fish for $11 due to fishermen earning twice as much as everyone else. (Arran + MaX15)
- Added 4 new missions for firefighters to complete which is houses/interiors being on fire and people in need to be rescued. (JaVa + OldKiller)
- Fixed players that aren't you or attacked by you with an explosive getting pushed away on your screen for a second. (Arran + Philo)

Monday 2nd April 2018
- Added Armor (Vest (body)) and Armor (Helmet (head)) to crafting which reduce damage from gun shots. (Arran)
- Removed dependance on crappy GTA SA armor system. (Arran)
- Disabled sea sparrow shooting. (Arran + SANTA)
- Re-enabled hospital death treatment fees as death should have at least some consequence. (Arran)
- To prevent receiving unwanted money (that could be stolen) CITphone money transfers must be accepted with '/amt'. (Arran + Vampire)
- When someone dies from a head shot, they will become headless. (Arran)
- Since gun shots to the limbs do 30% less damage, made gun shots to the head do 30% more damage. (Arran)

Sunday 1st April 2018
- Fixed confirm transaction GUI appearing twice and 1 getting stuck if you double clicked on "send money". (Arran + MaX15)
- Fixed stingers / spike strips not being removed after the cop who deployed it quit their job. (Arran + Jupiter)
- Fixed satchel explosion from pushing you away. (Arran + ExiSenza)
- Fixed medic bag equip item not working for those who are L10 medic. (Arran + RealGame)
- Forum Regular Vote #9 has started in news board, go vote! (Vampire)
- You're now able to fire rockets by Hunter once every 15 seconds in anywhere except LV. Each fired rocket costs $2,000. (JaVa + Hatem)
- Added a sound effect which is played when a goal is scored at the football stadium. (JaVa + KhoaBui + KaLeD)
- Fixed custom cursors not working on phone games. (Relerx + LeGe)

Saturday 31st March 2018
- Fixed being able to cause desync with parachute in LS. (JaVa + Richiniro)
- Fixed arrow up and arrow down not working properly when viewing cars to buy. (Arran + TON1LLANC0)
- Fixed hourly earn limit still being $350,000 (forgot to restart script) and fixed '/earnlimit'. (Arran + Precious)

Friday 30th March 2018
- Custom clothes will now be applied to your own character even if you disabled custom clothes or are in low FPS mode. (Arran)
- Updated the car reflection shader (in '/settings') to a better, more efficient one. (Dutchman101 + Ren_712)
- Added 2 new jetpack mods: "Crazy" and "HD Jetpack 2". Search for 'jetpack' in /settings. (Brian)
- Added '/gunmods' and '/carmods' to CITphone. (Arran + Vampire)
- Forum: since down voting has been disabled, all forum users can now access the development board again. (Arran + JaVa)
- Fixed Uzi being over powered. (Arran + Pager + radagast)

Thursday 29th March 2018
- Reduced CPU usage of the script that attaches hats and equipment to players to hopefully increase FPS. (Arran)
- Forum Regular Vote #8 has started in news board, go vote! (Vampire)
- Fire fighters can now be healed by entering the ambulance where peds are taken to be rescued. (JaVa + RealGame)
- Reduced FPS drop when driving around fast by not applying shaders to vehicles until they're on screen. (Arran)
- Added 'Liberty City' heist which can be accessed at LS Airport. (Max + Arran)

Wednesday 28th March 2018
- Fixed MTA bug where if you die in an interior while taking crack or god, you wouldn't be able to see the world. (Arran + Azer)
- Added more textures to be improved by Detail Shader. Added '/toggledetailshader' to compare on and off. (Arran)

Tuesday 27th March 2018
- Added new paintjobs for Infernus, Burrito, Sabre Turbo, Cheetah, Banshee, SultanRS and Remington. (Brian + Many Designers)
- Added 'Group Job' button to 'F6' that does '/groupjob'. (Arran + Assad)
- Gun shots to the arms and legs will only do 70% of the normal damage. (Arran + Shadow)
- Fixed entering drive-by mode when right clicking if cursor is visible. (Arran + JaVa)
- '/svc' can be used instead of '/setvehcolor'. (Arran + ExiSenza)
- Added 'First Person Disable Mouse When Driving' to '/settings'. (Arran + KhoaBui)
- Rebels and Military will get a 3 second freeze when removing jetpack near an enemy. (Arran + ExiSenza)
- Increased price of Sandy Racer from $180,000 to $500,000. (Arran + TheHacker)
- Increased the money income limit to $380,000 if you have VIP hours, $310,000 if not. (Arran)
- Changed the 'God' drug effect from +50 HP to 15% damage resistance. (Arran)
- Fixed an exploit where you could get stuck running while performing an animation. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed being able to cancel the reloading delay of shotgun in LS. (JaVa + Richiniro)

Sunday 25th March 2018
- Made Patriot have same dynamic Police features as Infernus. (Brian)
- Removed 'Police Infernus' mod, instead made normal Infernus have police features when driven by cops. (Brian)
- Redesigned the football stadium information label. (RealGame)
- Police station heist now has 2 ways to go, instead of camping the stairs the whole fight. (Arran)
- L9 groups can fire Hydra missiles without having to lock a target. (Brian)

Saturday 24th March 2018
- Fixed armed robbery damage score counting damage when a gangster hurts another gangster. (Arran + MaX15)
- If you disable unit payment sharing, it will remain disabled until the server restarts. (Arran + noD3)

Friday 23th March 2018
- Bus and Coach have same handling stats now. (Brian + Goku Black)
- Added an AI Trader for Iron at $9 to stop the price constantly going up. (Arran)
- Increased the price of Sanchez from $5000 to $100,000. (Arran + TheHacker)
- Doing '/superadvert' will tell you how long left till you can use it. (Arran + Dredd)
- Changed van heist blip to blue skull. (Arran + Richiniro)
- You're now able to bind "zoom_out" with "mouse1/mouse2" in LV. (JaVa)
- When a grenade, satchel or rocket detonates, you will not get pushed by the blast. (Arran)
- Changed the command of leaving the football stadium to '/lest'. (JaVa + Senza)
- Fixed not being able to get auto-healed while being near the fires. (JaVa + RealGame)
- Fixed being able to use driveby to avoid the 8 seconds shooting limit after becoming a gangster. (Relerx + SanD)
- Fixed being able to use a restricted gun and then getting bugged in driveby mode. (Relerx + ProofGang)

Thursday 22th March 2018
- Added some new paintjobs to Infernus, Voltic, NRG-500, Burrito and Sabre Turbo. (Brian + Holger + Anyone + ExiSenza)
- Fixed sometimes other players not seeing the animation you're doing. (Arran + WeZzarD)
- Fixed not being able to reload while having 100 bullets in your UZI clip. (JaVa + Azer)
- Fixed being able to bypass sniper's limit in LV. (JaVa)
- Fixed being able to shoot twice by shotgun in a row in LS. (JaVa + Western)
- Fixed being able to change the job's skin by re-entering the football stadium. (JaVa + RealGame)
- Added a ball model instead of caddy to push in order to score a goal at the football stadium. (JaVa + Brian)
- You're now able to see when the current rental of the football stadium expires by walking into the rental marker. (JaVa + RealGame)

Wednesday 21th March 2018
- Every online player now increases the rental cost of the football stadium by $400. (JaVa + RealGame)

Tuesday 20th March 2018
- Lowered the slide exploit limit by adding a small delay which will also fix it in LV. (JaVa)
- Fixed getting elements cloned when doing a fire fighter mission. (JaVa + OldKiller)
- You're now able to see how many fires you put out and peds you rescue when completing a firefighter mission. (JaVa + RealGame)

Monday 19th March 2018
- Police can now enter heists before they start, as criminals just attack them and run into the heist. (Arran)
- The vehicle gridlist on 'F2' will return to the last scroll position (after 500ms) instead of being reset to the top each time. (Arran)
- When ordering a vehicle in the 'F2' list, you can now hold up or down and it will keep moving the vehicle. (Arran + Dredd)
- Fixed not getting sent to prison if you get killed in a heist but never attacked anyone before dying. (Arran + RealGame)
- Added new co-operative missions for the military to do like interrogation, saving people and clear the ship missions. (JaVa)

Sunday 18th March 2018
- Disabled being able to auto-aim in LV as it was considered as rapid firing. (JaVa + W1nd)
- Increased the payment of completing a fire fighter mission. (JaVa)
- Decreased the time of putting the fire out as a fire fighter by half. (JaVa)

Saturday 17th March 2018
- Disabled barber shop store robberies due to any police entering having no chance of survival. (Arran)
- Added 'Wanted Level Display' to '/settings' which adds text above player head to spot wanteds easier. (Arran)
- Updated vehicle Paintjobs to HD versions. Added 1 default paintjob for Sanchez and 1 for Voltic. (Brian)
- Pressing 'X', clicking on your own vehicle, clicking 'Ask to Hide' will now remove your own vehicle. (Arran)
- Removed the LS turfs which are at armed robbery events. (Arran + Richiniro)
- Fixed being able to cause desync with parachute by keeping switching to parachute. (JaVa)
- Increased price of Hotring Racer from $700,000 to $1,500,000. (Arran + ExiSenza)
- Searching 'yes' in '/carmods' or '/gunmods' will list all downloaded mods. (Arran + Tripp)
- Added another way to prevent sliding instead of getting frozen which annoyed some players. (JaVa)
- Fixed being able to cause desync with rifle in LV. (JaVa + Shaco)
- Non-VIP's can now glue to and shoot while glued to the Patriot. (Arran + M3dusa)
- Spraying graffiti gives 10% instead of 3% claim to LS turfs. (Arran + Brian)
- Fixed being able to bypass LV's fixes by disabling "Weapon binds" setting. (JaVa)
- Fixed being able to do overpowered damage with tec or uzi. (JaVa + Vampire + Western + W1nd)
- DeltaTeam promoted to L9 group. (Staff Team)

Friday 16th March 2018
- Fixed marriage partner's blip not being hidden if the player blip should be hidden. (Arran + Jupiter)
- Fixed being able to bypass the 1 hour limit between playing as military and rebel by reconnecting. (Arran + gabrielsx)
- Added an experimental setting 'Adjust Cockpit View', which when enabled allows you to adjust cockpit view by using num_8 to go higher, num_2 to go lower, num_4 to go towards left, num_6 to go towards left, num_7 to go straight and num_1 to go behind. (Relerx)
- Fixed being able to slide again with RPG and sniper. (JaVa + T0keN + OhhKarim)
- Added a new button called "Help" to display the commands of football stadium management. (JaVa + RealGame)

Thursday 15th March 2018
- Fixed '/gps' waypoint not automatically getting removed when you reach the destination. (Relerx + Apple)
- Added some bot guards to the prison gates. (Arran + Freshy)
- Decreased the sniper's switching limit by half. (JaVa)
- Fixed being able to bypass the shotgun's switching limit and sniper's switching limit in LV. (JaVa + Kygo)
- Fixed still being able to cause desync with satchels and grenades at LV. (JaVa + Kygo)
- Removed 2 turfs that were in the prison. (Arran + Vampire)
- Escaping prison will earn 30 reputation points. (Arran)
- Helping someone escape prison by opening the gate or flying them out will earn 200 reputation points. (Arran + Vampire)
- Jail fines can't be paid if time left to serve in prison is over 500 seconds. (Arran)
- Reduced reputation points earned from selling drugs to bots from 100 to 30. (Arran + Richiniro)

Wednesday 14th March 2018
- L1. Zecke, L1. Dream, L1. Mahmoud and L1. Amman passed trial. (Head Staff)
- Added anti camp at criminal entrance in Jefferson Motel. (Arran + TheHacker)
- Vehicles that cost over $1,000,000 will cost more to repair at pay and spray, based on the price of that vehicle. (Arran)
- Added an animation for spectators at the football stadium. (JaVa + RealGame)
- When you're out of the football stadium for 15 minutes as a renter, the rental of the football stadium will be expired. (JaVa + RealGame)
- Fixed being able to see 'Red scored' while the Blue team scored the goal. (JaVa + OldKiller)
- Added '/fbm wa' to warp a player to his team position on joining stadium. (JaVa + RealGame)
- Civilians are now able to enter the stadium as spectators even if the football stadium is locked. (JaVa + RealGame)
- Fixed still being able to slide with sniper and RPGs. (JaVa + OhhKarim)
- Removed the News Reporter hourly photo limit. (Arran + MaX15)
- Car Factories now generate 250 engine parts per hour instead of 200. (Arran + Apache995)

Tuesday 13th March 2018
- Added a search bar to '/carmods' and '/gunmods'. (Arran + Apple)
- Fixed group members being able to capture LS turfs while inside their base. (Brian + Arran)
- Removed the LS turfs which are at respawn points and prison releases. (Arran + Richiniro)
- Increased price of 'Dragon RT' from $250,000 to $1,000,000. (Arran + M&M)
- Improved '/online'. (Arran + JaVa)
- Removed access to '/teamvote' from DL2+ due to immature behaviour. Gave access to staff team to use. (Arran + MaXenon)
- Reduced OP range of sniper from 250m to 150m because players aren't even visible over 125m unless aiming near them. (Arran + Dimit)
- When clicking 'Color' in mod shop, the color controls will be unticked to prevent the color being automatically changed. (Arran + Dusty)

Monday 12th March 2018
- Each time you equip the jetpack, 1 unit of nitrous (<$9) will be consumed. (Arran + JaVa)
- Increased shotgun damage by 15%. (Arran + Holger)
- Vehicle tazing is now available to L7+ groups. (Dimit)
- Miner and Hunter mission sounds won't be played when 'mission sounds' in '/settings' is disabled. (Arran + Amman)
- When your food drops below 10, the "Food: 9" on the HUD will appear orange. (Arran + Dredd)
- Decreased cost of Voltic to $2.5 mil, increased cost of Banshee to $3 mil. (Arran + MandM)
- Increased time between being able to attempt armed robbery from 60 to 120 seconds. (Arran + OneBlacky)
- Fixed being able to bypass the limit and cause desync with sniper. (JaVa)
- Fixed being able to cause desync with parachute by punching. (JaVa + zilvA)
- You can now only switch between Military and Rebel if you wait 1 hour between quitting one and joining the other. (Arran + PedoBear)

Sunday 11th March 2018
- Added a racing variant for Infernus. (Brian + Vampire)

Saturday 10th March 2018
- Made Voltic's handling better and increased its default top speed. (Brian)
- Added a Comet model with 5 variants. (Apache995)
- Added an AI Trader that sells Engine Parts for $600. (Arran)
- Added 4 more speed boosts to vehicles which will use 1100, 1200, 1300 and 1400 engine parts. (Arran + Dredd)
- Added '/fbm mp <Red/Blue/White>' in order to know how many players in a specific team, also it's shown right bottom your screen. (JaVa + Vampire)
- Added '/fbm tog' to toggle name tag at the football stadium as a host. (JaVa + Arran + Vampire)
- Each team now has its own skin when joining the football stadium. (JaVa + Vampire + OzBeast)
- Forum Weekly Vote #4 has started in news board, go vote! (Arran)
- Fixed car shop not showing correct handling for vehicles that have had their handling modified by us. (Arran)

Friday 9th March 2018
- Added '/leavestadium' in order to leave the football stadium in case you get frozen inside. (JaVa)
- Disabled being able to use other guns than sawed-off at the football stadium. (JaVa + Relerx)
- Civilians are now able to enter the football stadium. (JaVa + Relerx)
- Added a custom blip at the football stadium to know where the location is. (JaVa + Vampire)
- You can now see the scores right bottom your screen. (JaVa + Relerx)
- Fixed sometimes scoring while the ball didn't get inside the goal post. (JaVa)
- Added new features for the renter of the stadium to use. '/fbm h' to recognize them. (JaVa)
- Being AFK/idle for 15 minutes will now cause your stadium to be expired. (JaVa + Vampire)
- Added '/stdleft' to see the time left of the expiration of the current stadium rental. (JaVa + Vampire)
- You can now specifically block discord users from PMing you through '/dblock'. (Relerx)
- You can now reply to discord messages through '/dre' as well. (Relerx)
- Fixed not being able to use projectiles in event and duel dimensions. (Relerx)
- Added City Zen Zones to '/gps'. (Relerx + Vampire)
- Fixed getting frozen/unfrozen randomly at the football stadium. (JaVa)
- Fixed being able to make the caddy not movable at the football stadium. (JaVa + Shotgun)
- Fixed police group jobs being able to use teargas without Gas Mask. (Relerx)
- Fixed Gangsters not being able to use molotov. (Relerx + TonyLlanco)
- Fixed not being able to throw teargas as a federal agent. (Relerx + Ludis)

Thursday 8th March 2018
- Only criminals are now able to enter the football stadium. (JaVa)
- Added '/fbm warp' feature for who is renting the stadium, used to warp the players to their team's position. (JaVa)
- Added a football system, use /gps to know the stadium's location. '/fbm h' to know the possible commands you can use as a host. (JaVa + Brian + T0RNIKE)
- Fixed a bug where sometimes peds wouldn't respawn eventually resulting in all peds being forever dead. (Arran)
- Pirus promoted to L7 group. (Staff Team)
- FidoDido added as trial staff. (Staff Team)

Wednesday 7th March 2018
- Increased max speed of the Advanced Hummer from 152 KPH to 198 KPH. (Arran + Redfire)
- Fixed getting frozen while you're not even exploiting in LS. (JaVa + Relerx)
- Fixed not being able to throw projectiles in both LV and LS. (JaVa + TonyLlanco)
- Satchels can now be thrown and detonated while sprinting. (JaVa)
- Added SWAT team walk style to skin 96 and 287. (Arran + Chaozz)
- Explosion sounds are now enabled by default. (Arran + Wickness)
- Only police can now use the tazer. (Arran + Coolwolf)
- You can rob the same store twice in a row as long as there's a 5 minute gap between robberies. (Arran + Diamond)

Tuesday 6th March 2018
- MaXenon added as trial staff. (Staff Team + Community)

Monday 5th March 2018
- Fixed triggering the RPG time limit while the rocket didn't even get fired. (JaVa + OhhKarim)
- Fixed civilians not being able to drop bombs from Rustler if they're in LV. (Arran + Apple)
- Fixed firefighter's mission blip not shown when you are a firefighter. (JaVa + GoldenFTW)
- Fixed peds attacking you even after going far away and possibly changing to civilian. (Arran + Airhead)
- Fixed being able to cause desync with shotgun. (JaVa + Jonio + BlackyMan)

Sunday 4th March 2018
- Made NRG-500 have default decals as variant like original GTA model. (Brian)
- The cheapest price for an item for sale on F7 will be green, the bad deals will be yellow. (Arran)
- Reduced price of '/fireworks' from $10K to $2K. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to slide by RPG and HS rocket. (JaVa + Vampire)
- Added vehicle variants to 'Freeway' and 'Bullet'. You can edit them at vehicle mods shops. (Brian)
- Fixed being able to rapid fire with deagle. (JaVa)
- Custom clothes on other players won't load if your FPS is below 'Minimum FPS' in '/settings'. (Arran)
- Fixed custom clothes disappearing for a second when entering / exiting interiors. (Arran)
- Optimized many scripts for increased FPS. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to use the spraycan while crouching which made you slide. (JaVa + Vampire)

Saturday 3rd March 2018
- Optimized GPS script even more, saving 5 MB RAM, until a waypoint is placed. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to cause desync with grenades by switching from sniper to grenades while holding fire button. (JaVa)
- Fixed being able to rapid fire by binding "next_weapon" and parachute in the same key. (JaVa + OhhKarim)
- GPS script will now only load the road list when you place a GPS, so until you use GPS, script will use 15 MB less RAM. (Arran)

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