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30 04, 2016, 06:46:06 pm by Snipe | Views: 493 | Comments: 1

I suggest making it so the day/night cycle of CIT is server sided, rather than player controlled. Roleplay wise that's a lot better and the atmosphere changing by itself is good in my opinion.

I decided to make this suggestion after playing on a different server which had this. I know this isn't huge, but it does make your experience slightly better in my opinion.
29 04, 2016, 08:22:48 pm by iDoge | Views: 395 | Comments: 1

As my previous suggestion to add a drift tune, even though it had a lot of uovotes,  was denied due to the script Brian made
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forgot to thank him for taking his time to make it. Btw can I ask for it if you read this Bri?
conflicting with CIT's current vehicle handlings. I want to have Elegy's handling line replaced with one that'll make it slide like a dream. Also add a restriction to only havee it RWD, because I tested a drift line I  MTA and used /hedit to convert it to awd and found it accelerated too fast.

Code: [Select]
1320.0 3300.0 1.0 0.0 -0.15 -0.3 70 0.70 0.75 0.48 5 300.0 65.0 0.8 R P 9.5 0.58 0 46.0 1.1 0.15 5.0 0.25 -0.10 0.40 0.3 0.15 0.54 105000 40000001 200000 0 0 1
Or Check out Brian's Idea!

NOTE: If possible maybe allow current elegy shaders to work on the vehicle that will be replaced? Or just add the new  handling to the current elegy and then replace another shitty car with the elegy's default Handling.

We can replace Bravura and increase the price. Also Brian is it possible to use a modded elegy? I mean I have a mod that gives elegy HD rims and rollcages and such.

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* Changelog

Tuesday 3rd May 2016
- Added another oil turf near LS docks in sea. (Brian)
- L8 groups get heli spawners and access to armed vehicles to spawn for free. (Brian)
- L7 groups get 5 more skin shaders. (Brian)
- L6 groups get access to custom group job and /gojob. (Brian)
- L5 groups get access to barriers. (Brian)
- L4 groups have access to one skin shader paid with ingame money. (Brian)
- Promoted groups that own a car spawner to L3 as L3 perk is having a car spawner. (Brian)
- Added a 'Real Night' setting where it's very dark at night. '/settings' => 'Blue Sky or Real Night'. (Arran + SnipX)

Monday 2nd May 2016
- L2 group members can now buy tools, equipment, ammo and guns from their group info icon. (Arran)
- Promoted all groups with bases to L2 as L2 perk is having a group base. (Arran + Brian)
- Replaced 'Bravura' with a tuned Elegy model and applied drift handling to it. Head to expensive vehicle shops to buy one. (Brian + iDoge)
- Level 1 groups have access to deposit money to the group bank. (Arran)
- Groups can now be promoted / demoted between level 1 and 10. Group levels are visible in group list. (Arran + Snipe)
- Mapped a turf at LS Oil Rig (old AR area). Controlling it will pay you with Oil. (Brian)
- Shadow added as Trial Staff (Staff Team)

Sunday 1st May 2016
- Removed a bugged spawn point for hijacker. (Arran + Medusa)
- Fixed in-game times not being synced (unless you have sync with real time or locked time set) (Arran + Snipe)
- Re-enabled the paint ball arena. (Arran + MimoS)
- Increased the drugs confiscated when taking someone to prison by 100%. (Arran + Navneet)
- Forum: Added back the Administrative Complaints board. (Franco + xb0x)

Saturday 30th April 2016
- Added the classic 'News Reporter' job back. (Arran + Brian)
- Fixed squad member slots being reset when script / server restarted. (Arran + Vandam)

Friday 29th April 2016
- Fixed being able to tow the van heist. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed the Iron used when someone buys armor from a Boxville being totally wrong. (Arran + Berkay'01)
- Fixed getting bugged if you try rob a house while glued to a vehicle. (Arran + Shogun)
- Made it so Malibu Club rental is cancelled if you leave Club or quit while you're the owner. (Brian)

Thursday 28th April 2016
- Disabled overpowered move and shoot with MG-42 from '/equip'. (Arran)
- Fixed criminals being able to team stack CE's by being auto warped into them when they survived last mission. (Arran)
- Doubled pay criminals get from killing a cop and escape cash in CE. Increased wanted points from 60 to 120. Increased duration till event start by 1 minute. (Arran + KC)
- Fixed non Mechanic / Traffic Officer being able to tow an abandoned vehicle. (Arran + Addicted)
- Fixed non VIP not being able to glue to DFT-30. (Arran + Hardy)

Wednesday 27th April 2016
- Disabled armed robbery script. If you liked any of those robberies make a suggestion to convert it into a criminal event. (Arran)
- Entering a criminal event with a vehicle will result in being removed the vehicle. (Arran + KC)
- Added the Criminal V Cop on screen text while in the criminal event area. (Arran + KC)
- Disabled running when in criminal event area. (Arran + KC)
- Made the jetpack ineffective when in criminal event area. (Arran + KC)
- Moved the drug shipment criminal event checkpoint. There is now 1 in the middle of the ship and another on the roof. (Arran + KC)
- Added a permission to groups and squads to limit access based on rank to members ability to spawn barriers, this only applies to groups which have been given access to spawn barriers.. (Arran + Jumper)

Tuesday 26th April 2016
- Removed the Dillimore PD AR as it conflicted with PDR CE. (Arran + eryeshesh)
- Added back the "old" DS boat. (Brian + Neymar)
- Fixed not being able to kill criminal eventer until they've hurt a cop. (Arran + eryeshesh)
- Increased CE escape cash from $5000 to $10,000 as it's underpaid compared to AR escape cash. (Arran)
- ACA will be right after SFB as they're both in SF. (Arran + KC)
- Forum: You can now edit your suggestions instead of having to reply to them. (Arran + Cheyenne)
- Added DS, PDR & ACA to the CE rotation. (Arran + Farhan-Khan)
- Changed turf capture rate for the last time, from 2 to 1. (Arran + MadaFaka)
- Added an ammunation marker at LV Hospital. (Arran + MeGo'24)
- If you die in south LV you will always spawn at LV Hospital, rather than sometimes spawning at Crippen Memorial. (Arran + Mahmoud)

Monday 25th April 2016
- Completely removed fire bullets script as there's no purpose to keep it in LV. (Brian + Tayson)
- Improved forum 'Messages of the Week' to only include topics that aren't locked. (Arran)
- Relaxed rule 13 so that you can now send ONE non English message in main or team chat and not get muted. (Arran)
- There are now only 4 criminal events: MDM, LSB, DFR & SFB. To enter you must go to the specific event location. To know where that is use '/gps' and look in the criminal event category. (Arran + Neymar)
- Made it so you can use Sniper Rifle to kill animals as Hunter. (Brian + SnipX)

Sunday 24th April 2016
- Added a new setting that allows you to change your own sniper crosshair. It's similar to altcross and you can choose between 12 sniper crosshairs. (Brian + Emin)
- Removed more rapid transport blips and slightly increased the price. (Arran + Various player opinions)
- Lowered Hunter job promotion requirements so leveling up will require less time. (Brian + iMeMo)
- Merged Netherlands and Belgium country chats into 'NLBE'. (Arran + Geert)
- Reduced the wait time between throwing grenades / satchels from 10 to 3 seconds. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- '/rt' can no longer be used while inside a turf. (Arran + RedHeart)
- Merged Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi country chats into 'IPB'. (Arran + Navneet)
- Players can no longer craft a rocket if they've been attacked in the last 10 seconds. (Arran + KC)
- Cops can't go off shift or quit job to find the next AR location before they're allowed to. (Arran + Ptole)
- Hugely increased Police Detective pay and made it harder to level up. (Arran + Navneet)
- Med kits will heal twice as fast while taking speed. (Arran + Robokitty)
- Made the Raindance helicopter 50% bullet resistant. Increased the price. (Arran + KC)
- Police Traffic / Mechanic side mission must now use a tow truck to move abandoned vehicles. Increased pay. (Arran + Max)
- Buses and Coaches will no longer collide with other Buses and Coaches. (Arran + Emin)
- Added reputation points for holding LS turfs. (Arran + KC)
- Fixed Fire Extinguisher and O2 Tanks hud meters not being aligned on most screens. (Brian)

Saturday 23rd April 2016
- Fixed the LS Briefcase holder not actually holding a briefcase. (Arran)
- Delivering the LS Briefcase will result in 50 wanted points. Increased pay to $25,000. (Arran + KC)
- Disabled the not very reliable script which made AFK outlaws take less damage. (Arran + KC)
- Melee weapons are now much more effective against peds. (Arran + iCriminal)
- Fixed melee weapons not doing much damage when an outlaw fights another outlaw. (Arran + iCriminal)
- Master added as Trial Staff. (Staff Team)
- Made it so you can rent Malibu Club and stream your own music inside it. Head to the office upstairs to find rental marker. (Brian)
- Fixed Waste Manager blips and markers not appearing if you take the job twice. (Arran + Barbara)
- Fixed group history filters not filtering. (Arran + HassoN)
- Fixed being able to glue vehicles to some vehicles you weren't meant to be able to glue vehicles to. (Arran + Rands)
- Hijacker payment will no longer take into account vehicle health to avoid the confusion and frustration of a low payment when the vehicle was delivered badly damaged. The payment is now primarily based on the criminals online. (Arran)
- L3. Lucifer and L3. iEx_TcR promoted to L4 Staff. (Head Staff)
- Echoo passed Trial Staff. (Head Staff)
- Changed 'Fire Extinguisher' so its effect will reduce if your ped keeps burning and you will gradually take more damage. (Brian)

Friday 22nd April 2016
- In LV you can now change weapon while still aiming with another weapon. This was disabled as it is EXPLOITABLE but this is what fools vote for so this is what fools get. (Arran + roundeR)
- Removed weapons new players start with, gave them extra money to compensate. (Arran + Brian)
- Added a small protected area where the ammunation and rapid transport marker outside LV DM Arena is. (Arran + Heinz)
- Merged 2 country chats: RU (Russian) + BY (Belarusian) = RUBY. (Arran + Toby)

Thursday 21st April 2016
- Added 3 more abandoned cars that will spawn around San Fierro. (Arran + Qwazzy)
- Fixed not being able to shoot after escaping prison. (Arran + Sage)
- Fixed abandoned vehicles (traffic officer / mechanic mission) being damage proof. (Arran + Disaster + Rands)
- Improved some squad messages so it shows player name and account name. (Arran + Tomoxx)
- Changed the 'Choose Background' CITPhone app image. (Arran + Stablish)
- Medics will now get paid for healing their group mates when in LV. (Arran + DeathWish)

Wednesday 20th April 2016
- Removed various rapid transport markers as apparently players don't drive any more. (Arran)
- Doubled the turf capture speed in LV. (Arran + Ramsey)
- '/go JobName' + '/gojob' can now be used in LV. (Arran + Quartz)
- Disabled Hunter shooting in LV. (Arran + Mukhtar)
- Added 4 new AI traders that buy grenades and satchels in tens and hundreds for $2000/unit. (Arran + Mahmoud)
- Increased gap between hit message text and custom titles for small resolutions. (Arran + DEATH)
- Improved the camera at mod-shop, you can now rotate it like you would normally. (Arran + Bully)
- Fixed being able to rob the same armed robbery many times. (Arran)
- L1. Vengeance passed Trial Staff. (Head Staff)
- L2. Rover promoted to L3 Staff. (Head Staff)

Tuesday 19th April 2016
- Added GamerFTW as Trial Staff. (Staff Team)
- A vehicle repair kit won't be consumed if the repair was cancelled. (Arran + Crash28)
- Added Sultan to list of vehicles criminals can recover without needing VIP. (Arran + Akrso)
- You can now remove a custom title by selecting it when you already have it selected. (Arran + Bully)
- A group / squad custom title will be removed when a member leaves the group / squad. (Arran + SnipX)
- Added 'Custom Titles' to 'X' => Click on yourself. (Arran + IDriver)
- Added 'Music Player' app to CITphone which opens '/mplayer'. (Arran + Pac'Man)
- Fixed being frozen when buying armor from the armor box even if you're not given armor. (Arran + Akrso)
- Fixed getting bugged if you enter an apartment while in or on a vehicle. (Arran + Sub7even)
- Increased wanted points from Armed Robbery from 40 to 60. (Arran)
- Fixed Molotov being partially affected by grenade / satchel limiter. (Arran + Heroin)
- Fixed zombie stats ('/zstats') not saving new stats. (Arran + Weston)
- Fixed not getting wanted when hitting someone with a melee weapon. (Arran + Berkay)

Monday 18th April 2016
- Fixed wanted players not being able to get arrested if they're in a car as passenger in a safe zone. (Arran + Shogun)
- Fixed not being able to rob a store after robbing another one. (Arran + KC)

Sunday 17th April 2016
- Made it so animal mods aren't applied if you aren't playing as Hunter. (Brian)
- Remapped 'LSBR' Armed Robbery using GTA objects as much as possible. Removed around 60 objects. (Brian)
- Mapped some stairs inside LS turfs. (Brian + Tomoxx)
- Reduced the turf spawn points from 4 to 1. (Arran + Cydia)
- Increased the wanted points from drug smuggling from 35 to 120. (Arran + KC)
- Improved '/wl' so it now tells you who has the most wanted points. (Arran + KC)
- Added an AI Trader which regularly buys 20 Chemicals for $500/unit from F7. (Arran + MeMo)
- Added stairs to the DD arena inside LS stadium so you could get out if you went into the lower area. (Arran + Ptole)
- The 'Predator' (police boat) can now fire its weapons in event and law dimension. (Arran + xb0x)

Saturday 16th April 2016
- Increased melee weapon damage by 400%. (Arran + Shadow)
- Changed the money transfer and mark player CITphone app image. (Arran + DashHXQ + Xander)
- Players won't be able to mark you on their map if they're on your ignore list. (Arran + Wizzard)
- Added 'Bomb Disposal Level' to the F5 Police Computer. (Arran + Navneet)
- When a store is being robbed the police now get a GPS locator option if they don't know where it is. (Arran + KC)
- Added 'Anonymous' check-box to F7 which allows you to sell stuff anonymously. (Arran + NightFury)
- Fixed not being able to fire an RPG for 10 seconds after throwing a grenade. (Arran + Dupix)
- Added alliance login message setting to '/settings' disabled by default. (Arran + Tad)
- The Mechanic can now deliver abandoned vehicles to the scrap yard like the Traffic Officer. (Arran + Max)

Thursday 14th April 2016
- Fixed opening group history taking so long you can get kicked for game being frozen. (Arran + Uardo)
- Fixed not being able to use jetpack after picking up the LS briefcase. (Arran + Shadow)
- Fixed police being able to use vehicle weapons in LV DM arena. (Arran + Navneet)
- Fixed criminals getting wanted after dying when near van heist. (Arran + Medusa)
- Fixed ped missions not being cancelled after quitting job. (Arran + Shogun)
- Fixed hunter job being able to fire the rifle inside interiors he shouldn't be able to. (Arran + Shogun)

Wednesday 13th April 2016
- Added a 3rd option to the 'Custom Titles' setting to let you see your own custom title. (Arran + Quartz)
- Enabled again "Fire Extinguisher" equipment in LV since fire bullets on shotgun are overpowered now. (Brian)
- Added Sabfas as Trial Staff (Staff Team)
- Reverted recent changes to criminal event system. Wait time between events is now 3 minutes again. (Arran)
- Fixed AI traders not buying Uranium, they now buy it for $40/unit. (Arran + Berkay'01)
- Increased mechanic job payment by around 500%. (Arran + Yazeed)

Tuesday 12th April 2016
- Added Custom Titles system. See: '/customtitles' Added setting to disable them in '/settings'. (Arran + SnipX)
- Removed '/playercount' and added that GUI to F1 under 'Players' tab. (Arran)
- Fixed not being able to fish with the Marquis. (Arran + Danzy)
- Fixed APB message above players head being on the wrong person. (Arran + Shogun)

Monday 11th April 2016
- Fixed jail fine per second being $20 when it should have been $25. (Arran + Navneet)
- Added 'Briefcase Delivery' to criminal mission list GUI, press F5. (Arran + Heroin)
- Added a new setting to '/settings': 'Enable Admin Quiz Messages'. (Arran + HeadBoss)
- Increased MP5 magazine capacity from 60 to 80. (Arran + Bokila)
- Remapped whole Rodeo Armed Robbery and removed around 60-70 objects from that robbery. (Brian)
- Reduced incendiary bullets cooldown to 2 seconds in LV. (Brian)

Sunday 10th April 2016
- Criminal events are now every 30 minutes and you can only enter less than 5 minutes before start. Doubled all CE payments. (Arran)
- Fixed criminal truckers being able to 'farm' wanted level. (Arran + Scarface)
- Fixed tazer being able to damage any vehicle in a safe zone. (Arran + Echoo)
- Fixed criminals ending up at LSPD if they leave a criminal event before it starts. (Arran + Psycho)
- Fixed cops not being able to jack a wanted driver from some vehicles. (Arran + Shogun)
- Fixed community event managers not being able to create speakers in event dimension. (Arran + Serious)
- Fixed not being able to rob a second store without reconnecting. (Arran + KC)
- Fixed being able to throw a projectile right after being AFK. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Fixed Space Miner not getting explosives every 4th rock like they're supposed to. (Arran + Tomoxx)
- Fixed not being able to withdraw money from the group bank. (Arran + King:SnipX)
- Fixed tazer not having an affect on someone in a safe zone. (Arran + Navneet)

Saturday 9th April 2016
- DL3's can use super advert every 12 minutes instead of every 12 hours. (Arran + Mr.Eich)
- Each wanted level now means 20 wanted points instead of 10 so getting 6 stars will actually be hard. (Arran)
- Made med-kits heal twice as slowly as some players say the game is too easy and boring with med-kits. (Arran)
- Forum: Punishment Consultancy board will now be moderated by community members instead of staff. (Arran)
- Improved '/crimevent update' so it now says the max players. (Arran)
- In the forum discussion many complain that criminal events are boring because they're always accessible: Increased the player limit to between 20 and 40 depending on players online, increased the wait time between events to 12 minutes, through the event will still start early if both teams reach their limit. (Arran)
- Added a wait time of 10 seconds between throwing grenades and satchels. Explosion spam in LV is over. (Arran)
- Increased the wait time between firing the RPG from 7 to 60 seconds. Added on screen text saying when you can fire again. (Arran)

Friday 8th April 2016
- The tazer can now damage a vehicle in a safe zone if a wanted player is in it. (Arran + Kogar)
- Added 17 new car factory units for making engine parts due to increase in demand, at Garcia SF. (Arran)
- Removed the bullet resistance on vehicle models. Reduced the price of these vehicles such as Stafford to reflect their lack of bullet resistance. Sell and re-buy these vehicles to get them for the cheaper new price. (Arran)
- Added a new boost type: 'Bullet Resistance' which can increase bullet resistance up to 50%, very expensive! (Arran)
- Removing a vehicle boost will now give you back engine parts. (Arran)
- Added a new stats page on the website called LV Daily which shows the top 5 turfers and top 5 killer groups in LV each day. (Arran)

Thursday 7th April 2016
- Doubled Jefferson Motel wanted level pay. (Arran)
- Added an ammunation marker at Jefferson Motel. (Arran + Smith)
- Added a notice above the head of APB target. (Arran + KC)
- Added 'Press N for directions' when cops are notified of an armed robbery, also when doing '/arl'. (Arran + Medusa)
- Fixed being able to enter a house while glued to a vehicle. (Arran + Sub7even)
- Fixed being able to drive a job restricted vehicle without the job when you buy it. (Arran + Shogun)
- Fixed an exploit which allowed you to rapidly fire some weapons while in driveby. (Arran + Shadow)
- Disabled UAV in LV (again) as it can make you invincible. (Arran + Shadow)

Wednesday 6th April 2016
- Spawn protect when entering Jefferson Motel is now 5 seconds for both sides. (Arran + Vandam)
- The hijack vehicle now takes damage. This will make it possible to fight over the vehicle. Doubled the pay. (Arran)
- Tear gas kills will now register as kills. If health reaches 1 with armor, there will be chocking animation. (Arran + Navneet)
- Criminals will earn 1 star each 5 seconds up to 4 when escorting the van heist. (Arran + Heroin)
- Fixed cops being able to teleport from LSPD to Madd Dogs Mansion by entering and exiting the CE. (Arran + Deckard)
- Modified the criminal event top killers, damagers and healers message so it now says which team won. (Arran + Mukhtar)
- Added the 'Barracks' to police station vehicle shops for $300,000. (Arran + Navneet)

Tuesday 5th April 2016
- Made it so hitmark works even when shooting with sniper rifle. (Brian)
- Law Farm: added /lawflip and /lawrepair so LF users will be able to flip and repair their vehicles inside law farm dimension. (Brian + iDoge)

Monday 4th April 2016
- Added hud icons to /equip items that affect your gameplay. They will appear only if you have /equip objects disabled. (Brian)

Sunday 3rd April 2016
- Delivering the briefcase in LS will now get you 300 (600 for super) criminal reputation points. (Arran + Heroin)
- Cops can use '/arl' and see current armed robbery in CITphone 1 minute after the location was announced. (Arran + Navneet)
- Automatic pay jail fine now works with all methods of being sent to jail. (Arran + Vend3tta)

Saturday 2nd April 2016
- Modified '/stats' so it uses a memo box instead of a label as a memo can fit more text. (Arran)
- Added a 'Todays Tops' tab in F1 to see today's top players. (Arran)
- Added an 'LV Scores' ('/lvscore' to quick see it) tab in F1. (Arran + StonePark)
- Moved the '/updates' GUI into a tab in F1. (Arran)
- Made a new F1 GUI which has different tabs for more than just the help documentation. (Arran)
- Made it so Ferry Captain pays you both money and Wheat every time you deliver goods. Wheat is useful for restaurants. (Brian)

Friday 1st April 2016
- Replaced Alpha with GTA Vice City's Deluxo. You can buy that car at expensive vehicles shop. (Brian + Tiiger)

Tuesday 29th March 2016
- Added a 5 seconds cooldown after shooting a fire bullet with Shotgun in LV. (Brian)
- The "already been jailed twice in a row" won't apply when the criminal is at AR or CE. (Arran + Kogar)
- Alliance members can glue to your vehicle when it's locked. (Arran + Bocanegra)
- Added commas to group bank withdraw and deposit edit boxes. (Arran + JohnCenz)
- '/go job' won't work when you're near a hit target. (Arran + Chapo)
- LSD / infra-red goggle effect won't work in event dimension. (Arran + Apache995)

Monday 28th March 2016
- Added Pizza Boy job. Find job locations with /gps or simply enter a pizzaboy scooter while unoccupied. (Brian)

Friday 25th March 2016
- Removed job skins from Delivery Man. You will be able to work with your own skin. (Brian + Denos)
- Reduced the space occupied by animals in Hunter Job by 30%. It'll take you more time to fill your carriage capacity. (Brian)
- Players can't use '/eventwarp' if hurt in the last 10 seconds. (Arran + Lil'Tulip)
- Increased maximum players in a team duel from 5 to 50. (Arran + KC)

Thursday 24th March 2016
- Denos, Jocke and NinjaTuna promoted to L3. (Headstaff)

Monday 21st March 2016
- Added a prison siren when the prison gate is opened. (Arran + Navneet)
- Disabled being able to craft RPGs. (Arran + JohnCenz)

Sunday 20th March 2016
- Fixed some exploitable bugs. (Arran + Salamander + Vengeance + Czyeth + Sub7even)
- Added 71 custom CJ clothes. (Wilz + Uber)

Saturday 19th March 2016
- Removed '/dtype' and added 3 buttons for changing drive type to the mod shop. (Arran)
- A vehicles drive type (all / front / rear wheel drive) will now save. (Arran + Charly)
- Added 'Ferry Captain' to SF employment office. (Arran + KC)
- When using 'Remove boost' at the mod shop it will now remove only 1 level. (Arran + Akrso)
- Added Pickaxe and animation when mining as Miner and Cave Miner. (Arran + KhoaBui)
- IronMan promoted to L5. (Headstaff)
- Removed bikes from car shops, many players upvoted so don't bother complaining. (Brian + Tiiger)
- Replaced BF400 model with civilian version of HPV-1000. Set its max speed same as Police HPV-1000. (Brian + Tiiger)
- Added Navneet as Trial Staff. (Staff Team)

Tuesday 15th March 2016
- Staff can no longer marry players, only an SO (State Offical) can marry players. (Arran + Lacosta)
- Added '/qs meat' for Hunter and '/qs ferrystops' for Ferry Captain. (Arran + Green)
- The weed drug effect of low gravity won't apply when using jetpack as it slows down movement. (Arran + Nikos)
- Nitrous factories now create 4000 Nitrous instead of 2500. (Arran + Ryan)
- Added 'Ferry Captain' to '/stats' (Arran + KC)
- Added '/go Hunter' for level 10 hunters and '/go Ferry Captain' for level 10 ferry captains. (Arran + DJrami)

Monday 14th March 2016
- Pepo promoted to L3. (Head Staff)
- Inferno passed Trial. (High Staff & Head Staff)

Sunday 13th March 2016
- Added Vengeance as Trial Staff. (Staff Team)

Saturday 12th March 2016
- Halved the pay you get from standing near the van heist, increased the maximum pay from $25,000 to $50,000, you now get $5000 for killing an enemy near van heist which you will only get paid if your team delivers the van. (Arran + KC)
- Removed '/stopwatch' and added this feature to the CITphone clock app. (Arran + TurrO)
- Azoulas passed Trial. (HighStaff & HeadStaff)

Friday 11th March 2016
- Squad blips will be disabled while you're in LV. Also fixed some group + squad blip bugs. (Arran + JohnCenz)
- Added a way to get to the top roof of the Alhambra in Idlewood. (Arran + Medusa)
- Increased criminal reputation points from completing van heist to a maximum of 600, the points received is based on how much you were paid which is based on how long you protected the van for. (Arran + KC)

Wednesday 9th March 2016
- Disabled the News Reporter job because it was too easy to farm money because not many people played it because it was boring. If you have an idea on a new thing for that job to do post a suggestion on the forum. (Arran)
- Echoo added as Trial Staff. (Staff team)

Tuesday 8th March 2016
- Made fishermen able to catch fish with the Marquis. (Arran + Brian)
- Improved '/stats' so that it now says the country name of a player and not just a country code. (Arran + StonePark)

Monday 7th March 2016
- Improved the JFM main entrance fences to protect police from being hurt through the fences. (Arran + Vandam)
- Fixed about 50 small script bugs. (Arran)

Friday 4th March 2016
- You can't exit Jefferson Motel's interior if hurt in the past 10 seconds. (Arran + CoManDeR)

Thursday 3rd March 2016
- Fixed not being able to rob a store if you've already robbed one without reconnecting. (Arran + KC)
- Fixed '/deleteally name' not saving the deletion. (Arran + Charly)

Wednesday 2nd March 2016
- Added 'Mobile ATM' when clicking on yourself after pressing X. Has the same effect as '/mobileatm'. (Arran + Assad-Khan)
- Added a small protected area in LV airport at the rapid transport marker where duelling often takes place. (Arran + n0thing)

Tuesday 1st March 2016
- Added more landing points for small aircraft pilot missions. (Arran + KhoaBui)

*** For updates older than this check the 'Updates Changelog' in the 'News' board on the forum ***

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  • Cerberus: But yea, try to put in detail about the suggestion and keep it simple
    Today at 03:42:17 am
  • Cerberus: Good point, and I must admit, it was fun to read
    Today at 03:39:59 am
  • ~Excel: If it was plain, no one would really care about it tbh :/
    Today at 03:34:48 am
  • Prince10: dat boi
    Today at 03:33:50 am
  • Vengeance: No comments.
    Today at 03:31:01 am
  • Vengeance: This suggestion's just..
    Today at 03:30:57 am
  • Vengeance: [link]
    Today at 03:30:44 am
  • Zeky: Im fapping on iDoge
    Today at 03:22:26 am
  • CoMraD: lol hahahaa
    Today at 03:16:22 am
  • iDoge: Fappin
    Today at 03:08:59 am
  • Xander: derip what are u doin
    Today at 12:34:43 am
  • Uardo.: RIP
    Today at 12:34:38 am
  • DeRip.: ???
    Today at 12:24:27 am
  • tanke94: well
    Yesterday at 11:48:40 pm
  • Chapo: Lol
    Yesterday at 11:26:55 pm
  • The Amazonic: is the most intellectual thing when I say something like that
    Yesterday at 11:22:08 pm
  • Chapo: This chat...
    Yesterday at 11:06:41 pm

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