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21 05, 2015, 11:08:19 pm by KmilO | Views: 233 | Comments: 1

• Being able to get the Bus in the spawners as Bus Driver again
Even if most of the people use the Coach, the Bus has way more control when it is time to turn and some people prefers it as they like to turn fast in some parts of the route. Adding it to the spawner again won't harm anyone I guess...
20 05, 2015, 08:05:13 pm by MaXenon | Views: 179 | Comments: 1

This suggestion was discussed and voted here. (there were also a "0" option but we removed it as only 2 guys voted 0.

The suggestion is Criminals getting reputation for escorting van heist since Van heist is also a criminal activity.
How much RP should we get? Well, Criminals voted 100 in the topic but after a while, Boles came with an idea:
Cash earned at Van   Reputation     
$1-$2499                         0
$2500-$4999                 50
$5000-$7499                 100
$7500 -$9999                150
$10000-Above               200
I think it will be better than making a stabile amount.

But first, Van heist mission is not added to Criminal F5 GUI. I think it should be added since it's a criminal mission.
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* Changelog

Friday 22nd May 2015
- Modified the Police Detective job so that you must now photograph evidence before collecting it, increased pay by $500 and it's probably still underpaid. (Arran)
- Significantly increased the Police Motorbike (HPV-1000) acceleration. (Arran + Moni)
- Added an Armed Robbery at Bayside Marina docks which pays 400g crack on completion. (Arran)

Thursday 21st May 2015
- Modified the base info marker script so you have to press Z to show the base info when you walk into the markers. (Arran)
- Added criminal experience points when 'Van Heist' is completed and made it kick out the driver if they don't move for 10 seconds. (Arran)
- Fixed '/gojob' not working properly for groups that were in the Army team. (Arran)
- Events: Added an event manager setting to disable slow heal and DL2 health boost. (Arran)
- Forum: Raised maximum font in signatures from 3 to 12 as default text was actually 10. (Arran)
- Fixed some official law groups not being able to place barriers and use tear gas. (Arran)

Tuesday 19th May 2015
- Added the ability for event managers to disable med kits in the event dimension. (Arran)
- Made it so you lose 10 HP every time you punch someone you shouldn't to deter trolls who punch people. (Arran)
- Made it so store robbers won't open the skin selection GUI while running into the marker. (Arran)
- Made it so the Securicar in Van Heist can be reversed, just very slowly. (Arran)
- Removed the 'Government' and 'Army' team as they weren't needed. (Arran)

Monday 18th May 2015
- Added '/unboost speed/acceleration/braking' which will reset the handling. (Arran)

Saturday 16th May 2015
- Modified local chat when inside Jefferson Motel so it's like in CE's where you only see your own teams local chat. (Arran + MaXenon)
- Lowered the price of Pizza Boy to $5000 and made it so non-VIPs can recover it as it's identical to the Faggio. (Arran + Droidy)

Friday 15th May 2015
- Made squad member names appear on F11 if the setting to show group member names is enabled. (Arran)
- Added 'Space Boots' and 'X - Ray' to 'X' => click yourself. (Arran)
- Added 9 zones near south-west LS trailer park. Use /zonesforsale to reach the place. Structures must be nicely built or they will be wiped and force sold. No cubes allowed. (Brian)
- Added armor pick-up inside the "casino" criminal event. (Brian)

Thursday 14th May 2015
- Removed "Don't kill cops who are waiting for a criminal event to start." from rule 8 as cops should be using the LSPD entrance which is within a safe zone. (Arran)
- Lowered the Police Medic requirements to 300,000 healing. (Arran)
- Fixed wanted players being able to hide inside trains. (Arran)
- Added new objects to CITy lists suggested by iDriver and Tiiger. (Brian)

Wednesday 13th May 2015
- Made Hydra, civilian, UAV, jump restrictions not apply in the event dimension. (Arran)
- Allowed stealth mode to run inside criminal events as the movement speed is so slow. (Arran)

Tuesday 12th May 2015
- Egekan passed trial (Staff Reviewers)
- ToxiK added as trial staff (Staff Team)

Sunday 10th May 2015
- Fixed weapon bind desync by having the weapon change through key sync (rather than the next pure sync packet which is what causes the desync) by using control states to cycle through your weapons as if you were using the scroll wheel, it takes 2 frames to cycle each weapon so if you have low FPS and it needs to cycle through many weapons then it might take a while but this sure is better than "remove weapon binds" like idiots keep suggesting. (Arran)

Friday 8th May 2015
- Removed the 'Support Staff Manager' duty, moving the management of official supporters to the Minister of New Citizenry. (Arran)

Thursday 7th May 2015
- Changed the appearance of skins ID 301 and ID 234. (Brian)
- Made it so whenever you have less than 10 hours of play time you get VIP rather than getting 10 hours of VIP that runs out. (Wilz + Arran)

Wednesday 6th Mary 2015
- Made it so nobody can be hurt if they've been tazed. (Arran)

Tuesday 5th May 2015
- Added a task check so jump limit won't apply when in the climbing state. (Arran)
- Added 'Gambling Machine' to 'Free Time' in '/addent' for CITy zones and apartments. You can press X and click on it to gamble. (Arran)
- Added '/wipeapartment YourAccountName' only works when inside your apartment, sells all objects. (Arran)
- Added a space bridge that connects asteroid to space station. (Brian)

Monday 4th May 2015
- Added the ability to respawn at Apartments and also the ability to warp to them from a rapid transport marker. (Arran)
- Re-added the old 'Gangsters' team for LV. (Arran)

Sunday 3rd May 2015
- Disabled moving and shooting with minigun, increased it's damage to compensate. (Arran)
- Made repair kits only give 10% repair as opposed to the usual 25% when the vehicle costs over $1,000,000. (Arran)
- Made the jump limit not apply to the 'Stealth Mode' walk style as it runs slower. (Arran)

Saturday 2nd May 2015
- Improved 'Use Repair Kit' to that it will also fix popped tyres. (Arran)

Wednesday 29th April 2015
- Disabled rental fees from the apartment system so some more people might actually use them. (Arran)
- Added the ability to rotate your ped by clicking on it while previewing different skins at the skin shops. (Arran)
- Ramy promoted to L3. (Brian)

Tuesday 28th April 2015
- Increased medic healing range from 2 to 6. (Arran)
- Made it so as soon as all cops die in a criminal event, criminals are warped out. (Arran)
- Added a criminal event entry marker at LSPD. (Arran)

Monday 27th April 2015
- Added the ability to buy fire trucks. (Arran)
- Added a warning sound when you leave the armed robbery area while you're robbing it. (Arran)

Sunday 26th April 2015
- Added 31 peds located at the emptiest areas of LS, with help from the Hispanic community. More peds will be gradually added, which hopefully means more ped missions. (Rabbid Rabbit)

Saturday 25th April 2015
- Added a payment of $2500 when breaking people out of prison as well as the criminal XP you already get. Lowered the wanted level you get when breaking out of prison from 4 to 2 to also encourage people to break out of prison. (Arran)
- Added a setting in '/settings' to disable VIP hats. (Arran)
- Enacted 2 of 7 suggestions in MadaFaka's LV report: Disable Seasparrow and disable jump limit in LV. (Arran)
- Removed boat races. In 2 days only 15 players took part to them and they were racing alone. (Brian)
- Re-allowed police teams to attend street races. (Arran)
- Improved the info when aiming at a vehicle to work when you're also inside a vehicle and made the color of the text match the color of their name tag. (Arran)

Friday 24th April 2015
- Removed 'Newbie' tag from new players, replaced it with xH, x being their hours online from 0 to 15. (Arran)
- Redesigned the ped adding system so that they can be added much easier and by any L3+. (Arran)
- Doubled Pilot payments to balance it with other jobs. (KmilO + Arran)

Thursday 23rd April 2015
- Added even more buttons to 'X' when clicking on yourself. (Arran)
- Increased Fisherman pay by 100% to balance it with other jobs. (KmilO + Arran)
- Added boat races. Find the anchor icon on map. /boatracetime to check when and where is the next race. (Brian)

Wednesday 22nd April 2015
- Added some more buttons to 'X' when you click on yourself. There are many more buttons that need adding. (Arran)

Tuesday 21st April 2015
- Changed Pilot, Trucker, Farmer and Fisherman to use the old, simpler promotion system. If your job level or pay has significantly changed report it to the Minster of Workers. If you play as these jobs and are online when this update is announced, reconnect to fix your job progress. (Arran)
- Made it so every civilian job earns 20% more each level up so L5 earns 100% more than L0 and L10 earns 200% more than L0. (Arran)
- Added "Sending invalid reports using '/report' is punishable." to ingame rule #2. (Arran)
- Re-designed the in-game rule breaking report system so that when rule breaking is on screen you do: '/report' and once the screenshot has been uploaded you have to do '/viewreport' to view the screenshot and then you must either delete the screenshot or enter a message to go with the screenshot and then click send report. This will stop the constant misuse of '/report'. (Arran)
- Added Nvidia as Trial Staff (Staff Team)
- Bound '/craft' to F4. (Arran)
- Reduced Lumberjack promotion requirements by around 90%. (Arran)

Monday 20th April 2015
- Re-designed the F1 system so that it can be modified in-game by L2 Staff (20 edits max per day) and Supporters (10 edits max per day) so they can add answers for every question! (Arran)
- Added a new section for armed robberies in '/gps'. (Arran + ToxiK)
- Reduced 'News Reporter' promotion requirements by 75%. (Arran)
- Removed group-restricted spawners from Criminal Villa so groups can stop annoying about access (Brian)

Sunday 19th April 2015
- Enacted KmilO's report for increasing Delivery Man pay by 150% and lowering promotion requirements by 55%. (Arran)
- Enacted Tad's report for disabling being able to enter houses when attacked within the last 10 seconds. (Arran)

Saturday 18th April 2015
- Added 23 new questions and answers to F1. (Wilz)
- Fixed the dodgy AK-47 firing animation that I caused when changing it's fire rate. Increased AK-47 accuracy. (Arran)
- Added a setting to '/settings' to disable player equipment they added to themselves with '/equip' and also made it save your equipped item so that it's automatically applied next time you login. (Arran)

Friday 17th April 2015
- Modified 'Van Heist' so that the driver can't be jacked, they must be killed. (Arran)
- Added a store rob ped to the Barber Shop in 'Playa del Seville' (Arran)
- Added /equip which will allow you to attach weapons to your skin. (Arran - Brian)

Thursday 16th April 2015
- Added an ammunation marker at the sea hospital. (Arran)
- Deleted the 'Feature Suggestions' board. Added a 'Ministerial Reports' for confirmed bugs, approved suggestions and other ministerial reports. (Arran)
- Moved the 'Quality Assurance' board into 'Minister of Quality Assurance'. (Arran)
- Deleted the 'Administrative Complaints' board. The Minister of Fairness will now look into complaints against admins and if they feel wrong doing has been commit, they are to notify a staff member that has enough access to deal with it. (Arran)
- Removed garbage features from CITbook. (Arran)
- Added a 'Medium to Hard' Hitman mission. The peds are slightly harder as they can move around a bit and this mission has 9 peds. (Arran)

Tuesday 14th April 2015
- Stopped criminals respawning at LS hospitals as they DM cops there too much. Instead they have 3 spawn points: the 2 prison releases and criminal villa. (Arran)
- Added radio sharing to the apartment system. Like with houses the owner sets their CITphone radio while inside their apartment and anyone who visits their apartment will have their radio changed to that. (Arran)
- Added vehicle health info when aiming at a vehicle. (Arran)
- Changed the order of rapid transport locations so that more commonly used ones are at the top. (Arran)
- Added a text bar to remind you that you're marked as busy when using '/busy'. (Arran)

Monday 13th April 2015
- Added '/busy reason here' the reason is displayed to someone who sends you an SMS. (Arran)
- Disabled the jump limit for players in Outer Space. (Arran)

Sunday 12th April 2015
- Added a jump limit of 6 times every 20 seconds. (Arran)
- Added comma notations (a comma every 3rd number) to the F7 GUI edit boxes. (Arran)
- Re-added bank withdraw and deposit messages to '/myhistory' and changed all the bank messages so they start with "BANK:" that way you can filter all bank transactions using "BANK:" (Arran)

Saturday 11th April 2015
- Added the ability to use repair kits in the law farm training dimension. (Arran)
- Removed the small skin takes more damage script as 55% of players were in favour of removal. (Arran)
- Added current job level to the 'TAB' player list for 'Civilian Workers' (Arran)
- Halved the distance check between criminal and nearest cop when using '/surrender' (Arran)
- Fixed not being able to recover the Seasparrow when in the water. (Arran)
- Added a 'Minister of Suggestions' who will remove poor suggestions and improve good suggestions so that only valid topics are moved into Feature Suggestions. This means you can no longer post topics or reply to topics in Feature Suggestions, instead you post them in the Minister of Suggestions board but currently we have no minister so someone will need to apply and be accepted first. (Arran)
- Removed '/limitspeed' and '/resetlimit'. Optimized the cruise control so instead of it changing your vehicle handling it increases and decreases your level of acceleration as if you were using a PS2 analogue controller. Can now be used with the BMX. (Arran)
- Fixed ignored player script not working with my country chat. (Arran)
- Fixed vending machines, chairs and beds not working in apartments. (Arran)
- Added the 3 unused paramedic skins to the skin shop. (Arran)
- Made it so you can double click on a crafting item to craft it instead of having to click craft. (Arran)
- Gave the Minister of Architecture access to use '/delent' in any CITy zone so they can clean up messy zones. (Arran)
- Re-designed the F1 help system so you can just type a key word in then see a list of related questions. There is a lot of rubbish and outdated information which needs fixing and many questions need adding to it. (Arran)

Friday 10th April 2015
- Made AK-47 fire slower but do more damage. (Arran)
- Optimized the house and vehicle radio system so that the stream won't play if you set your CITphone radio volume to 0. (Arran)
- Lowered the price of firing a Hydra missile from $6000 to $2000. (Arran)
- Added a Waste Manager rubbish drop off point to the scrap yard in LS. (Arran)
- Added a CJ clothing marker to Prison. (Arran)
- Reduced 'Repair Kit' crafting requirements by 4 'Electronics' and made it require 1 'Engine Parts'. (Arran)
- Merged US and CA country chats into NA (North America) (Arran)
- Added '/punishlog' as an alternative to 'X' => 'Punish Log' (Arran)
- Appointed PedoBear as Minister of Ministers. He will now decide on who should become the other ministers. (Arran)
- Replaced sniper crosshair texture with a more detailed one taken from GTA V. (Brian)
- Removed Cargobob mod as it was buggy and ugly. You can use Raindance and News Chopper instead. (Brian)
- Updated Car Paint setting to a new version which adds reflections. Script made by Ren712. (Arran)
- Changed SuperGT handling and made it similar to Cheetah and Infernus. Increased its max speed and its price. (Brian - Arran)

Wednesday 8th April 2015
- PedoBear, Shehabos and Visma passed Trial and promoted to L2. (L5 + L4 Staff)
- Added 12 new races around LS and some Rally routes mapped by Sashko in SF countryside. (Rabbid Rabbit)
- Added vehicle recovery pads to the remaining apartments that didn't have any. (Rabbid Rabbit)
- Made it so squads interiors can have their own information marker. (Brian)

Tuesday 7th April 2015
- Made it so players can't get rich just sitting in a car escorting the Van Heist Securicar. Also lowered the cop pay by 10% as they're monopolizing it. (Arran)
- Lowered the time criminals have to exit a criminal event from 150 to 30 seconds. (Arran)

Monday 6th April 2015
- Fixed criminals being able to semi jack the 'Van Heist' Securicar without getting wanted. Also made it change color based on which team is driving it or was last driving it. (Arran)
- Allowed everyone to use /glue on the Bobcat, Walton Sadler and Yosemite. (Arran)
- Added '/boost braking' which will increase the braking speed, it also affects vehicle turning. (Arran)
- Lowered the price of the S.W.A.T. from $40 mil to $25 mil. If you already own one, sell it and buy another to save $15 mil. (Arran)
- Added Apartments to 'B' => 'My Houses' in case you forget which places you rent apartments. (Arran)
- Added CITy zones to 'B' => 'My Houses' in case you forget where your zone is. (Arran)
- As there were too many car factory units: Deleted the for sale ones and deleted any which didn't have 10,000 Iron in. (Arran)
- Added business property to 'B' => 'My Houses' so if you can't find your property you can find blip it from there. (Arran)

Sunday 5th April 2015
- Added a 'Van Heist' CnR mission. Criminals must work together to escort the Securicar to Emmets Garage in Willowfield, Cops must stop the criminals and escort it to the LSPD garage. If you are nearby the vehicle while your team is driving it, your payment will go up. When your team wins the mission you get your payment. The Securicar is EXTREMELY slow and it cannot reverse! It goes slowly enough so that you can escort it on foot. (Arran)

Saturday 4th April 2015
- Modified 3 armed robberies so you get 200g of coke instead of $20,000. Currently coke can only be sold to the stood still AI peds. This is just the beginning of a criminal drug system though this system won't be like the old system which was focussed on players taking drugs for player performance, this system will be focussed on drug wars. (Arran)
- Criminal Events: Added a reward of $9000 for 1st, $6000 for 2nd and $3000 3rd place top damagers. Also added a reward everyone gets so that each 1 damage you do gets you $1. (Arran)
- Converted the first 27 batch of Car Factories into Nitrous Factories, which extract Nitrous from Oil. (Arran)
- Increased Waste Manager Iron extraction amount by 500% and decreased waste collection interval from 15 to 10 seconds. (Arran)
- Added '/rv' and '/recover' instead of having to press F2 then click recover. (Arran)
- Removed the inability to shoot for 2 seconds when using weapon binds and switching to SPAS. (Arran)

Friday 3rd April 2015
- Removed the Waste Manager scripts and replaced it with a script similar to Fisherman where you can't stay in one area forever. Drive around in the sweeper collecting rubbish then take the rubbish to the scrap yard to extract Iron. The amount of Iron received is definitely going to be under or over paid so whatever the case is, someone will need to make a forum suggestion to tweak the Iron received to make it balanced to Iron Miner. Also moved the job location to Angel Pine Junk Yard. (Arran)
- Added a minimum payment level when a criminal is inside JFM of $1000 per 3 minutes. (Arran)
- Re-enabled '/weptype spas' because it's awesome. (Arran)
- Raised the packet loss 'controls disabled' mode from 20% to 30% so people stop complaining about not being able to move when they have a garbage connection. (Arran)
- Added '/boost acceleration' which is just like '/boost speed' but as the name suggests it boosts the engine acceleration. (Arran)
- Added 39 more car factory units, on the south side of the old Science and Technology Center. (Arran)

Thursday 2nd April 2015
- Added 34 more car factory units, at the old Science and Technology Center, due to great demand. (Arran)
- Added '/boost speed' which will use engine parts to upgrade your vehicles speed by 5% each time you use it, max is 30%. Each level requires more engine parts: 5, 8, 12, 15, 18, 21. You can boost any auto-mobile or motorbike. An acceleration boost will be added later. Engine parts are lost when you sell the vehicle so decide wisely on which vehicles you upgrade. (Arran)
- Added 27 new business properties (Car Factory Unit 1 to 27) to rent. A car factory converts Iron into Engine Parts, which will be used for vehicle upgrade boosts. (Arran)
- Modified vehicle storage so that you can store 20 RPGs in your vehicle inventory. (Arran)
- Made it so kill messages won't appear while in cinema mode. (Arran)
- Added a 20% payment increase when a police officer takes an arrested player to a police station, rather than kill arresting them. (Arran)
- Deleted 'Vietnamese', 'Mongolian', 'Tunisian', 'Thai', 'Scandinavian', 'Pakistani', 'Lithuanian', 'Italian', 'Hungarian', 'Hebrew', 'German', 'Georgian', 'Filipino', 'French', 'Ex-Yu', 'Estonian', 'Egyptian', 'Dutch', 'Bulgarian', 'Bedouin', 'Azerbaijani', and 'Albanian' from the 'J' chat interface as they all had less than 15 chat messages posted in 24 hours. (Arran)
- Increased the ping limit for the most distant countries to 500ms. AU, NZ, PG, ID, PH, TP are the country codes which are considered as distant. (Arran)

Wednesday 1st April 2015
- Removed the 'Staff Code of Conduct' and merged it into the Constitution. Most of the code of conduct was already in the constitution so only 2 lines needed to be added: CITC 2.2.J + K. Also modified that section so that it applies to anyone with special permissions, for example PCs, SOs and CBs. (Arran)
- Changed "Movement blocked!" to "Fighting blocked!" as it seems to cause more problems than improve fair play (Arran)
- Re-enabled the '/feedback' GUI. (Arran)
- Made it so when criminals exit a criminal event interior they immediately get their payment. (Arran)

Monday 30th March 2015
- Fixed Trucker not working after making a delivery. (Arran)

Sunday 29th March 2015
- Made it so rapid transport is free for players with less than 10 hours and made it so you can double click on the gridlist instead of having to click the travel button. (Arran)
- Added vehicle recovery points to every apartment building (Cherry)
- Added 15 new textures to CITy. 3 aztec, flower tiles, mint & orange paint, 2 Scottish, dark & greywash & old Swiss & red cabin, dark & rough wood & a pine mixture. (Arran + Brian + Cherry)

Saturday 28th March 2015
- Completed work on the apartment system, look for the GTA SA save game icon near large buildings, you will be able to rent an apartment in every building and the interior you create will be shared across every apartment building you rent. The system to add / edit / delete objects is based on the CITy system and the prices used are 10% of the CITy object prices. Please read the information in the GUI and then read it again. (Arran)
- SA News: Work on the apartment rental system has been completed and is in it's final stage of testing before becoming accessible to the public. Special thanks goes out to Brian for creating the interior object.

Thursday 26th March 2015
- Vazz promoted to L4 (Arran)
- SA News: Can't find or afford a house? No need to worry as a huge development project has been announced. Many unused buildings around SA are going to be converted into thousands of affordable blank apartments which you'll be able to rent and then customize the room layout and choose what the walls, floor and ceiling will look like. Once all that's done you'll finally be able to buy your own furniture. If you're excited you'll have to remember to be patient as good things take time!
- Lowered armor crafting Iron consumption to 200 and lowered the freeze craft time to 8 seconds. (Arran)
- Added the decimal mark (a comma every 3 numbers) to the ATM robbery code entered. (Arran)
- Added armor pick-ups to all criminal events. (Arran)
- Added a 7 second cool down time between firing the RPG. (Arran)
- Modified the new country chat system so that BA, HR, RS, SL are all merged into ExYu. (Arran)

Wednesday 25th March 2015
- Increased movement speed when aiming with AK-47 by 81% so that people might actually find the AK-47 worth using. (Arran)
- Added '/radio' to stop the radio and '/radio channel name partial here' to start the radio. Example: '/radio 181' Power 181 will start playing. (Arran)
- Added a 'My Country' chat so that when you press T and enter a message instead of the script telling you to use '/main' your message will be transmit to only players that have the same country code, so if you see some new player from your country asking a question be a good guy and lend a hand or ask him to ask in support. You can disable this chat from appearing in your chatbox in '/settings' (Arran)

Tuesday 24th March 2015
- Added 26 electronic factory units to rent at the 'Solarin Industries' building in Doherty San Fierro. Each hour the property will create 100 units of electronics out of 50 chemicals, 500 oil and 500 iron.
- Due to unpreventable cheaters answering chemical and electronic questions, science and technology markers have been removed. The space miner will now extract Uranium and Oil or Uranium and Chemicals. Electronics has no method of production for now. (Arran)

Monday 23rd March 2015
- Added 6 zones to the LV area. They're perfect for criminal groups to build a base. They give a slight advantage but AFAIK, you can't use them to snipe people. Use zonesforsale to see where they are. (Cherry)
- Added 5 zones to Red County that are perfect for groups to build a base on. Two times 4x4 and three times 5x5. (Cherry)
- Removed "Engine Off" and replaced it with an engine off image when your car engine has been turned off. (Arran + KmilO)
- Added a rapid transport marker to LSPD, Glen Park, Verona Beach and Marina. (Arran)
- Modified the drive-by system so that drivers can fire weapons but when they do, they can't drive the car. 74% voted in favour. (Arran)
- Fixed new players not being able to sell resources that they earn from jobs in F7. (Arran)
- Removed skin 261 as a 'small skin' so it no longer takes 15% more damage. (Arran)

Sunday 22nd March 2015
- Optimized a load of client resources so your FPS should be slightly better. I have decided to disable my nice marker system as the performance requirement of it out weighs its visual improvement. (Arran)
- Added a petrol station at Verdant Meadows Airport. (Arran)
- Added the decimal mark (a comma every 3 numbers) to the ATM GUI so instead of seeing 1000000 you'd see 1,000,000. (Arran)
- Added a 1 in 4 chance of extracting Oil when extracting uranium from space mining. Reminder: There is also a 1 in 4 chance of extracting Iron while space mining. (Arran)

Saturday 21st March 2015
- Added wanted points next to wanted level in the new HUD. (Arran)
- Fixed APB blip not appearing / disappearing when logging in / leaving the team. (Arran)
- Fixed law / crim blip not being made visible when you login or join the team after it was placed and made it disappear when you leave the team. (Arran)
- Due to too much Iron production AI will pay $7 for Iron and due too little Uranium production AI will pay $50 per unit. (Arran)
- Made it require much less resources to travel to space. (Arran)

Friday 20th March 2015
- Added a 2 HP health boost for everyone every 7 seconds which should help new players who can't afford or don't know about stuff like med kits to recover their health, even if it's very slowly. (Arran)
- Added a new house to CITy. It's inspired by the first SF house that was built with CITy objects few months ago. (Brian)
- Increased the damage value of Shotgun from 10 to 12. (Arran)

Thursday 19th March 2015
- Disabled being able to enter MDM when your team has too many players, so that the event will actually start rather than go on forever due to team stacking. (Arran)
- Added a 20 carry limit to RPGs. (Arran)

Wednesday 18th March 2015
- Since nobody plays taxi driver: made it criminal only, doubled the pay, added a little wanted level and some crim XP. (Arran)

Tuesday 17th March 2015
- Modified '/superadvert' so that it tells you how many minutes left until you can use it again if you're trying to use it more than once every 24 hours. (Arran)
- Copied the '/lawblip message' script and made a '/crimblip message' script for Criminal Bosses to use. (Arran)
- Added a small safe zone around LSPD spawn and markers. (Arran)
- Removed '/buyrpg' and added 26 Russian Arms Dealers around LV who are selling 10 RPG's for $60,000. (Arran)
- Modified local chat when inside criminal events so that you only see chat from your own team. (Arran)
- Modified the fuel system so that when a plane runs out of fuel it will lose the ability to accelerate rather than drop out of the sky. (Arran)
- Lowered the price of the Hydra to $25m to reflect it's new expensive rocket system. If you already own one you should sell it and buy a new one to save $14-15m. (Arran)
- Removed the redundant Paramedic job, made it so Police / Criminal Medics can buy and drive ambulances. (Arran)

Monday 16th March 2015
- Increased the cost of projectiles to $2000 and increased the carry capacity to 100. (Arran + WarStar)
- Added some homeless AI (peds) around LS. Added a new task which you can get from the homeless: You give them $50,000 and they'll spread rumours of your bad-assery causing you to gain 5000 crim XP / rep. (Arran + Saif Bhuiya)
- Made aircraft require fuel, made the LSA, SFA, and LVA petrol pumps accessible to aircraft. (Arran + Henry)
- Modified the Hydra missile system so that it can fire a heat seeking rocket every 2 seconds but it now costs $6000 per rocket. (Arran + Head'Boss)
- Fixed Sea Sparrow not being able to do damage. (Arran)
- Kavzor promoted back to L3. (Staff & SPM)

Sunday 15th March 2015
- Added a new line to the constitution: "If the issuer of a ban and the ban appeal moderators have ignored an appeal for 7+ days, the appeal system will be deemed incompetent. The appellant will be entitled to an immediate unban." - CITC 3.2.H (Arran)

Saturday 14th March 2015
- Added Enforcer ($2,500,000 80% bullet resistant) FBI Rancher ($1,000,000) FBI Truck ($1,500,000 80% bullet resistant) Police Maverick ($1,500,000) and S.W.A.T. ($40,000,000 90% bullet resistant) at police stations for police. (Arran + NinjaTuna)
- Added a 1 floor modern house to CITy "Building" list. (Brian)
- Removed CITy's "Airport" section and moved its items inside "Building". (Brian)

Friday 13th March 2015
- Added a command for sending out a server wide advert which costs $100 per online player and can only be used once every 24 hours. If you use this command without making a proper advert you will be muted for misuse. Usage: '/superadvert message here' (Arran)
- Made it so you when you apply a CITy texture to some objects, instead of it covering the whole object it will only cover one of the textures for example when applied to a bed, only the bed cover will change texture. (Brian)
- Modified '/viphats' so you can now do '/viphats HatName' (Arran)
- Added a confirmation message when you hide your vehicle. (Arran)
- Modified the SMS system so CITbook friends will receive your messages even if you're not on their CITphone contact list. (Arran)
- Forum: To up / down vote forum posts you had to have 10 posts, I have now removed this restriction so that everyone can get involved in the feature suggestion voting. (Arran)

Thursday 12th March 2015
- Added some bed objects to CITy and made it so you can apply CITy textures to bed sheets only. (Brian)
- Removed /silenced and added it as setting. Check /settings panel in Weapons section. (Arran - Brian)
- As nobody plays Taxi Driver, modified the script so it's no longer a job, you can just enter a taxi any time you want and do taxi missions. The promotion system remains. (Arran)
- Space Miner: Added a 1 in 5 chance of extracting Iron as a bonus when you extract Uranium. (Arran)
- Added an Easy to Medium Hitman mission offered by Male AI where you have to kill 2 pimps. (Arran)
- Improved the ped AI system so that AI will respond to attacks on other nearby AI. (Arran)
- Added an Easy Hitman mission offered by Male AI where you have to kill a drug dealer. (Arran)
- Added 86 new CJ clothes. (Brian)

Wednesday 11th March 2015
- Completed work on the first ped task which is a simple hitman mission. Some female AI want you to kill their husband in exchange for cash and reputation points. More tasks (and harder tasks) to come in the future! (Arran)
- More AI have been added to LS (probably need even more) they have been moved server side so they're synced better and they have been moved to use the new ped management system so they can now offer tasks to players. To see if a ped has a task press X then aim your mouse at the ped to see if it's got a mission. (Arran)
- Added a whole enter-able 2 floors house to CITy. You only need to add furniture to it. Find the object in "Building" section. (Brian)

*** For updates older than this check the 'Updates Changelog' in the 'News' board on the forum ***

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