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14 10, 2015, 02:33:48 pm by iEx_TcR | Views: 1070 | Comments: 10

What is your suggestion?: Addition of Chemical Factories.
Description of your suggestion and what it will improve?: After reviewing the dependency of chemicals, I came up with this idea. Cops n Robbers are fully dependent of med kits and chemicals are one of the major thing to craft med kits thus it'd be helpful. There is only one source of chemicals. Also a minor thing, non-VIPs can not do space mining as well as this will become a reason of lowering the price of chemicals.
Prove that your suggestion is needed?: There are several factories of important and things we're dependent on. I see Chemicals as one as well. Since we're a CnR server, most of us are always using med kits and we need chemicals for that.

Description of factory:

  • $10,000 Factory charges per hour ($8,000)
  • 10,000 Units of Iron ($8,000)
  • 10000 Units of Oil ($8,000)
  • 500 Units of Hemps ($17,500)
  • 500 Units of Herbs ($35,500)
Total Investment: $77000

  • 120 Units of Chemicals per hour. ( $90,000)
Total Profit: $13000

I think it'd be helpful. If this gets approved, I think 10 factories would work.

You may adjust price etc.
SF would be the best place for this since it is not so crowded.
06 10, 2015, 10:46:46 pm by xb0x | Views: 973 | Comments: 1

What is your suggestion?:  I am suggesting to allow people to say "sms me", "accept citbook request", and other similar phrases in main chat only. It should remain disallowed for team chats.

Description of your suggestion and what it will improve?: This will improve actual communication between players and give people one less thing to get muted for.

Prove that your suggestion is needed?:
Arran originally disallowed people from saying "sms me" and "accept citbook request" because he found it annoying that people were asking this in team chat. Here's the thing. He mentions team chat. I can understand it was annoying, I personally find it annoying as well. I ask, why is it disallowed from main too? You've essentially eliminated all public chats in which one could attempt to contact someone because SMS isn't a viable option.

edit: According to Kavzor, this was the board to suggest this in
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* Changelog

Tuesday 1st November 2015
- Added cheap vehicles shops near East & West LS jail release spawns. This will help newbies get vehicles when they spawn there. (Brian)

Monday 30th November 2015
- Local chat in the event dimension will now be seen by everyone in the dimension. (Arran + Jocke)
- Kills you get while driving a vehicle will now count towards your total kills stats. (Arran + Navneet)
- Fixed criminals being able to see the hijack blip when they can't hijack it. (Arran + Extreme)
- Increased the chance of getting Chemicals while playing as Space Miner. (Arran + Bo2loZ)
- Groups can change the color of their LS turfs with '/turfcolorls R G B' (Arran)
- Re-mapped whole "SF City Route" for bus driver to something that makes more sense. (Brian)
- Added 30 more delivery places for Delivery Man. (Brian)
- For each 4 HP of damage a criminal does during a criminal event they'll get 1 rep point. (Arran + Farhan-Khan)
- Disabled auto glue when in a safe zone to stop trolls moving players. (Arran + Brian)
- Added '/emset M' (for event managers) which will disable name tags in the event dimension. (Arran + Jocke)
- Reduced crafting requirement of 2 RPG's from 180 to 60 Explosives. (Arran + Bo2loZ)
- Reduced 'Chemical Factory' requirements of Oil from 8000 to 3000 units per hour. (Arran + AdoR)
- Added a link to 'CIT Radio' on the CIT home page. (Arran + Geert)
- Crafting armor no longer requires Chemicals. (Arran + KC)
- Fixed not being able to remove 'Lower Suspension' boost. (Arran + Nidhoggr)
- When selling armor to people from your boxville the Iron has been lowered to 2 units per 1 armor. (Arran + iFrank)
- Fixed a sync / animation exploit related to aiming while crouched with night + thermal vision. (Arran + Nvidia)
- Uber promoted to L3. (L4 & L5 staff)
- Forum: decreased required amount of time to get a civilian group sub-board to 1 month. (Brian + Fady21)

Sunday 29th November 2015
- Outlaws now use the same color that wanted criminals were. Wanted criminals will simply have their normal team color. (Arran)
- Criminal Outlaws ('/criminal outlaw') can now use Molotovs any where. (Arran + iCriminal)
- A driver with wanted passengers can no longer abuse airport repair markers for infinite repairs. (Arran + Gummeh)
- Re-enabled the bots that buy Fish ($10) and Wheat from F7 ($8). (Arran + Richiniro)
- Cops can now recover the 'Emperor' without VIP. (Arran + albdrani)
- Outlaws can no longer kill each other when inside the Armed Robbery. (Arran + Gummeh)
- You can now fire hydra rockets when not in the main dimension, useful for law dimension. (Arran + Looney)
- You can now store as many RPG's as you want in your vehicle inventory. (Arran + JohnCenz)
- Blocked having custom modifications to grenades and satchels as these mods could be cheats. (Arran)
- When in LV you can switch weapons with binds which uses the 'control state' method instead of the 'setPedWeaponSlot' method which is what caused desync. (Arran)
- Criminals now only have 5 seconds to return to the armed robbery area so they can no longer leave it to kill cops. (Arran + MiDo)
- Fixed outlaws not being able to damage a vehicle even if it contains an enemy outlaw. (Arran + Heroin)

Saturday 28th November 2015
- Added new radio stations. Put on top radios that broadcast xmas songs. (JaMaW)
- Fixed Shotgun doing way too much damage. (Arran + Brian)
- FidoDido, Tiiger, Denos, Harb passed trial (Brian)

Friday 27th November 2015
- Removed account name showing in '/stats' (Arran + JayXxX)
- Enabled being able to fire the Sea Sparrow in LV. (Arran + Roxrite)
- Fixed not being able to buy a projectile from F7 if you already some other projectiles. (Arran + Me5a)
- Added 'Cars Scrapped' in 'Police Stats' in '/stats'. (Arran + Extreme)
- Hydra rockets now only cost money when fired in the main dimension. (Arran + Dranej)
- Disabled being able to place barriers in LS turfs. (Arran + tanke94)

Wednesday 25th November 2015
- Finally added a search box to '/settings'. (Arran + Ethan)

Tuesday 24th November 2015
- Cops can now recover Police Infernus without needing VIP. (Arran + IamEvil)
- Lowered time between being able to buy RPG's from 15 to 10 minutes. (Arran + xMeDiOx)
- Removed Russian Terrorist skin as it was ugly and unused. Replaced it with a new biker skin (ID 209). Added Lance Vance skin from Vice City (ID 121) and a biker girl skin (ID 272). (Brian)

Sunday 22nd November 2015
- Removed the 14 round SPAS variant. Made the Shotgun do much more damage, fire faster but less accurate. (Arran)

Saturday 21st November 2015
- Modified the Country Rifle so it is now like the M1 Garand. It has the magazine size of 8, a new firing sound and the unique and distinct ping sound when it's fired it's last round. (Arran)
- Lowered the area around Armed Robbery which you can't recover vehicles from 100 to 40 units of distance. (Arran + LK4SNIPER)
- Outlaws now have their own blip color. (Arran + TheBoss'07)
- Added shader support to Burrito. (Brian - Killex - Powder)

Friday 20th November 2015
- The Space Miner will now find Gold instead of the Cave Miner as they already make too much from Explosives. (Arran)

Thursday 19th November 2015
- Ex_TcR promoted to L3. (Staff Team)
- Crafting RPG's will now use Explosive instead of Uranium. Space Miners will no longer find Uranium, they will now have a 75% chance of finding Chemicals and 25% chance of finding Oil. The server continues to buy 500 units of Uranium at $25 a unit. (Arran)

Wednesday 18th November 2015
- Cave Miners will no longer find Iron. Instead they have a 20% of finding Gold and 80% chance of finding Explosives. (Arran)
- Increased Country Rifle magazine capacity from 1 to 2. (Arran)
- To prevent griefing, you must wait 5 seconds before switching to criminal after resigning from being a cop. (Arran + Dimit)
- Increased casino cost and winnings by 1000% also added a casino marker in the betting shop under Mulholland Intersection. (Arran)
- Removed the Minister of Law Enforcement. (Arran + Ptole)
- You can now craft RPG's in F9 using Uranium and Iron. (Arran + Ryan)
- Added skin ID 120 to Police Detective job. (Arran + CALIXO)
- Lowered Bus Driver promotion requirements. (Arran + Cerberus)
- You can now store up to 100 RPG's in your vehicle inventory. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- AI will now buy Oil for $10/unit from F7 trading. (Arran + Resq)
- You can now sell RPG's in F7 trading. (Arran + Arthur)
- Re-added the Drug Trafficking system for boats. Just enter a boat as criminal. (Arran + T0M)

Tuesday 17th November 2015
- Reverted official law group carspawners, it seems the cause of their inactivity. Now they don't have an excuse to do nothing anymore. (Brian)

Monday 16th November 2015
- The country rifle now fires much slower but the damage has been doubled, making it much cheaper to use as a weapon. (Arran)

Saturday 14th November 2015
- Increased minimum Iron payment from delivering an abandoned vehicle from 2000 to 3000 and increased the amount of concurrent abandoned vehicles from 3 to 6. (Arran)
- Traffic Officers can now earn Iron by collecting abandoned vehicles (special vehicles marked with a pink C on map) around LS and taking them to the scrap yard that's East of Unity Station. There are 3 abandoned vehicles around LS at any time. Iron amount is between 2000 and 5000 based on amount of Traffic Officers online. (Arran + Brian)
- Increased country rifle damage from 60 to 65 as it's still almost completely unused. (Arran)
- Increased AK-47 accuracy from 0.6 to 1 as AK-47 is still only used for 0.9% of kills. (Arran)

Thursday 12th November 2015
- Added 38 new radio stations. (xb0x)
- Made it so official criminal groups have access to /barrier 1 5 6 7 8. (Brian + Yazeed)

Wednesday 11th November 2015
- Increased Tec-9 accuracy from 1.1 to 2 as only 0.89% of kills are from the Tec-9. (Arran)
- Increased Country Rifle damage to 50 from 60 as only 0.18% of kills are from the Rifle. (Arran)
- Increased AK-47 magazine from 30 to 90 rounds as the M4 is being used 3714% more often than the AK. (Arran)
- Fixed SPAS being so over powered that 62% of kills came from the SPAS. (Arran)
- The 'Balaclava' in '/equip' will cause your wanted level to go down (when a cop isn't near you) twice as fast. (Arran + Brian)
- The 'Wine Bottle' and 'Whiskey Bottle' in '/equip' will reduce how long you're incapacitated when tazered by 2 seconds. (Arran + Brian)
- The 'Tazer' in '/equip' will now cause anyone you tazer to be incapacitated for 2 more seconds. (Arran + Brian)
- Added an LS turf at Rodeo and the TV Station. (Arran)
- Squads can request a custom respawn to their own interior. (Brian - IamEvil)
- Raised the minimum VIP hours you can buy from 1 to 5. As VIP no longer goes down when you're offline there is no justification for constantly buying 1 hour each hour. (Arran)
- Outrage MC became an official CIT group. (Staff - Official Groups)

Tuesday 10th November 2015
- Modified LS briefcase payments so you now get $20,000 instead of a lower amount based on player count. Also fixed non outlaws seeing the briefcase blip. (Arran)
- IronMan Promoted to L3. (L4 & L5 Staff)
- MHP promoted to L3. (L4 & L5 Staff)
- Zach passed trial (L4 & L5 Staff)

Monday 9th November 2015
- Fixed Coach, News Chopper and GTA III Train model bugs. (Brian)

Sunday 8th November 2015
- Removed the limitation on throwing satchels right after selecting them. (Arran + AirMax)

Saturday 7th November 2015
- If you're an outlaw and another outlaw attacks you when you're stood still not attacking them, you will only take 25% damage to give you a chance to fight back against the ridiculous amount of griefers who think outlaws are meant to DM each other. (Arran)
- Added "Emperor" as undercover vehicle for Police Service which makes occupants blips invisible on minimap. (Arran - Brian)
- Added Police Infernus to Police Departments spawners. (Brian)
- Cops can now get armor from police cars, press 'X' click on police car and click 'Buy Armor' (Arran)
- Criminal Outlaws will earn 25% more from completing an Armed Robbery due to the risk. (Arran)
- The oil platform armed robbery will now give oil + drugs instead of cash + drugs. (Arran + Extreme)
- When the APB is arrested the message will now say who arrested them. (Arran + Chapo)
- Money transactions will now appear in '/myhistory' (Arran + Shomy)
- Kills in the LV DM zone won't count towards LV top killers. (Arran + rellic)
- Moved Space Miner job marker on launch pad due to high amount of exploiters who kept retaking job to get easy mining spots. (Brian)

Friday 6th November 2015
- Outlaws can now fight for control of a factory at Ocean Docks to earn steady income from the business. (Arran)
- Pepo added as Trial staff. (Staff team)
- Outlaws can now fight for control of a warehouse in Willowfield to earn steady income from the business. (Arran)
- Outlaws can now fight for control of Santa Maria Pier to earn steady income from the business. (Arran)
- Outlaws can now fight for control of Idlewood Motel to earn steady income from the business. (Arran)
- Outlaws can now fight for control of the Pig Pen to earn steady income from the business. (Arran)

Thursday 5th November 2015
- Outlaws will earn an extra $5000 when completing an indoor criminal event due to the risk of being team killed. (Arran)
- Added safe zones at the 3 places where criminals spawn in LS due to so many morons spawn killing outlaws. (Arran)
- Added briefcase delivery missions in Los Santos for Criminal Outlaws. (Arran)
- As the Hijacker mission is competitive, only criminal outlaws may now deliver the vehicle. (Arran)
- Only outlaws will be able to harvest weed at the weed farm, weed will take 60 minutes up from 20 to grow, each plant object will give 50 hits up from 10. Harvesting the weed will cause some wanted level too. (Arran)
- To enable us to have realistic competitive criminal missions where criminals can kill each other there is now '/criminal outlaw' to become an outlaw who can kill other outlaws. Now we can have more criminal activities that require competition. (Arran)
- Fixed plants that changed textures for no reason when running over them with combine harvester in farmer job. (Brian)

Tuesday 3rd November 2015
- Added some CSGO weapon mods to /gunmods. (Brian + Ra2oR)
- Lucifer promoted to L3. (Brian)
- Shehabos and Physcopath promoted to L4. (Brian)

Monday 2nd November 2015
- Low player count is due to a major network failure between Europe and America.
- You can now use '/cc' (car chat) while inside a Shamal, Train, etc. (Arran + Shreshth)
- For entering the hijack vehicle you now get 40 WP and 40 more when you deliver it. (Arran + Mr.GK)
- Re-added the old weed farm script and the old '/weedtime' command. (Arran + Fluffy)
- 'Auto switch to fists when sprinting' will now use mouse scroll method for changing weapon to prevent bugs. (Arran + Zombie)
- Fixed the 'Medic Panel' press F5 when playing as medic to use it. (Arran + AOyugaghn)
- You will now get armor when you complete a criminal event. (Arran + Zack)
- Increased the limit of changing vehicle from 3 to 6 times every 15 seconds. (Arran + Toby)
- CE and AR 3rd place top killer will be based on most damage if more than 1 player has the same kill count. (Arran + Taco)
- You can now lower a vehicles suspension at the mod shops. (Arran + corvo)
- Removed the restriction on using UAV in LV though it will probably have to be re-added as it was there for a reason. (Arran + Zio)
- Added a setting to '/settings' in the 'HUD' category called "LV Top killer + Group" to disable that on screen text. (Arran + Epic)
- You can now use the Jet-pack while being inside the Mount Chilliad mines. (Arran + Doodliedie)

Sunday 1st November 2015
- Added a setting in '/settings' in the 'Chat box text' category to disable admin punishment messages. (Arran + MarinFTW)
- Lowered the restriction when throwing satchels after selecting them from 2 to 1 second. (Arran + Me5a)
- Removed the 'Minister of Transport'. (Arran + Miki)
- Police Chiefs, Criminal Bosses and State Officials can now place barriers without having to be in the job. (Arran + Shadow)
- If you eject a player from a vehicle they won't be able to re-enter or glue to it. (Arran + Price)
- You can now sell Satchels and Grenades in 'F7' trading at up to $2500. (Arran + Lucifer)
- Exploiting in LV is now punishable. (Arran + StonePark)
- The minimum FPS for throwing satchels has been reduced from 30 to 25. (Arran + NiP)
- Community event managers are now immune to ping / packet loss kick when hosting events. (Arran + EagleEye)
- Winners of car and bike races now get 'Engine Parts' as well as Cash. 1st: 12 2nd: 6 3rd: 3. (Arran + Linko)
- Added '/qs fish' to see total profit selling fish. (Arran + LisandrO)
- Money made from turfing will now be shared with your unit. (Arran + Wiggle)
- Newest update will now appear in chatbox to save having to check '/updates' also modified '/updates' GUI. (Arran)
- Added a setting in '/settings' in the 'Miscellaneous' category to disable 'Automatically Glue To Vehicles' (Arran + Sean)
- Improved '/customskin' so you can turn personal skins on and off, example: '/customskin on' example for a group: '/customskin on GroupNameHere'. (Arran + Chillax)
- Added a new model on NRG-500 which supports shaders. Check vehicle shaders shop to find necessary files. (Brian + JaMaW)
- In '/stats' you can now select 10 players every 20 seconds instead of 1 every 3. (Arran + Bari)
- Disabled automatically switching to fists when sprinting (in LV) as this creates as much desync as weapon binds. (Arran)
- Disabled weapon binds in LV (apparently they cause desync) and increased game speed to 1.2 from 1.1 (Arran + Diesel)
- Opening Group and Squad History will now be up to 10 times faster depending on your download speed. (Arran + JohnCenz)
- The 'Rapid Transport' GUI now works with the 15 year old 800 x 600 resolution. (Arran + TirexXxT)

*** For updates older than this check the 'Updates Changelog' in the 'News' board on the forum ***

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