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09 06, 2019, 02:13:36 pm by noD3 | Views: 600 | Comments: 6

I know that
General information and rules:
  • Proposals which are independent of each other should not be made within the same topic.
But the idea behind this proposal is that balancing all of the civilian jobs progress levels together and later on moving to the payment of them which is described in the proposal.
Creating a topic for each job would be too much topics to do and I believe unnecessary.

Civilian Progress Time Balance

The idea I see behind Civilian Jobs is dividing the civilian jobs into 2 categories, which would be so called "Easy Jobs" and "Hard Jobs" where these 2 categories would be :
  • A ) Easy Job : A job which progress levels pays less than same progress level hard jobs, the job is good for earning fast money if let's you only have 10 hours to play, since of the promotion bonuses you get. Easy job is a short term investment of your time to get the most money in a shortest period of time.
  • B ) Hard Job : A job which progress levels pays more than the easy jobs progress levels, the job will be harder to level up, but each level will benefit you more cash. Hard job is a long term investment of your time to get the money, since the you are investing your time to receive less money in the beginning , but will pay off in a long term.

Basically L10 Easy Job will pay less in 1 hour than a L10 Hard Job.

Here is the statistical data of old civilian jobs progress levels, the time it takes to achieve a L10 , and my proposed civilian jobs progress levels and time it would take to achieve a L10.
Show content

New players will have a choice to play the job they like and will have to think where they want to invest their time, but the best choice for them will still remain playing as a Lumberjack, since I left the job how it is now0

The idea behind why no job should take longer than 70 hours to achieve L10 is because investing 2 and a half hours daily into a civlian job for a month should be enough for players to achieve that achievement, even if the player does not have that much time to spend playing It, as some jobs currently are over 100 hours to achieve a L10, which is ridicilous. Also no jobs should be quicker than 30 hours to level up, since this is pretty achievable if you don't even have the time, and there will still remain as an achievement of becoming a L10 in a job.

After this proposal a following proposal will be proposed which will include change payments of the jobs to balance them out and make easy jobs pay less than hard jobs in a long term.

Here is my proposal of civilian jobs :
  • Pilot :
  • Show content
    Currently it takes around 23 hours to achieve a L10 pilot,  when you average around 220 miles per hour.

    Proposal: My proposal would be so that it should take little bit longer, which is around 30 hours, and here is progress level changes I am proposing :
    Show content
    L1 : 660
    L2 : 1320
    L3 : 1980
    L4 : 2640
    L5 : 3300
    L6 : 3960
    L7 : 4620
    L8 : 5280
    L9 : 5940
    L10 : 6600

  • Bus Driver :
  • Show content
    Currently  it takes around 44 hours to achieve a L10 , when you average 180 stops per hour, when L9 is 4000 bus stops and L10 is 8000 stops, which is little bit too much.

    Proposal : My proposal would be so that it should take little bit less and the job should be  classified as a easy job, the job should take around 30 hours to become a L10. Progress level changes :
    Show content
    L1 : 540
    L2 :  1080
    L3 : 1620
    L4 : 2160
    L5 : 2700
    L6 : 3240
    L7 : 3780
    L8 : 4320
    L9 : 4860
    L10 : 5400

  • Trucker :
  • Show content
    Currently it takes around 26 hours to achieve a L10 Trucker, when you average around 140 miles per hour.

    Proposal : My proposal would be so that it should take little bit more and the should be classified as a easy job, the job should take around 30 hours to become a L10. Progress level changes :
    Show content
    L1 : 420
    L2 : 840
    L3 : 1260
    L4 : 1680
    L5 : 2100
    L6 : 2520
    L7 : 2940
    L8 : 3360
    L9 : 3780
    L10 : 4200

  • Delivery Man :
  • Show content
    Currently it takes around only 16 hours to achieve a L10 if you average around 150 deliveries per hour, I think that is too short and makes the job fastest job to achieve L10, the job after changes looks nice and not so boring, so we could still classify the job under "Easy job" and not make it too long to achieve the achievement.

    Proposal : My proposal would be that it should take little bit longer to achieve a L10, L10 should be done in 30 hours if averaging 150 deliveries per hour, progress level changes :
    Show content
    L1 : 450
    L2 : 900
    L3 : 1350
    L4 : 1800
    L5 : 2250
    L6 : 2700
    L7 : 3150
    L8 : 3600
    L9 : 4050
    L10 : 4500

  • Fire Fighter:
  • Show content
    Currently it takes around 106 hours to achieve a L10 which is too much , when averaging 750 fires taken out in an hour.

    Proposal : My proposal would be so that it should take little bit less to achieve L10, when averaging 750 fires putten out it should take you only 70 hours to achieve a L10 Fire Fighter. Here are my proposed progress level changes :
    Show content
    L1 : 2250
    L2 : 6000
    L3 : 11250
    L4 : 16500
    L5 : 21750
    L6 : 27750
    L7 : 33750
    L8 : 39750
    L9 : 45750
    L10 : 52500

  • Waste Manager:
  • Show content
    Currently it takes around 46 hours to achieve a L10 hours if you average 1600 rubbish taken out in an hour.

    Proposal : My proposal would be so that it should take little bit more to achieve L10 because the job after the reworks is pretty fun to do and not to so boring in my opinion, I believe making it a hard job and for it to take 70 hours to achieve a L10  would be making a job more interesting because the achievement would be valued more. Here are my proposed level changes :
    Show content
    L1 : 4800
    L2 : 12800
    L3 : 24000
    L4 : 35200
    L5 : 46400
    L6 : 59200
    L7 : 72000
    L8 : 84800
    L9 : 97600
    L10 : 112000

  • News Reporter:
  • Show content
    Currently it takes around 95 hours to achieve a L10 hours if you average 80 photos taken in an hour.

    Proposal : My proposal would be so that It should be faster to achieve a L10 in a specific given job, because 95 hours is too much, I believe classifying it as hard job and making 70 hours to achieve a L10 job would be more fair and achievable, my proposed progress level changes :
    Show content
    L1 : 240
    L2 : 640
    L3 : 1200
    L4 : 1760
    L5 : 2320
    L6 : 2960
    L7 : 3600
    L8 : 4240
    L9 : 4880
    L10 : 5600

  • Farmer:
  • Show content
    Currently it takes around 90 hours to achieve a L10 hours if you average 1000 bales farmed in an hour.

    Proposal : My proposal would be so that It should be faster to achieve a L10 in a specific given job, because 90 hours is too much, I believe classifying it as hard job and making 70 hours to achieve a L10 job would be more fair and achievable, my proposed progress level changes :
    Show content
    L1 : 3000
    L2 : 8000
    L3 : 15000
    L4 : 22000
    L5 : 29000
    L6 : 37000
    L7 : 45000
    L8 : 53000
    L9 : 61000
    L10 : 70000

  • Taxi Driver:
  • Show content
    Taxi driver represents a fast paced gameplay, and after recent buffs to the job it is faster to progress through , it takes around 46 hours to achieve a L10 if you average around 320k money earned through out the levels.

    Proposal : I believe with the recent changes the job could be classified as a hard job and it should take little bit longer to achieve a L10, which is 70 hours. Here are my proposed job level changes :
    Show content
    L1 :  360000
    L2 :  1120000
    L3 :  2400000
    L4 :  3960000
    L5 :  5800000
    L6 :  8140000
    L7 :   10800000
    L8 :  13780000
    L9 :   17080000
    L10 :  21000000

  • Hunter:
  • Show content
    Hunter at the moment one of the hardest jobs in my opinion, it takes around 109 hours to achieve a L10 if you average around 1300 progress points per hour, which is way too long.

    Proposal : I propose that It should take around 70 hours to achieve a L10 which would be an achievable achievement, my proposed job level changes :
    Show content
    L1 :   3900
    L2 :  10400
    L3 :  19500
    L4 :  28600
    L5 :  37700
    L6 :  48100
    L7 :   58500
    L8 :  68900
    L9 :   79300
    L10 :  91000

  • Pizza Boy:
  • Show content
    Pizza boy currently takes only 20 hours achieve L10 if you average 90 pizzas in a hour, which in my opinion is too fast and the achievement is going to be devalued.

    Proposal : I believe it should be classified as an easy job where it should take around 30 hours to achieve a L10, achievement would be valued by more players. Here are my proposed job level changes :
    Show content
    L1 :  270
    L2 :  540
    L3 : 810
    L4 : 1080
    L5 :  1350
    L6 : 1620
    L7 :  1890
    L8 :  2160
    L9 :  2430
    L10 : 2700

  • Fuel Transporter:
  • Show content
    Fuel transporter is really hard job due to the vehicle you are working with, which is hard to control, currently it takes around 119 hours to achieve a L10 if you average 8800 miles per hour, which is ridicilous and way too long.

    Proposal : I believe it should be around 70 hours to achieve L10 , which could make little bit more played and L10 Achievement would be actually achievable, here are my proposed job level changes :
    Show content
    L1 :  26400
    L2 : 70400
    L3 : 132000
    L4 :  193600
    L5 : 255200
    L6 : 325600
    L7 :  396000
    L8 :  466400
    L9 :  536800
    L10 :  616000

Special thanks to @elektro @filly @JayXxX for spending hours playing the jobs and collecting data to make the average progress per hour.
With their help it took me little bit more than 30 hours to make this proposal.
06 06, 2019, 11:11:10 pm by OhhKarim | Views: 339 | Comments: 9

Right now there's 3 teamvotes:

I wanted to create a /teamvote (well, since I personally couldn't, I asked a fellow councillor) to ask LV players if they wanted to see a return of the 200 HP, considering I've suggested it in the DS1MW board and it was accepted as it had more positive votes than negative votes. However, I didn't see any "gangster" section in the /teamvote, and even if there was a section for gangsters in /teamvote, I was worried that it would sent the question to the LS gangsters too. So, me and @Shogun tried it out with the "/teamvote crim" and it was sent out to both LS/LV criminals & gangsters. So now LS players have voted on my vote and that causes an inconsistency in the opinions of LV players. Therefore I came up with a suggestion to add a new teamvote section.

We can add /teamvote lv

Then we'd have four sections:
- crim (this will ask all criminals & gangsters in both LV, LS & SF)
- cop (this will ask all cops in both LV, LS & SF)
- civ (this will ask all civilians in both LV, LS & SF)
- lv (this will ask all players inside LV, regardless of their occupation)

You could add the restriction that you must have at least 100 LV kills, that would be fantastic too, just like /ds LV suggestions require you to have at least 100 LV kills.

This would really help with LV suggestions that I want to create, as not that many players reply in teamchat and I need more confirmations of players before I put in time and effort into a suggestion. If this gets implemented, if will help me count votes of LV players regarding 200 HP (and further ideas) so that I can suggest these ideas.
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* Changelog

Sunday 16th June 2019
- Vehicle health when viewing "vehicle information" now shows percentage rather than the old way (broken down was 30 HP). (Arran + KaZMa)
- Leaders of groups with base can use /addbaseped and /delbaseped to change their own group peds location. (Brian)
- Re-enabled '/wanking' and '/wankingend'. These animations can be disabled in '/settings'. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Fixed group and squad apps grid lists getting messed up an MTA bug when you sort them, by disabling sorting ability. (Arran + noD3)
- The health displayed when aiming at a vehicle will now show the percentage rather than the old way (broken down was 30 HP). (Arran + HomoS)
- Fixed military and rebels not seeing the blips of some of their team mates. (Arran + HomoS)
- Fixed the CITy zone object limit being wrong as some non CITy objects were being counted in it. (Arran + KaZMa)
- Added 'Show Duty Chats in Chat Box' to '/settings'. (Arran + UlasDO)

Saturday 15th June 2019
- Restricted certain police vehicles to certain police levels. To see which press F1, search 'police levels'. (Arran + MarK + Ariana)
- Upgraded '/stats' so it can be used to compare the stats of 2 different players. (Arran)

Friday 14th June 2019
- Lowered job levels requirements as explained in topic=340295.0. (Brian + noD3)
- F1 documentation can now have articles only visible to players using a certain language. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Re-added 'the hooker job'. (Arran + TheHacker)

Thursday 13th June 2019
- L2. Uber promoted to L3. (Staff Management)
- Added 'Automatic GPS' to '/settings' which can disable automatic job GPS way points and the press 'n' message. (Arran + Ariana)
- Moved the cop's armor in Jefferson Motel to some where criminals can't get to. (Arran + Dream)
- Added a confirmation window when buying a vehicle that costs over $500,000. (Arran + iRaMoS)
- Changed the script that blocked the controls of an unwanted criminal ambushing a cop to only block shooting. (Arran + SeeMi)
- Fixed being admin jailed counting towards achievements. (Arran + Destiny)

Wednesday 12th June 2019
- Taxi Driver: When delivering a VIP passenger the time left till bonus expiry will be on screen. (Arran + CooLDuDe)
- Forum: changed forum rule #5 and added: 'Posting on behalf of someone makes you responsible for possible rules infringement and will get you punished accordingly.' (Brian)

Tuesday 11th June 2019
- Slightly increased the LV area at the bottom oil turf. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Fixed losing '/gmp" data for L3 groups when resource restarts. (Brian)
- Added a new "auto riot" (like JFM) called SMW (Secret Military Warehouse) do '/gps smw' for location. (Arran + noD3 + JayXxX)
- Removed all base vehicle spawners and replaced them with a new panel you can use to spawn vehicles inside your base areas. (Brian)

Monday 10th June 2019
- Added armor at Dillimore PD armed robbery area. (Arran + Known)

Sunday 9th June 2019
- Added a new team vote category for everyone inside LV. (Arran + Karim)
- Fixed redundant 'Buy RPG' button still being shown when pressing 'X' and clicking on self. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- You will only receive a message about a private listing trade if the seller is in a market area. (Arran + Pepe)
- Fixed '/sirens' not working for L10 medics. (Arran + HarwoodButcher + MacMan)

Saturday 8th June 2019
- vaNcouver promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)

Friday 7th June 2019
- Added 'Enable Squad Member Names in F11' to '/settings'. (Arran)
- Fixed 'Enable Group/Alliance Member Names in F11' in '/settings' not working. (Arran + thunderbolt)
- GPS: The list of GPS shortcuts (you do '/gps shortcut')) now appear in '/gps'. (Arran)
- GPS: Fixed '/gps ds' not working. (Arran + Known)
- Fire fighter: Peds won't follow you if you use a jetpack or a vehicle. (Arran + Maria)

Thursday 6th June 2019
- HoBoS promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)
- Global_Army promoted to L8 group. (GLM Team)
- Fixed GPS shortcut for CE hotel (HO) and nightclub (NC) not working. (Arran + HomoS)
- Fixed the GPS locations for criminal events being outdated. (Arran + Known)
- Moved the final outdoor CE (DPD) into an AR. (Arran + JimMys$ + Hoze)
- Fixed being unable to GPS mark the current CE when doing '/ce' if it's in progress. (Arran + Chin)
- Fixed medic level not appearing on the scoreboard. (Arran + Maria)
- Cash given when a CE ends based on damage will now be $5 (used to be $1) per damage, criminals won't get any. (Arran)
- Fixed the police dispatch call to market cluckin bell been to market pizza stack. (Arran + Known)
- Fixed not being able to interact with the CITy treadmill and wardrobe objects when pressing X and clicking on them. (Arran + HarwoodButcher)
- Fixed cops not being able to enter the driver seat of a group vehicle, to arrest a wanted passenger. (Arran + CyraX)

Wednesday 5th June 2019
- Fixed firing weapons or punching when pressing left click in LS miner dimension as left click is used to start mining. (Arran + TheHacker)
- Fixed pressing 'X' then clicking on yourself panel still having 'Equipment' and fixed 'Walk Style' not working. (Arran + Chin)
- Reverted hijacker getting a fixed payment as it was extremely overpaid. (Arran + noD3)

Tuesday 4th June 2019
- Guard will inherit a skin shader if you have one enabled in the skin ID you chose with '/guardsettings'. (Brian + Ariana)
- Fixed several bugs related to skin shaders, such as being able to use shaders you don't have listed in '/customskin'. (Arran + Brian)
- Combat added as trial staff (Staff Management)
- Fixed '/gps cc' not working as Country Club was spelt wrong. (Arran + Known)
- Forum: Implemented councillor proposals will be moved to the news board. (Arran + noD3)

Monday 3rd June 2019
- Fixed non military and non rebels seeing blips when they enter a war site. (Arran + Malone + MacMan)
- I would be announcing the winning councillors but I poorly designed the election script causing me to accidentally wipe the whole table (I've made sure this won't happen again now), I have managed to manually restore the candidate info so we can go straight to voting again, you can vote for 4 candidates and I've made it so the names of who you've voted appear green. I will announce the winners tomorrow, hopefully the results will be the same. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Arran)

Sunday 2nd June 2019
- Fixed farmer on screen seed count being wrong since the getting some seeds back on harvest update. (Arran + MacMan)
- Added a search bar to find certain vehicles in 'F2' vehicle panel. (Arran)
- Applied the displaying of vehicle health from 0% to 100% in 'F2' vehicle panel instead of 30% to 100%. (Arran + Dizzy)
- Added an armor pickup at Drug Shipment armed robbery. (Arran + Dizzy)
- Added HO and NC to police codes for hotel and night club criminal events. (Arran + Hatem)
- Fixed anti rush in bank robbery criminal event not working. (Arran + Dizzy)
- Added 'Minimap Update Frequency' to '/settings' which you can increase to reduce CPU usage but minimap will be less smooth. (Arran)

Saturday 1st June 2019
- Removed 'Minimap Update Gap' as I have made it update zoom frequency every 50ms without performance impact. (Arran)
- Re-enabled LSD in LV as it's supported 19 v 6 in '/ds'. (Arran + chill)
- Minimap scale will increase when moving fast. Can be disabled using 'Minimap Zoom Out When Fast' in '/settings'. (Arran + Anuran + Combat)
- Added 'Minimap Zoom' to '/settings' to adjust how much of the map appears on the minimap. (Arran)

Friday 31st May 2019
- Since non VIP criminals can recover 3 different vehicles to them, all police can now recover 'Police LS' to them. (Arran + Ariana)
- Delivering VIP passengers as Taxi Driver must now be done in 70 seconds. (Arran + Malone + Revo)
- Medics will get $2000 when healing a player, paid for by the server, first time they heal that player only, resets every 12 hours. (Arran + Ariana)
- Medic healing will cost the same as food, removed setting to disable medic healing. (Arran + Ariana)
- Fixed space rocket not being removed if you die while using the rocket. (Arran + .Combat)
- Fixed rebel molotov being able to damage teams other than military. (Brian + .Combat)
- Councillor elections have now opened, you can place as many votes as you want as the limit of 3 didn't get applied.
- Fixed '/gojob' being able to be used to stop fall damage. (Arran + iRaMoS)

Wednesday 29th May 2019
- Text that appears to the bottom right of the screen will now have the longer texts at the bottom. (Arran)
- Fixed the hijack vehicle being towable. (Arran + Chin)
- Fixed getting wanted for murder if you are warped out of battle royale right after that kill. (Arran + Ariana)
- Fixed fireman job progress not being increased by 1 instead of 2 for rescuing a civilian. (Arran + 3bood)
- Fixed military and rebels being able to capture sites while glued to a vehicle. (Arran + MaHMouD)

Tuesday 28th May 2019
- Standing to be a councillor has opened. Voting will take place Friday night to Monday morning.

Monday 27th May 2019
- Food will heal much faster for the team with less players in a CE and the more extreme the unbalance the faster the healing. (Arran)
- Fixed cops getting spawn killed when entering a CE late by having different entrance position to the anti rush. (Arran)
- Made flash bang effect less frustrating by adding more visual disturbance but not being blocked from shooting. (Arran)
- Increased CE kill RP from 1000 to 2000 since criminals stopped attending, maybe this will help. (Arran)
- Fixed not being able to get options of the vehicle driver when pressing X and left clicking on the vehicle. (Arran + Nuko)
- Improved the vehicle health display so that 30% health (when a car must break down due to GTA SA) will show as 0%. (Arran)
- Added 'Distance Measurement' to '/settings' to pick between meters (default) or miles. (Arran)
- Moved the arrested player delivery marker at FBI base to it's new entrance. (Arran + Ariana)
- Fixed not being able to list items for sale on F7. (Arran + Suix86)
- The AI Trader that buys 'VIP Hours' (for $15,000) will now buy quantities lower than 10. (Arran)

Sunday 26th May 2019
- Moved some criminal event anti rush positions to make the maps more fair for both sides. (Arran + Airhead)
- Fixed having to pay twice to get healed by a medic sometimes. (Arran)
- Fixed non VIP cops being able to always recover vehicles to themselves when it's meant to be near police stations only. (Arran)
- Since criminals are team-stacking 27 v 1 at CEs, removed 2000 RP for doing nothing. Kills will earn 1000 RP instead. (Arran)
- Fixed meat factory robbery criminal event being ruined by criminal team-stackers by redesigning the police side. (Arran)
- 1 in 10 passengers requiring a taxi will be a VIP in a hurry who will pay 200% more if get there in 90 seconds. (Arran + UlasDO + CooLDuDe)

Saturday 25th May 2019
- Added '/guardsettings' so owners of a guard can choose a different ID for their guard and have it saved. (Nikos)
- Max FPS in LV can be set up to 100. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- 'Show in Chatbox' will be automatically ticked when using '/sup' to help newbies who use '/sup'. (Arran + Malone + Amr)
- Fixed Advanced Hummer not being for sale in the expensive car shops. (Arran + .Combat)

Friday 24th May 2019
- MTA Team has announced that MTASA is dropping XP and Vista support, in July 2019. If you are using one of these OS, we recommend that you upgrade to Windows 7 or newer. For more information: (Vampire)
- Parachute can be crafted during Battle Royale match. (Arran + Malone + MaZika)
- Fixed wanted players not being able to use the advanced hummer. (Arran + .Combat)
- The gangster hijacker vehicle delivery mission will now pay a fixed $50,000 (Arran + Malone + Dizzy)
- The team that receives dynamic damage resistance at armed robberies will be visible to both teams. (Arran + DroMa + Spark)
- Chin added as Trial Staff. (Staff Management)

Thursday 23rd May 2019
- Removed the restriction on advanced hummer being for military only. (Arran + Nuko)
- Cops who are trying to re-enter a criminal event after dying will see how many seconds until they can. (Arran + Airhead)
- Changed DS (Drug Shipment) from a criminal event to an armed robbery. (Arran + Brand + Randy)
- Fixed late joiners to criminal events being able to bypass the anti rush. (Arran + Known)

Wednesday 22nd May 2019
- L3. Coolit3 promoted to L4. (Staff Management)
- Re-added female miner skin. (Brian + Beast)
- Improved the on screen information while in a criminal event to now show time till start or time since start. (Arran)
- Modified the markers in some criminal events to try create more balance. (Arran + Airhead)
- Level 10 paramedics can edit the sirens on the Ambulance and Medic Car. (Arran + Ariana)
- L1. Badboy passed trial. (Staff Management)

Tuesday 21st May 2019
- The blip for a car in the abandoned car missions will now disappear whenever it's being towed. (Arran + MacMan + Malone)
- The resources stored in your business can be seen in CITphone 'My Properties' app. (Arran + Chin + Airhead)
- Fixed cops not getting enough protected from rushing area in BR and MDM CE's. (Arran + noD3)
- If you've installed MTA's latest nightly it's bugging your game up you need to go to and get an older one. (Arran)

Monday 20th May 2019
- Added various biker helmets to '/viphats'. (Arran + Brian + Moris + Ariana)

Sunday 19th May 2019
- Added a rapid transport marker on the asteroid that can be used to get back to Earth but not to the asteroid. (Arran)
- Removed having to craft the space rocket, added a marker at the launch pad to automatically fly into space. (Arran)
- Added space miner to LS mall. (Vampire + Airhead + Chin)
- Space suit will now be given and removed when taking and leaving the space miner job. (Arran)
- Fixed an exploit where you could equip the jetpack while carrying a box. (Arran + .Combat)
- Added 'Wanted Level Icon' to '/settings' so you can change the icon / text above wanted players. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to glue the hijack vehicle to another vehicle like the cargobob. (Arran + rage)
- Fixed the armor pickups at 2 armed robberies being so close to the wall that they can be bought from outside. (Arran + Known)
- Fixed being able to craft a space rocket while in a vehicle. (Arran + .Combat)
- Farmers will have a 50% chance of getting seeds back when harvesting their crops. (Arran)
- Farmers can again pick bales up while using the jetpack. (Arran + Malone)
- Improved the message when entering the criminal event anti rush area as it will now say seconds left till anti rush disables. (Arran + Airhead)
- Give back 90% (previously 50%) of engine parts when removing a car boost or when selling the car. (Arran + Airhead)
- Disabled the weed farm armed robbery. (Arran + noD3)
- The following weapons have reduced damage: Tec9 & Uzi: 35%, M4 & AK-47: 28%, Shotgun: 16.6%, Minigun: 28%. (Arran + noD3)

Saturday 18th May 2019
- Disabled team dynamic damage resistance system in criminal events. (Arran + JimMys$)
- In the next councillor election each player can vote for a maximum of 3 candidates. (Arran + Dredd)
- For jobs which load certain products on to their vehicle, the marker will have text saying what the product is. (Arran + Anuran)
- Added 'X Top Left Icons' to '/settings' to disable seeing the top left icons when pressing X. (Arran + Chin)
- When pressing X and clicking on yourself, instead of doing nothing, it will now show the old GUI. (Arran)

Friday 17th May 2019
- Pay and spray will now repair your vehicle even if there is no owner or the owner doesn't have enough resources. (Arran + Dizzy)
- Reduced wait time between criminal events from 360 to 180 seconds. (Arran + Airhead)
- Occupants of the undercover police car will be invisible to LSD users. (Arran + Airhead)
- When the space rocket reaches space, instead of needing VIP for jetpack you will automatically land on the bridge. (Arran + Anuran)
- Added an AI Trader that buys 'VIP Level' for $140,000,000. (Arran)
- Gangsters doing an armed robbery or criminal event will not effect the control of the turf they are in. (Arran)
- Added 'Space Miner' to SF Employment Office. (Arran + Sultan)

Thursday 16th May 2019
- L2. Madrigos promoted to L3. (Staff Management)
- Added old heists 'Nightclub' and 'Hotel' as criminal events. (Arran + JimMys$)
- Added a video tutorial for Space Miner job. (Petey)
- Added '/online cllr' to see online councillors. Note that '/online' only shows players who moved in past 10 minutes. (Arran + Anuran)
- Added an in-game chat for councillors to debate with each other. (Arran + Anuran)
- Gave access to '/teamvote' for the top 5 most voted for councillors. (Arran + noD3)
- Fixed civilian group scores not being all reset at the end of each day. (Arran + noD3)
- Fixed a route in the 'PDR' criminal event being accessible as the object blocking it is breakable. (Arran + Known)
- Fixed cops who join late to a criminal event being blocked by anti rush even after 6 minutes is over. (Arran + Airhead)
- Added a limit on the crafting of armor to once every 3 seconds to stop abuse. (Arran + IronMan + Airhead)
- Stabilised the increasing price of Iron by having the AI trader sell it for $12 instead of $22 as players are overcharging for it. (Arran)

Wednesday 15th May 2019
- Changed criminal event criminal reputation points to 2000 and armed robbery to 1250. (Arran + JimMys$)
- Re-added Space Miner job. (Arran + Randy)

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