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27 09, 2016, 06:45:05 pm by RealGame. | Views: 229 | Comments: 1

Suggestion explained in one paragraph: Well, as you know the cops can enter the CE after it starts, and there are many cops that stay outside to troll the criminals to not enter the CE, so I am here to suggest something that will bring the fairness, which is making the unwanted criminals able to enter the CE after it starts, but the criminals who came late won't get the win payment if the criminal team won.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion: You've to keep in your mind that the unwanted criminals only should be able to enter the CE after it starts because the wanted criminals will stay outside to be killing the cops who try to attend the CE till it starts.

This suggestion is worth the time developing because: This suggestion is great one that will give the cops a chance to kill more criminals, and it will be fair between the cops and criminals, it also will make the cops have no use of staying outside the CE to not let other criminals enter the CE.

25 09, 2016, 09:31:24 pm by Franco | Views: 2315 | Comments: 40

A while ago the community voted for extra game speed in Las Venturas city (LV) which makes the actual situation even worse when it comes to players exploiting or using stuff just to lag on purpose therefore we are making this votation to let the community decide what is it going to be.

If the community wants to keep the current game speed then we are not going to handle any report from LV.

For the deniers: Obviously the increased game speed causes a problem because:

1. GTA SA behaves differently at different frame rate but the same problems also applies at different game speeds. Animation speed is dependent on game speed plus frame rate so obviously if the game speed is abnormal then animations are abnormal. It introduces various bugs into the game like swimming slowly and some of the LV exploits may rely on increased game speed. Good evidence that frame rate / game speed affects the game is the reason why throwing satchels is disabled with low FPS because for some reason the game lets you throw them much further with low frame rate.

2. If the game speed is 20% more then the position desync when they cheat will be 20% more. That 20% could be the difference between them getting hit or not. They will appear to warp 20% further or more. Cheating complaints will be 20% easier to analyse and we won't have the doubt that it could be caused by the abnormal game speed that LV has.
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* Changelog

Friday 30th September 2016
- Added the old indoor criminal event: Dillimore Police Department. (Arran + Cerberus)

Thursday 29th September 2016
- Added a Police look-a-like wheels upgrade mod for vehicles. (Brian + Weston)
- Fixed an exploit where you could have an animation when driving a vehicle. (Arran + M1D0)
- Fixed custom interiors not loading when you quit inside them. (Brian + Ahmed86)

Wednesday 28th September 2016
- Added 'Squad Whitelist' button to F6. (Arran + CooLDuDe)
- Criminals can now enter an indoor criminal event after it has started. Cops and criminals who enter late will only get paid for kills and damage. (Arran + RealGame)

Tuesday 27th September 2016
- If a players ping randomly spikes by over 500ms (they're probably cheating) they will be frozen. (Arran)
- Fixed not being able to use Teargas, Molotov, RPG in /duel and /tournaments. (Ryan + Hoba511)
- LV now has normal game speed and now we will take lag cheaters a lot more serious in LV. (Arran + Franco)
- Fixed SMS muted players being able to send you attachments from F10. (Ryan + MeMo)
- Equipping "Sniper Rifle" will enable a special feature that will let you see from where players are sniping you. (Brian)

Monday 26th September 2016
- Optimised some scripts which will improve frame rate. (Arran)
- Fixed APB being removed if you are outlaw and outlaw kills you. (Ryan + RealGame)
- Fixed cops not being able to deliver APBs using bikes. (Ryan + RealGame)
- Added squad apps, /sapps to open and /sapps <squad name> to apply. (Ryan)
- Made it so you get $20,000 bonus money if your team wins BaysideMarina. (Ryan + GeorgeNikopoulos)
- Fixed an exploit where you could reconnect as APB and get APB over and over to farm stats. (Ryan + RealGame)

Sunday 25th September 2016
- Added missing /equip HUD icons. (Brian)
- Fixed an exploit where you could go underground by gluing to bikes. (Arran + MeMo)
- Neon lights that were added to a car using '/neon' are now saved. (Arran)
- Added a setting to disable ped's head movement. (Brian)

Saturday 24th September 2016
- Added ped head movement based on screen position. (Rands)
- Edited setting called 'Custom weapon sounds'. Now you can choose between 'CSGO'/'Silenced'/'GTA default' weapon sounds. (Brian)
- Fixed an exploit where you could go underground then fly around with jetpack. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed an exploit where you take a job away from the job marker (Arran + M1D0)
- Fixed broken trains being able to reverse. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed police computer displaying dead people. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed a combine harvester being able to harvest crops when it's being towed. (Arran + TactiX)
- Fixed being able to use '/ldma' to leave the DM area when hurt in the last 3 seconds. (Arran + Azaan)
- Updated Employment Office in SF. Added 3 missing jobs. (Brian + MeMo. + iMemO)
- Added 2 oil refineries for fuel tankers near Angel Pine. Mappers: Franco and Farhan. (Brian)

Friday 23rd September 2016
- Fixed the lowest rank in a group not showing what permissions it has. (Arran + Sparke)
- Fixed not getting your own money when you disable pay sharing with your unit. (Arran + Joanna)
- Fixed Katana 1 hit kill not working as described. (Arran + ReO)
- Added a "*" before friends' names in F10 friends tab if you have unread messages from them, you can align unread messages by this. (Ryan + AGent S)

Thursday 22nd September 2016
- Aty passed trial. (HeadStaff)
- Fixed an exploitable bug where you could enter an indoor criminal event while attached to a vehicle. (Arran + Coolshot&Ursinh)
- Set some more custom walkstyles to skins, for info check topic=251411.0. (Brian + Vandam)
- Added 20 new objects for CITy zones/Apartments. (Brian + Max96)
- Doubled collisions resistance of 'Elegy Drift' so it won't break down as soon as you hit something. (Brian + Garjoka)
- Added 2 skins to Diver job. (Brian + MrZombie)

Wednesday 21st September 2016
- Players inside aircrafts will see special lines at the borders of airports' airstrips. These lines help you landing big planes when your draw distance is low. (Brian + Khoabui)
- Added boat spawner near Diver job. It's usable by every occupation/team. (Brian + Fady21)
- When entering an indoor criminal event, your vehicle will automatically be hidden. (Arran + Sotiris)
- Increased maximum pictures a News Reporter can take per hour from 50 to 70. (Arran + Mackepper)
- Fixed criminals getting wanted for aiming at a cop when they weren't aiming at a cop. (Arran + Amman)
- Equipping 'Death's Scythe' in '/equip' will result in no hospital respawn fees. (Arran + Joanna)

Tuesday 20th September 2016
- If an unwanted criminal aims at a cop they will get wanted. The cop will only take 20% damage for 5 seconds or when the cop returns fire, whichever is first. (Arran)
- Added a message to F2 that shows if the vehicle is locked or not. (Arran + Joanna)
- Fixed an exploit where you could drive and walk underwater. (Arran + Brian)
- Hack fixed underwater rocks hiding Diver packages. Now they're collisionless. (Brian + MeMo)
- Disabled Divers from using jetpack underwater. (Brian + Ron)

Monday 19th September 2016
- Added 'Diver' job. Use /gps to find its jobmarker location. (Danzy + User)
- Equipping 'RPG' in '/equip' reduces cool-down time between firing RPG by 80%. (Arran + Joanna)
- Equipping 'Hairpin Turn Sign' in '/equip' prevents being fined for driving on the wrong side of road. (Arran + Joanna)
- Fixed Police Computer's Vehicle Type section pinning people it wasn't meant to. (Arran + Amman)
- Fixed players inside LV being able to hurt players outside of LV. (Arran + Blacky46)
- Fixed State Officials being able to use '/goso' in any dimension. (Arran + Mackepper)
- Fixed an exploit where you could warp far away after using '/eventwarp'. (Arran + MeMo)
- Fixed being able to equip medic bag when not L10 medic. (Arran + Amman)
- Shehabos added as trial. (Staff Team)

Sunday 18th September 2016
- Fixed farmer vehicles not being collision-less at the new farm. (Arran + Amr)
- First Aid Bag can be used only by those players who reached L10 in Medic job. (Brian + Apache995)
- 'Katana' in '/equip' lets you special attack (when they do that fall to ground and die animation) which 1 hit kills a player but since that's so overpowered it'll only work when their health is below 50. (Arran)
- 'X-Ray Glasses' in '/equip' let you see players through walls like the LSD effect. (Arran)
- Added a new '/equip' item 'Blast Shield' that offers 25% resistance to explosive damage. (Arran + Joanna)
- Police Chief/Criminal Boss/State Official can now use /warpto <playerName> to help newbies in their team/side. (Ex_TcR)

Saturday 17th September 2016
- Added 'Pickpocket' to criminal mission list in F5. (Arran + KoLPeR)
- Farmers can now press N to change what seed they are going to plant. (Arran)
- Added Avenger. as Trial (Staff Team)

Friday 16th September 2016
- Added a farm to City Island, West of San Fierro. (Arran)
- Fixed '/mplayer' music being heard when attached to a vehicle but disabled. (Arran + Blac'Ky'46)
- Fixed an exploitable bug that occurred when being released from prison while buying clothes. (Arran + M1D0)
- You can now sell houses back to the server again. When you do this the asking price is set to $90,000,000 and the price will go down $20,000 every 1 minute, a bit like an auction until someone is willing to buy it. (Arran)

Thursday 15th September 2016
- Added FalconHawk as trial (Staff Team)
- Fixed being able to view tournament while in vehicle. (Ryan + MuTe43)
- Fixed two exploits with /tournaments joining as viewer. (Ryan + Czyeth)
- Fixed group history and squad history not showing the new demotion / promotion / kick messages. (Arran + Camaro)
- Fixed /trackapbs getting stuck with your player if you reconnect while enabled tracking. (Ryan)
- Fixed Bayside Marina even draining your health in main dimension. (Ryan + Cruse)
- Fixed /tournaments restrictions getting stuck with you if you reconnect when inside. (Ryan + Czyeth)
- Fixed not being able to allow 1 weapon in /tournaments. (Ryan + External)
- Fixed /highlights not working when enabled with 'minimized only' when online for long time. (Ryan + MeMo)
- Fixed /highlights sometimes not working when afk. (Ryan + IamEvil)

Wednesday 14th September 2016
- We have moved everything to a better server! (Arran + Cheeze)
- Added Cerberus as trial (Staff Team)

Tuesday 13th September 2016
- Added /trackapbs for cops to track current APBs. /trackapbs again to disable it. (Ex_TcR + Hoba511)
- Added ability to get GPS directions when you get new deliveries in Pizza Boy, Delivery Man, Fuel Tanker and Trucker. (Brian + DroMa)

Monday 12th September 2016
- The /bm output now shows Cops VS crims count. (Ryan + Danzy)
- Added /tournaments for duel tournaments, /duelmng to see list of commands, it's in beta stage so bugs expected. (Ryan)

Sunday 11th September 2016
- Server downtime is because of DDoS attacks.

Saturday 10th September 2016
- A global output is given 5 minutes before Bayside Marina starts, you can disable it by disabling crim event top killers setting. (Ryan + Apache)
- Fixed not dying in bayside marina's criminal explosion when in vehicle. (Ryan + PlaTi)
- Added back 'Fuel Tanker' job. Rescripted Trucker and Delivery Man jobs as well. (Brian)
- Fixed being able to become invisible / desynced when using '/kill' while buying clothes. (Arran + M1D0)
- Fixed an exploitable bug where you could fish twice as fast. (Arran + M1D0)
- Fixed Tec-9 clip ammo not being reduced to 100 when switching from the mod. (Arran + IamEvil)

Friday 9th September 2016
- Fixed CITbook friend delete not working since yesterday. (Arran + TactiX)
- Using '/turfcolor' now opens the color picker GUI instead of having to do '/turfcolor r g b'. (Arran + Draven.exe)
- Added Bayside Marina CnR event, /bm for time. Cops enter from LSPD parking, criminals from crim villa. (Danzy)

Thursday 8th September 2016
- If your ping suddenly increases by 500+ milliseconds, sprinting and moving while aiming or shooting will be disabled until your ping drops back to more average levels. (Arran)
- The /highlights are actually saved now even if you go offline, serves in number of ways. (Arran + Ryan)
- Online CITbook friends now appear at the top of the CITbook friends list. (Arran + MoSTKiLLeR)

Wednesday 7th September 2016
- Added an equipment slot 2 (costs $40,000,000) to '/equip'. (Arran)
- Added /highlights to add custom highlights on chat outputs, gets refreshed when you reconnect. (Ex_TcR)
- Replaced forum emoticons with newer ones from this century. (Brian)
- Fixed arrested criminals getting wanted inside active riot area. (Ryan + Czyeth)
- Fixed cops being able to get wanted and stay as cop as now any wanted level results in becoming a criminal. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed being able to quit or change job while causing a disturbance to have a wanted level in any job. (Arran + Blac'Ky)
- Fixed 3 exploits where you could shoot from a safe zone, the script now checks regularly if you're in the a zone. (Arran + M1D0 + KoLPeR + Grope)

Tuesday 6th September 2016
- Super advert can be used for any event including real world events and for congratulating people. (Arran + Ex_TcR)
- Fixed an exploit that allowed you to level up fast as Mechanic. (Arran + iMemO)
- Fixed your re-spawn position when dying, using '/kill' and reconnecting when in an apartment. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed some jobs being playable in apartment dimension. (Arran + TactiX77)
- Fixed getting wanted in riot area while dead. (Ryan + Echoo)

Monday 5th September 2016
- Removed cartoon effect from 'X-Ray Glasses' equipment. (Brian)
- Added some interior objects to CITy objects list. (Brian + Tiiger)
- Added a new category called "Landmasses" in CITy objects list. (Brian + iDriver + Kiwi-?!)
- Instead of aircraft not colliding with other aircraft they now won't collide with any vehicle if a Pilot is driving. (Arran + Joanna)
- Increased max RPG sale price in F7 from $12,000 to $16,000. (Arran + Rands)
- Outlaws can no longer use '/stealth' while in an LS turf. (Arran + Jester)
- Medics can now recover the Medic Car to themselves when not VIP. (Arran + FalconHawk)
- Re-added Meat Factory Robbery as a criminal event but in LS, see '/gps'. (Arran + Cerberus)
- Re-added Jizzy's Pleasure Dome as a criminal event but in LS, see '/gps'. (Arran + AniS)
- Fixed wanted players being able to glue to trains. (Arran + Yunus)
- Forum: Reduced wait time between running a search from 60 to 30 seconds. (Arran + Rands)

Sunday 4th September 2016
- Added 2 new skin mods on ID 69 and ID 56. (Brian + Diego4fun)
- Low FPS? Try '/toggleboneattach' as I've noticed for some players it uses a huge amount of CPU to attach objects to players. If you use this command attached objects like equipment, briefcase, etc will be invisible. (Arran)
- Optimised some scripts to very slightly increase FPS (Frames Per Second). (Arran)

Saturday 3rd September 2016
- Added "Official Group Bases" to /gps bookmarks. (Brian + FalconHawk)
- Fixed Police Computer 'Vehicle Type' not working properly. (Arran + Amman)
- Fixed Drive Thru food prices in the GUI being wrong. (Arran + Platinum)
- Fixed being able to mark a player on the map and then they remained marked when entering event. (Arran + Camaro)
- Fixed Space Miner not earning explosives. (Arran + [email protected])
- Fixed players being able to re-enter vehicle after using '/eject' to remove them. (Arran + Hoba511)
- Fixed criminals not getting the 300% more pay from criminal event damage. (Arran + Geni)
- Fixed dying if you warp to an event from LV then use event jetpack. (Arran + Avenger)
- Fixed being able to use '/gojob' near a hit. (Arran + Shanu)
- Fixed not being able to edit your group application in /gapps. (Ryan + SexyBear)

Friday 2nd September 2016
- Zombies now all spawn around the building, as this is easier they can now run. (Arran)
- Zombies will no longer punch you causing you to get stuck, they now do an eating animation. (Arran)
- Fixed police computer wanted blips hiding APB blip. (Arran)
- Police detectives now earn arrest points depending on their level when solving a case. (Arran + Gummeh)
- Pick pocketing now earns 35 criminal reputation points. (Arran + Joanna)
- Made it so group/alliance members can SMS even if your SMS is allowed to friends-only. (Ryan + Camaro)

Thursday 1st September 2016
- Added a 5 seconds anti spam gap between sending /mp messages. (Ryan + Ptole)
- Made it so you can use /mp in Sabre, Sentinel, Cheetah, Sultan and Premier as well. (Ryan + Vandam)
- Made it so players can not apply for another group using /gapps while already being in one. (Ryan + SnipX)
- 10% of turf payment goes automatically to group bank for Level 1+ groups. (Arran + Majin)
- Group, squad and unit promotion, demotion, kick and leave messages now show their previous rank. (Arran + IronMan)

Wednesday 31st August 2016
- Forum: Regular members (non community members) can now use the notify feature (request notification on replies and new topics) in Business board. (IronMan + Coke)
- Disabled the script that prevented moving too fast left and right with MP5 as it was just annoying. (Arran)
- Added the contrast shader. To enable: '/settings' and search for contrast. Requires a decent PC. (Arran + Rands)
- You will be frozen for 3 seconds if you remove a jetpack near a hit target. (Arran + Mahmoud)
- You can now use '/createveh VehicleNameOrID' inside apartments. To spawn a Hydra for example: '/createveh Hydra' or '/createveh 520'. (Arran + Hoba511)
- Players can't exit an interior if they were attacked in the last 10 seconds. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Getting an APB placed on you is now saved to your stats and can be seen in '/stats'. (Arran + RealGame)
- You can now buy a parachute by pressing X and clicking on a helicopter. (Arran + Steven')
- Criminals can no longer teleport to LSPD. (Arran + Badboy)

Tuesday 30th August 2016
- Improved '/addent' so it's now much easier and quicker to find what you need. (Arran + EfeC)
- AI Trader now buys Chemicals for $520 instead of $500. (Arran + Dan')
- You won't get fined for driving on the wrong side of the road if no other occupied vehicle is nearby. (Arran)
- Fixed cops being able to re-enter outdoor criminal events more than twice. (Arran + AniS)
- Fixed wanted players who quit inside a building not getting auto jailed by the nearest cop. (Arran + Magneto)
- Fixed an exploit where law farm could be used to teleport in the main dimension. (Arran + Weston)
- Non official groups can now get full bases, check CIT LD board (topic=135858.0). (Brian + Ryan)
- Fixed being able to run while robbing a house and not triggering the alarm. (Arran + Mahmoud)
- Fixed being able to stay in the cave mine when no longer a cave miner. (Arran + Godzilla)
- Fixed being able to have 20 Desert Eagle bullets in the magazine when using default after switching from Desert Eagle mod. (Arran + IamEvil)
- Fixed a bug where a criminal could be in an indoor criminal event without wanted level. (Arran + Rands)
- Added civilian-only events system, '/soevent' (for state officials) and '/soevent info' for civilians to know about current event. (Ryan#USNS)

Monday 29th August 2016
- Fixed the 5 second cool down between speeding fines not working. (Arran)
- FidoDido added as trial (Staff Team)

Sunday 28th August 2016
- Fixed an exploit where you could drive a vehicle while being glued to another vehicle. (Arran + M1D0)
- Fixed an animation bug that occurs when you equip jetpack just before hitting the ground while sky diving. (Arran + M1D0)
- If you somehow get wanted while in an apartment you will now automatically die. (Arran + Aty)
- Fixed being able to use '/uav' if you get wanted while already using UAV. (Arran + Mr.Omar)
- Added some more custom walkstyles to ped skins when pressing 'ALT+W'. More details here: topic=249855.0 (Brian + iCriminal)

Saturday 27th August 2016
- Re-enabled /songreq (for CIT2 Radio live requests) with updated database of CIT2Radio. (Ryan + Pilovali)
- Rands added as trial (Staff team)
- Iron miner location will no longer change every time you re-enter the mining area as it's exploitable. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed being able to start shift as cop near a hit target. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed LV DM zone applying when in LV but not in the main dimension like when in an apartment. (Arran + Franco)

Friday 26th August 2016
- You can now change where you enter and exit your apartment with '/apartmententrance' (Arran + Brian)
- All players can use '/jetpack' and '/warpmap' when inside an apartment. (Arran + Brian)
- Removed the apartment interior object so you can now use the whole of the map as an apartment. (Arran + Brian)
- Fixed groupless cops being able to taze vehicles with wanted crims inside. (Brian + Magneto)

Thursday 25th August 2016
- Moved ACA to LS near LS Airport (next to old carshow area). Mappers: Farhan and Brian. (Arran)
- Made it so criminals who assist APB, get 10wl/15 seconds (upto 6 stars). (Ryan + KoLpeR)
- Changed anti spam SMS count from 15/3mins to 45/2mins (that means you can send more messages now). (Ryan + Amman)
- The criminal event SAB (San Andreas Bank) (used to be SFB) now runs before DFR. (Arran + Mahmoud)
- Added 'Plane Takedown' criminal mission to F5. (Arran + KoLPeR)

Wednesday 24th August 2016
- Added a Club next to SWAT base. Inside there's a CIT2 Radio stream playing. (Brian)
- Renamed the SFB criminal event to SAB (San Andreas Bank). (Arran + Florenzi)
- Criminals in out-door criminal events can no longer be tazered. (Arran + Shanu)
- Added 'Sultan, Cheetah, Sabre, Premier, Sentinel' to LSPD and SFPD police car shops. (Brian + George N.)
- Added skin ID 150 to Police Detectve job. (Brian + Ariana)
- Made road marks objects collisionless. (Brian + Zedd)

Tuesday 23rd August 2016
- Added a Petrol Station and Pay and Spray marker at City Island Airport. (Arran + Amman)
- The 'Victim' clothing store in Rodeo can now be robbed. (Arran + Extreme)
- Added an AI trader that buys 30 units of Electronics for $650 each. (Arran + Amman)
- Fixed DL3 and CEM not being able to place speaker at new car show area. (Arran + Artzzz)
- Fixed being able to do Firefighter's side mission while off shift. (Ryan + Mayrou)

Monday 22nd August 2016
- Zombies now suffer 400% more damage from being burnt. (Arran)
- Minimum Iron payment for delivering a scrap vehicle increased from 1500 to 2000. (Arran + Gabriel)
- RC vehicles cannot get fines for speeding or wrong side of road. (Arran + HeadBoss)
- As aiming while in first person doesn't work, when you aim you will automatically leave first person. (Arran)
- Added patu112's first person script. Use '/fp' to toggle first person. (Arran + Extreme)
- Fixed a bug in Cave Miner job and increased Explosives found by 20%. (Arran + M1D0)

Sunday 21st August 2016
- Fixed LSD effect not disappearing after dying when using infrared goggles. (Arran + BlackWolf)
- Added some old custom sirens which add extra flashing lights to: Sultan, Cheetah, Sabre, Premier, Sentinel. (Arran)
- Fixed sirens not being added to non emergency vehicles when police enter them. (Arran)

Saturday 20th August 2016
- Added ability for groups with bases/interiors to request static vehicles as decoration. Go to topic=154014.0 (Brian + iCriminal)
- Added 5 second cool-down time for getting fined when speeding. (Arran + LawlietPay)
- Added a new column 'Upg.' (short for Upgrades) to F2 vehicle GUI that shows how many upgrades a vehicle has. (Arran + KiritoKun)
- Fixed not getting notified when sending SMS to player who has not logged in yet. (Ryan + Hoba511)
- Skilled added as trial (Staff team)

Friday 19th August 2016
- Players will stop moving for half a second after firing the Shotgun. (Arran + Farhan)
- Made it so you can insert a reason for smsmute, to do so, type /smsmute <player> <reason>. Reason will be shown to them when they SMS you. (Ryan + Ptole)
- Fixed being able to farm WL with pickpocketing. (Brian)
- Fixed not being able to get drugs from pickpocketed players. (Brian)
- Fixed being able to pickpocket Police Officers while you are arrested. (Brian + Synax)
- Fixed not being able to send message by /re if receiver changed their nick. (Ryan + Mashupper)

Thursday 18th August 2016
- Made it so equipping 'Vendetta Mask' doesn't make your wanted level decrease. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Moved 'Vendetta Mask' from /viphats to /equip. (Brian)
- Criminal event escape cash pay decreased by 66%, total damage pay increased by 300%. (Arran)
- Upgraded '/takedrug' so you can take multiple drugs in 1 go: '/takedrug crackspeedsteroidslsd' (Arran)
- Fixed being able to manage group apps while not having access. (Ryan + Eren07)
- Fixed police computer not working when multiple vehicle types are selected. (Arran + Amman)
- Fixed being able to play civilian jobs using any skin. (Arran + Amman)
- Fixed being able to enter house interiors with jetpack. (Arran + M1D0)
- Fixed 25 to Life achievement requiring the wrong amount of seconds in jail to be achieved. (Arran + Deckard)
- Hired Jocke[SAPD] as Trial Staff (Staff Team)
- Fixed muted people being able to use /mp. (Ex_TcR + Hoba511)
- L3. Pepo promoted to L4. (L4 & L5 Staff)
- L2. Sabfas promoted to L3. (L4 & L5 Staff)

Wednesday 17th August 2016
- Added 'Pickpocket' button to X options when you click on players. (Brian)
- Added Czyeth as Honourable for reporting so many bugs and exploitable bugs. (Arran)
- Fixed an exploit where you could trade multiple times with 1 ped. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed being able to be in law dimension when wanted. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed cops being able to enter outdoor CE in an RC drone. (Arran + MeMo)
- Some group/squad's boards have been deleted due to not meeting the requirements and board's topics have been moved to Topics For Deletion board. You may save the backups incase you want, before it is too late and they are deleted. Visit for more information. (IronMan)
- Fixed not being able to send location/audio/images from F10 panel. (Ryan + PlaTi)
- Fixed squad names in squad white list not being white listed. (Arran + Undisputed)
- Fixed rob 10 stores achievement not being achievable, you must rob 1 store to get the achievement if you've already robbed over 10. (Arran + Amman)

Tuesday 16th August 2016
- Added Squad white list system: '/squadwhitelist' (Arran + DmitriMonSta)
- Added level system to Mechanic job. Engine parts pay based on level is not added due to lack of statistical evidence. (Arran + Tiiger)
- Fixed arrested players being able to glue to vehicles. (Arran + AniS)
- Fixed Firefighter's side mission and Criminals plane takedown missions not working. (Ryan + Captcha)
- Merged CITbook friends list with F10 messenger panel, makes it easier to send offline messages to CITbook friends. (Ryan + Godzilla)

Monday 15th August 2016
- Added an achievement for reaching L10 Bus Driver, Trucker, Delivery Man, Fire Fighter, Waste Manager, Taxi Driver, News Reporter, and Fisherman. (Arran + Deckard)
- Added an achievement for reaching L10 Lumberjack. (Arran + Joanna)
- Fixed City Island car shop not selling countryside vehicles. (Arran + Rahul)
- Lawlietpay, Farhan and Ryan#USNS passed trial. (L4 & L5 Staff)
- Fixed not being able to use grenades in /duel. (Ryan + Hoba511)
- Drones will cost 4x more and made it so you only have to pay them once, after first time you won't pay anything to spawn a drone. (Brian + Arran)

Sunday 14th August 2016
- Fixed being able to use teamassign near a wanted player. (Brian + Boss)
- You can now reload a weapon while keeping aim weapon key held down. (Arran)
- Slowed down move speed when aiming MP5 and moving left or right by forcing forwards key to be held down. (Arran)
- Fixed jetpack in law farm not working properly for non VIP's. (Arran + Weston)
- Fixed some store robberies not working. (Arran + Siko)
- Fixed 'Business Man' achievement not working when you rent a business. (Arran + TactiX)
- Fixed being warped to LS betting shop after exiting the Montgomery betting shop. (Arran + [email protected])
- CITphone cash transfer limit for players with under 125 hours won't apply for players with Donator Level 2+. (Arran + luutjano666)
- Fixed /sms not warning of multiple matches were found, it was sending to first match found instead. (Ryan + Toxido)
- Fixed a typo in anti-spam of SMS saying every 5 minutes instead of 3 minutes. (Ryan + Hoba511)

Saturday 13th August 2016
- Fixed not being able to reply if someone sent you SMS and had SMS enabled from friends only. (Ryan + Echoo)
- Added 'Group Applications' button to F6 GUI. (Arran + Leal)
- Fixed cops who aren't in the main dimension getting suicide jail and quit jail payments. (Arran + Dead)
- Added an achievement when you complete an illegal trucker mission. (Arran + ByHimself)
- Added achievements when you reach: L10 Hunter, L10 Pizza Boy, L10 Ferry Captain. (Arran + LawlietPay)
- Added an achievement when you rob 10 stores. (Arran + Matis)
- Added an achievement for when an APB is placed on you. (Arran + Master)
- Updated F10 messenger. It now has a primary players grid in interface to show all players. X>Send SMS is also functional now. (Ryan + Ex_TcR + Gummeh)
- You can now do '/cruise KPH' to go at a specific KPH (kilometres per hour). (Arran + NizwaFTW)
- You can now change the key bind for cruise control in MTA settings, look for 'CITcruise' in 'Binds'. (Arran)
- Custom titles (and some other text above the head) won't appear when in '/cinemamode' (Arran + DmitriMonSta)
- Added a message that says who added you to a group job. (Arran + Camaro)
- Added a 'Drive Thru' marker at East Los Santos Cluckin Bell. (Arran + Deckard)

Friday 12th August 2016
- Due to hardly anyone bothering to go to SFB: SFB has been moved to the opposite side of the road to LSB a little to the East. (Arran)
- Aty added as trial (Staff Team)
- Added a better version of Comet. (Brian + Tiiger)
- DashHXQ passed Trial. (L4 & L5 Staff)
- Added some new radio stations. Removed broken ones. (Moni)
- Players cannot submit a group application when the group has black-listed them. (Arran + DerMartyr)
- Fixed an exploitable bug where some stores could be robbed while outside of them. (Arran + Hoba511)
- Added mechanic job marker to City Island. (Brian + UseR)
- Added a mission for Fire Fighters in City Island. (Brian + Alexcho)
- For the next 24 hours Pizza Boy will earn 25% more. (Arran)

Thursday 11th August 2016
- Added Selfies to 'X' player options. (Brian + GreyWolf)
- Fixed new SMS system not telling you if player has enabled SMS from friends only. (Ryan + Hoba511)
- Added police megaphone feature, police officers can do /mp <text> in Police Vehicles. (Ex_TcR + Zecke)
- Added Waste Manager rubbish drop off point at City Island. (Arran + U$eR)
- All players can use '/jetpack' while in the law dimension. (Arran + Ptole)
- Added Moons as Honourable. (Arran + Pepo)
- Fixed 11 trivial bugs that will be applied when server restarts tommorow. (Arran + MeMo + Roukas + Ptole + Siko + Richiniro + AmR98 + Jocke + Wizzard + Czyeth + CooLDuDe)
- Added criminals' side mission of plane takedown, to begin, get inside a Rustler and press "N". (MHP)
- For the next 24 hours Hunter will earn 25% more. (Arran)

Wednesday 10th August 2016
- Fixed messages anti spam not working, you can only send 15 messages per 3 minutes. (Ryan + Chapo)
- Fixed group info appearing to be blank after script restarts. (Arran + Moons)
- Fixed the 24/7 store South West of LSPD not having a shop marker. (Arran + MeMo)
- Added 'Car Chat' to 'J' Chat Interface. (Arran + Yunus)
- Fixed Criminal Boss riot area giving WL in other dimensions. (Ryan + Echoo)
- For the next 24 hours Ferry Captain will earn 25% more. (Arran)

Tuesday 9th August 2016
- Added a new section to '/gps' for 'City Island'. (Arran + Godzilla)
- Fixed various exploitable bugs. (Arran + Czyeth (3 bugs) + MicroSoft + Shesha + Shanu + Mahmoud + OhhKarim)
- Supporter Application system is back, Junior Community Member+ can apply via forums (check applications board for further information). (High + Head Staff)
- For the next 24 hours Fire Fighter will earn 25% more. (Arran)
- Fixed /busy not working with new messenger. (Ryan + Serious.)

Monday 8th August 2016
- Removed $3,818,042,865 from rule breakers who sold houses for extra through CITphone transfers. (Arran)
- Added a default key bind of F10 to /messenger interface. (Ryan + DashHXQ)

Sunday 7th August 2016
- Added achievements for reaching L10 as farmer and pilot. (Arran + TactiX)
- Added achievements for getting 5000, 15,000 and 30,000 kills. (Arran + Arthur)
- Community event managers can now 'warpmap' while in event dimension. (Arran + Jocke)
- Added an achievement for joining a group. If you're already in a group you get it when you login. (Arran + Master)
- Fixed an exploit where you could use a weapon without owning it. (Arran + GrayWolf)
- Custom textures on your own clothes, skin and vehicle will now appear even if the settings for them are disabled. (Arran + Weston)

Saturday 6th August 2016
- MP5 is only responsible for 1.4% of kills so increased movement speed when aiming MP5 from 2 to 3. (Arran)
- Set players tags visible when controlling a drone as trolls like to annoy players anonymously. (Brian + Ptole)
- Entering a 'Topfun Van' will make you able to drive drones around. You can buy the van at cheap car shops. (Brian)

Friday 5th August 2016
- Added some static vehicles around map as decoration. (Brian + MHP)
- Fixed new lamer play style of switching to sniper rifle for 1 shot in close combat, no damage if distance less than 5 units. (Arran)
- Outdoor criminal event hold time increased by 1 minute due to 40 v 0. (Arran)
- If you bought / sold a house in the past 5 months check the sticky topic in General Chat on the forum.
- If MTA SA tries to update, cancel it if you can. The newest version will randomly freeze your game. If you have v1.5.2-release-9826.2 (use 'ver' in F8 to see) then you need to downgrade to this:

Thursday 4th August 2016
- Rusty added as Trial Staff. (StaffTeam)
- CIT Messenger's SMS out

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