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09 05, 2019, 12:25:16 pm by TheHacker | Views: 1331 | Comments: 62


Heyyo people, what's going on out there? This is your boy, TheHacker. Wanna earn money by just shaking your booty and your arm? This is the right place! Check out the informations below!

How does this event works?

It is SUPER EASY! All you have to do is form a group which doesn't exceeds more than 5 players and has 3 as the minimum amount. Once you discussed with your friends, you can just use the format below and submit your entry, TheHacker will add your team in the table and you will receive a PM from TheHacker to confirm a date when your team can be ready. The date must be before the deadline.

Some important rules

  • You are allowed to make changes in your submission, but you are not allowed to make changes anymore after 22nd of May, 2019.
  • The dance should not exceed more than 1 minute, 30 seconds and shouldn't be less than 30 seconds. There is no more time limit.
  • If a team isn't able to make it on the time they confirmed, they will be disqualified from the competition and will be placed in the last place.
  • There will be a few people from the community judging your dance, the over-all rating will be your score.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to bribe or mislead any of the judge. Doing so will lead into disqualification and your team will be placed last.
  • A team will receive 3 attempts to do their dance the way they planned, just in-case something goes wrong. (Attempts/tries will not matter in the scores) No more attempts limit, but depends if it takes too much of the time.
  • The team's captain should be available at times so that the Hoster can contact him/her in-case of anything important.
    • Once the video is recorded, it will be pasted here and the judges will judge it according to the video.

    The Judges' personality will be kept as a secret due to players bribing them and doing non-allowed stuffs to win.


    Show content
    Team Name: Winx
    Team Members: @Hazard @Ela @Reamae @CooLDuDe @Calt
    Team Members' Account Names: Hazard (Messi2004), Ela (LIMIBUU), CooLDuDe (RISHABH103), Calt (katekapa), Reamae (reamae)
    Captain Name: Hazard
    Captain's Account Name: Messi2004

    By posting this submission, my team members and I promise to obey all the rules and follow all the guidelines for the event. no

    Show content
    Team Name: AvidaMovers
    Team Members: @Combat @Kenz1 @ClubmanFTW @CoMraD
    Team Members' Account Names:
    Combat ( Selecta ) | kenz1 ( kenz ) | Pekka ( DRAKMADRID ) | CoMraD ( t47g )
    Captain Name: Combat
    Captain's Account Name: Selecta

    By posting this submission, my team members and I promise to obey all the rules and follow all the guidelines for the event. Yes

    Revolution X
    Show content
    Team Name: Revolution X
    Team Members: Anuran, Gnar, Grinch and CoolNeo
    Team Members' Account Names: Respectively - NotAnuran, Gnar, Trozan, Noa01
    Captain Name: Anuran
    Captain's Account Name: NotAnuran

    By posting this submission, my team members and I promise to obey all the rules and follow all the guidelines for the event. Yup

    Team Name
    Show content
    None Yet

    Team Name
    Show content
    None Yet

    Team Name
    Show content
    None Yet

    Format to register for a team

Code: [Select]
[color=green]•[/color] [b][color=orange]T[/color]eam Name:[/b]
[color=green]•[/color] [b][color=orange]T[/color]eam Members:[/b]
[color=green]•[/color] [b][color=orange]T[/color]eam Members' Account Names:[/b]
[color=green]•[/color] [b][color=orange]C[/color]aptain Name:[/b]
[color=green]•[/color] [b][color=orange]C[/color]aptain's Account Name:[/b]

[size=8pt][i][font=georgia]By posting this submission, my team members and I promise to obey all the rules and follow all the guidelines for the event.[/font][/i][/size]

31 01, 2019, 05:25:34 pm by Java | Views: 5139 | Comments: 0

Battle Royale
You better revive me now!

Special thanks to @KhoaBui.

Revive me, you idiot. Battle royale season 2 is released now! Battle Royale seasons are now available that each season will include specific features. A lot of new features are added in this season which will be announced below in a minute. This season includes the ability to revive who is knocked down, new types of vehicles, new game modes, the ability to vote on specific modifications, adding waypoints visible to team-mates only, spectating team-mates and more. The authors of ideas are written next to their ideas. Discover the new changes below in more details!

Changes added:

Major changes:
- Reviving is now released! Players will be knocked down at first before dying (they don't always have to be knocked down due to technical issues) which their team-mates can revive by holding a specific key while standing over who is knocked down. (Diamond + KhoaBui)
- Do you want to vote on the plane model that you want to be a passenger in? Of course! A feature that makes you able to vote on specific modifications while being in the lobby is now out!
- New game modes are now available! The current new game-modes start only on weekends for now.
  • Arcade - A fast-paced match which the play zone gets created immediately on start and its size is smaller. The shrinking timer runs faster, drops get created early and they move toward the ground faster. Only starts on Friday. (Brand)
  • Saturday Night Live - A solo competition that the most winner in this event gets a big reward at the midnight of Saturday. Only starts on Saturday.
- Spectating team-mates is now available, you'll be spectating your team-mates as soon as you die and you also can switch between them by arrow keys. In case you want to exit spectating, press Q.
- Creating a team in the lobby is now available with the ability to auto-fill teams properly that are lack of players. Auto-fill can be disabled from /team. Cool, ain't it?
- Where to go? Easy, add waypoints! Show up the map and start adding waypoints visible to your team-mates only by right-clicking on any point on the map. (Ramses)
- You gotta take care buddy, combat airplanes are now out!
- New boats.
- What to do? Got stuck? Event tips are now released that appear every a specific period of time showing tips for the current running mode to help you out when you get stuck. This can be disabled in /settings via 'Event Tips' setting though, there are some tips that will have to be shown which neglects this setting.
- Which direction to move toward? Simple, a white thin line is now drawn in your screen starting from your skin's chest and ends to the center of the yellow play zone.
- Don't shoot me, you blind! It's now simple to differentiate. A tag is now shown above your team-mates to differentiate them from other players as well as the ability to see the names of your team-mates by viewing /team.
- Today's most winner is now announced in login panel, the welcome message. (Arran)

Minor changes:
- New sound effects when winning a game and when the lobby is about to start. (KhoaBui)
- Disabled local chat. (Arran)
- Disabled jerry cans and repair kits. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- A message is now shown right bottom your screen which indicates how many players are in the plane. (MacMan)
- Reduced initial play zone shrinking time from 6 minutes to 4 minutes. (Arran + Emma + KinGodisco)
- Increased stages required for 'instant kill' from 8 stages to 12 stages.
- Died or logged out while being in a game? No worries, you'd now get the winning reward if your team won.
- If the script was restarted and you were in a battle royale game, you'd receive now a compensation of $50,000 for inconvenience.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed player blips being shown due to using /stealth. (Arran + Java)

Thanks to these people!

Thanks to @KhoaBui @Brand @Kavzor @Vampire @Gonzo. @Emma @UlasDO for helping in testing.
Special thanks to @KhoaBui for creating the trailer and helping me in time. @Brand for literally helping me in everything in time as well as giving me the coordinates of planes and boats and helping as an actor in the trailer. @Vampire and @Gonzo. for helping in the trailer as actors.
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* Changelog

Saturday 18th May 2019
- Disabled team dynamic damage resistance system in criminal events. (Arran + JimMys$)
- In the next councillor election each player can vote for a maximum of 3 candidates. (Arran + Dredd)
- For jobs which load certain products on to their vehicle, the marker will have text saying what the product is. (Arran + Anuran)
- Added 'X Top Left Icons' to '/settings' to disable seeing the top left icons when pressing X. (Arran + Chin)
- When pressing X and clicking on yourself, instead of doing nothing, it will now show the old GUI. (Arran)

Friday 17th May 2019
- Pay and spray will now repair your vehicle even if there is no owner or the owner doesn't have enough resources. (Arran + Dizzy)
- Reduced wait time between criminal events from 360 to 180 seconds. (Arran + Airhead)
- Occupants of the undercover police car will be invisible to LSD users. (Arran + Airhead)
- When the space rocket reaches space, instead of needing VIP for jetpack you will automatically land on the bridge. (Arran + Anuran)
- Added an AI Trader that buys 'VIP Level' for $140,000,000. (Arran)
- Gangsters doing an armed robbery or criminal event will not effect the control of the turf they are in. (Arran)
- Added 'Space Miner' to SF Employment Office. (Arran + Sultan)

Thursday 16th May 2019
- L2. Madrigos promoted to L3. (Staff Management)
- Added old heists 'Nightclub' and 'Hotel' as criminal events. (Arran + JimMys$)
- Added a video tutorial for Space Miner job. (Petey)
- Added '/online cllr' to see online councillors. Note that '/online' only shows players who moved in past 10 minutes. (Arran + Anuran)
- Added an in-game chat for councillors to debate with each other. (Arran + Anuran)
- Gave access to '/teamvote' for the top 5 most voted for councillors. (Arran + noD3)
- Fixed civilian group scores not being all reset at the end of each day. (Arran + noD3)
- Fixed a route in the 'PDR' criminal event being accessible as the object blocking it is breakable. (Arran + Known)
- Fixed cops who join late to a criminal event being blocked by anti rush even after 6 minutes is over. (Arran + Airhead)
- Added a limit on the crafting of armor to once every 3 seconds to stop abuse. (Arran + IronMan + Airhead)
- Stabilised the increasing price of Iron by having the AI trader sell it for $12 instead of $22 as players are overcharging for it. (Arran)

Wednesday 15th May 2019
- Changed criminal event criminal reputation points to 2000 and armed robbery to 1250. (Arran + JimMys$)
- Re-added Space Miner job. (Arran + Randy)

Tuesday 14th May 2019
- Fixed 'F3' opportunities panel not working properly when using a non English language. (Arran + Maria)
- Added a new setting called '[LV] Projectile Cool Down' - an LV preference for a 3 second projectile cool down. (Arran + Innoxent)
- Added armor pickups to armed robberies. (Arran + Dizzy)

Monday 13th May 2019
- Cops must wait 2 minutes before being able to enter a criminal event after they were killed in it. (Arran + Airhead)

Sunday 12th May 2019
- Little bug that I can't fix yet but does not effect the voting: "Vote added!" won't disappear when viewing another candidate.
- Voting in '/vote' has started. Will end tomorrow.

Saturday 11th May 2019
- Registration to be a candidate for the first ever election on CIT has opened. Check tab 2 of '/votes'. Voting will begin tomorrow.
- Added '/vote' - a system for electing councillors for a new experimental system for changes to the server / community. (Arran)
- An activity check is being held by GLMs to evaluate groups between levels 1 and 4. If you are a leader of any of them, you are required to reply here: (GLM Team)

Friday 10th May 2019
- Disabled paying daily rent on apartments. (Arran + Innoxent)

Wednesday 8th May 2019
- Added "Sulfur rocks" (yellow-colored rocks) to Cave Miner. Those rocks will give you explosives. (Brian)
- Updated CITphone's radio list. (Pilovali)
- Fixed criminal event anti rush not applying to cops who entered late. (Arran + Airhead)
- Fixed casino criminal event anti rush on cops side not working effectively, moved cops start position (Arran + Nexan)
- The occupants of a stationary undercover police car will have their name tags hidden. (Arran + Senza)
- Fixed gangsters in an armed robbery or criminal event being able to hurt gangsters not in the event. (Arran + JayXxX)
- Added LS turfing stats to '/stats'. (Arran + Diamond)

Tuesday 7th May 2019
- Added a new ped mission to homeless peds that allows you to recycle your ammo into Iron and Explosives. (Brian + Cyrax)

Monday 6th May 2019
- Reduced the AR / CE dynamic damage maximum reduction. (Arran + Dimit)
- Added the LV 20% extra game speed as a preference to '/settings'. (Arran + Viceroy)
- 1337 promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)

Sunday 5th May 2019
- Fixed misplaced abandoned vehicles that were unreachable. (Brian + Airhead + Diablo63)

Thursday 2nd May 2019
- Added a basic drug courier side mission that is offered by random peds based on Number69's idea. (Brian)

Saturday 27th April 2019
- Pirus promoted to L8 group. (GLM Team)

Friday 26th April 2019
- Fixed being able to enter apartments during a fight. (Arran + MaHMouD)
- Medics can now enter criminal events after they've started. (Arran + Sara)

Wednesday 24th April 2019
- Added an achievement for level 50 cop and criminal. If you're already level 50 jail someone or do criminal activity to trigger it. (Arran + Lame_BotBlade)
- Fixed getting paid late for claiming LS turfs. (Java + Chin + Combat)

Monday 22nd April 2019
- Fixed being able to enter CJ clothing buy mode while in a vehicle. (Arran + Combat)
- Cave Miner: made it so every time you plant bombs you get rocks to collect. (Brian)
- Cave Miner: fixed anticheat being wrong and not always paying players for mining. (Brian)

Sunday 21st April 2019
- Added a new 'Cave Miner' job near Angel Pine. Use /gps to find the job's marker. (Brian)

Friday 19th April 2019
-SWATTeam promoted to L8 group. (GLM Team)

Thursday 18th April 2019
- Added '/lvpref' to make finding LV preferences easier to find. (Brian)
- To end the eternal discussion about LV's usage of explosive and their damage, I've added a new preference in /settings to halve explosives damage inside LV. (Brian)
- Cops won't spawn with armor in LV. (Arran + Combat)

Wednesday 17th April 2019
- Diamond and Badboy added as trial staff. (Staff Team Management)

Tuesday 16th April 2019
- Added dynamic damage resistance for outnumbered teams taking part to CE and AR. (Brian)
- Cops will always spawn with armor. (Arran)
- Since most indoor CE's are 5 cops v 30 crims, cops can now enter after a criminal event starts. (Arran)
- Removed re-spawn fee for police. (Arran)
- FBI promoted to L8 group. (GLM team)

Friday 12th April 2019
- Battle Royale now starts every 30 minutes instead of 1 hour. (Java + Relerx)
- Groups can now attach the group blip to a group member using '/mgd name' though some bug in CITradar is preventing it being removed with '/mgd remove'. (Arran + Alvaro)

Wednesday 10th April 2019
- Dominos_Family promoted to L7 group. (GLM team)
- Fixed Shotgun having an extremely fast rate while in driveby mode. (Brian + Swegiboi)

Tuesday 9th April 2019
- Criminal Event DFR give now drugs instead of money as a reward. (Java + JimMys$)
- Increased reputation points you earn as a criminal from an armed robbery to 2,000. (Java + Senpay)
- Increased the altitude that the parachute gets opened at in Battle Royale hoping it'll be opened sooner before getting slapped. (Java + Combat)
- Disabled being assigned back to your old team and occupation when you leave Battle Royale because that did more bad than good. (Java + Dizzy)
- Fixed 'Show Proof' button in /reports not working. (Java + iFrank)
- Disabled hourly events because they weren't that active. (Java + CyraX)
- Fixed cops inside safe zones being able to hurt wanted players with the taser. (Arran + Airhead)

Monday 1st April 2019
- When trying to recover a vehicle near hijacker vehicle / delivery point, instead of being blocked it will recover in 10 seconds. (Arran + noD3)

Saturday 30th March 2019
- Created an AI trader which buys 'Driller' in F7 for $100,000 since now it's unused. (Brian)
- Changed '(Pump) Shotgun' and made it have 4 clip ammo. (Brian)

Thursday 28th March 2019
- Fixed being able to enter vehicle purchase mode when recently hurt as a way to escape being killed. (Arran + Harley + Brand)
- Fixed being able to use "Ammo" at base marker when recently hurt as a way to escape being killed. (Arran + vivek)
- You'll get 'Drunk' walkstyle after drinking a lot of beer. (Brian + TheHacker)
- Doubled movement speed of MP5. (Brian + JimMys)

Sunday 24th March 2019
- CID promoted to L7 Group (Staff team + GLM Team)

Saturday 23rd March 2019
- Made previewing variants less complicated while being in modshop. (Brian)
- Added more variants to Comet, few of them from previous models. (Brian)

Thursday 21st March 2019
- Unrented fuel stations will no longer stop players from refueling their vehicles, causing fuel shortages. (Brian + Commander)

Wednesday 20th March 2019
- Upgraded 'Delivery Man' job to a more realistic version. (Brian + Khoabui + Emma + Kavzor)

Monday 19th March 2019
- L2. Brand promoted to L3. (Staff Management)

Saturday 16th March 2019
- Fixed being able to enter CE while being glued to a vehicle. (Brian + Pablo)
- Added better effects when drinking '/beer'. Credit for those effects goes to ren712 from MTA community. (Brian + Khoabui)

Wednesday 13th March 2019
- Fixed medics being affected by Criminal Events' anti-rush. (Brian + Seek)

Tuesday 12th March 2019
- MTA anti-cheat is probably getting you banned for no reason. Please be patient while it gets fixed.

Monday 11th March 2019
- Armor sellers that run out of Iron will get their selling marker automatically disabled. (Brian + Haisum)
- Reduced PizzaBoy level requirements by 60%. (Brian + DarkBlood)

Sunday 10th March 2019
- Uber passed trial. (Staff Management)
- Added '/beer' and '/cigar' for roleplay purposes. (Brian + Trick)

Friday 8th March 2019
- Jaguar, NoMaN, SpringRelic, Harb and Madrigos passed trial. (Staff Management)
- Added a $5000 additional payment to the arrest payment. (Arran)
- Reduced criminal pay and reputation from CE's due to farming them 35 v 0, increased the kill pay. (Arran)

Thursday 7th March 2019
- Disabled criminal events not starting if teams are unbalanced and added anti rush so smaller team can retreat to start. (Arran)
- Disabled the 3 criminal events in SF as nobody bothers going to them. (Arran)
- Instead of being able to recover 1 vehicle every 5 seconds, you can recover 2 vehicles within a 10 second space. (Arran + Dredd)
- Increased 'Shotgun' damage by 20%. (Arran + debodek)
- Made minigun fire 10% slower. (Arran + Brand)

Tuesday 5th March 2019
- Added a 15 seconds cooldown to base gates after being damaged, due to players often obstructing their attackers with base gates. (Brian)

Monday 4th March 2019
- Added a variant to Deluxo resembling the 'DeLorean DMC-12' car from the movie "Back To The Future". (Brian)
- The_ReNeGaDeS promoted to L7 Group. (Staff + GLM Team)

Sunday 3rd March 2019
- Fixed some GPS locations causing the game to freeze for 1 second every 10 seconds. (Arran + noD3)

Saturday 2nd March 2019
- Fixed not having skin changed when switching to Lumberjack job. (Brian + Suix86)
- Fixed guards kicking out passengers (often arrested players) from your vehicles. (Brian + CyraX)

Tuesday 26th February 2019
- Possibly fixed races script constantly spamming same race over and over. (Brian + DarkBlood)
- Added back 'Deluxo' as many players liked this vehicle from Vice City. (Brian)
- Removed DFT-Tank buggy model, instead replaced with a variant on original GTA's model of Flatbed. (Brian)

Sunday 24th February 2019
- Fixed being able to have a guard ped while being a hit target. (Brian + Diamond)

Saturday 23rd February 2019
- Changed '/qgps' command to '/gps' for more quick usage. (Java + Senza)
- Added '/qgps <shortcut-of-the-location>' (example: /qgps MDM) to quickly mark a location in your map. (Relerx + Java)

Friday 22nd February 2019
- Players can't now place barriers near interiors markers to prevent any kind of trolling and blocking. (Brian + Java)

Thursday 21st February 2019
- Uber added as Trial Staff. (Staff Management)

Saturday 16th February 2019
- Updated /codes to have 'Heists' removed and 'Criminal Events' added with its new cycle as well. (Java + Madrigos)
- Changed CEs cycle to be like the old version. (Java + JimMys$)
- Fixed players abusing being able to infinitely transfer VIP level by adding a $5,000,000 transaction fee. (Arran)
- Fixed Battle Royale's lobby text bar not being updated when someone leaves the lobby. (Java + Chin)
- Fixed not being able to progress in firefighter job when rescuing a ped or putting out a fire due to the recent update. (Java + thunder37)
- CEs top killers message now includes the winner team name. (Java + Brand)
- Fixed leaving outdoor CEs area being bugged somehow like not getting '5 seconds' restriction message. (Java + noD3)
- Fixed the number of vehicles extinguished you earned for in a firefighter side-mission not being the same as the actual number you extinguished. (Java + Royal)
- Fixed globally muted players being able to use /tc chat. (Java + Brand)
- Made guards not collide with players and other guards to avoid trolling. (Brian + noD3)
- Made F7's 'AI Traders' disappear if there are sales with a low price for the same item. Check topic=334632.0 for items and prices affected by this update. (Brian)

Friday 15th February 2019
- Added /feedback, a new version of the old /feedback. (Zelda + Nikos + Java + Arran)
- Fixed gangsters being able to damage each other by molotovs in criminal events. (Java + noD3)
- L2. UlasDO promoted to L3. (Staff Management)
- Jaguar and Madrigos added as Trial Staff. (Staff Management)

Thursday 14th February 2019
- Fixed not being able to do damage to who has recently entered the riot area. (Java + Diamond)
- Added the ability to mark the current running criminal event location by pressing 'N' after using /ce. (Java + JustLuck)
- Fixed Battle Royale being stuck when only one team joined. (Java + MooN)

Friday 8th February 2019
- Fixed jetpack not being removed properly when using '/eventwarp' which can be exploited. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed being able to enter a criminal event just before it starts and not being counted as team stacking. (Arran + noD3)

Tuesday 5th February 2019
- Blocked an exploit that allowed gangsters in vehicles avoid the 15 seconds "last damage" limit on some features. (Brian + noD3)

Monday 4th February 2019
- Fixed 1 race in '/race' being duplicated and fixed 2 different races having the same name. (Arran + Known)
- Fixed not being able to claim LS turfs while being inside your group zone. (Java +noD3)
- Fixed military and rebels being able to enter indoor criminal events. (Arran + noD3)

Saturday 2nd February 2019
- Suix added as trial staff. (Staff Management)

Thursday 31st January 2019
- NoMaN, Harb and Springrelic added as Trial Staff. (Staff Management)
- Fixed '/svc' (set vehicle color) not working for VIPL1 in main dimension since Tuesday. (Arran + Kazoki)
- Battle Royale season 2 has started now! Visit for more information. (Java)

Wednesday 30th January 2019
- Fixed VIPL1 not spawning with armor since yesterday. (Arran + thunder)
- The maximum characters allowed for the title to be submitted for a suggestion has been increased from 45 characters to 60. (Java + MacMan)
- 'My Suggestions' tab in /ds now shows how many votes the suggestions received. (Java + Alvaro)

Tuesday 29th January 2019
- Donator levels can now be sold in F7. Donator level / DL has been renamed to VIP level / VIPL (Arran + DarkBlood)
- Removed the recent update where arrest pay was counted 25% less than it was, replacing it with +$100K police earn limit. (Arran)
- Earn limit of Criminals and Gangsters increased by $50K, see '/earnlimit'. (Arran)

Monday 28th January 2019
- Doing '/tagcolor view' will display the current color and color code. (Arran + Zelda)
- Removed taxi ped pickup missions from CITy Island. (Arran + Waid)
- Fixed cops being able to go criminal to see the blip of the armed robbery location. (Arran + MaX15)
- Fixed civilians in some circumstances being able to shoot and damage vehicles without consequence. (Arran + Combat)

Sunday 27th January 2019
- Disabled pickpocketing inside Iron Miner's area. (Brian + PatheticScumbag)
- When trying to craft certain items that can only be crafted 1 like armor, instead of giving an error, it will just craft 1. (Arran + noD3)
- Lacosta promoted to L4. (Brian + Vampire + Goku Black)
- Increased criminal event maximum team sizes (now 30 to 50 depending on server player count). (Arran + Daredevil)
- Armed robberies will no longer when a criminal event is about to start. (Arran + Daredevil)

Saturday 26th January 2019
- Removed military / rebel attack progress pay as whoever said these jobs were underpaid was lying. (Arran)

Friday 25th January 2019
- Fixed being able to use base marker shop features when warped far away while GUI is open. (Arran + iRaMoS)
- Fixed zone script thinking you're still in a zone if you warped to an event while in a zone. (Arran + Ramses)
- Fixed Miner job level now showing on scoreboard. (Arran + Sultan)
- Fixed AI traders being able to buy items that were not listed in a protected market area. (Arran + Frost)

Thursday 24th January 2019
- Denying a suggestion in /ds now notifies players who voted on this suggestion with the reason of denial. (Java + Arran)
- Fixed being able to use '/afk' immediately after spawning in an LV turf. (Arran + Combat)
- The server can now be translated to Indonesian. (Arran + Near)
- Fixed top medics not working in criminal events. (Arran + HarwoodButcher)
- Fixed mapped vending machines not working. (Arran + NoMaN)

Wednesday 23rd January 2019
- Fixed top civilian group script not counting jobs that pay resources. (Arran + NoMaN)
- To help cops being so underplayed it kills C'n'R, reaching income limit from jailing players will take 25% more. (Arran)
- Fixed players ruining indoor criminal events to farm money by team stacking as criminal. (Arran)
- Fixed CITphone marking being broken. (Arran + 7osCraft)
- Removed L11 and L12 medic levels. (Arran)

Tuesday 22nd January 2019
- Reduced criminal event delay from 45 to 6 minutes. (Arran + Daredevil)
- Added 'Top Civilian Groups' (Arran + DarkBlood)

Monday 21st January 2019
- Fixed robbing stores daily challenge not working. (Java + Chin)
- Fixed voting on a suggestion in /ds twice getting votes of the suggestion reduced. (Java + NoMaN)
- Drugs can now be sorted in F7 + F9 by adding "Drug: " to the front of drug names. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Increased Fisherman pay by 30%. (Arran + Frost)

Sunday 20th January 2019
- Fixed '/grouponline' and '/squadonline' not working. (Arran + MacMan)
- Fixed being able to create a squad using the same name as a group and vice versa as this was abusable. (Arran + Quartz)
- Disabled the "New Year Race" and fixed another race that was bugged. (Brian)

Saturday 19th January 2019
- Volcano passed trial. (Staff Management)
- When Iron miner has mined all 4 rocks, the GUI will then close. (Arran + DarkBlood)
- All players logged in exactly 5 minutes after a server restart / crash will receive $100,000 as compensation for the inconvenience. (Arran)

Friday 18th January 2019
- Made suggestions in /ds save every 10 minutes to prevent data loss when the server crashes. (Java + Frost)

Thursday 17th January 2019
- Seems that the server is still unstable for a totally unknown reason, the server may crash at any time, made your position, money, etc save every 2 minutes instead of 10. (Arran)

Wednesday 16th January 2019
- Accepted suggestions can now be seen in /ds and can be voted on. (Java + Arran)
- Suggestions in /ds will now be handled by the developers and high staff only. (Java + Arran)

Tuesday 15th January 2019
- Fixed barriers placed by cops not getting damaged by criminals and gangsters. (Java + MaZika)
- Fixed Battle Royale lobby being stuck. (Java + -FrosT-)
- Added an option to pay a delivery fee of 10% (max $30,000) when buying from F7 when not in a market area. (Arran + Frost)
- Restricted voting on LV suggestions ('/ds') to those with 100+ (will be increased later) kills in LV. (Arran)
- Fixed not getting job weapons like nightstick back after finishing Battle Royale. (Arran + Madrigos)

Monday 14th January 2019
- Added 'LV Kills' and 'LV Deaths' to '/stats' which only count kills / deaths from now, will be used to limit '/ds' LV voting. (Arran)
- Deleted the forum boards for suggestions (topics moved to topics for deletion) post suggestions in-game in '/ds'. (Arran)
- Restricted voting on law and criminal suggestions ('/ds') to those who have at least level 10 in that faction. (Arran)
- Added 'Development Suggestion' icon when pressing 'X'. (Arran)

Sunday 13th January 2019
- Fixed the minimum sale price of custom tag color in 'F7' being too high. (Arran + BadBoy)
- Added the old weed farm icon. (Arran + Ganzo)

Saturday 12th January 2019
- Fixed vehicle fuel not decreasing in Battle Royale. (Arran + Known)
- Spraying over an online player's graffiti in an LS turf will now boost your turf control up one more 1%. (Java + Brian + noD3)

Friday 11th January 2019
- Graffiti you spray will be removed 3 hours after you quit, unless someone sprays over them. (Brian)
- Removed limit of spraying 1 graffiti at once, instead you can remove existing graffitis made by other players by spraying over them. (Brian)
- Improved graffiti rotation and positioning when spraying them. (Brian)
- Removed '/tc' 3 seconds limit. (Java + MacMan)
- Pressing 'F3' (opportunities list) while being in Battle Royale will now show its description. (Java + MacMan)
- Fixed an exploit that allowed players to re-spawn slightly faster. (Arran + MaX15)
- Fixed being able to equip jet-pack while in Battle Royale. (Arran + MgD)
- Fixed being able to take items from vehicle inventory after being warped to an event like Battle Royale. (Arran + MaZika)

Wednesday 9th January 2019
- Fixed sometimes not being able to pick up some specific weapons in Battle Royale. (Java)
- Fixed explosions in the red zone in Battle Royale being applied in the main dimension. (Java + MacMan)
- Fixed Battle Royale reward being too low sometimes. (Java + OhhKarim)

Tuesday 8th January 2019
- Fixed your team-mates' blips being visible when you get out of Battle Royale. (Java + OhhKarim)
- Updated CITphone's radio list. (Pilovali)
- Fixed effects in /mplayer not working. (Java + NoMaN)
- Fixed Battle Royale lobby being stuck and not starting the game. (Java + OhhKarim)

Monday 7th January 2019
- Fixed sometimes getting kicked out of the server due to 'ammo mismatch' in Battle Royale. (Java + Arran + OhhKarim)
- In case you aren't in a team and joined a non-solo Battle Royale mode, it will automatically fill your team with players who aren't in teams. Can be disabled in /team. (Java + Brand)
- Vehicles in Battle Royale have now limited fuel. (Java + OhhKarim)
- Fixed bugs recently occurred like getting network trouble when Battle Royale ends. (Java + Brian + MacMan + Ramses)
- Added a line shown when you have F11 map opened representing the direction the plane moves towards in Battle Royale. (Java + OhhKarim)
- Added '/team' to create teams for Battle Royale and Duel Tournaments. (Java)
- Added 'Solo', 'Duo' and 'Squad' modes for the Battle Royale. (Java)
- Added Military, Rebel and Detached teams to 'F1' => 'Players'. (Arran + Elena)
- Increased duel tournaments reward by 100% approximately and removed the maximum reward limit. (Java)
- Fixed criminals being able to use tazer in safe zones. (Java + .Combat + LatteHamsi)
- Added /qs death. (Java + Hazard.)

Sunday 6th January 2019
- L1. Rami passed trial. (Staff Management)
- You can now use prone animation in Battle Royale by crouching with a rifle. (Java + Brand)
- Added an airdrop icon above the pickup that has been dropped in Battle Royale. (Java + Vampire)
- Fixed bugs recently occurred in Battle Royale like being able to see player blips and some bugs about pickups. (Java + Arran + Brand + Altair + OhhKarim)
- You now get paid when you kill a player inside Battle Royale. (Java + Arran)
- Increased Battle Royale reward by %400 (depends on how many joined) and removed the maximum reward limit. (Java)
- Added '/br update' to have a text right bottom your screen indicates the current status of the Battle Royale. (Java + Vampire)
- Moving with the parachute as well as skydiving is now faster in Battle Royale. (Java)
- Parachute now gets opened automatically when reached a certain height in Battle Royale. (Java + OhhKarim)
- Changed the sound of the airplane in Battle Royale. (Java + Vampire)

Friday 4th January 2019
- In case you don't understand what Battle Royale event is about, added 'Battle Royale' description into F3. (Java)
- Fixed your personal grenades being there when you join Battle Royale. (Java + Ramses)
- Added an alert shown in the center of the screen when Battle Royale starts. It can be disabled by disabling 'Event Alert' setting in /settings. (Java + UlasDO)
- Changed Last Man Standing event name to 'Battle Royale' as it's now more sort of Battle Royale than Last Man Standing. The join command is changed to /br. (Java)
- Fixed many bugs occurred in LMS. (Java + OhhKarim + Vampire)
- Added a new version of LMS. Use /lms to sign up for it. /lms info to see the LMS status. (Java + Emma + Brian + Brand + Kavzor + Arran)

Thursday 3rd January 2019
- We are currently looking for players who have knowledge of other languages, and interest in translating the game. There is also a reward for those who translate with quality. For more information, use /translate and visit:, however, before applying, check if the language exists and if there are vacancies. (Magneto)

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