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Yesterday at 08:37:49 pm by DollaMyHolla | Views: 134 | Comments: 1

Just a simple addition, but I think we could have a car spawner right outside the new apartments at Juniper Hill in San Fierro, right here:
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This would help immensely for people who don't have any VIP hours.
Yesterday at 04:36:49 pm by cgcf | Views: 139 | Comments: 1

I have a suggestion of making fast travel free for all Newbie players(Under 35 hours), since they often lack both money and knowledge of the map. Free fast travel would make things such as working alot easier, as they could fast travel to the civilian hq or farm.

And yes, I am aware that new players get a certain amount of "start up money", but many new players seem to prioritise the wrong things because they dont know what they need money for.. Some just end up wasting it all on weps and ammo.
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* Changelog

Sunday 29th March 2015
- Made it so rapid transport is free for players with less than 10 hours and made it so you can double click on the gridlist instead of having to click the travel button. (Arran)
- Added vehicle recovery points to every apartment building (Cherry)
- Added 15 new textures to CITy. 3 aztec, flower tiles, mint & orange paint, 2 Scottish, dark & greywash & old Swiss & red cabin, dark & rough wood & a pine mixture. (Arran + Brian + Cherry)

Saturday 28th March 2015
- Completed work on the apartment system, look for the GTA SA save game icon near large buildings, you will be able to rent an apartment in every building and the interior you create will be shared across every apartment building you rent. The system to add / edit / delete objects is based on the CITy system and the prices used are 10% of the CITy object prices. Please read the information in the GUI and then read it again. (Arran)
- SA News: Work on the apartment rental system has been completed and is in it's final stage of testing before becoming accessible to the public. Special thanks goes out to Brian for creating the interior object.

Thursday 26th March 2015
- Vazz promoted to L4 (Arran)
- SA News: Can't find or afford a house? No need to worry as a huge development project has been announced. Many unused buildings around SA are going to be converted into thousands of affordable blank apartments which you'll be able to rent and then customize the room layout and choose what the walls, floor and ceiling will look like. Once all that's done you'll finally be able to buy your own furniture. If you're excited you'll have to remember to be patient as good things take time!
- Lowered armor crafting Iron consumption to 200 and lowered the freeze craft time to 8 seconds. (Arran)
- Added the decimal mark (a comma every 3 numbers) to the ATM robbery code entered. (Arran)
- Added armor pick-ups to all criminal events. (Arran)
- Added a 7 second cool down time between firing the RPG. (Arran)
- Modified the new country chat system so that BA, HR, RS, SL are all merged into ExYu. (Arran)

Wednesday 25th March 2015
- Increased movement speed when aiming with AK-47 by 81% so that people might actually find the AK-47 worth using. (Arran)
- Added '/radio' to stop the radio and '/radio channel name partial here' to start the radio. Example: '/radio 181' Power 181 will start playing. (Arran)
- Added a 'My Country' chat so that when you press T and enter a message instead of the script telling you to use '/main' your message will be transmit to only players that have the same country code, so if you see some new player from your country asking a question be a good guy and lend a hand or ask him to ask in support. You can disable this chat from appearing in your chatbox in '/settings' (Arran)

Tuesday 24th March 2015
- Added 26 electronic factory units to rent at the 'Solarin Industries' building in Doherty San Fierro. Each hour the property will create 100 units of electronics out of 50 chemicals, 500 oil and 500 iron.
- Due to unpreventable cheaters answering chemical and electronic questions, science and technology markers have been removed. The space miner will now extract Uranium and Oil or Uranium and Chemicals. Electronics has no method of production for now. (Arran)

Monday 23rd March 2015
- Added 6 zones to the LV area. They're perfect for criminal groups to build a base. They give a slight advantage but AFAIK, you can't use them to snipe people. Use zonesforsale to see where they are. (Cherry)
- Added 5 zones to Red County that are perfect for groups to build a base on. Two times 4x4 and three times 5x5. (Cherry)
- Removed "Engine Off" and replaced it with an engine off image when your car engine has been turned off. (Arran + KmilO)
- Added a rapid transport marker to LSPD, Glen Park, Verona Beach and Marina. (Arran)
- Modified the drive-by system so that drivers can fire weapons but when they do, they can't drive the car. 74% voted in favour. (Arran)
- Fixed new players not being able to sell resources that they earn from jobs in F7. (Arran)
- Removed skin 261 as a 'small skin' so it no longer takes 15% more damage. (Arran)

Sunday 22nd March 2015
- Optimized a load of client resources so your FPS should be slightly better. I have decided to disable my nice marker system as the performance requirement of it out weighs its visual improvement. (Arran)
- Added a petrol station at Verdant Meadows Airport. (Arran)
- Added the decimal mark (a comma every 3 numbers) to the ATM GUI so instead of seeing 1000000 you'd see 1,000,000. (Arran)
- Added a 1 in 4 chance of extracting Oil when extracting uranium from space mining. Reminder: There is also a 1 in 4 chance of extracting Iron while space mining. (Arran)

Saturday 21st March 2015
- Added wanted points next to wanted level in the new HUD. (Arran)
- Fixed APB blip not appearing / disappearing when logging in / leaving the team. (Arran)
- Fixed law / crim blip not being made visible when you login or join the team after it was placed and made it disappear when you leave the team. (Arran)
- Due to too much Iron production AI will pay $7 for Iron and due too little Uranium production AI will pay $50 per unit. (Arran)
- Made it require much less resources to travel to space. (Arran)

Friday 20th March 2015
- Added a 2 HP health boost for everyone every 7 seconds which should help new players who can't afford or don't know about stuff like med kits to recover their health, even if it's very slowly. (Arran)
- Added a new house to CITy. It's inspired by the first SF house that was built with CITy objects few months ago. (Brian)
- Increased the damage value of Shotgun from 10 to 12. (Arran)

Thursday 19th March 2015
- Disabled being able to enter MDM when your team has too many players, so that the event will actually start rather than go on forever due to team stacking. (Arran)
- Added a 20 carry limit to RPGs. (Arran)

Wednesday 18th March 2015
- Since nobody plays taxi driver: made it criminal only, doubled the pay, added a little wanted level and some crim XP. (Arran)

Tuesday 17th March 2015
- Modified '/superadvert' so that it tells you how many minutes left until you can use it again if you're trying to use it more than once every 24 hours. (Arran)
- Copied the '/lawblip message' script and made a '/crimblip message' script for Criminal Bosses to use. (Arran)
- Added a small safe zone around LSPD spawn and markers. (Arran)
- Removed '/buyrpg' and added 26 Russian Arms Dealers around LV who are selling 10 RPG's for $60,000. (Arran)
- Modified local chat when inside criminal events so that you only see chat from your own team. (Arran)
- Modified the fuel system so that when a plane runs out of fuel it will lose the ability to accelerate rather than drop out of the sky. (Arran)
- Lowered the price of the Hydra to $25m to reflect it's new expensive rocket system. If you already own one you should sell it and buy a new one to save $14-15m. (Arran)
- Removed the redundant Paramedic job, made it so Police / Criminal Medics can buy and drive ambulances. (Arran)

Monday 16th March 2015
- Increased the cost of projectiles to $2000 and increased the carry capacity to 100. (Arran + WarStar)
- Added some homeless AI (peds) around LS. Added a new task which you can get from the homeless: You give them $50,000 and they'll spread rumours of your bad-assery causing you to gain 5000 crim XP / rep. (Arran + Saif Bhuiya)
- Made aircraft require fuel, made the LSA, SFA, and LVA petrol pumps accessible to aircraft. (Arran + Henry)
- Modified the Hydra missile system so that it can fire a heat seeking rocket every 2 seconds but it now costs $6000 per rocket. (Arran + Head'Boss)
- Fixed Sea Sparrow not being able to do damage. (Arran)
- Kavzor promoted back to L3. (Staff & SPM)

Sunday 15th March 2015
- Added a new line to the constitution: "If the issuer of a ban and the ban appeal moderators have ignored an appeal for 7+ days, the appeal system will be deemed incompetent. The appellant will be entitled to an immediate unban." - CITC 3.2.H (Arran)

Saturday 14th March 2015
- Added Enforcer ($2,500,000 80% bullet resistant) FBI Rancher ($1,000,000) FBI Truck ($1,500,000 80% bullet resistant) Police Maverick ($1,500,000) and S.W.A.T. ($40,000,000 90% bullet resistant) at police stations for police. (Arran + NinjaTuna)
- Added a 1 floor modern house to CITy "Building" list. (Brian)
- Removed CITy's "Airport" section and moved its items inside "Building". (Brian)

Friday 13th March 2015
- Added a command for sending out a server wide advert which costs $100 per online player and can only be used once every 24 hours. If you use this command without making a proper advert you will be muted for misuse. Usage: '/superadvert message here' (Arran)
- Made it so you when you apply a CITy texture to some objects, instead of it covering the whole object it will only cover one of the textures for example when applied to a bed, only the bed cover will change texture. (Brian)
- Modified '/viphats' so you can now do '/viphats HatName' (Arran)
- Added a confirmation message when you hide your vehicle. (Arran)
- Modified the SMS system so CITbook friends will receive your messages even if you're not on their CITphone contact list. (Arran)
- Forum: To up / down vote forum posts you had to have 10 posts, I have now removed this restriction so that everyone can get involved in the feature suggestion voting. (Arran)

Thursday 12th March 2015
- Added some bed objects to CITy and made it so you can apply CITy textures to bed sheets only. (Brian)
- Removed /silenced and added it as setting. Check /settings panel in Weapons section. (Arran - Brian)
- As nobody plays Taxi Driver, modified the script so it's no longer a job, you can just enter a taxi any time you want and do taxi missions. The promotion system remains. (Arran)
- Space Miner: Added a 1 in 5 chance of extracting Iron as a bonus when you extract Uranium. (Arran)
- Added an Easy to Medium Hitman mission offered by Male AI where you have to kill 2 pimps. (Arran)
- Improved the ped AI system so that AI will respond to attacks on other nearby AI. (Arran)
- Added an Easy Hitman mission offered by Male AI where you have to kill a drug dealer. (Arran)
- Added 86 new CJ clothes. (Brian)

Wednesday 11th March 2015
- Completed work on the first ped task which is a simple hitman mission. Some female AI want you to kill their husband in exchange for cash and reputation points. More tasks (and harder tasks) to come in the future! (Arran)
- More AI have been added to LS (probably need even more) they have been moved server side so they're synced better and they have been moved to use the new ped management system so they can now offer tasks to players. To see if a ped has a task press X then aim your mouse at the ped to see if it's got a mission. (Arran)
- Added a whole enter-able 2 floors house to CITy. You only need to add furniture to it. Find the object in "Building" section. (Brian)

Monday 9th March 2015
- Halved the Iron consumed when selling armor to someone when they enter your Boxville. (Arran)
- Added wanted points to '/stats'. (Arran)
- Added '/online so/pc/cb' to see if there are any SOs, PCs, or CBs online. (Arran)

Sunday 8th March 2015
- Added 'Newbie' tag to players with less than 35 hours play time. (Arran)
- Tiiger added as Supporter (Nitrocide, Rabbid Rabbit & Casual)

Saturday 7th March 2015
- Fixed space miners not levelling up from working also due to lack of Uranium the sale price has increased from $35 to $45 a unit. (Arran)
- Added a safe zone at Angel Pine Hospital. (Arran)
- Lowered the range at which unwanted criminals get frozen for aiming at cops from 40 to 15 units so as long as you don't run up to them with a combat shotgun you won't have a problem. (Arran)

Friday 6th March 2015
- Added 'Squad Rank' to '/stats' (Arran)
- Fixed CITy 'Default texture' not working when you want to remove textures from an object. (Arran)
- Modified the fisherman job so you won't lose your fish net when you disconnect. (Arran)
- Added a new crafting item to '/craft' called 'Fish Cake' which is a cheap but inconvenient alternative to med kits. (Arran)
- Modified the fisherman job so that your receive units of fish instead of money, sell the fish on F7 for $8 a unit. (Arran)
- Modified vehicle recovery so that police can recover vehicles to themselves when they have prisoners but the vehicle will take 10 seconds to be delivered. (Arran)
- Modified the max players that can enter criminal events so that it's based on player count. Less than 400 players: 15. Greater than 400 players: 20. Greater than 800 players: 25. (Arran)

Wednesday 4th March 2015
- Added info markers for zones that have special conditions (for example the Boat, LSA zones etc.) to prevent players from forgetting the attached conditions and getting their zones wiped and sold. (Nitrocide)
- Added a bridge that doesn't randomly lose collisions at carshow area. (Brian)
- Added pedobear, turban, ironman and cookie masks. (Brian)

Tuesday 3rd March 2015
- Lowered the acceptable team unbalance at criminal events from 4 to 2 as criminals are still team stacking and rushing. (Arran)
- Added a CITy vehicle recovery point that doesn't have annoying lights. (Brian)

Monday 2nd March 2015
- Added on / off message when using '/sb' and '/xr' (Arran)

Sunday 1st March 2015
- Visma added as trial staff. (Nitrocide)
- Added a map of the classic DFR (Drug Factory Raid) criminal event. (xb0x)

Saturday 28th February 2015
- Added a map of the classic PDR (Police Department Raid) criminal event. (xb0x)
- Added 'Ukrainian' to chat interface. (Arran)
- Added new objects to CITy (Ninjatuna)
- Added new hats and masks to /viphats (Brian)
- Disabled being able to fire LV only weapons outside of LV like grenades. (Arran)
- Gave CBs (Criminal Bosses) the ability which SOs and PCs already have, to remove obstructive vehicles. Press num_3 then click on the offending vehicles. (Arran)

Thursday 26th February 2015
- Added a criminal event map of what BR (Bank Rob) used to look like. (Arran + xb0x)
- Modified the criminal events system so that new events can easily be added, every event uses the MDM entrance. (Arran)
- Modified VIP recover so that if you're wanted you can recover a vehicle to yourself but it will take 10 seconds to appear and you won't be automatically warped into it. (Arran)
- Added a new job called 'Space Miner' which mines Uranium from the asteroid above Tierra Robada. See the updates from Tuesday and Wednesday on how to get to the asteroid. SA Nuclear Power Plant will buy 500 Uranium every 30 seconds at $35 a unit max. (Arran)

Wednesday 25th February 2015
- PedoBear is trial staff again. (Nitrocide)
- Added 'Space Rocket' to '/craft' it's very expensive though! The map editors have not finished anything in outer space yet so unless you want to waste a load of resources going up there I wouldn't recommend it yet. Also you need access to '/jetpack' and '/spacesuit' (Arran)

Tuesday 24th February 2015
- Added an outer space environment which has low gravity and no oxygen therefore a space suit is required to survive. Outer space is currently inaccessible as no aircraft (or jetpack) can leave the Earth's atmosphere, yet. (Arran)
- Added a new chat zone: "OS" which is short for "Outer Space" (Arran)
- Added a course to '/courses' so you can buy a space suit. (Arran)
- Added a space rock texture and space suit. (Brian)
- Fixed a major imbalance where farming at the hemp and herbs farm was way more profitable than farming at the wheat only which is why nobody uses the original farm any more. The hemp / herb farm will now only give you hemp and herbs but more of them. The only way to get wheat will be from the original farm now. (Arran)
- Replaced instant cash payments when playing farmer with 'Wheat' which 'SF Baking Co.' will buy from F7 at 500 units per 30 seconds up to $8/unit. (Arran)
- Added buyer for Gold: LS Jewellers Ltd. 40 units, max $350 and for Explosive: LV Demolitions Inc. 1000 units, max $125. (Arran)
- Modified the trading system so that the server can buy resources from players. 'San Steel Corp' will buy 500 Iron every 30 seconds from the cheapest seller at $8 max. (Arran)
- Made minimap disappear when in paint ball arena. (Arran)
- Added payment levels for police detective: L1 - 0 cases ($1500), L2 - 50 cases ($2000), L3 - 150 cases ($2500), L4 - 300 cases ($3000), L5 - 500 cases ($3500) (Arran)
- Added LX. to the start of each civilian level, also added level names for news reporter. (Arran)
- Added '/arl' so criminals can see what the current Armed Robbery location is. (Arran)
- Modified '/vipskin' so you can do '/vipskin ID' (Arran)

Monday 23rd February 2015
- Shehabos added as trial staff again. (Staff)
- Added a message to tell you if you've run out of VIP hours. (Arran)

Sunday 22nd February 2015
- Fixed unwanted criminals exploiting by being able to attack unsuspecting cops. (Arran)
- Fixed AT-400 not being enter-able from ground. (Brian)
- Removed prison guard job as it was unused. Also removed 2MB of skin mods related to it. (Brian)

Saturday 21st February 2015
- Added Sea Sparrow to aircraft shops for $15,000,000 can only be used by cops outside of LV. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to wanted level farm by killing walking AI. (Arran)
- Modified the casino GUI so you can see how much you've spent gambling. (Arran)
- Modified '/racetime' and '/bikeracetime' to also include the location of the race. (Arran)
- Improved the 'F2' vehicle GUI, made more vehicles visible without having to scroll. (Arran)
- Reduced the list of skins that are considered small (and therefore took 15% more damage) the list is now: 39, 34, 132, 158, 159, 160, 162, 196, 199, 202, 261, 200, 152, 237, 235, 137, 181, 212, 230, 146, 133, 206, 76. (Arran)
- Added CITy object: 'Safe' in 'Interior' which you can click on using 'X' to access ATM. (Arran)
- Modified paint ball arena so you can use AK-47. (Arran)

Friday 20th February 2015
- Fixed top medic in criminal events not working. (Arran)
- Added some ped routes around LS. (Arran)

Thursday 19th February 2015
- Increased the cost and prizes of the casino slot machines by 1000%. (Arran)
- Added walking ped routes to Dillimore, Blueberry, Montgomery and Palomino Creek. (Arran)
- Added a notification message when someone sends you money via bank transfer. (Arran)
- Added a basic client side script for AI walking around the streets, walking routes in Angel Pine only for now. (Arran)

Wednesday 18th February 2015
- Modified '/apb' so that it displays the amount of wanted points the APB has. (Arran)

Tuesday 17th February 2015
- Newly married couples will love this one! Ready to build your family home? We've just added 6 zones that are THE perfect start to build a cute luxury house! Check out Santa Maria Beach! Don't turn the zones into disco's, cubes or a flickering pain-in-the-eye! Not too high either, no family needs that many floors ;) (Cherry)
- CIT goes Dutch! We've build 9 "boat house" zones and 6 beach houses at Verona Beach, Los Santos! Live your ultimate fantasy of living on the water! Don't make your zone too high (maximum of 2 floors and roof terrace) and make sure it's in a boat-house style. So no ugly / bright / flickering cubes! Be creative :) (Nitrocide & Cherry)
- Made pick-up icons like house entrances invisible when doing '/cinemamode' (Arran)
- Disabled being able to throw teargas indoors. (Arran)
- Fixed '/usemedkit' using up med kits even if you already have a lot of healing remaining from already used kits. (Arran)
- Added '/cityzonedelegates' to see who you've delegated access to. (Arran)
- Fixed criminals not being able to get wanted when aiming at cops during a drive-by. (Arran)

Saturday 14th February 2015
- We've added 9 zones to West Vinewood. They're all located on wooden 'foundation'. The sizes are thrice 4x2, thrice 5x2, once 5x3 and two are a a bit different. Make sure to build on top of it, not underneath, or your zone will be wiped and force sold. Have fun! (Nitrocide & Cherry)
- Physcopath passed trial (Cherry & Nitrocide)

Friday 13th February 2015
- Added 33 new zones to the San Fierro West coast under one condition: all zones must be presentable. No cubes, no impossible colours, nothing that's ugly. San Fierro Style. Any zone that does not fit in gets wiped & force sold. (Nitrocide & Cherry)
- Added 33 new zones to the LS docks under one condition: no high buildings due pilots flying nearby. If your zone is too high, it'll be wiped and force sold. (Nitrocide & Cherry)

Tuesday 10th February 2015
- Modified '/apb' so that anyone can do '/apb' to see the current APB and their location. (Arran)
- Added 'Ask To Hide' when pressing 'X' and clicking on an unoccupied vehicle. (Arran)
- Added '/zonesforsale' to find vacant CITy zones. (Arran)

Saturday 7th February 2015
- Fixed exploiters (especially criminals in staffords) having greater acceleration and max velocity from car tuning. (Arran)

Friday 6th February 2015
- Added Egekan as trial staff.
- Moved the contents of '/myhistory' to a client side file as there is too much data for the server to store. Anyone who wants their history must login within the next few months or their history that remains on the server will be deleted when I decide to delete all the old inactive data. (Arran)
- Made it so anyone can use '/weptype m4' not just cops. (Arran)
- Increased the time criminals have to leave the criminal event by 30 seconds but made it so they must leave the area as well as just leaving the interior within that time. (Arran)

Tuesday 3rd February 2015
- Coconut passed trial (L4 & L5 Staff)
- Zergad promoted to L3 (L4 & L5 Staff)
- Made it so criminals can see more messages about the APB like when they quit or are arrested. (Arran)
- Fixed mod shop markers sometimes disappearing. (Arran)
- Fixed not being able to use CTRL + C on GUIs like 'J chat' which have multiple grid lists. (Arran)
- Doubled the amount of taxi passengers waiting for pick-up to take into account Los Santos. (Arran)

Sunday 1st February 2015
- Added 'Mongolian', 'Vietnamese' and 'Indonesian' to 'J' chat interface. (Arran)
- Made vehicle fuel interface disappear when using '/cinemamode' and added the GPS interface to when you're using '/uav' so you can see the current place name while flying around the world. (Arran)
- Fixed not being able to edit CITy objects if you're too distant from them. (Arran)

Friday 30th January 2015
- Disabled sprinting inside houses as criminals abuse houses to evade police. (Arran)
- Disabled being able to put on jetpack in hit area and frozen for 5 seconds if you take it off when in the area. (Arran)

Wednesday 28th January 2015
- Added 'Police Level' to '/stats'. (Arran)
- Added '/cityzonetogglearchitect ID PlayerName' which allows you to add someone (only 1 at a time, ends when you or they quit) to add objects to your zone and those objects are treated as if the owner had mapped them so the architect is not charged. (Arran)
- Added a "Add CITbook Friend" button when clicking on other players after pressing "X". (Arran)

Tuesday 27th January 2015
- Made it so ammunation will buy only the ammo you can carry rather than refuse to sell you anything if you're over the limit. (Arran)
- Made it so criminals can see which criminals have an APB placed on them by police chiefs. (Arran)

Monday 26th January 2015
- Added levels from 1 to 50 for police teams, level is based on arrest points, level 50 is 700,000 points. (Arran)

Sunday 25th January 2015
- Added '/search text' which will find text in any visible grid lists. Mainly useful for '/vehmods' and '/gunmods' (Arran)

Friday 23rd January 2015
- Added a new setting in '/settings' in the 'chat colors' category called "My J Color" which lets you change the color of your own messages when they appear in the 'J' chat interface. (Arran)
- Modified '/vehskin' into '/vehskin type' 'type' being 'p', 'g', or 's' (personal, group or squad) (Arran)
- Made it so you can play Taxi Driver in LS and SF. (Arran)

Thursday 22nd January 2015
- Added a button in F3 (Unit System) to enable / disabling sharing. If you disable it then money that other unit members make won't be shared with you but you will still be sharing your money with them so you should only disable it when not playing. (Arran)
- Added a 5 second gap between being able to throw teargas. (Arran)
- Jester promoted to L3 (L4 & L5 Staff)
- United passed trial (L4 & L5 Staff)

Wednesday 21st January 2015
- Made it so you can't buy health or armor if you've been attacked in the last 5 seconds. (Arran)
- Added house robbery drop off locations in San Fierro, Bayside, Fort Carson, Palomino Creek and Angel Pine. (Brian)
- Fixed people being able to hide their aircraft right after jumping out of it by requiring vehicles not to be moving fast when being hidden. (Arran)
- Fixed an exploit where you could survive a plane crash and come out of it being invisible if you recovered an aircraft to you while falling. (Arran)

Tuesday 20th January 2015
- Fixed all reported bugs. (Arran)

Monday 19th January 2015
- Made it so you can only throw satchels with an FPS higher than 30 due to many LV players intentionally lowering their FPS when using satchels to create desync. (Arran)
- Made it so you can't enter any interior when recently hurt. This is because "professional fighters" abused teleports and desync to get healed and avoid being killed when low on health. (Brian)

Sunday 18th January 2015
- Added a new criminal mission 'Prison Breaker' which earns you 400 XP for every prisoner you help to escape. (Arran)
- Combined 'Waste Collector' and 'Street Cleaner' job stats and merged the 2 jobs into 'Waste Manager' since it's better to have 1 unplayed job than 2 unplayed jobs. (Arran)

Saturday 17th January 2015
- Added CITC 3.2.F "If their ban appeal is denied the topic must be replied to by the person denying it." and CITC 3.2.G "If they have had a ban appeal denied by the admin who issued the ban they can make a '2nd opinion' ban appeal which the original ban issuer may not interfere with." (Arran)
- Fixed custom paint ball fields not working. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to break the mod shop GUI by closing it while it's moving. (Arran)
- Fixed not being able to filter houses at the house shop with interior IDs over 28. (Arran)
- Fixed some new alliance GUI bugs. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to repair helicopters while hanging from them. (Arran)
- Fixed not being able to disable using satchels in duels. (Arran)
- Fixed not being able to buy hot dogs and ice creams from vans. (Arran)
- Fixed paramedics not healing people to 150 HP when entering an ambulance. (Arran)
- Fixed paramedics not being able to heal players. (Arran)

Thursday 15th January 2015
- Re-enabled Ganton Binco for store robberies. (Arran)

Friday, 9th January 2015
- Added two new CITy texture packs: Theatre & Ceiling. Perfect for making a cinema, epic home or a theatre. (Cherry & Brian)

Thursday 8th January 2015
- Added 'Criminal Level' to '/stats' and to the scoreboard. (Arran)
- Fixed custom name tag colors of certain jobs not being reset after quitting job. (Arran)
- Increased max extra respawn locations from 5 to 9. (Arran)
- Removed obsolete "Health Bug" and "Custom Titles" button when you click on another player through the X key options panel. (Arran)
- Removed obsolete duelling options about med kits and drugs. (Arran)
- Fixed jail time in the jailed message sometimes being 20 seconds shorter than what it is. (Arran)

Wednesday 7th January 2015
- Made it so the starting point of teams in MDM criminal event are random. (Arran)
- Made it so the tazer won't work on hits. (Arran)

Tuesday 6th January 2015
- Lowered jail fine from $24 to $20 per second so you waste less money. (Arran)
- Added science and technology markers to prison so you actually have something to do. (Arran)
- Fixed med kits not automatically healing you when you take damage from car crashes. (Arran)
- Fixed not being able to hide a vehicle after declining vehicle repair. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to abuse '/djv' when the vehicle has occupants. (Arran)
- Fixed the police M4 laser ('/weptype m4') not being visible. (Arran)
- Fixed the 2nd pay and spray in Doherty not working, added it as a business. (Arran)
- Fixed oxygen not showing when in water with new HUD. (Arran)
- Fixed fisherman getting bugged if fishing while off shift. (Arran)
- Fixed the setting that lets you disable custom clothes. (Arran)

Monday 5th January 2015
- Added skin shop marker and slot machines to prison. (Arran)

Sunday 4th January 2015
- Added the ability to CTRL + C selected grid list text. (Arran)
- Added "CITy Zone Music" setting to 'Miscellaneous' category of '/settings'. (Arran)

Saturday 3rd January 2015
- Converted all mod shops (25 of them) into player owned businesses. (Arran)
- Reduced the pay of Bus Drivers, increased the pay of Delivery Men, Fire Fighters, Waste Collectors, Taxi Drivers, Lumberjacks and Street Cleaners. (Arran)
- Modified Fire Fighter so that it uses a standard blip that's visible on minimap and moved it to the Civilian Workers team. (Arran)

Friday 2nd January 2015
- Added a setting in the 'BLIPS' category of '/settings' to enable custom blips on the minimap. (Arran)

Thursday 1st January 2015
- Fixed being able to reload and jump at the same time to instant reload and or cause desync. (Arran)
- Fixed unwanted criminals being able to tazer cops. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to exploit trucker missions by getting to the destination by means other than using a truck. (Arran)
- Fixed wanted criminals being able to hide in broken down vehicles. (Arran)

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  • BigSmoke420: Console? pfft! Bow down to the Glorious PC gaming master race! [link]
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  • Kratos: nvm, it works now
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  • rellic: they should work
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  • Kratos: do youtube links work on forum? mine doesn't work when I post a video.
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  • Fidan: every console sucks
    Today at 02:17:02 am
  • Raccoon: FUCK! I am against PS in the consoles battle but now im gonna play PS3 because of this fucking shit, so yeah, XBOX SUCKS.
    Today at 02:04:02 am
  • Raccoon: lmao
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  • xb0x: Sorry
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  • Raccoon: I just wanted to open xbox and i saw that the fucking scart is damaged. :fp: just fuck my life
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  • Hercules: I wanna sleep, zzz
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  • BigSmoke420: Ah yeah! The FBI! Wonderful group I wish I could be a part of it! :)  [link]
    Today at 12:58:27 am
  • Nvidia: "Max!mo go to this board [link]
    Today at 12:35:29 am
  • Iron_Man: Go here [link]
    Today at 12:35:17 am
  • ~D~MaX!Mo$~Z~: How to Apply for F.B.I or police ..... ? Please help
    Today at 12:29:23 am
  • ~D~MaX!Mo$~Z~: How to Apply for F.B.I or police .....
    Today at 12:27:20 am
  • Rabbid Rabbit: That moment when a summer breeze and gold light bathes both your faces under the olive trees ^_^
    Today at 12:05:22 am
  • NeCa: hello
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  • Fidan: lol that sucks hh
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