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06 02, 2016, 06:10:51 am by Akrso | Views: 313 | Comments: 1

The suggestion is pretty simple, it's about making the GPS blip (flag) appears in rapid transport map so you can find the blip in RT map easier to teleport to the nearest location to it.


- It's so hard to find a location you marked on GPS in F11 map, you will be searching for it for minutes and you may not even find it between all those other blips.
- Just expect you're a newbie in LS, GPS Hunter job location and try to find it in F11 map between all the other blips to teleport to it. You may get bored while searching for it as you won't even find it because the flag is too small and the job is located at the bottom left corner of the map also it is spammed with blips.
-What will this improve?

Try to find the flag here
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probably so hard..?     
Then try to find it here
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much easier..?
02 02, 2016, 05:02:02 pm by Ryan. | Views: 811 | Comments: 1

Hey guys, as we know, one of the most annoying things right after connecting is that you get packet loss whenever criminal. This packet loss blocks your fight for 5-15 minutes, thats pretty 'much'. Not everytime you can do quit job and have fun.

My suggestion is simple; Yes, packet loss helps us fighting laggers but on the other hand it also blocks good pings as well. Why does it stick with jobs only? I mean, if you connect as civilian, you dont get Packet Loss, but you get packet loss when connecting as criminal. Packet loss isnt supposed to stick with job right?

Either remake Packet Loss script or just check (if any) bugs with this script as it only detects criminals, and 99% of the times, it blocks fight, even with stable connections.

Same if you connect with police job.

Thank you all.
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* Changelog

Thursday 11th February 2016
- Added Hunter job to employment office. (Arran + MarinoS)
- Added Top Killers to the Top 50 page on the website. (Arran + GoldNugget)
- Added the GPS blip to rapid transport GUI to help getting to your GPS location. (Arran + Akrso)
- Disabled ping kick when in car show area. (Arran + Rands)
- Removed color code from 'groupnote' and 'squadnote' so they will now use the same color as in your settings for group chat and squad chat. (Arran + StonePark)
- Increased '/streamurl' max sound distance from 30 to 60. (Arran + Geert)
- Increased aircrafts max velocity cap from 240KPH to 354KPH. (Brian)

Monday 8th February 2016
- Fixed 11 bugs. (Arran + MHP + HassoN + Mr.K@LeD + KC + Easton + IDriver + BShen + Apache995 + Hopper + iRasengan + Shadow + Synax)

Sunday 7th February 2016
- Removed /hitmark and /altcross commands and added 2 settings lines to enable/disable them in "WEAPON" category. (Arran + Brian)
- Mapped a new Armed Robbery in Blueberry. (Brian + Uber + Lucifer)

Friday 5th February 2016
- Fixed 6 bugs. (Arran + NormalTulip + Chetan + HassoN + Apache995 + Tomoxx + Echoo)
- Raised the packet loss limit from 10 to 15% as for some reason packet loss always starts at 12% on login. (Arran + Ryan)
- Increased criminal XP from killing a cop from 50 to 100. To compensate for this increase, killing a cop who hasn't moved in 20 seconds won't give any XP. (Arran + KC)

Thursday 4th February 2016
- Added /hitmark which will create a cross over your crosshair each time you successfully hit a player/ped with your weapon. (Brian)
- Moons passed Trial. (High & Head Staff)

Wednesday 3rd February 2016
- Fixed 7 bugs. (Arran + iMemO + Inferno + BClaude + Czyeth + Rands + Chetan + Medusa)
- Since SeaSparrow and Hunter are being over used in LV, from now on the action pump shotgun will produce an explosion when you shoot at those 2 vehicles. (Brian)

Monday 1st February 2016
- Azoulas added as Trial Staff. (Staff team)

Sunday 31st January 2016
- Rewritten /altcross script and made it so you have a different crosshair each weapon you choose. (Brian)

Saturday 30th January 2016
- Added a new F6 GUI. (Nickelz)
- Hunter job: added animal sounds so it's easier to spot them when you're inside hunting area. (Brian + Hopper)
- Added GPS app to CITphone which is the same as doing '/gps'. (Arran + KC)
- Reduced the hours required before being able to send up to $10 million from 200 to 125 hours. (Arran + Circus)
- Reduced Country Rifle movement speed while aiming from 1.5 to 0.75 and reduced damage from 100 to 95. (Arran + Najo)
- Cops will get 5 of each drug when killing a criminal inside Jefferson Motel. (Arran + KC)
- While trying to defuse a bomb as Bomb Disposal job you'll only take 25% damage while the GUI is open. (Arran + Najo)
- Added '/qs deliveries', '/qs taxi' and '/qs pictures' use '/qsk' for more info. (Arran + TurrO)
- Fixed 7 bugs. (Arran + TerrorisT + NixaFTW + Czyeth + KC + WillyPoo + Kokolacio + TurrO)

Friday 29th January 2016
- Finally fixed the 'Top Group' in LV always being wrong. (Arran + noD3)
- Lowered the price AI sells Explosives in F7 for, from $300 to $200. (Arran + FalconHawk)
- Added a 2 second time limit between placing the police stinger with '/stinger'. (Arran + EvilEye)
- Moved Lumberjack checkpoints to LS Country so players won't have to drive through half of map to cut trees. (Brian)

Thursday 28th January 2016
- Rover passed Trial (High & Head Staff)
- Made Taxi Driver job have 4 job skins. (Brian + Mercy)

Wednesday 27th January 2016
- Removed '/shownewplayers' and added it to '/settings' as 'Notify me of New Players'. (Arran + Ryan)

Tuesday 26th January 2016
- Hunters can now kill BigFoot, it'll give 70KG (stats) and $5000 (pay). (Brian)
- Made Hunter job more challenging by making animals move around randomly. They also spawn randomly into the hunting area. You will fail the mission if the animal you're hunting manages to leave the area. (Brian + Synax)
- When selecting a location on the rapid transport GUI the nearest point will become green. (Arran + Jocke)
- Awarded Honourable status to KC for outstanding ideas contributing to improvements for the criminal team. (Arran)
- Criminals will now only get wanted for opening the prison gate if their wanted level is below 4, to prevent wanted level farming. (Arran + KC)
- Added 20 new CJ clothes. (Wilz - Uber)

Monday 25th January 2016
- The AI Trader now buys 100 units of any drug for $100/unit. (Arran + Chetan)
- Added an 'AI Trader' to F7 who sells infinite Explosive for $300/unit to prevent greedy Cave Miners being overpaid. (Arran)
- Added 'Top Bomb Disposers' to 'Top 50 Police' stats page on the website. (Arran + ViVa.)
- To open the ammunation GUI you must now press Z after entering the marker. (Arran + EzzAldden)
- Added 3 new settings to '/settings': 'Custom Car Music' + 'Custom Apartment Music' + 'Custom House Music' which let you disable the custom music you might hear when entering cars, apartments and houses. (Arran + Kolper)
- Fixed being able to play as hunter even when you've ended your shift. Fixed being able to scare animals even after you've killed them. (Brian)
- Added few stunting and industrial items in CITy objects list. Check "Free Time" and "Roleplay" categories. (Brian)

Sunday 24th January 2016
- Added a new civilian job, Hunter. Head to Angel Pine (town at the bottom left corner of the map) to get this job. (Brian)

Saturday 23rd January 2016
- Items for sale on F7 will only be removed after 6 hours instead of 1. (Arran + Farhan-Khan)
- Re-enabled account names in '/stats' as players can't make their minds up, do not suggest to remove it again. (Arran + Loyalty)

Friday 22nd January 2016
- Slightly decreased Cave Miner pay as it's extremely overpaid. Space Miners will now earn Explosives every third rock instead of fourth. (Arran)
- Added a new rapid transport marker at the bridge leading to Formzallo Penn Island. Also improved the GUI so if you click once on a location it will tell you the name of the nearest destination marker next to the price. (Arran + IDriver)

Thursday 21st January 2016
- Top killers and damagers in a criminal event will be able to enter the next event even if their team is unbalanced. (Arran + Just_test)

Wednesday 20th January 2016
- If a cop in a car was hurt in last 10 seconds, their tyres can be popped, though only the cop will see the tyres as popped. (Arran + Tad)
- Disabled being able to use the tazer while in Jefferson Motel. (Arran + Aimcac)
- Disabled the switch to fist when sprinting affect when holding country rifle, sniper rifle and RPG that has an empty magazine to prevent the bug where you're unable to reload these weapons. (Arran + Cupra)
- Added 'Truck Trafficking' description to the criminal mission list GUI (press F5 when playing criminal.) (Arran + KC)
- All members of a squad can now view the squad rank list and what permissions each rank has. (Arran + JohnCenz)

Monday 18th January 2016
- Removed the requirement that you must have 500 arrests before being able to play as Bomb Disposal. (Arran)
- You can now open the web browser by using the 'Browser' app in CITphone (press B) if you prefer opening with a key such as F3, you can do: '/bind F3 browse' to open with F3. (Arran + Uardo)
- Criminals will get 5 of each drug when killing a cop inside Jefferson Motel. (Arran + Germaneish@N)
- Criminals will get 60 reputation points every 3 minutes while inside Jefferson Motel. (Arran + Tanke94)

Saturday 16th January 2016
- The Bomb Disposal team will now get a new mission every 40 seconds instead of every 5 seconds. This makes it possible to get the same location as other players meaning you could play with friends that way. Increased payment by 4 Explosives. Also if you have any ideas to make this job more played please post your idea on the forum. (Arran)
- Added a small island off the East coast of Los Santos, the bridge up from the Oil Rig bridge. There are 13 CITy zones on the North part of the island which is accessible using the bridge that's between the woodland area and the army base. (Arran + Brian)

Friday 15th January 2016
- Increased ATM Robbery pay by 50% and increased reputation by 160%. (Arran + KC)
- Increased Store Robbery pay by 280% and increased reputation by 50%. (Arran + KC)
- Decreased House Robbery pay by 30% and increased reputation by 20%. (Arran + KC)
- Increased Criminal Trucker mission pay by 50% and increased reputation by 100%. (Arran + KC)
- Increased Hitman mission pay by 30% and decreased reputation by 60%. (Arran + KC)
- Iron Miners can now recover the Sanchez and Quad bike to themselves without needing VIP. (Arran + M1D0)
- Police can't arrest wanted players if the cop was hurt in the last 3 seconds. This is to prevent them abusing night stick against criminals that are shooting at them. (Arran + KC)
- Improved '/search text' so it will now cycle through any grid list items that contain the text. (Arran + Sabfas)
- Equip items are now disabled while in the event dimension. (Arran + Jocke)
- Improved the CITbook GUI so it now shows when your friends were last online. (Arran + Nickelz)

Thursday 14th January 2016
- Jocke passed trial. (Staff Team)
- Added 145 new CJ clothes. (Brian + Wilz + Uber)

Wednesday 13th January 2016
- Increased the pay when playing Bomb Disposal with a low level. (Arran)
- Fixed News Reporter not having many peds to take pictures of, the server seems to think all the peds are dead so it wasn't picking any of them so I've had to remove the is dead check. (Arran)
- Only JCM+ can now post topics in Ideas and Suggestions due to the amount of fools posting suggestions which lack required information. (Arran)
- IronMan promoted to L4. (Headstaff)
- Inferno added as trial staff. (Staff Team)

Sunday 10th January 2016
- Increased Pistol magazine size to 1000. (Arran + Stormy)
- Re-enabled the 'switch to fists when sprinting' in LV. (Arran + DEATH)
- Tiiger and Dom promoted to L3. (Head Staff)

Saturday 9th January 2016
- Added 3 new races. (Brian + Paddington)
- Added a Police Officer job marker at Law Farm. (Brian + Navneet)

Friday 8th January 2016
- Fixed LV kill count being reset each time you entered LV instead of every 24 hours. (Arran + noD3)
- Added Malibu Club from GTA Vice City next to LS Alhambra. (Brian)
- When in LV and using weapon binds, the weapon will now switch instantly instead of taking a fraction of a second, this is the last time I change this and as this had +53 votes nobody is allowed to complain about desync in LV ever again. (Arran + OhhKarim)

Wednesday 6th January 2016
- Prison fences are now electrified. Whoever stands on them will be killed by electricity. (Brian + CaptainClaw)

Monday 4th January 2016
- When playing Space Miner there is now a 25% chance of finding Explosives on top of what else you already found. (Arran)
- To prevent accidental crafting of Space Rocket, you can now only craft it when at the space shuttle. (Arran + JohnCenz')
- Re-enabled event warp message, now it will say who has created the event warp. (Arran + Jocke)
- Staff can now create event marker and blip in the main dimension. (Arran + xb0x)
- Improved '/buyrpg' so it will now tell you how many seconds until you can use it again. (Arran + Weezzy'Q)
- Re-enabled '/payjailfine' however as prison sentences were reduced by 20% I have increased the price of the fines by 25%. (Arran + Bokila)
- Increased Bomb Disposal pay by 6 Explosives. (Arran)
- Disabled ground snow effects (for those who had them enabled). You can still have snow effects by opening CITphone (press B) and by clicking on weather app. (Brian)

Sunday 3rd January 2016
- The no vehicles allowed in the cave mine policy now applies to everyone, to prevent non cave miners helping cave miners. (Arran + Ryan)
- SMS's from State Officials won't be hidden, apparently they need this to confirm marriages. (Arran + MarinFTW)
- You can now store ammo in your house again. (Arran + Sheriff)
- To prevent cops and criminals accidentally opening the 24/7 GUI, you must press 'Z' after entering the marker. (Arran + DEATH)

Friday 1st January 2016
- Lowered prison times by 20% and made wanted levels go down when no cops are near twice as fast. (Arran)
- Moved prison to Los Santos, disabled 'payjailfine' and made it so criminals can open the prison gate to let prisoners escape. (Arran + Snipe)
- Ping + packet loss kick won't apply when inside an apartment. (Arran + KC)

Thursday 31st December 2015
- Punishments issued before June 2015 won't count in the punishment time multiplier system. (Staff Team)
- Criminals that enter JFM (Jefferson Motel) will now start with 4 stars. (Arran + Nikos)

Wednesday 30th December 2015
- Added 200 CJ Custom clothes. (Brian + MHP)

Tuesday 29th December 2015
- Messages on the center right like group members logging in won't appear while in '/cinemamode' (Arran + EzzAldden)
- Staff can now load events outside of the event dimension. (Arran + Franco)
- Moved the 'LS East Prison Release' rapid transport marker to inside the protected area. (Arran + KC)
- '/r' now works for the following jobs: Pilot, Bus Driver, Delivery Man, Fisherman, Lumberjack, Mechanic, News Reporter, Waste Manager, Trucker & Fire Fighter. (Arran + Denos)
- Disabled cops being able to hurt idle peds. (Arran + Dimit)
- Re-enabled the notification when players get married. (Arran + NinjaTuna)
- Added an ammunation marker at the zombie area. (Arran + Synax)
- Armed vehicles can no longer fire while in the LV DM area. (Arran + NoSwear)

Monday 28th December 2015
- Increased Bomb Disposal payment by 6 explosives. (Arran)
- News Reporter will now need to take photos of peds rather than players, as players may be driving you can't get a photo of them. (Arran)
- Re-enabled being able to store projectiles in your vehicle inventory. (Arran + DEATH)
- When a Police Chief sacks a cop whose driving the van heist Securicar they will be ejected from it. (Arran + HassoN)
- Added a rapid transport point to Zombotech. (Arran + KC)
- Re-enabled the 'Zombie Stats' on the website. (Arran + Knieps)
- Rover added as Trial Staff. (Staff Team)
- Added 2 new CITy views for Apartments. Search for "CITy View - Night Cityscape 1 and 2" in textures list. (Brian + SherlockHolmes)
- Squads with over 50 members can now create up to 25 squad ranks instead of just 10. (Arran + NoMaN)
- Removed ability to shoot incendiary bullets inside Hit area in LS. They were used only to get unfair advantage towards hits. (Brian)
- Added custom tag colour for State Official occupation. (Brian + MarinFTW)

Sunday 27th December 2015
- Fixed Petrol Stations, Pay and Sprays and Mod Shops not going up for sale when the owner neglects to keep them stocked up with the required resources. (Arran)

Saturday 26th December 2015
- Added a new private security job called 'ZomboSec' which is short for Zombotech Security. ZomboSec have to kill zombies that have escaped from the Zombotech Research Facility in Tierra Robada. Do '/gps' and go to the last bookmark to find the job location. (Arran)
- Moons added as Trial Staff (Staff Team)

Wednesday 23rd December 2015
- Equipping Fire Extinguisher (/equip) will make you immune to fire damage, both molotovs and incendiary shotgun bullets. (Brian)
- Increased /equip panel's items list lenght. (Brian + KC)
- Added Incendiary bullets for shotgun. Every player in LV can use them. In LS only cops can /equip Shotgun and use incendiary bullets to avoid criminals' lame tactic of running around obstacles to heal. (Brian)

Tuesday 22nd December 2015
- Added '/go bomb disposal' - requires 100,000 arrest points. (Arran + LawLiet)

Monday 21st December 2015
- The server was offline for an hour because the server unexpectedly shut down (such as a BSOD) some accounts are lost when this happens, if you can't login don't worry as I can manually re-add your account using the hourly backups, but you will have to wait 0 to 12 hours after your failed login for it to work. (Arran)
- Added 'Bombs Disposed' to '/stats' (Arran + rellic)
- Edited MG-42 and Police Shield mods inside /equip and reduced their size of 90% to make it easier downloading them and avoid possible FPS drops from complex models. (Brian)

Sunday 20th December 2015
- You can no longer use Jetpack while working as Cave Miner as the job is the most overpaid. (Arran)
- Added 5 more levels to Bomb Disposal job. Each 1 requires 100 more defusals and gives 3 more Explosives. (Arran)
- Restored some road objects such as traffic lights, lamp posts and garbage bins next to houses. (Brian + Tiiger)
- Added 3 new turfs in LV: 2 in North East LV (Creek Area) and 1 in old Camorra base place. (Brian)
- Added a new job that can be found inside LSPD called 'Bomb Disposal' which has a unique bomb protection suit skin. The job requires 500 arrests. You will have to go to a bomb to defuse it. The defusal process is a mini game where you must connect different colored points up. I originally intended to make it harder but scripting it has been extremely time consuming and confusing so there might be some bugs in the mini game. When the bomb is defused you will receive a payment in Explosives. The job has 5 levels: L1 - 0 defused - 40 Explosives. L2 - 20 defused - 43 Explosives. L3 - 80 defused - 46 Explosives. L4 - 160 defused - 49 Explosives. L5 - 250 defused - 52 Explosives. (Arran + Brian)

Friday 18th December 2015
- xb0x promoted to L3 (L5 Staff)
- Enabled Christmas mods and files. Santa's skin IDs are 240 (available to every player) and 266 (available only for Police Officer job). Quadbike turned into a snow bike. Beagle is Santa's sleigh. Merry Christmas!! (Brian)

Wednesday 16th December 2015
- The mission that a ped is offering will now change regularly so that some peds don't get stuck on missions nobody wants to do. (Arran)
- The police bomb defusal mission that police peds give you will now pay 70 explosives instead of $12,000. (Arran)
- Reduced 'Explosives' used when crafting ammo. (Arran)
- Applied a new texture to skin ID 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107 (Grove and Ballas skins) made by Tad, Weston, Arteezy and Amazigh. (Brian)

Tuesday 15th December 2015
- Stingers that are mapped in event dimension will now pop tyres. (Arran + Apache995)
- You can now go to a players apartment interior from their house. (Arran + NinjaTuna)
- Set shaders (detailed objects, water, radar and sky) disabled by default as new players who have low FPS won't think to turn these off in case they're affecting their FPS. Also set the default max FPS to 45. To change these settings use '/settings' (Arran + Snipe)
- Added some furniture objects to CITy lists. (Brian + Max96)
- The 'Sneak' walk style is now default as sneak style lets you run with more weapons. (Arran + KC)
- Fixed Hunter paint being too dark. (Brian)
- Added paintable SeaSparrow. (Brian + OzBeast)

Monday 14th December 2015
- FORUM: Made a separate board for tutorials. Added few sub-boards to sort tutorials topics in a more organized way. (Brian + Snipe)
- Increased maximum sale price of Rocket Launcher in F7 trading to $12,000. (Arran + Rands)
- Disabled the script that sets your HP to 1 if you attempt to satchel throw exploit. (Arran + Roman)
- Re-mapped State Route for Bus Driver job and doubled its stops. (Brian)

Sunday 13th December 2015
- Removed all house markers in LV. They were abused get fast respawn. (Brian)

Saturday 12th December 2015
- FalconHawk added as Trial Staff (Staff Team)
- Removed F10 / 'visions' and added a forum board for ideas and suggestions. (Arran)
- Jocke added as Trial Staff. (Staff Team)

Thursday 10th December 2015
- Re-mapped houses on north-west SF cliff. Now they have int. 23 and their price is 300.000$. (Brian + KakCraft)

Tuesday 8th December 2015
- Made it so if you disable snow shader it'll stay disabled next time you connect to CIT. (Brian)
- Pepo passed trial (Franco)

Monday 7th December 2015
- Added medic rank to '/stats'. (Arran + JayXxX)
- When invited to a group or squad you'll get a message on screen, this can be disabled in '/settings' (Arran + GhiKaz)
- Fixed not levelling up when playing Cave Miner. (Arran + HooligaN)
- Fixed criminals being able to get team killed at an Armed Robbery. (Arran + KC)
- Anyone who enters a Taxi / Cabbie can now do the taxi missions. (Arran)
- Reduced the maximum amount you can get from escorting the Securicar from $75,000 to $25,000 due to cops intentionally taking ages, to farm easy money. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to take an RPG or minigun when you have the other equipped and losing it. (Arran + Lucifer)
- Forum: Renamed Minister of Fairness to Punishment Consultancy, which isn't an "appeal your punishment" board. Fidodido will later decide what to do in that board. (Brian)
- Forum: Renamed Minister of Entertainment to Event Management, xb0x is in charge and CEM related stuff will be handled by him. (Brian + xb0x)
- Forum: Deleted the remaining ministries and their forum category. (Brian)

Saturday 5th December 2015
- Moved the outdoor Cinema from Fort Carson to Santa Maria Beach. (Arran)
- Added LS turfs at the 2 car shops and at the Alhambra. (Arran)

Friday 4th December 2015
- Increased the max sale price of Explosives from $200 to $350. (Arran + DeathWish)
- Staff, PC's, SO's and CB's can now remove player created barriers by pressing Num_3 and clicking on them. (Arran + Navneet)
- Added 'Stores Robbed' to '/stats' (Arran + KC)
- Navneet and NoMaN added as supporters. (Brian)
- Added 2 winter skins, ID 256 and 235. (Brian)
- Added snow to San Andreas map. Type /groundsnow if your FPS gets affected by it. Also added a button to enable snow weather in B > Weather App. (Brian - Arran - ccw)

Thursday 3rd December 2015
- Added '/go space miner' and '/go cave miner'. (Arran + iNSANE)
- Increased Oil from Space Miner job by 100%. (Arran + NoMaN)

Wednesday 2nd December 2015
- Added a color gradient on the health bar. Full health is green and low health is red. (Arran)
- When you "Press N for directions" you will now see the distance to travel like you did in Trucker and Pilot jobs. (Arran)

Tuesday 1st December 2015
- Added cheap vehicles shops near East & West LS jail release spawns. This will help newbies get vehicles when they spawn there. (Brian)

*** For updates older than this check the 'Updates Changelog' in the 'News' board on the forum ***

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