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04 08, 2018, 08:40:02 pm by Kavzor | Views: 1377 | Comments: 16

Good afternoon community members!

Why do we have rules? Ever since my first day of CIT, I have been reflecting on this as well as a player as a staff member, but the answer always seems to be somewhat out of reach. Some might say that rules are meant to put up borders, for how to act within the community, others might say it is meant for the staff to not get bored, some might even say that that they are in fact not rules, but merely guidelines.

I do not claim to have the perfect answer to this question, nor do I believe there is a simple one, but I know for a fact that rules give us a common ground to walk on, they help us to enforce integrity, they make you no better than me. Nevertheless, enforcing these rules take time and people who can bear this responsibility, however, staff differentiate in judgment, they have different moral codes they follow, some staff members are more lenient than others. That the staff members are different consequentially means that it becomes hard for you to feel equally treated when different staff members have different opinions. All this are supposedly resolved by transparency, you do not get punished just for fun. Before you jump into judging all the changes made or comment upon them, I ask of you to consider reflecting upon future and previous punishments you receive or received, to consider that even if different staff may have told you two or more different things they both followed their moral code which led to that punishment, and surely you can learn something out of it as many of us have on multiple occasions.

Now let's talk about the changes!

Basically, all the rules both in-game and on the forum have been reviewed and modified to make them easier to understand, less complicated and hopefully as a result, we will be seeing fewer arguments about whom interpret the rules correctly. The important part to understand is that no content has been removed, only moved. For example, you may currently lack the democratic rule, however, that does not mean it is non-existence, it will be moved into DS1 board which means that it applies under forum rule #2 now.

If you wish to comment on a rule, ask for a clarification or even suggest improvements then mention me within this topic and let me know what it is that you would like to have clarified or changed to make the rule(s) easier to understand.
17 07, 2018, 05:53:52 am by Coke | Views: 3269 | Comments: 93

CIT Official Instagram page!

We have finally decided to make an official Instagram account for CIT, we're going to be hosting CIT giveaways and we are also going to upload many things related to CIT! We will post all abouts news, info, most important post, events, from the community fan art and much more.

The things should be posted in CIT2's instagram :
  • News update (What's happening in the community)
  • Jokes and Meme
  • CnR
  • Civilian life
  • Group and squad development (New CBs, PC and SOs or maybe group promotion etc.)
  • Advertisement for the community, community will pay for it if they want to advertise. (Payment is for giveaway)
  • Short videos (Maximum length 60 seconds)

CIT Official instagram page
Founded on: 7/17/2018
Do not forget to follow it! So we can follow you back!  ;)

For more information about our instagram page, you may ask your question here!

Q: Who can I contact to post stuff on CIT2's instagram page?
A: Temporary, Coke will handle this stuff until the further information from CIT2 administration

Q: How much can I pay for advertisement?
A: You can pay 2,000,000$ per photo and 5,000,000$ per video
You only pay for number 6!
Q: Will there be giveaways? (CIT related and Steam)
A: That depends whenever I can afford them using the advertisement payment.

Good size for instagram
Show content
Square Image: 1080px in width by 1080px in height
Vertical Image:  1080px in width by 1350px in height
Horizontal Image: 1080px in width by 566px in height

Post meme or joke here with image and get 5,000,000$ if your image got posted!

Thank you guys and also for the contributor!
CIT2Instagram page
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* Changelog

Sunday 19th August 2018
- Fixed rapid transport GUI not disappearing on death. (Arran + fReex)

Saturday 18th August 2018
- 1337 promoted to L5 group. (Staff Team)

Thursday 16th August 2018
- Removed most auto-bans for speed cheating due to it turning out there is a false positive situation. (Arran)

Wednesday 15th August 2018
- /cityzonekick will work for every group member for groups that own a CITy base. (Brian)
- Added /cityzonekick that allows zone owner and delegated players to kick anyone from their zone ID. It's BETA so bugs may occur. (Brian)
- Coolit3 promoted to L2. (Headstaff)
- Added 'Reward' column in '/dc', shows you how much you will receive if you complete the challenge. (Relerx + Suix86)
- Added a new blip for blips placed on players by criminal bosses. (Relerx + Blackjoker + Vampire)
- Fixed getting in Night Club and coming out as a result of parkour animation. (Relerx + AJoker)

Tuesday 14th August 2018
- Added some Fortnite dance animations, check '/anims'. (Brian + Cheetah)

Monday 13th August 2018
- Added /breakdance, /moonwalk and some "Pose" animations to '/anims' list. (Brian)
- FightForHonor promoted to L9 group. (Staff Team)

Sunday 12th August 2018
- Pasting logs in 'Contact Admin' chat in order to get players punished is forbidden from now onwards. Report in forum instead. (Brian + Kavzor)

Saturday 11th August 2018
- Fixed being able to equip jetpack while punching which can be used to enter a fast running buggy animation. (Arran + Quartz)
- Fixed being able to use rapid transport while another GUI (which could be abused) is open. (Arran + Magneto)

Thursday 9th August 2018
- ArmedForces promoted to L7 group. (Staff Team)

Tuesday 7th August 2018
- Kavzor added as Trained staff. (Staff Team)

Sunday 5th August 2018
- Fixed Trucker increasing '/earnlimit' more than the money you actually received. (Brian + Torres)
- Guard bots have been removed from Heists and Armed Robberies due to them disrupting players gameplay and being buggy. (Brian + Various players)

Saturday 4th August 2018
- In-game and forum rules has been reviewed, see news board for more information (Brian + Kavzor)
- Fixed an exploitable bug where you could end shift and enter armed robbery when you were not supposed to. (Relerx + 3bood + AJoker)
- Added 'Match full word' option to '/highlights', so the highlight will only trigger if it's a word, and not a part of the word. (Relerx + LeGe)

Thursday 2nd August 2018
- Fixed guards getting stuck aiming at far, unreachable targets. (Brian)

Wednesday 1st August 2018
- Fixed an exploit where you could enter the AR area when dispatch call wasn't sent. (Relerx + .Combat + Cerberus)

Tuesday 31st July 2018
- Added '/crimcountd <countdown> <reason>' for Criminal Bosses, also renamed the setting from 'Toggle Police Countdown' to 'Toggle Team Countdown'. This is visible to criminals and gangsters. (Relerx + Brand)
- Added an easier '/animations' selection that allows you to use arrow up/down keys to switch between animations in the list. (Brian + iPablo)
- Fixed that sometimes News Reporter blips on targets stay even if you have taken a picture of them already. (Relerx + Kazoki)
- Fixed '/policecountd' showing the name of the player who is viewing it, instead of the one who started it. (Relerx + Apple)
- Added Willowfield Bowling (WB), a new store that can be robbed. You can find its location on '/gps', also added in '/codes'. (Vampire + Relerx)

Monday 30th July 2018
- The farming limit for stores will be refreshed when you die to a cop while robbing a store. (Relerx + MaX15)

Sunday 29th July 2018
- Fixed an exploit that allowed warping an apartment vehicle to main dimension. (Arran + Magneto)
- Fixed not being able to use driveby in LV as a civilian. (Relerx + Savage)
- Fixed sometimes being able to use driveby in Hourly Events when you are not supposed to be able to. (Relerx + Bahaa)
- Fixed being able to use fightstyle special attack in some hourly events when you should not be able to. (Relerx + Savage)
- Added a loop option in /mplayer. It repeats the song again and again. (Relerx + Sevec)

Saturday 28th July 2018
- Fire Bullets daily challenge will save now, but only every 100 bullets will data be saved. (Relerx + Wave)
- Added '/policecountd <countdown> <reason>' for Police Chiefs. This will display a countdown in the middle of the screen to nearby police/military players. It can be disabled from '/settings' by setting the setting 'Toggle Police Countdown' to 'No'. (Relerx + TomHartS2)

Friday 27th July 2018
- You will only be eligible for president if you are having more than 10K Arrest Points for 'Escort The President' hourly event. (Relerx + OranGe + JaMaW)

Tuesday 24th July 2018
- Edited skins ID 69 267 272 282 288 309 so that they fully support shaders. Reduced their size as well so they're faster to download. Check topic=113497.0 (Brian)
- Added Top Killer and Top Damager for Riots. (for criminals only) (Relerx + Nacho + Shogun)
- You can now view the cost of the ammo you're buying in the ammunition. (Relerx + Suix86 + Coke)

Monday 23rd July 2018
- Fixed being able to punch through /fightstyle in JFM. (Relerx + Savage + Apple.)
- You can no longer use melee weapons in JFM due to it being extremely anti-fun. (Relerx + Apple.)
- In 'Escort The President' hourly event, once the president reaches the marker, the time left will be stated to both the teams, criminal and cop. (Relerx + Arnold.)

Sunday 22nd July 2018
- Fixed not being able to open ammunition through the group info marker. (Relerx + ReO)
- Fixed an exploitable bug where you would not take damage after dying in riot area as gangster. (Relerx + Sinnlichkeit)

Saturday 21st July 2018
- Fixed the 'X' button not working in the Quick Stats Window. (Relerx + .Combat)
- The limit of robbing 5 stores in 10 minutes now works perfectly. You don't need to wait 10 minutes after your 5th store, neither need to reconnect. (Relerx + Max15 + Magneto)
- The Mechanic's side mission now spawns depending on your zone (LS/SF, and if LV then LS), also they will respawn if you enter another zone. (Relerx + Goku_Black)

Friday 20th July 2018
- If the Riot Area is inside an interior, the blip will occur outside the interior, so it is easier for people to find out where a riot is going on. (Relerx + Shogun)

Thursday 19th July 2018
- You only need to wait 60 seconds instead of 120 seconds to rob armed robbery if you died to a cop. (Relerx + Brand)
- You don't need to reconnect after robbing 5 stores now. You however have to wait 10 minutes after the 5th store. This will be completely fixed later on. (Relerx + Magneto + MaX15)

Tuesday 17th July 2018
- Fixed not being able to rob armed robbery after aiming outside of the zone. (Relerx + Psycho)
- Added new sea turf 'Angel' in place of an old sea turf. (Arran + MadaFaka)

Monday 16th July 2018
- The Construction Site related AR bugs should now be fixed. (Relerx + Vampire + eryeshesh)
- Fixed getting kicked from an armed robbery zone if it was not the current armed robbery zone. (Relerx + Dipsy)
- Fixed going under the road when entering Rodeo Bank AR before it started as a cop/military. (Relerx + Ismail.)

Sunday 15th July 2018
- Fixed Molotov damage not showing up in bottom right corner of the screen. (Brian)
- Fixed flashbang being buggy for some teams. (Brian)
- Moved the 4 parkour animations to arrow keys of your keyboards. New combinations are SPACE + ARROW UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT. (Brian)

Saturday 14th July 2018
- Global Army promoted to L7 group. (Staff Team)
- A new CIT contest is running on forums and we would like you to participate! For more info: (Franco)
- Fixed /guard peds being hurt by/attacking your own group mates. (Brian)

Thursday 12th July 2018
- Added 4 new animation for parkour walkstyle. Press SPACE+W/A/S/D while having Parkour walkstyle set. (Brian)
- Fixed sex animations not showing due to GTA's Hot Coffee censorship. (Brian)

Wednesday 11th July 2018
- Added 26 new CITy Zones at 3 locations: (Red Country, FC Farm and FC Motel). (Rands)

Tuesday 10th July 2018
- Added better Parkour walkstyle animations. (Brian + Vampire)
- Fixed /str being too big for 800x600 resolution users. (JaVa + KhoaBui)

Monday 9th July 2018
- 'Auto add song to 'Song URL' box when converted' option now gets the song name when converted. (JaVa)
- Added a new option to /mplayer to have the .mp3 link that was converted by 'Youtube MP3 Converter' to automatically be moved to 'song URL' box. (JaVa)
- Added a new version of /mplayer which has a more well-optimized look than the old one so more features can be added. (JaVa)

Sunday 8th July 2018
- Fixed being able to recover a vehicle right after using rapid transport due to exploits. (Arran + Magneto)
- Disabled animations in Jefferson Motel due to being exploitable to hide inside walls. (Arran + .Combat)
- Fixed /guard peds being too easy to kill, thus being useless as they couldn't stand a chance against players. (Brian + Kolper)

Saturday 7th July 2018
- Fixed not joining the chronicle when you entered a queue from the 'queue' tab. (JaVa)
- Armed Robbery: Improved Construction Site, by recreating the tunnel to support a secondary entrance/exit. Also changed the guards positions to cover more ground. (Vampire + Apache + Magneto)
- Added 'queue' tab in /str where you can see some rooms to join. To set your queue as private, tick 'private' checkbox. (JaVa + Dredd)

Friday 6th July 2018
- Added a marker in each team's base in Plant The Bomb hourly event which you can select the classes from. (JaVa + Suix)

Thursday 5th July 2018
- Increased the rewards of completing 'Hot Evac' chronicle due to the increase of the peds recently. (JaVa)
- You are now able to see how many players are in the queue with you in /str and how many lives do they have in 'Hot Evac' chronicle. (JaVa + HarwoodButcher)
- Added too many rebels in 'Hot Evac' chronicle and also added some new spawn points around the town. (JaVa + KhoaBui + Magneto)
- Cops are now able to play 'Hot Evac' chronicle. (JaVa)
- Improved '/str' by optimizing the GUI and adding 'kind' column which specifies the kind of the chronicle. (JaVa)

Wednesday 4th July 2018
- Fixed abandoned vehicles blips being marked on your radar when you press 'pin all' button in the mechanic panel. (JaVa + .Combat)
- Fixed laggers not getting damaged in Plant The Bomb hourly event. (JaVa + Zombiie + Nidus)

Tuesday 3rd July 2018
- Added new many daily challenges to /dc. (JaVa + RaMoS + Precious + AJ)
- Added a new firefighter save mission to City Island. (JaVa + Trixter)

Monday 2nd July 2018
- Added new daily challenges for chronicles. (JaVa)
- Added two new categories to /dc which are "Military" and "Rebels". (JaVa + 3bood + Nidus)
- Developers are now allowed to mute players who are being ungrateful towards their work. (Brian + Arran)
- Fixed "Parkour" walkstyle by making it inherit default movements from "Sneak" walkstyle. (Brian)
- Added rewards for completing Hot Evac chronicle. (JaVa)
- Disabled Parkour custom walkstyle and police custom weapon holding until their exploits are fixed. (Brian)
- Added "Enable Chronicles Music" setting to /settings to enable or disable listening to the music of some chronicles like the ending music of "Hot Evac" chronicle. (JaVa + KhoaBui)
- Fixed lives count not being correctly displayed when you play another chronicle. (JaVa + Magneto + Rami + TheSlow)
- Fixed chronicles not outputting the teams required to play. (JaVa + KhoaBui)
- Added a story to /str called "Hot Evac". For more information, take a look at its description in '/str'. (JaVa + KhoaBui + Vampire + OhhKarim + Magneto)
- Added a chronicles system where you can have some fun by playing stories / chronicles in the list with your friends. Some of them are co-operative which need a squad of a specific number of members and some of them are solo where you can only attend. Use '/str' to start playing. (JaVa + Vampire)

Sunday 1st July 2018
- Replaced Military and Rebels crouch animation to a better prone animation when holding any rifle. (Brian)
- Reduced the annoying "hit by minigun" animation. (Arran + Brian)
- Police now have a new custom animation when walking and jogging while holding a weapon. (Brian)
- Added a new custom walkstyle mod called "Parkour". (Brian + Arran)

Friday 29th June 2018
- Fixed some daily challenges' progress not being counted properly. (JaVa + 3bood + Petey)
- Added some new other daily challenges to /dc. (JaVa + OhhKarim + RaMoS + Vampire + Magneto)

Tuesday 26th June 2018
- Fires in firefighter missions won't harm you anymore if using 'Water Fire Extinguisher" equipment. (JaVa + Precious)
- Removed some bots in "Ship" military mission as it was too hard to complete. (JaVa + ElTongaZ)
- Added too many new daily challenges to /dc for each category. The daily challenges are now randomly picked each day. (JaVa + RaMoS + 3bood + Nuko + Vampire + Magneto + Chin)

Monday 25th June 2018
- Added some new abandoned vehicles for mechanic to fix in SF. (JaVa + KhoaBui)
- Fixed daily challenges progress not being saved properly when disconnecting. (JaVa + RaMoS)
- Fixed going criminal if shot many times in Firefighter and Miner interiors. (JaVa + Precious)
- Decreased the number of minimum players required of every hourly event. (JaVa)
- Fixed kills being counted in /dc while they're not supposed to. (JaVa + KoLPeR)

Sunday 24th June 2018
- Added a daily challenges system where you can complete any of the challenges specified to earn rewards. Use '/dc' to see the current running challenges. (JaVa)
- Fixed a huge exploit which made you able to fire and aim while you're not supposed to. (JaVa + Magneto)
- Added Spray can instead of Flamethrower in Plant The Bomb event for medics as Flamethrower was causing too many bugs. (JaVa + Brian + Arran)

Saturday 23th June 2018
- Fixed 'Automatically shoot and aim' setting not working properly with some weapons like uzi and sawed-off. (JaVa + OhhKarim + Wave)

Thursday 21th June 2018
- Added "Hourly Event Alert" setting in /settings to disable or enable hourly event alert that is displayed in the center of the screen. (JaVa)
- Added a noticeable message in the center of the screen when an hourly event started. (JaVa)
- Optimized 'Auto-aim' setting by adding two new options, "RMB" and "LMB" to have auto-aim and auto-shoot in. (JaVa + OhhKarim)
- Fixed not being able to set laser color in the new ammunition GUI. (JaVa + OhhKarim)
- Fixed BNA base location not being found in /gps. (JaVa + MaZika.)
- Fixed DD hourly event being bugged somehow. (JaVa + Peace#)
- Added "Enable State Officials Quiz Messages" setting in /settings to enable/disable State Officials quiz messages. (JaVa + UlasDO)

Wednesday 20th June 2018
- Reworked the Armed Robbery system. You now have to drill in by pressing 'N' twice and circuitbreak inside once (a line related game). You can access both of them by going to $ blip once you take part in the new Armed Robbery. (Relerx + Arran + Vampire)

Tuesday 19th June 2018
- BNA promoted to L6. (Staff Team)

Saturday 16th June 2018
- Coolit3 added as trial staff. (Staff Team + Community)

Friday 15th June 2018
- Added 'Top Healer' in JFM, and you can track your healings using /jfmheals. (Relerx + Precious + Vampire)
- SO Events Mystery Boxes are no longer visible in /uav. (Relerx + Coke + DexFTW)

Wednesday 13th June 2018
- You are now able to hide and display the ammunation GUI by using 'backspace', useful for low-resolution users. (JaVa + OhhKarim)
- Added a new shopping view for buying weapons and ammo. (JaVa + Vampire + Arran)

Tuesday 12th June 2018
- Fixed LV DM area kills over deaths and streak not getting updated when getting kills. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Fixed being able to do '/afk' in LV turfs, as soon as you re-spawn. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Fixed '/recover' not working when no vehicle is selected, if the order of vehicles in F2 list were never modified. (Arran + Selina)
- You can now link stuff to Group Staff Chat (/gsc). Use /gdiscordcode gsc to link, and it will provide the instructions. Be careful remember the command for linking gsc is '.linkgsc', not '.link'. You can use the other group commands on this, just add a 'gsc' like I added in '/gdiscordcode gsc'. (Relerx)

Monday 11th June 2018
- Forum: Added 'Admin Activity' table that shows what staff have been doing how much of the general staff actions since this day. (Arran)

Sunday 10th June 2018
- Added a new mute type (fullmute) that includes all chats, to be used on worst offenders who have abused these chats. (Arran)
- Mutes no longer affect group, squad, unit and FMSG chat. Changes to GC + SC not in affect till server restart. (Arran + Fairy)
- Player Classes for hourly event have now been changed to use more weapons. (JaVa + Arran)
- Names of teams of Plant The Bomb event have been changed to Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. (JaVa + UlasDO)

Saturday 9th June 2018
- Fixed some issues regarding player classes like being able to choose a class while not being in an event. (JaVa)
- The position of planting the bomb in Plant The Bomb event is now moved to under bridge. (JaVa)
- Disabled Murder Mystery event because it wasn't working properly. (JaVa)
- Improved the search documentation feature in F1 so that each word is checked if there is no matches for the whole question. (Arran)
- If you press on the mouse wheel while viewing the F11 map, the position and zoom will reset. (Arran)
- Military can now call for backup using /bk. (Relerx + Leonkennedy)
- Fixed being able to abuse '/vipskin ID' to change skin while in the air to stop falling. (Arran + iRaMoS)
- Added a message which appears on text bar showing how much time is left until you can drop another bomb. This can be disabled through the 'Show Bomb Timer for Rustler/Cropduster' setting. (Relerx)

Friday 8th June 2018
- Added !DS (Drug Shipment) to /codes. (Relerx + eryeshesh)
- L2.Quartz and L2. iFrank have been promoted to L3. (Head Staff)

Thursday 7th June 2018
- You can now use '/gsetdeltime <time>' to automatically delete messages after <time> hours on Discord. This includes EVERY single message (your messages) after the time has passed. Use .deltime to check it on Discord, or use /gsyncinfo to check it in-game. (Relerx + IronMan + LeGe)
- Civilians are now able to sprint in armed robberies areas. (JaVa + Precious)
- Mechanics would be paid if they repaired half number of the abandoned vehicles. (JaVa + Precious + DexFTW)
- Fixed /notify not having 'X' button. (JaVa + Nuko)
- Fixed getting another skin than your old skin when leaving Escort The President event with the President skin. (JaVa + Nidus + eryeshesh)
- Fixed not being able to join Plant The Bomb for some reasons. (JaVa + Wave)
- /mplayer has now a feature that lets you convert youtube videos to mp3 links. (JaVa + Pilovali)

Wednesday 6th June 2018
- Promoted all trial staff to L2. (Arran)
- Added Fairy as trial staff. (Arran)
- Maths Trivia is much more hard now. Exponents have been added. (Relerx + Vampire)
- State Officials can now place events with reward as resource. (Relerx + DexFTW)
- Fixed being able to use /equip in some hourly events. (JaVa + Brian + OhhKarim)
- Started the hourly events script after implementing a bunch of improvements and bug fixes! (JaVa + Gonzalo)
- Added destruction derby event. Multiple vehicles and surprises! (Gonzalo + Vampire)
- Added Plant The Bomb event to hourly events cycle. For more information, take a look at the description when you participate it. (JaVa + Gonzalo + Vampire)
- Added a new Player Classes system inspired in Team Fortress. You can check them out when playing Plant The Bomb (More events to come!) (Gonzalo + Vampire)
- Improved '/jhe update' and '/jhe info'. (JaVa + Gonzalo)
- You are now able to signup the next hourly event even if you aren't in the required teams. (JaVa + Wave)
- Added a new map to both Murder Mystery and Deathmatch hourly events. (Vampire + JaVa)
- Military can now see APB's and Law Blips created by PC's (Gonzalo + Zecke)
- Police Chiefs will now be able to sack Military players, they can be identified in Military Team Chat with the [General] tag.. (Gonzalo + Zecke)

Tuesday 5th June 2018
- Fixed getting moved by explosions which didn't hurt you like if you're in a safe zone. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Removed the last part of IP addresses from all ingame scripts such as '/recentlogins', admin panel, logs. For player privacy. (Arran)
- Added heists to /codes. (Relerx + eryeshesh)
- Fixed an exploit that allowed you to fire guns in protected areas by Spraycan. (JaVa + OhhKarim)
- Added a better looking mod for Turismo. (Weston)

Monday 4th June 2018
- Forum: Launched a new development discussion system, includes sub boards for different areas of the server. (Arran + Fairy)

Sunday 3rd June 2018
- You can now sync group chat (and a few more things are done as well like warnings) to Discord. Use /gdiscordcode to get the instructions to invite the bot, and how to link it, then invite the bot and ensure you are in the right channel and type the command you have been given which would look like (.link <code>). If you want to unsync/unlink it, use /gforceunlink IG. Both these commands require you to have the permission to delete the group. If neither of the above work and you think something has glitched out, use /grefresh which also required the same permission. Still doesn't work? Send Relerx a PM. There are certain discord commands which you can use as well. Use .unlink to unlink it from discord (requires Administrator permission on Discord like .link), and .online to find people online. Now you can just type there and messages will go ingame. If bot doesn't send any message, the bot may not be having the appropriate permissions. (Relerx)
- Guards will defend you against pickpocketers, enabled them even if you're civilian. (Brian)
- Added a new version of /qsk where all statistics are found while opening the /qsk window. (Nuko + Elite + JaVa)
- Fixed not getting rewards if the riot blip was placed inside an interior. (JaVa + Diamond)
- Criminal bosses are now able to kick and ban whoever trolls inside the riot area. (JaVa + Diamond)
- Fixed seeing your hat for a fraction of a second while aiming sniper rifle. (Arran + MadaFaka)
- Guards will enter your vehicles with you if there's an empty seat. (Brian)
- Added maths trivia which happens every 10 minutes. Answer it for a reward of $5,000 and you can disable messages related to this by disabling the setting 'Enable Automated Maths Trivia Messages'. (Relerx)
- You can now press 'n' to find directions for the pickup location after doing '/soevent info' for everything except the Mystery Box event. (Relerx+ Kazoki)

Saturday 2nd June 2018
- Fixed being able to cause a huge desync by special weapons like cane and flower in LV. (JaVa + CaS)
- Fixed cooldown of Teargas and Molotov not being displayed in LV. (JaVa + OhhKarim)
- Fixed being able to shoot and aim when getting back immediately from the AFK dimension. (JaVa + OhhKarim)
- 'Weed Effect In Vehicle' setting is now disabled by default. (JaVa + Amr)
- Added 4 new static codes: !WC (Willowfield Chicken), !G24/7 (Ganton 24/7), !TGS (Temple Gas Station), !MCB (Market Cluckin Bell) (Relerx + eryeshesh)
- Removed 2 settings which were not being used: show admin punishments and enabled detailed radar. (Relerx + Selina# + Mora.)
- Removed the new store robbery at Idlewood 69C. The system is going to be added to ARs instead in near future. (Relerx)
- Fixed not being able to instantly switch after using projectiles. (Arran)
- Fixed car shop at ILC base spawning the cars underground. (Arran + Aymen)
- Fixed blank message appearing above head if a nearby player uses a smiley in group, squad or unit chat. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Fixed being able to quit job / end shift inside Jefferson Motel. (Arran + Dead)
- Added an LV preference to allow punching when sprinting exploit to cause desync. (Arran + Chad)
- Fixed laggers not taking damage properly, especially when about to die. (Arran + Precious)
- Fixed being stuck as a lagger after the high ping or packet loss state has ended. (Arran + Apple)

Friday 1st June 2018
- Fixed laggers not seeing damage at bottom right and in '/showattacks'. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Fixed laggers taking more damage than they should. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Fixed laggers being able to do things they shouldn't be able to do when recently damaged. (Arran + Wave)
- Removed chat offense classes C, F and G due to causing more bad than good. (Arran)
- If a player is a lagger, taking damage will be handled by you not them, so aim at their body and they will die. (Arran)
- Removed all the stuff like "fighting limited", now they will have a tag above their name: [Lagger]. (Arran)
- Staff will no longer be able to see all local chat in-game if there were less than 6 players in range of the message. (Arran)

Thursday 31st May 2018
- Fixed a big exploit related to flashbang grenades allowing visible nametags in LMS. (Brian + RaMoS)
- If a Hydra is broken down, it can now be entered. (Arran + TheSPiRiT)
- Added 'Classic Group, Squad, Alliance Blips' to '/settings'. (Arran + Fairy)
- Added some randomness to where peds aim when shooting at you, reducing their accuracy. (Arran + Psycho)
- Reduced oil consumption of nitrous factory from 1500 to 1000 oil per hour. (Arran + Precious)

Tuesday 29th May 2018
- Fixed shamal and train passenger script not working. (Arran + Rami)
- Fixed Last Man Standing event being broken. (Arran + Apple)
- Added '/gmp' for L3+ groups to check which members of the group get punished by staff. (Brian)
- When a criminal / gangster sprays graffiti within 25 meters of any cop (75 meters within a Gang Unit cop) they'll get wanted. (Arran + Widow)
- Fixed LV DM's top kills over death being wrong (maybe) also changed drug reward from 5 every 5th kill to 2 every kill. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Fixed remaining as a hit target after killing yourself when in Last Man Standing. (Arran + AJoker)
- Added KLM & GLA Base to '/gps'. (Relerx + MaZika.)

Monday 28th May 2018
- Fixed an exploit that let Hydra's fly infinitely high in the sky. (Arran + Magneto)
- Fixed '/showattacks' GUI getting stuck if executing the command multiple times without closing the GUI. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Fixed group chat and squad chat above head setting not working properly. (Arran + Hatem)
- Fixed LMS players not taking fall damage. (Arran + MaZika)
- Fixed losing 1 nitrous when trying to, then failing to equip jetpack due to restrictions. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Hourly event script has been stopped until various bugs causing problems are fixed. (Arran)
- Removed the turfs at drug shipment armed robbery. (Arran + DemBou)
- Made the bottom right on screen text messages smaller for smaller resolutions, bigger for bigger resolutions. (Arran)
- Added a side mission to mechanic, to do with fixing broken down vehicles dotted around the map. (JaVa + Coke + Vampire)
- Fixed mechanic panel filter by city not working. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Disabled the feature that stopped explosions from causing players to fly away. (Arran + Annex)
- Disabled fire shotgun as players don't like it's overpoweredness. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Forum: Added rule #18, forbidding applications to ask for personal information such as "real name". (Arran)
- Added vest and helmet text to text at top right for those who use old HUD. (Arran + SilenT)
- Disabled an LV exploit fix to do with sprinting after aiming sniper. (Arran + DeviL_Angel)

Sunday 27th May 2018
- Fixed Drug Shipment Armed Robbery not working. (Arran + Harper)
- Added settings to disable the new feature of seeing group, squad and unit chats above player heads. (Arran)
- Added a setting to disable police dispatch and law chat. (Arran)
- Fixed car shops not having a car shop blip. (Arran + Amman)
- Fixed vest armor reducing with some self inflicted damage such as drowning. (Arran + Philo)
- Fixed being able to quit job or go off shift while in hourly event dimension. (Arran + MaX15)
- Fixed Murder Mystery hourly event not working properly. (JaVa)
- You are now able to sign up for the next hourly event by typing '/jhe'. (JaVa + Richiniro)
- Criminal Bosses are now able to add a hint when they place a Mystery Box. (JaVa + Wave)

Friday 25th May 2018
- Improved '/jhe update' and '/jhe info'. (JaVa + OhhKarim)
- The President now in ETP hourly event will have to wait for 2 minutes at the destination point instead of winning immediately. (JaVa)
- Fixed 5th base location and added drug shipment location to /gps. (Relerx + MaZika. + Wave)
- Fixed unoccupied players not being able to see quizzes by State Officials. (JaVa + Suix)
- Added "Escort The President" hourly event. (JaVa + OhhKarim + Vampire)
- Added a new map for Big Riot. (Vampire + JaVa)
- Using '/jhe update' will now show you how many players participated the current hourly event right bottom your screen. (JaVa)
- Increased the reward of each hourly event. (JaVa + Arran)

Thursday 24th May 2018
- Players are not counted as in a car until they sit down, meaning the car isn't damagable till they're driving away, I have fixed this problem. (Arran)
- Re-enabled drug shipment armed robbery. (Arran + Harper)
- Fixed LV DM area not showing on screen stats. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Added a new system for store robbery at the existing 'Idlewood 69C' store. It is under testing and no rewards are given until it's out of testing. Feedback on how to improve is appreciated. (Relerx + Arran + Vampire + IronMan)
- You are now able to cancel stealing the Mystery Box by jumping. (JaVa + Diamond)
- Fixed being able to see the quiz messages of the State Officials while having 'Enable Admin Quiz Messages' setting disabled. (JaVa + Vampire)
- Added a new custom weapon sounds pack in settings called "GTA SA v2". Search for 'Custom Weapon Sounds'. (Brian)
- Added a better skybox using a seamless texture. Search in settings 'Alternate Sky Shader'. (Brian)
- Added '/jhe update' to see the status of the current hourly event right bottom your screen, you can disable it by typing '/jhe update' again. (JaVa)
- Added '/jhe info' to see the status of the current hourly event. (JaVa)
- Added hourly events system where an event takes place in every one hour. Deathmatch, Murder Mystery, and Big Riot are the current events for now. Use '/jhe' to join the event if available. (JaVa + Arran + Vampire)

Wednesday 23rd May 2018
- 5thStreetSaints promoted to L7. (Staff Team)
- Fixed exploitable desync caused by being able to hide a vehicle while exiting it. (Arran + Vampire + Magneto)
- Made the annoying text displaying guards owner appear only when you face or aim at guards. (Brian)

Tuesday 22nd May 2018
- Fixed GPS destination text not being visible for low-resolution users. (JaVa + OhhKarim)
- Fixed getting kill heal bonus if killing someone after already died and from suicides. (JaVa + OhhKarim + Tmax)
- Fixed guards damaging their owner if he was self-hurt by teargas. (Brian + LeGe)
- Guards will copy skin ID and shader from their owner when spawned. (Brian + LeGe)

Monday 21st May 2018
- When a criminal enters Jefferson Motel roof entrance, they will enter at the back of the interior. (Arran + K90)
- Fixed and improved '/zonesforsale'. (Arran + GogliKo)
- Fixed local chat messages not appearing above a players head if you disabled emojis in '/settings'. (Arran + MobbDeep)
- You now get extra 25 HP when you kill players, (32 HP if headshot, 37 HP if long-range shot). (JaVa + sKizzeR + Vampire)
- Fixed exploit that allowed super rapid firing of Desert Eagle in LV. (JaVa)
- Satchels and grenades can't be thrown by players with ping higher than 400 ms. (Arran + OhhKarim)

Sunday 20th May 2018
- Re-added the old ingame suggestion script to see if anyone ingame has an imagination: '/vis'. (Arran)
- Fixed problems with unoccupied players firing their weapons by disabling firing when unoccupied. (Arran + Magneto)
- Moved LMS to Bayside Marina. Increased payment for any LMS kill from $4000 to $12,000. (Arran)
- Made heists and armed robberies slightly easier for criminals. (Arran + Farhan)
- Added a new texture to skin 21. (mehdi + Brian)
- Added a new texture to skins 7, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, 34, 35, 37. (OzBeast + Brian)
- Added a new texture to skin 43. (Serious + Brian)
- Added support for text on F11 for group bases. (Gonzalo)
- Added a new riot blip icon. (JaVa + Vampire)
- Decreased the time required to get $5000 and 100 reputation points in a riot area from 5 minutes to 3 minutes. (JaVa + Diamond)
- Criminal bosses are now able to place Mystery Boxes with money and drugs. (JaVa + Diamond)

Saturday 19th May 2018
- Criminal bosses are now able to place Mystery Boxes with ammo. (JaVa + Diamond)
- Fixed being able to fire bullets as unoccupied without going criminal afterward. (JaVa + Suix86)
- DoMinos_Family promoted to L5 group. (Staff Team)

Friday 18th May 2018
- Added the old achievement unlocked sound to when you kill a player. The new achievement sound is from Vice City. (Arran)
- Added a notification when leveling up as police, including any benefit received from level up. (Arran)
- Fixed the briefcase blips being broken since new radar. (Arran + GogliKo)
- Fixed police detective crime scene blip not having a high visible distance. (Arran + nakefafan)
- Added new blip icon for van heist. (Arran)
- Fixed cool down time between armed robbery attempts not working. (Arran + Brand)
- Fixed military being able to remove their jetpack near rebels without the 3 second freeze. (Arran + MgD)
- Fixed never respawning sometimes when pressing '1' after dying. (Arran + Maria)
- Fixed vehicle recover when no vehicle selected not working when vehicle list wasn't ordered. (Arran + Wave)

Thursday 17th May 2018
- Re-added the satchel detonator icon to new HUD. (Arran + thunderbolt)
- LV: Fixed sniper rifle not being instant switchable. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Reduced minigun damage by 5%. (Arran + OhhKarim)
- Made Group, Squad and Alliance blips bigger and round shaped. (Arran + MadaFaka)
- Fixed top medics in Armed Robbery not working. (Arran + Suix86)
- Instead of having to drive arrested players to a police station, cops must now stay alive near who they arrested, 3 seconds per star. (Arran)
- Made '/settings' GUI larger to make sure all descriptions, especially translated descriptions, fit in the GUI. (Arran + Vampire)

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