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25 07, 2015, 04:15:13 pm by Droidy | Views: 228 | Comments: 1

What is the suggestion going about?: I'm suggesting to allow gluing to this trailer without needing VIP. It'd also be nice if you could NOT glue to it while wanted for obvious reasons.
Description: N/A
What would this suggestion improve: RP
Why does this needs to be added?: RP
Can you provide us any examples?: nope

Vehicle ID: 569
Vehicle name: Freight Train Flatbed
20 07, 2015, 03:31:48 pm by Kavzor | Views: 3110 | Comments: 42

CIT Movie Competition: Best CIT Intro video
There's a new cinema in town!

This new cinema is still under development but as most of you might've noticed by now we're still able to use it to a far extent, e.g. streaming movies, funny vine, music and a lot of other cool stuff. There has even been a movie night which lasted for a few hours having at least 40 viewers the whole time!

But, why'd we restrict it to staff and administrators only? It's time for YOU to choose what'll be on the screen as we currently seek a new video for "view intro" (Go to your login screen and press the button to the right rather than login) thus you'll be able to sign up for this competition to have your own video at the screen and if you are the lucky winner then you'll also be the one whose video will replace the old CIT intro video!

You will have approximately two weeks to compile the best CIT Intro video, though there are a few rules and guidelines:
-Must be in CIT2
-Should cover most of the CIT activities
-Could include helpful text strings (e.g. silencer gun is used to taze people)
-Crap videos with zero relevance wouldn't win and would be disgregarded

You want to be able to watch this intro without being bored, there's no need to make a long movie out of it and don't put a ton of flashing effects, those that will do nothing but annoy the viewer when he attempts to watch the intro video.

Every video that will follow these guidelines is guaranteed to be put on screen at Saturday 1st of August (GMT +0), more specific time will follow later.

Whoever wins will be able to assign DL3 status to one account (it needn't be your own) thus you can transfer it to a friend who might not be able to get it any other way, or you choose to have it on your own, your choice!
However, DL3 is the only reward thus if you already are DL3 at the time you win then you won't be able to transfer it for money instead, though you can give it to a friend if you'd like.

When you got your video ready, simply notify us in this topic, e.g. a small post including your account name, the account name of the person you'd like to give the reward (put your own if you want it for yourself) and his/her/your forum profile link.

The video itself should be sent in a PM and it must be a youtube link as the cinema currently only supports youtube.


The streaming will start at 20:00 GMT +2 Saturday the 1st of August and the winner will be selected at sunday, the 2nd day of August
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* Changelog

Friday 31st July 2015
- Improved '/mplayer' so when using it in a vehicle players that are glued to it will also hear the music. (Arran)

Thursday 30th July 2015
- Added Randp as Trial Staff (Staff Team)
- Fixed '/squadchatcolor' not working. (Arran)
- Fixed not seeing offline player names in the squad member list. (Arran)
- Fixed the cave miner script getting whether you're in the cave or not wrong sometimes. (Arran)
- Fixed an exploit in trucker and did some optimizations. (Arran)
- Fixed time spent online counter not working when you login. (Arran)

Wednesday 29th July 2015
- Added "Fedora" and "Air Eliminator" in /viphats. (Brian - Arran)
- Added a Bass and a Guitar to /equip. Suggested by LilDolla. (Brian)

Tuesday 28th July 2015
- Ban Appeal System Rework: Made it so that for every ban there will now be a topic in the new board "Bans Issued" containing every information related to your ban which can be used to post the related ban appeal in it. It has the advantage that it will contain the relevant information meaning that any staff can handle your appeal at any time without major issues. Information topics on ban appeal rules and what to do for bans issued prior to 28.07.2015 when the system has been reworked can be found in the new board. (Vazz - Arran)
- L3. NightWolf promoted to L4 (28.07.2015 Headstaff)
- Disabled the annoying animation you sometimes make when you're hit by a bullet though sometimes you still might see it as the fix I made is 'hacky'. (Arran)
- Fixed not seeing your unit name when pressing 'F6' (Arran)
- Made the money transaction limits fairer: Less than 50 hours = $1 mil, Less than 200 hours = $10 mil, Over 200 hours: No limit. (Arran)
- Modified the barrier script so Brian has access to set what groups, squads and jobs have access to what barriers. (Arran)
- Modified '/glue' so anyone can glue to the train flat bed as long as they're not wanted. (Arran)
- Fixed group members names not appearing when they're offline in group members list. (Arran)
- Fixed the LSA armed robbery GPS location. (Arran)

Friday 24th July 2015
- Added a new setting in '/settings' under the HUD section called 'Target Arrow Above Head' if you want the green to red arrow above someones head when you aim at them. (Arran)
- Kavzor and Vazz promoted to L5 (Brian - Arran)

Thursday 23rd July 2015
- Removed 1 MB of useless texture mods, replaced them with shaders. (Brian)

Tuesday 20th July 2015
- Fixed VIP hats not being added when you login (unless you managed to login within 5 seconds of script start). (Arran)
- Snipe promoted to L2. Trained staff (Kavzor - Arran)

Monday 19th July 2015
- Reverted the squad system by 4 days to fix them being broken. (Arran)
- Made it so Coach and Bus get double damage when you crash into buildings/cars due to trolls who keep ramming everyone. (Brian)
- Reverted the group system by 4 days to fix them being broken. (Arran)
- Modified the effect of crafting a 'Fish Cake' so that it will now give 100 food points instead of 100 health points. (Arran)

Saturday 18th July 2015
- Re-allowed players to hide vehicles while they're moving in LV only of course. (Arran)
- Modified access to '/setvideoid UTubeVidID' so L1+ Staff and CEM's can use it. (Arran)

Friday 17th July 2015
- Made it so /altcross is saved when you quit. (Brian)
- NinjaTuna passed trial (Headstaff)
- Created a 3D web browser at the outdoor Cinema near Fort Carson. It plays YouTube videos. Currently only L2+ Staff can set the current video being played. (Arran)
- Updated '/eventnote' so that CEM's can use it. Max 10 times per hour. (Arran)
- Added an Armed Robbery at Las Barrancas. (Brian)
- Fixed 'Groups' button in 'X' not working and renamed it to 'Group Squad Unit'. (Arran)
- Added a new event manager setting: 'K' - Players can't fall off bikes. (Arran)
- Fixed server lagging since 1.5 update. (ccw) - ccw is an MTA developer.

Thursday 16th July 2015
- Added a setting in '/settings' in the 'Miscellaneous' section that will disable the weed effect when driving a vehicle. (Arran)

Wednesday 15th July 2015
- Wilz added as trial staff. (Staff Team)
- Added a script to open web browser in-game, press F3 to toggle. (Jusonex + Arran)
- Released MTA SA 1.5 (ccw + Jusonex + sbx320 + qaisjp) - They are MTA developers.
- Updated Farmer Job description. (Brian)
- Updated Fire Fighter Job description. (Brian)
- Added Bus Driver skin back to Bus Driver job. (Brian)
- Updated Bus Driver spawners in LS to match the new station map. (Brian)

Tuesday 14th July 2015
- Added skin ID 285 to Police Officer job and added a better texture to it. (Brian)
- Ryan (Deputy MoF) temporarily replacing JaMaW as MoF until that JaMaW returns fully active (Kavzor)

Monday 13th July 2015
- Fixed "Paper Bag" model bug inside /viphats. (Brian)
- Egekan, GuebraAnjo and Keith promoted to L3 (Brian - Kavzor)

Sunday 12th July 2015
- Gave L4 Staff the ability to add and remove L1 Staff. (Arran)
- Gave L4 Staff and the Minister of Council access to add and remove PC's, CB's and SO's. (Arran)

Friday 10th July 2015
- Ex_TcR added as trial staff. (Staff Team)

Wednesday 8th July 2015
- Added a 'Medical Support' class and removed 'Criminal Medic' and 'Police Medic'. (Arran)
- Added a 'Special Operative' class, see '/class' for details. (Arran)
- Improved the hot dog and ice cream venders so that they give half the amount of health but they increase your food percent. (Arran)
- Removed the jump limit and instead made it so you'll lose 1% food every time you jump when over the jump limit. (Arran)
- Made it so you can move left and right when firing Uzi / Tec-9 when in LV since LV players voted to re-enable the lame play style of running around your enemy with these weapons. (Arran)
- Added '/cme' and '/cem' for Community Map Editors / Event Managers to communicate. (Arran)

Monday 6th July 2015
- Reclaimed land from the desert, Bone County and Las Venturas have gone green. (Brian)
- Added a new drug armed robbery in El Castillo del Diablo. (Brian)
- Added a setting to show top killers / damagers in armed robberies. (Arran)

Sunday 5th July 2015
- Reduced the price AI traders buy Uranium from $40 to $25 to balance Space Miner payments. (Arran + KmilO)
- Improved the 'Support Gunner' class so it's got the same as the 'Crack' effect but can be used alongside 'Crack' for extra resistance. (Arran)
- Halved the crafting ingredient requirements for Med Kits. (Arran)
- Added 'Support Gunner' as a new '/class' which uses the 'Fat Man' walk style, but can move and shoot with the minigun. (Arran)
- Improved the CME (Community Map Editor) access system so they now only need staff to set the edit area when modifying objects that they weren't the last editors of. (Arran)
- Removed 'Stealth Mode' from the Walk Styles GUI and added it to the new '/class' GUI. For now there is only the 'Covert Operative' class which is the same as stealth mode. The idea of classes is that they will improve team play as a team will benefit from having different classes. (Arran)

Friday 3rd July 2015
- Made it so if an exploiter attaches a satchel to themselves, the satchel will disappear. (Arran)

Thursday 2nd July 2015
- Modified '/gojob' so that anyone in the permitted groups can use it. (Arran)
- Added 'Super Advert' to 'J' chat interface. (Arran)
- Added comma dividers to big numbers in '/stats' (Arran)

Wednesday 1st July 2015
- Added Lelouch as Trial Staff. (Staff Team)
- Pedobear promoted to L3. (Brian)

Tuesday 30th June 2015
- Increased the country rifle magazine from 20 to 1000 rounds as it's weak and nobody uses it. (Arran)
- Added the suggestion about getting 200 HP when having over 10 hours of VIP. (Arran)

Monday 29th June 2015
- Added 'Group Whitelist' button to F6. (Arran)
- Unified Group, Squad and Unit into one GUI in F6. (Arran)
- Added Yankee truck to Delivery Man's vehicles. (Brian - Kmilo)
- Added new vehicles to LS Stadium interiors' spawners and fixed DD interior. (Brian - Droidy)
- Added ammunation marker outside the LV DM arena. (Arran)
- Added group login and quit messages to console and the 'group' tab of 'J'. (Arran)
- Made it so the Bus Driver, Delivery Man, Fire Fighter, Fisherman, Mechanic, News Reporter, Medic, Mechanic, Trucker and Waste Manager can recover their job vehicles when they don't have VIP. (Arran)
- Made the Bloodring Banger 30% damage resistant. (Arran)

Friday 26th June 2015
- Added 23 new info adverts, the adverts which appear top middle in green every 90 seconds. (Iron_Man)
- Modified the JFM (Jefferson Motel) payment so there's a 1 in 5 chance of being paid in drugs. (Arran)
- Added a walk style and fight style markers to law farm. (Arran)
- Upgraded the 'Drive Thru' system so it gives you food points instead of health points. (Arran)

Thursday 25th June 2015
- Modified '/streamurl' so that DL3's can use it inside group / squad interiors. (Arran)
- Added '/stopdrug [all/crack/speed/god/steroids/lsd/weed]' for stopping drugs with a command. (Arran)

Wednesday 24th June 2015
- Added another event manager setting: J) Disable all player blips on minimap and F11. (Arran)
- Added 2 more event manager settings: H) Disable firing weapons. I) Disable vehicle firing. (Arran)
- Made it so medics inside criminal events must be crouched in order to heal. (Arran)
- Removed 27 objects from DFR Armed Robbery. (Brian)
- Removed 70 objects from Rodeo Bank Armed Robbery. (Brian)

Tuesday 23rd June 2015
- Added a basic food system. When your food level is above 0 and you're hurt, every 5 seconds you will heal 10 HP and your food level goes down by 1. Currently the only place to buy food to increase your food level is Cluckin Bell, Pizza Stack, Burger Shot and The Well Stacked Pizza Co. There is no negative effect to having 0 food, you just won't benefit from this method of healing. (Arran)
- Added 'Food: 0' to the HUD, next to the Ping and FPS, so if you're using old HUD you might not see it. Currently your 'Food' does nothing. (Arran)
- Removed the 2 HP per 7 seconds health boost everyone gets as it will be soon replaced with something more useful. (Arran)

Monday 22nd June 2015
- While playing as Delivery Man you won't lose your mission when exiting and re-entering your vehicle, unless the vehicle has moved far. (Arran)
- Improved the VIP hours system so instead of it going down 1 hour every hour which can be a problem if you bought 3 hours you could end up with 2 hours left in just minutes if that timer executes soon. Instead the timer will run every 6 minutes and your VIP will go down 0.1 meaning when you buy 3 hours you will get between 2 hours and 54 minutes and 3 hours of VIP as opposed to previously where you'd get between 2 hours and 1 minute and 3 hours. (Arran)
- Fixed cops being able to abuse arresting at armed robberies by disabling the ability to arrest armed robbers. (Arran)
- Lowered the max turf payment limit from $1,000,000/hour to $800,000/hour due to some players earning so much they have been triggering the anti money exploit script. (Arran)

Sunday 21st June 2015
- Made any punishments before 2015 not count in the punishment time multiplier system. (Arran)
- Fixed the 'Basic Fuel Skills' course in '/courses' not working and changed what it does. It now fills your tank up an extra 20% for free. Meaning you can have 120% fuel with this course. (Arran)

Saturday 20th June 2015
- Made anyone waiting for a criminal event get automatically warped inside when it opens. (Arran)
- Fixed players who intentionally give themselves network trouble not taking damage. If you shoot one of these players rather than the damage they take being decided by them (they won't take any because they didn't see you shooting them) you now decide how much damage they've taken when they come back from network trouble. This is why you had to update MTA to join. (MTA Dev: ccw)
- When being paid for holding turfs there is now a 1 in 5 chance that you will be paid in a random drug. The amount of drugs is the amount you'd have got in cash divided by 200, so $10,000 would be 50g of a random drug. (Arran)
- Getting a kill inside a criminal event will earn the killer 10g of a random drug. (Arran)

Friday 19th June 2015
- Changed the crack effect from dual AK-47 to not taking damage every 10th time you're damaged unless that damage is greater than 30 HP. Crack is now like the old Heroin drug (Arran)
- Jamaw added as trial staff. (Staff Team)

Thursday 18th June 2015
- Fixed players being able to abuse hydra rockets hitting empty vehicles to kill players. (Arran)
- Removed '/sb' (use '/sb' to get refund) and re-added Weed to have low gravity (now for your vehicle too.) (Arran)
- Removed '/xr' (use '/xr' to get refund) and re-added LSD to see through walls. (Arran)
- Added a new oil turf below the oil derricks. (Lelouch + Uber + ViVa + Arran)
- Raised the maximum sale value of God from $200 to $800. (Arran)
- Made it so Criminal and Police Medics that reached "Jesus Christ" level can use the Green Cross inside /equip. (Brian)

*** For updates older than this check the 'Updates Changelog' in the 'News' board on the forum ***

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