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05 07, 2015, 05:05:30 pm by KmilO | Views: 382 | Comments: 1

I wonder why I am so stupid to make this as a ministerial report being aware of the fact that it will be insta-downvoted. Let's try.

Space Miners are way too overpaid now thanks to the updates made out of Ministry of Workers table. As people can sell expensive chemicals now, the payments increased a lot and they are just going there to farm money making a joke of the balance we used to have. I won't sit down and watch how this happens so instead of saying that we need to decrease the amount of resources they get I came with a quite simple solution:

Decrease the value AI buys Uranium from $40 to $25.

Yes, that much. They get enough money from chemicals as they are really important for the medkits, something that most of CIT players use a lot for combat situations so it is obvious people won't stop using chemicals so their income will be constant. About Uranium.. Well, doing some maths about their income from this resource we can see they'd get $12,500 each time they sell 500 Uranium to the AI, that's $7,500 less and we could expect than in an hour they would earn at least 40% less of what they get now, balancing this job again.

Let's see how the rain of downvotes come.
03 07, 2015, 01:58:28 pm by Uber | Views: 677 | Comments: 6

What is the suggestion going about?: Being able to buy med kits from hospitals.
Description: Make it so you can buy medkits at hospitals again, because sometimes, no one sells med kits and when they sell, it costs around 2,000$. It is very expensive. Nowadays, nobody can buy a med kit. I understand the situation of farmers and miners. They work very hard to earn hemp, herbs, iron, chemicals. When med kits used to healed 35 HP, we were able to buy them for 500$. It heals 100 HP now. So, it should be for 800$ or more. Price can be discussed.
I also have another idea to solve trading problem:
Reducing amount of ingredients to craft a med kit. If we want to craft med kits and if we don't want to work to earn them, we must buy them from F7. Nobody sells Hemp and Herbs these days and the price of chemicals are too high.

You need:
30 iron
2 chemicals
10 hemp
5 herbs to craft a med kit. These ingredients cost 1875$ if you buy them from F7.

Reducing amount of these ingredients like this will be better:
15 iron
1 chemical
5 hemp
3 herbs to craft a med kit. These ingredients cost 955$ if you buy them from F7.

If you don't want to change the amount of ingredients, we can add a bot that buys hemp/herbs/chemicals. It would be cool. This bot will buy chemicals for 600$, hemp and herbs for 35$.

What would this suggestion improve: People can't afford to buy med kits these days, because it is too expensive on F7. Just take a look at this screenshot. Price is around 2,000$. Most of the players aren't donators and they can't afford to buy a med kit.
Why does this needs to be added?: Stated above. People can't afford to buy a med kit for 2,000$ as it is too expensive.
Can you provide us any examples?: I already stated it above.

i'm upvoting the 2nd solution which is Reducing amount of ingredients to craft a med kit ...
so what about doubling the amount of Hemps /herbs for farmers ? because hemps , herbs and chemicals are the main cause for medkits high price and in my opinion + farmers do not get enough resources ( afaik ,the Minister of Workers doesn't like to work on farmer job project because people didn't agree about removing afk thing in farmer job and doubling the resources ) , and about chemicals problem , KmilO already suggested a solution .
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* Changelog

Monday 6th July 2015
- Reclaimed land from the desert, Bone County and Las Venturas have gone green. (Brian)
- Added a new drug armed robbery in El Castillo del Diablo. (Brian)
- Added a setting to show top killers / damagers in armed robberies. (Arran)

Sunday 5th July 2015
- Reduced the price AI traders buy Uranium from $40 to $25 to balance Space Miner payments. (Arran + KmilO)
- Improved the 'Support Gunner' class so it's got the same as the 'Crack' effect but can be used alongside 'Crack' for extra resistance. (Arran)
- Halved the crafting ingredient requirements for Med Kits. (Arran)
- Added 'Support Gunner' as a new '/class' which uses the 'Fat Man' walk style, but can move and shoot with the minigun. (Arran)
- Improved the CME (Community Map Editor) access system so they now only need staff to set the edit area when modifying objects that they weren't the last editors of. (Arran)
- Removed 'Stealth Mode' from the Walk Styles GUI and added it to the new '/class' GUI. For now there is only the 'Covert Operative' class which is the same as stealth mode. The idea of classes is that they will improve team play as a team will benefit from having different classes. (Arran)

Friday 3rd July 2015
- Made it so if an exploiter attaches a satchel to themselves, the satchel will disappear. (Arran)

Thursday 2nd July 2015
- Modified '/gojob' so that anyone in the permitted groups can use it. (Arran)
- Added 'Super Advert' to 'J' chat interface. (Arran)
- Added comma dividers to big numbers in '/stats' (Arran)

Wednesday 1st July 2015
- Added Lelouch as Trial Staff. (Staff Team)
- Pedobear promoted to L3. (Brian)

Tuesday 30th June 2015
- Increased the country rifle magazine from 20 to 1000 rounds as it's weak and nobody uses it. (Arran)
- Added the suggestion about getting 200 HP when having over 10 hours of VIP. (Arran)

Monday 29th June 2015
- Added 'Group Whitelist' button to F6. (Arran)
- Unified Group, Squad and Unit into one GUI in F6. (Arran)
- Added Yankee truck to Delivery Man's vehicles. (Brian - Kmilo)
- Added new vehicles to LS Stadium interiors' spawners and fixed DD interior. (Brian - Droidy)
- Added ammunation marker outside the LV DM arena. (Arran)
- Added group login and quit messages to console and the 'group' tab of 'J'. (Arran)
- Made it so the Bus Driver, Delivery Man, Fire Fighter, Fisherman, Mechanic, News Reporter, Medic, Mechanic, Trucker and Waste Manager can recover their job vehicles when they don't have VIP. (Arran)
- Made the Bloodring Banger 30% damage resistant. (Arran)

Friday 26th June 2015
- Added 23 new info adverts, the adverts which appear top middle in green every 90 seconds. (Iron_Man)
- Modified the JFM (Jefferson Motel) payment so there's a 1 in 5 chance of being paid in drugs. (Arran)
- Added a walk style and fight style markers to law farm. (Arran)
- Upgraded the 'Drive Thru' system so it gives you food points instead of health points. (Arran)

Thursday 25th June 2015
- Modified '/streamurl' so that DL3's can use it inside group / squad interiors. (Arran)
- Added '/stopdrug [all/crack/speed/god/steroids/lsd/weed]' for stopping drugs with a command. (Arran)

Wednesday 24th June 2015
- Added another event manager setting: J) Disable all player blips on minimap and F11. (Arran)
- Added 2 more event manager settings: H) Disable firing weapons. I) Disable vehicle firing. (Arran)
- Made it so medics inside criminal events must be crouched in order to heal. (Arran)
- Removed 27 objects from DFR Armed Robbery. (Brian)
- Removed 70 objects from Rodeo Bank Armed Robbery. (Brian)

Tuesday 23rd June 2015
- Added a basic food system. When your food level is above 0 and you're hurt, every 5 seconds you will heal 10 HP and your food level goes down by 1. Currently the only place to buy food to increase your food level is Cluckin Bell, Pizza Stack, Burger Shot and The Well Stacked Pizza Co. There is no negative effect to having 0 food, you just won't benefit from this method of healing. (Arran)
- Added 'Food: 0' to the HUD, next to the Ping and FPS, so if you're using old HUD you might not see it. Currently your 'Food' does nothing. (Arran)
- Removed the 2 HP per 7 seconds health boost everyone gets as it will be soon replaced with something more useful. (Arran)

Monday 22nd June 2015
- While playing as Delivery Man you won't lose your mission when exiting and re-entering your vehicle, unless the vehicle has moved far. (Arran)
- Improved the VIP hours system so instead of it going down 1 hour every hour which can be a problem if you bought 3 hours you could end up with 2 hours left in just minutes if that timer executes soon. Instead the timer will run every 6 minutes and your VIP will go down 0.1 meaning when you buy 3 hours you will get between 2 hours and 54 minutes and 3 hours of VIP as opposed to previously where you'd get between 2 hours and 1 minute and 3 hours. (Arran)
- Fixed cops being able to abuse arresting at armed robberies by disabling the ability to arrest armed robbers. (Arran)
- Lowered the max turf payment limit from $1,000,000/hour to $800,000/hour due to some players earning so much they have been triggering the anti money exploit script. (Arran)

Sunday 21st June 2015
- Made any punishments before 2015 not count in the punishment time multiplier system. (Arran)
- Fixed the 'Basic Fuel Skills' course in '/courses' not working and changed what it does. It now fills your tank up an extra 20% for free. Meaning you can have 120% fuel with this course. (Arran)

Saturday 20th June 2015
- Made anyone waiting for a criminal event get automatically warped inside when it opens. (Arran)
- Fixed players who intentionally give themselves network trouble not taking damage. If you shoot one of these players rather than the damage they take being decided by them (they won't take any because they didn't see you shooting them) you now decide how much damage they've taken when they come back from network trouble. This is why you had to update MTA to join. (MTA Dev: ccw)
- When being paid for holding turfs there is now a 1 in 5 chance that you will be paid in a random drug. The amount of drugs is the amount you'd have got in cash divided by 200, so $10,000 would be 50g of a random drug. (Arran)
- Getting a kill inside a criminal event will earn the killer 10g of a random drug. (Arran)

Friday 19th June 2015
- Changed the crack effect from dual AK-47 to not taking damage every 10th time you're damaged unless that damage is greater than 30 HP. Crack is now like the old Heroin drug (Arran)
- Jamaw added as trial staff. (Staff Team)

Thursday 18th June 2015
- Fixed players being able to abuse hydra rockets hitting empty vehicles to kill players. (Arran)
- Removed '/sb' (use '/sb' to get refund) and re-added Weed to have low gravity (now for your vehicle too.) (Arran)
- Removed '/xr' (use '/xr' to get refund) and re-added LSD to see through walls. (Arran)
- Added a new oil turf below the oil derricks. (Lelouch + Uber + ViVa + Arran)
- Raised the maximum sale value of God from $200 to $800. (Arran)
- Made it so Criminal and Police Medics that reached "Jesus Christ" level can use the Green Cross inside /equip. (Brian)

Wednesday 17th June 2015
- Added a boat shop marker at LV's Islands Hospital. (Brian)
- Removed Squads tag protection since they caused only issues. Impersonators will receive a jail/short ban for #8 if found using tags without authorization. (Brian)
- Added CITy armor storages inside Bayside Armed Robbery area. (Brian)
- Added "Military Backpack" to /equip and restricted it to Army jobs. (Brian)
- Moved LS truck shop so it doesn't block road when you buy a vehicle there. (Brian)

Tuesday 16th June 2015
- Edited Casino CE interior map. (Lelouch)

Monday 15th June 2015
- Added Denos as Trial Staff (Staff Team)
- Added Snipe as Trial Staff (Staff Team)
- Added a safe zone at the LV repair shop where the mechanic job is. (Arran)
- Disabled being able to recover vehicles while in an Armed Robbery area. (Arran)

Sunday 14th June 2015
- Added 'Steroids' drug which gives 5 HP every 5 seconds. (Arran)
- Modified the housing system so when a house owner is inactive rather than it being set for sale at the bought price (which could be extremely high on purpose) the owner will be refunded and the house will be reset to the original price. (Arran)
- Made it so community law groups with a board have access to unlimited invites. If a law group still don't have that access yet, Minister of Law can PM me the fixes required. (Brian)

Saturday 13th June 2015
- Added the 'God' drug which gives 200 HP. (Arran)
- Removed the 200 HP from LV as players have now voted to have the God drug give 200 HP instead. (Arran)
- Modified the 20% cash bonus cops get if they take arrested players to a police station so they get a drug bonus instead of cash. (Arran)
- Made it so every 10th kill at the DM zone, the killer gets a random 10g drug bonus. (Arran)
- Modified '/freecam' so that staff, CME's and CEM's can use it at any time. (Arran)

Friday 12th June 2015
- Added Corleone Family as Official Group (Staff - Official leaders - Ministers)
- Added /altcross which adds a custom crosshair for your weapons. (Brian)
- Restyled Police Medic skin and added a custom tag colour for that job. (Brian)
- Fixed texture bugs of police skin ID 231. (Brian)

Thursday 11th June 2015
- Added Paper Bag, Indian Headdress, Panda Knit Hat and Mage Hat to /viphats. (Brian)

Wednesday 10th June 2015
- I tried to fix the exploit where there is desync when throwing satchels which looks like the person never stops moving and the satchel can sometimes end up stuck to them, I disabled rotating when throwing satchels but then it causes problems for everyone throwing satchels which will just cause more complaining so I've removed that. Instead I will announce how the exploit works so that everyone can use it and then there's no unfair play, you all know how to use it, you can use it without being punished. Move forwards with fists, switch to satchel, throw satchel, rotate your camera around while throwing. Now for other players your satchel might be some where else. (Arran)

Tuesday 9th June 2015
- Fixed the exploit where you could throw free, unsynced projectiles. Exploiting the bug will set your health to 1. (Arran + Balfat)
- Increased game speed when in LV by 10%. (Arran)
- Gave the Minister of Crime control over the appointment of Criminal Bosses. (Arran)
- Gave the Minister of Law Enforcement control over the appointment of Police Chiefs. (Arran)
- Modified house robbery payments so there's a 1 in 5 chance you'll receive between 40 and 60 grams of a random drug. (Arran)
- Made it so you have to hold Z before entering or press Z after entering a vehicle shop marker. (Arran)
- Created a new access level: CME. Community Event Manager's will be appointed by the Minister of Council and will be able to host events in the event dimension. (Arran)
- Made it so Law can't teleport to Criminal Villa. (Arran)
- Added armor pick-ups to SFB criminal event interior. (Brian)

Monday 8th June 2015
- Forum: Removed the ability for users who don't have a member group to 'mention' other users. (Arran)
- Added an event setting for hover cars and flying cars. (Arran)
- Made it so can only use '/gojob' twice within 10 minutes to prevent abuse. (Arran)
- Added a Pay and Spray at SF - Ocean Flats. (Arran)
- Increased Traffic Officer payment when catching a speeder to $840. (Arran)
- NinjaTuna added as trial staff (Staff Team)

Sunday 7th June 2015
- Amended the ban appeal rules so that they abide by the constitution, the 3 appeal max limit has been removed, not that people listened to it. (Arran + JaMaW)
- Made it so you can quit job in LV. (Arran)
- Increased the max turf payment from $25,000 to $50,000. (Arran)
- Removed 'Bear Mode' walk style as nobody used it and it caused a bug. (Arran)
- Made law get paid in drugs when killing crims at armed robberies. (Arran)
- Gave all Ministers access to Community Map Editor. (Arran)

Saturday 6th June 2015
- Added the 'Minister of Architecture' who will lead map development along with an unlimited amount of community map editors who will have the power to modify the map within an area that a L2+ staff has permitted them to work in. (Arran)
- Made the 'Minerals' course give 10% pay increase instead of 3%. (Arran + KmilO)
- Made it so your maximum health increases to 200 when in LV. (Arran)

Friday 5th June 2015
- Fixed medics being able to heal while they're dead. Reduced the healing range from 6 to 4 but made healing take place every 1.5 seconds instead of every 2 seconds. (Arran)
- Made it so when you're in LV and you switch weapons with the key binds, your weapon slot instantly changes, this may cause desync but that's what LV players want. (Arran)
- Re-added 'Switch to Fists When Sprinting' in '/settings'. If you enable this setting then you will automatically switch from a heavy weapon to your fists so that you can sprint. (Arran)
- Removed the 1 second freeze after firing the sniper rifle. (Arran)
- Disabled peds selling RPG's, reverted to the old and preferred method of buying 1 RPG every 15 minutes by X => Yourself =. Buy RPG (when in LV only) or with '/buyrpg'. (Arran)
- Updated Pilot Job information and removed redundant parts from its description. (Brian)
- Made it so anyone can recover their vehicle to themselves if that vehicle is very close to them. (Arran)
- Removed the Minister of Las Venturas. Any LV suggestions now go in the Minister of Suggestions board. (Arran)
- Added a low cost vehicle shop near Fort Carson hospital. (Brian)

Wednesday 3rd June 2015
- Added apartment buildings to '/gps' (Arran + Sjoerd)
- Made it so when a cop touches a housing icon and someone is wanted inside, they will receive a message. (Arran)
- Added 3 new event settings for event managers: C - no jumping, D - no sprinting, E - no punching. (Arran)

Tuesday 2nd June 2015
- Added 'Donator Level' to the top of '/stats' so if someone is selling you a DL CHECK THAT BEFORE SENDING THEM MONEY. If it says Donator Level: 0 then do NOT send them money. Report them for scamming. (Arran)
- Added a permanent message at login screen saying cheating and scamming will result in a 5 year ban so that anyone who is still stupid enough to cheat or scam after this will never be able to appeal their bans. (Arran)
- Constitutional amendment, added CITC 5 (a whole new section) for the Ministerial System. (Arran)
- Constitutional amendment, added CITC 1.2.I: "[Staff] Will not interfere with topics for the Minister of Fairness." (Arran)
- Disabled using animations in LV due to them being exploitable in various ways. (Arran)
- Added 6 new GPS locations in '/gps'. (Arran + Droidy)
- Made it so medics can run in criminal events. (Arran)
- Added 15 of each drug for new accounts. (Arran)
- Added 'X => Comics' instead of needing to do '/comics' (Arran)
- Modified criminal XP panel so it says the XP needed for next level. (Arran)

Saturday 30th May 2015
- Increased Police Detective payments for solving cases by $1000. (Arran + Moni)
- Added a rapid transport marker at Criminal Villa. (Arran)
- Added '/ldma' to leave the DM zone if you can't leave on foot. (Arran)
- Fixed LS Bus Driver not being in '/gps' and removed LV Pilot. (Arran)
- Fixed Medics not being able to enter Jefferson Motel. (Arran)
- Fixed cops / crims killed in Armed Robberies not counting in stats. (Arran)
- Fixed not being able to aim and move with single AK-47 in CEs. (Arran)
- Fixed not being able to use '/bribe' (Arran)
- Fixed Medics not being able to use Ambulances. (Arran)
- Fixed Fisherman not working when re-taking the job. (Arran)
- Fixed SAPD Officer not getting night stick. (Arran)
- Made it so Medics can use '/arl' (Arran)

Friday 29th May 2015
- Made it so you're no longer blocked from arresting someone if they'd attacked you. (Arran)
- Added a Pay and Spray to Bayside Marina. (Arran)
- Made it so Medics are collisionless (so can be shot through) during criminal events. Due to this they will move with incorrect animations. (Arran)
- Improved the SMS system so that you can SMS offline players as long as you've added them as friends on CITbook and CITphone SMS. Open the SMS app and click on their account name which will be red as they're offline. Then send them a message as normal. They will receive the message via the notifications system. (Arran)

Thursday 28th May 2015
- Added offline notifications when someone promotes / demotes / kicks / warns you in your group. (Arran)
- Added a special object in /equip for players who reached "Jesus Christ" level in Medic job. (Arran - Brian)

Wednesday 27th May 2015
- Simplified Iron Miner payments to get an exact amount every time as opposed to a random amount. (Arran + KmilO)
- Fixed being able to reverse on motor bikes while they're broken down. (Arran)
- Forum: Moved rule 19 to 9, 18 to 10 and 17 to 12. To fill the 3 gaps that were made from rule removal. (Arran)

Tuesday 26th May 2015
- Forum: Removed rule 12. "Do not double post." As we can simply delete the posts we don't need a rule for this. (Arran)
- Forum: Removed rule 10. "Do not post in appeals you're not involved in." As we can simply delete the posts we don't need a rule for this. (Arran)
- Added a bridge that shortens the distance between LS and SF (crosses Red County lake). (Rabbid Rabbit + Franco)
- Forum: Removed rule 9. "Do not post blatantly invalid admin complaints." As the Minister of Fairness handles these complaints there is no need for a rule. (Arran)
- Added the Benson to the Delivery Man job. (Arran)
- Modified the text when aiming at a barrier so it includes the barrier ID. (Arran)
- Added 5 more races in LV countryside. (Brian)
- Added group chat notification when someone deposits or withdraws from the group bank. (Arran)
- Kavzor promoted to L4. (L5 Staff)
- Removed police bribe play time restrictions and made it so the bribe amount is an automatic $500 per star. (Arran)

Monday 25th May 2015
- Added 'Medic' job. (Arran)
- Fixed '/drop' not working with Maverick / Police Maverick passengers. (Arran)
- Added 'Top Killers in criminal event' for Armed Robberies. (Arran)
- Added the 'Speed' drug which allows you to spam jump and run even when you've just been shot. Completing a drug Armed Robbery will now give you either Speed or Crack at random. (Arran)

Sunday 24th May 2015
- Deleted a lot of super old punishment logs and ones from removed rules, not it matters as you can't see your punish log. (Arran)
- Removed rule 5: "Do not purposefully evade ingame situations or admins by disconnecting." (Arran)
- Simplified rule 8: "Do not disrupt other players. Examples: Ramming cars, impersonating a player or group / squad, repeated verbal provocation." as it's easier to measure 'disruptive behaviour' than 'trolling' or 'griefing' so admins shouldn't punish for as many things that they might of before like using '/piss' at another player might have been considered trolling, but it's not disruptive. (Arran)
- Added 'Aircraft Carrier' as an Armed Robbery. (Arran)
- Deleted personal CITy zones, removing 19,500 objects and 950 collision shapes, 71% in favour. (Arran)
- Fixed '/drop' (SWAT rope drop from helicopters) not working. (Arran)

Saturday 23rd May 2015
- Added SFB (old CE map) to the CE rotation. (Arran)
- Balanced Farmer job by decreasing its requirements. (KmilO)
- Added the ability to take Crack. Press F4. Since nobody could come up with what crack should do, made it so you can dual wield the AK-47 LIKE A BOSS. (Arran)
- Moved the crafting interface key bind from F4 to F9. Removed the chat rooms key bind, use '/chatrooms' instead. (Arran)
- Deleted 'LS Underground CITy' thing that had thousands of objects that nobody used. (Arran)
- Disabled the ability for players to see punishment messages, punishment logs and the web punishment log, 61% in favour. (Arran)
- Shehabos promoted to L3 (L5 staff)
- Nvidia passed trial (L5 staff)

Friday 22nd May 2015
- Modified the Police Detective job so that you must now photograph evidence before collecting it, increased pay by $500 and it's probably still underpaid. (Arran)
- Significantly increased the Police Motorbike (HPV-1000) acceleration. (Arran + Moni)
- Added an Armed Robbery at Bayside Marina docks which pays 400g crack on completion. (Arran)

Thursday 21st May 2015
- Modified the base info marker script so you have to press Z to show the base info when you walk into the markers. (Arran)
- Added criminal experience points when 'Van Heist' is completed and made it kick out the driver if they don't move for 10 seconds. (Arran)
- Fixed '/gojob' not working properly for groups that were in the Army team. (Arran)
- Events: Added an event manager setting to disable slow heal and DL2 health boost. (Arran)
- Forum: Raised maximum font in signatures from 3 to 12 as default text was actually 10. (Arran)
- Fixed some official law groups not being able to place barriers and use tear gas. (Arran)

Tuesday 19th May 2015
- Added the ability for event managers to disable med kits in the event dimension. (Arran)
- Made it so you lose 10 HP every time you punch someone you shouldn't to deter trolls who punch people. (Arran)
- Made it so store robbers won't open the skin selection GUI while running into the marker. (Arran)
- Made it so the Securicar in Van Heist can be reversed, just very slowly. (Arran)
- Removed the 'Government' and 'Army' team as they weren't needed. (Arran)

Monday 18th May 2015
- Added '/unboost speed/acceleration/braking' which will reset the handling. (Arran)

Saturday 16th May 2015
- Modified local chat when inside Jefferson Motel so it's like in CE's where you only see your own teams local chat. (Arran + MaXenon)
- Lowered the price of Pizza Boy to $5000 and made it so non-VIPs can recover it as it's identical to the Faggio. (Arran + Droidy)

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