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24 03, 2017, 07:32:42 am by Pager | Views: 263 | Comments: 1

Suggestion explained in one paragraph: Hello community, as most of you know CIT got weapon hitmark system, when you enable it your shots to the enemy gets more accurate. So my suggestion is nowadays if you enable hitmark it works for Sniper and All  kind of weapons, but sometimes I want hitmark only on my Sniper not on my weapons. So my suggestion is, adding an option to  enable hitmark for sniper only, or enable hitmark for weapons only.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion: Well because sometimes you don't want to have hitmark on your weapons  for example on spas.

This suggestion is worth the time developing because: Yes, it is worth adding because most of the players will like using it this way.
22 03, 2017, 01:39:33 pm by Josef. | Views: 410 | Comments: 1

Suggestion explained in one paragraph: I think robberies are a lot for the suggestion in places like markets and barbers, and it might make more sense to rob a hamburger and pizza shop. I think it's a pretty sensible suggestion. Because there are a lot of thieves in there and few robbery shops. The players go on to Armed robeyde or Crimeventler after robbing the shops, because there is no other shop. If we increase the number of these stores, I think that this number will increase. Every shop already has a ped.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion:Already pizza shops are  or hamburger shops ppen to . Only a section should be added which must be peeled.I can take pictures of the places on the map if this proposal is accepted.

This suggestion is worth the time developing because:As I said in the upper section, a few shops are sodding, the thieves are going to the other districts. I think it needs to be added more. We're entering a criminalevent, only a small number of police. Because thieves do not have a job to do.
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* Changelog

Monday 27th March 2017
- Increased M4 / AK-47 bullets received when crafting from 175 to 300. (Arran)
- Modified "Weapon hit mark" setting so you can restrict hit mark to specific classes of weapons. (Brian + Pager)

Sunday 26th March 2017
- Criminal event and armed robbery top killers message now enabled by default but only shows when there were actual killers. (Arran + Claire)
- Increased team unbalance limit in criminal events from 2 to 10. (Arran + Claire)
- Fixed a bug where some translations were saved to the database incorrectly. (Arran + Toby)
- Equipping "MP5" on 2nd slot will make your MP5 deal an explosive shot every 20th bullet if you're shooting against a Seasparrow or a Hunter. (Brian)
- Equipping "Trash Bin Shield" on 2nd slot will halve the damage received from Seasparow and Hunter. (Brian)
- L4. Pirus (group) has been promoted to L5. (StaffTeam)

Saturday 25th March 2017
- xb0x added as Trained Staff. (Staff Team)
- Mukhtar added as a trial staff. (Staff + Community)
- Disabled being able to buy Camera, when you next switch job it will be removed as only exploiters use it to create desync. (Arran + Fox)

Friday 24th March 2017
- Fixed being able to complete bomb defusal mission when moved away from bomb. (Arran + Vampire)

Thursday 23rd March 2017
- The 8 food stores in LS can now be robbed by criminals. (Arran + Josef)
- Extreme added as Trial Staff. (Staff Team + Community)

Wednesday 22nd March 2017
- Added 'Harley Quinn' skin as VIP skin #6. (Brian + Arran)
- Replaced 'VIP skin 2' with a better model. (Brian)
- Added 2 new objects to '/barrier' which only police chiefs, criminal bosses and state officials can use. (Arran + Tyler_Durden)
- Added an aeroplane and helicopter spawner at City Island Airport. (Arran + Hoba511)
- Group destination marker is automatically removed when the creator quits. (Arran + Mo7ammadM)
- Players who somehow manage to shoot shotgun too fast will now be auto killed for exploiting. (Arran)
- Permanently disabled LV's instant weapon switch as exploiting will never be allowed here. (Arran + JamesXZ)

Tuesday 21st March 2017
- Fixed being invincible while on skateboard by making damage the skateboard takes apply to the driver. (Arran + Mayrou)
- Upgraded the LV, Law and Crim grid lists in 'F1' to show positions on the scoreboards. (Arran + IronMan)

Monday 20th March 2017
- Wanted level from criminal trucking is now received at the end of the mission. (Arran + Tad)
- Gangsters inside Jefferson Motel can no longer harm each other. (Arran + Amr)
- Turned the 'Bike' into 'Skateboard' and a script that sets animations for skateboarding. (OzBeast + Arran)

Sunday 19th March 2017
- Fixed long distance pilot deliveries being buggy. Re-scripted the whole Pilot job script to make it simpler. (Brian)
- Fixed Nevada pilot missions not working for "KLM Employee" occupation. (Brian)
- 'Show Occupation On Screen' in '/settings' is now enabled by default. (Arran + Weston)
- NRG-500's can now be tuned, disabled bullet resistance on all bikes. (Arran + Brian)

Saturday 18th March 2017
- Fixed NRG-500 being extremely over powered by disabling car tune upgrades on it. (Arran)
- The search box in '/stats' now lets you search by squad name. (Arran + Yunus)
- Disabled being able to recover vehicles while in the LS car show area. (Arran + M1D0)
- Improved the accuracy of the AK-47 LMG mod in '/crafting'. (Arran + Tyler_Durden)
- LV gangster team chat is now separate to outside LV gangster team chat. (Arran + Tad)
- Removed equip effect from RPG and increased RPG cool down to 120 seconds. (Arran + Pager)
- You can now use your person skin when playing as Taxi Driver. (Arran + Mayrou)
- Added 2 new achievements for robbing 10 and 50 ATM's. (Arran + TraXeR)
- When a gang member dies in LV they can now press 1 and choose to spawn at LV Hospital and LV Sea Hospital. (Arran + Mo7ammadM)
- Removed the safe zone in front of Jefferson Motel. (Arran + Tad)
- Removed all activity requirements when applying for staff, as this is something the community and staff can decide for themselves when voting on an application. (Arran)

Friday 17th March 2017
- Ammunation has ran out of stock on all ammo except pistol bullets until 20/03/17! (Arran + Cherry)
- VIP runs down at 10% speed when offline due to VIP being overpowered ever since the update that made it not run down when offline. (Arran)
- Added squad bank and gave access to squads with boards. (Arran + RedHeart + Cherry)

Thursday 16th March 2017
- Fixed there not being a 'Go Criminal' button when playing as gangster. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed gangsters not being able to kill peds. (Arran + TraXeR)
- Fixed not being able to select a graffiti tag in '/graffiti' when playing as gangster. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed 'Pick Pocket' and 'Cause a Disturbance' buttons not appearing for gangsters. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed Rustler mission not being available to gangsters. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed a cop using a vehicle who kills a wanted criminal not getting recognised as a kill arrest. (Arran + IceTea)
- Fixed not being able to harvest weed as gangster. (Arran + Crash28)
- Fixed gangsters not being able to accept hitman missions from peds. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed barriers DL3's could place as criminal not working as gangster. (Arran + BlackMoris)
- Fixed gangsters not being able to respawn at Criminal Villa. (Arran + TraXeR)

Tuesday 14th March 2017
- Official crim groups may request to have their own group job moved to 'Gangsters' team here: topic=206750.0 (Arran + Tad)
- To become a gangster use '/gangster' this command replaces '/outlaw'. (Arran)
- Entering and exiting Las Venturas will no longer switch you between criminal and gangster. (Arran)
- Houses now start for sale at $500 million and will drop $1 million every minute until $100 million where they'll drop $50,000. (Arran)
- Houses can now be purchased using money that's in the bank, if there's not enough on hand. (Arran)

Monday 13th March 2017
- Added a job occupation for CIT2 Radio DJs. (Brian)
- Fixed CIT2 radio DJs access not being saved on server restart. (Brian + Arran)
- United passed trial. (Brian)
- Added a better model to skin ID 41. (Brian)
- Reduced store robbery time from 2 to 1 minute. Reduced pay by $4000. (Arran)
- Tazer effect duration reduction from Wine and Whiskey bottle in '/equip' now applies to vehicle tazing. (Arran + K1lleR)
- Fixed vehicle tazer effect disabling the drivers ability to shoot or exit vehicle. (Arran)

Sunday 12th March 2017
- Made supporters' duty occupation colour salmon pink. (Brian + Cherry)
- Shanu passed trial period. (HeadStaff)
- Made it so Molotov's double damage isn't applied if your health is lower than 50. (Brian)

Saturday 11th March 2017
- Gave supporters access to the 'Staff' team, with some limitations. (Arran)
- Added a command ('/supmute') so people can be muted just from using support chat. (Arran + Cherry)
- Added a 7 second wait before race count down begins, to make sure everything has loaded. (Arran + Fady21)

Friday 10th March 2017
- Pilovali added as Trial Staff. (Staff Team + Community)

Thursday 9th March 2017
- Fixed not being able to click "sell house to server" button at your house. (Arran + ShaMan)

Wednesday 8th March 2017
- Fixed arrested criminals not getting released in rare cases when the cop changed dimension. (Arran + Czyeth)

Tuesday 7th March 2017
- Vampire added as L1. Trial Staff (StaffTeam + Community)
- Fixed crash resistance level of a vehicle not appearing in vehicle information window. (Arran + Sheriff)
- Fixed being able to use '/helpme' when not logged in. (Arran + Extreme)
- Houses for sale now drop in price $50,000 every minute when over $10,000,000. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to click buy house on houses that aren't for sale. (Arran + Jupiter)
- Fixed some players not being able to create chat rooms. (Arran + IceTea)
- Added a command for event managers to set the vehicle health of all vehicles in event dimension. (Ameer + Arran)
- Increased maximum length of promote / demote / kick reason for groups / squads. (Arran + Denos)
- Replaced buggy custom blips in 'Waste Manager' job with simple default green blips. (Brian + Toby)

Monday 6th March 2017
- Imported 'Sultan RS' from GTA IV. Buy one at expensive vehicles shop. (Brian)
- Wanted criminals and cops will no longer be able to walk through each other. (Arran + Brian)
- Community event managers can load objects in any dimension. (Arran + Jocke)
- If you enter a CITy zone and the owner hasn't been online in 14 days it will become for sale. (Arran + Dread)
- Due to abusive players, skin shaders of groups/squads in which you're whitelisted are available only if the group is L1+ or the squad has more than 20 members. (Brian)
- Mahmoud added as L1. Trial Staff (StaffTeam + Community)

Sunday 5th March 2017
- L2. Rands, L2. Echoo & L2. Toby have been promoted to L3. (HeadStaff)
- Max promoted to L2. (HeadStaff)

Friday 3rd March 2017
- Decreased MP5 movement speed when aiming by 20%. (Arran)
- Increased AK-47 movement speed when aiming by 50%. (Arran)
- Disabled animations in indoor criminal events due to abuse. (Arran + Farhan)
- Changed the SPAS Crowd Control weapon mod to make it more balanced. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to use '/msg' when not logged in. (Arran + KerimChan)

Sunday 26th February 2017
- Removed freeze effect from flash-bang grenades, made it so player name tags become invisible for 10 seconds instead. (Brian + Arran)
- Event warps message now only appears if you have event messages enabled in '/settings'. (Arran)
- Increased 'Pizza Boy' mission's time limit from 5 to 6 minutes. (Brian + Cherry)

Saturday 25th February 2017
- Fixed on screen position in races being wrong when other racers were too far away. (Arran)

Friday 24th February 2017
- Criminals can only get flash-banged or tazered once every 10 seconds. (Arran + Tad)
- Fixed not being able to recover your vehicle for 10 seconds if you fell and landed on to a custom object. (Arran + RicaRdo)
- Reduced wanted points requirement for being auto APB'd from 2000 to 1000. (Arran + FireBolt)
- Increased minimum pay that criminals get inside Jefferson Motel from $2000 to $4000. (Arran)
- Disabled the roof entrance of Jefferson Motel. (Arran + Tad)

Thursday 23rd February 2017
- Fixed supporters being able to warp into CEs by using their '/helpme'-related warp power. (Brian + Jupiter)
- Made it so globally muted players cannot use '/helpme' command. (Brian + Toby)

Wednesday 22nd February 2017
- Removed the $4000 kill bonus cops get for killing an armed robber due to team imbalance. (Arran)
- Reverted to the old event management system as the new one turned out to hardly work. (Arran + Jocke)
- Added a store clerk so it can be robbed at the fuel station in Temple, LS. (Arran + Disorder)
- Vehicles with 10 / 10 Bullet Resistance are immune from stinger traps. (Arran + Artzzz)
- Added 3 pay and sprays at the LV Sea Hospital. (Arran + Herq)

Tuesday 21st February 2017
- Added a button to '/race' to automatically join every race. (Arran + Paddington)
- Added account names to friend list in '/citbook'. (Arran + Vampire)

Monday 20th February 2017
- Completely changed 'Waste Manager' job to a different type of mission. Read job panel description for info on how to play the new mission. (Brian)

Saturday 18th February 2017
- Fixed being able to spray graffiti after switching teams. (Arran + Skilled)
- Fixed wanted players or hit targets being able to abuse vehicles which don't collide with other vehicles. (Arran + Antoni)

Friday 17th February 2017
- Increased reputation points from completing a criminal event from 1000 to 2000. (Arran + FireBolt)
- Peds that are inside LS turfs who have guns will attack any outlaw who enters and in a hostile group. (Arran + Ozbeast)
- Fixed peds not fighting back when they are shot by a vehicle turret. (Arran)
- Added '/outlaw' which is the same as '/criminal outlaw'. (Arran)

Thursday 16th February 2017
- Buying spray can or fire extinguisher from a shop now gives 9000 ammo instead of 500. (Arran)

Wednesday 15th February 2017
- Fixed being able to spray graffiti on small spaces like lamp posts. (Arran + Vampiiree)
- The "Death's Scythe" in '/equip' now speeds up respawn time. (Arran)
- Disabled hospital respawn fee. (Arran)
- Disabled annoying sound when minigun is being aimed but not fired. (Arran)
- Disabled 'Bayside Marina' cop / criminal mission as nobody plays it. (Arran)
- Fixed an exploit where players could move around while stuck in a laying down animation. (Arran + M1D0)
- Added an automated system for players to be able to rent car show areas (LS and City Islands ones). (Brian)

Tuesday 14th February 2017
- Using a repair kit on a police vehicle is now paid for by the police department. (Arran)
- Made it so your graffiti won't be removed when going far away (when streamed out). (Brian + Arran)
- Added a setting to disable custom graffiti textures. (Brian + iShadow)
- Reduced prison sentence duration by 50%. (Arran)
- Added '/graffiti' which lets you paint some custom graffitis on walls ingame. Check topic=266128.0 for info. (Brian + Rands + HassoN)
- L9 groups may request fuel markers and repair markers to be added to their base/hoods. Check topic=262977.0 for more info. (Brian + Arran + Cillan)

Sunday 12th February 2017
- Vendetta passed Trial. (Brian)
- United added as Trial Staff. (Staff Team + Community)

Saturday 11th February 2017
- Added group search support to the search box in '/stats'. (Arran + Viceroy)

Friday 10th February 2017
- Added a message above the heads of armed robbery peds so new players know to aim at them. (Arran + Cerberus)
- Added a message to '/hmpanel' that shows how many kills you need before getting hitman for the day. (Arran + Crash28)
- Added "Tony Montana" mod to skin ID 118. (Brian + Raiden)
- Added a Towtruck shop in northern Pay'n'Spray area. (Brian)

Thursday 9th February 2017
- Set default grenade explosion inside "Zombie Area". (Brian + Sinon)
- Added new objects to CITy building list, check topic=266387.0. (Brian + Tiiger)
- Increased the maximum houses a player can own from 1 to 2. (Arran + Mackepper)

Wednesday 8th February 2017
- Added "Nevada" plane to pilot job spawners. (Brian + Florenzi)
- Medics can now heal players who enter their Boxville, meaning you can sell armor and heal at same time. (Arran + heroto)
- Shanu added as L1. Trial Staff (StaffTeam + Community)
- Added 'Ex-Yu' to 'J' chat interface. (Arran + NedicKing)
- Added a button to Group + Squad GUI's for enabling their custom skins. (Arran + Danger)
- Increased Hunter job payment by 10% as it was underpaid. (Brian + Randy)

Monday 6th February 2017
- Hitman job head-shot feature can't be used on targets who have over 300 wanted points. (Arran + HassoN)
- Added 'Crash Resistance' upgrade for car tuning at mod shop which reduces damage from crashing by up to 50%. (Arran + StarSoul)

Sunday 5th February 2017
- Disabled the Quality Assurance board due to so many confirmed bugs not even being bugs. Any bugs that are actually affecting anyone's game play are to be reported in 'Development' board. (Arran)
- Fixed the "Repairing: x%" text when repairing a vehicle being small. (Arran + JaSoN)
- Fixed police being immune to drowning if they went into drive-by mode. (Arran + B0B)
- Fixed having low gravity when being teleported to a race while being in outer space. (Arran + Loyalist)

Saturday 4th February 2017
- Added '/maxspeed number' to set the max speed a vehicle can travel at. (HassoN + Arran + Pollux)
- Fixed Advanced Hummer being able to shoot if the driver exits while holding fire. (Arran + Danger)

Friday 3rd February 2017
- Fixed many settings becoming broken if 'Sync Game Time' is set to 'Yes' in '/settings'. (Arran + unicorn)
- Made 'SPAS: Crowd Control' even less accurate. (Arran + Herq)

Thursday 2nd February 2017
- AI Trader now sells RPG's on F7 for $18,000 each due to player abuse of '/buyrpg'. (Arran)

Tuesday 31st January 2017
- Added a better version of FBI truck. (Brian + Holger)
- Using '[img]' inside forum personal messages has been disabled (the [img] and [/img] will be removed) for security reasons. (Arran)
- Rustler bomb drop (when you press shift) now drops 2 bombs. (Arran + NightFury)

Monday 30th January 2017
- Criminal Outlaws can throw teargas without the need of 'Gas Mask' equipment. (Brian)
- Fixed being able to deposit chainsaws into house inventory. (Arran + Jupiter)
- 'Bomb Disposal' police job can defuse barrels left behind and get the same amount of explosives criminals spent to place them. (Brian)
- Wanted criminals with more than 100 wanted points can deploy explosive barrels while driving Burrito. (Brian)

Sunday 29th January 2017
- Made it so URL retriever ('/urls') saves links you stream inside Malibu Club, with '/streamurl' and inside Cinemas. (Brian)

Saturday 28th January 2017
- Added 11 new VIP hats ('/viphats'). (Master_11 + Brian)
- Fixed not having to pay the hitman kill bonus if you don't have the money on hand. (Arran + Magneto)
- Fixed being able to start an illegal trucking mission after exiting the vehicle. (Arran + 2Pac)
- Fixed being able to be glued to a train when wanted if you got wanted while already glued to the train. (Arran + DJrami)

Thursday 26th January 2017
- Event managers can place blips on players in event dimension. (Ameer)
- Added HassoN as Honourable, for scripting contributions. (Arran)
- Added many new features to the event management system. (HassoN)
- Added back Pilot missions to 'Nevada' cargo plane. (Brian)
- Reduced 'Electronics' needed to craft a 'Repair Kit' from 2 to 1. (Arran + DanTaylor)
- Merged Ukrainian country chat with Russian and Belarus country chat. (Arran + puhQ)
- Fixed being able to craft more than 1 rustic rocket or space rocket when only 1 can be used. (Arran + Heinz)

Tuesday 24th January 2017
- Fixed getting wanted when throwing tear gas while duelling. (Brian + Rickztah)
- Fixed '/streamurl' not showing a list of radio stations. (Arran + DarkDevil)
- Fixed some messages being buggy in certain languages because of the font used. (Arran + HassoN)
- Fixed message saying how many seconds till throwing a grenade saying 0 seconds when between 0 and 1. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed buy CJ skin at clothing marker not working. (Arran + TraXeR)
- Fixed duel rules not ending when finishing a team duel. (Arran + Czyeth)
- Fixed being able to enter a plane or train interior when wearing jetpack or when attached to a vehicle. (Arran + Vampire)

Monday 23rd January 2017
- Richiniro and Vengeance passed Trial Staff. (Head Staff)
- Fixed skin 242 being in the skin list when it's inaccessible. (Arran + Randy)
- Fixed some out-dated job GPS locations in '/gps'. (Arran + Pepe)
- Fixed your custom squad skin getting removed when you kick a player instead of their custom skin. (Arran + Hoba511)
- Fixed peds shooting at you if you ran them over when you're not a criminal. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed not being able to enter trains as passenger because it said they weren't on the ground. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed police computer's 'Unpin All' button sometimes not removing all the blips. (Arran + NightFury)
- Fixed '/urls' not properly copying a URL that contained ';'. (Arran + Amr)

Sunday 22nd January 2017
- Max96 added as Trial Staff. (Staff Team)
- Added a Pay and Spray at LS race track. (Arran + JackJones)
- Flying over the zombie zone will no longer cause your aircraft to disappear. (Arran + Muhannad)
- Added a new setting for event managers which allows them to disable local chat. (Arran + Danzy)

Saturday 21st January 2017
- Increased maximum price RPG's can be sold for in F7 from $16,000 to $25,000. (Arran)
- Set some graphic settings in '/settings' such as weapon mods and detail shader disabled by default so that new players with old computers won't start with low FPS. As these are now default to off you may need to go to '/settings' to enable them if you want them on. (Arran + Shehabos)
- Added a command for event managers to warp all players into vehicles. (HassoN + Arran)

Friday 20th January 2017
- Added a command for event managers to warp to someone else in the event dimension. (Ameer + Arran)

Thursday 19th January 2017
- Text such as "[Muted]" will now appear above players when in UAV mode. (Arran + VoLcAnoMC)
- Removed unused transfer button from ATM interface. (Arran + Yunus)
- Community Event Managers can now place speakers any where, if they have a valid reason to do so. (Arran + Mahmoud)

Wednesday 18th January 2017
- Added Magneto as Honourable for dedication to bug reporting. (Arran)
- Fixed an invalid skin being in the skin list. (Arran + Magneto)
- Fixed players without VIP not being able to use custom respawn location as camera got stuck. (Arran + Amman)
- Fixed being able to use different animations while using a repair kit. (Arran + PiNo)

Tuesday 17th January 2017
- Fixed restricted accounts being able to send or receive money using hitman mission. (Arran + Sabfas)
- Made 'Cropduster' be able to throw teargas cans for $500. (Brian + Serious)
- Fixed the Skimmer being recovered to an airport when it only works in water. (Arran + Amman)
- Fixed being able to use '/stealth' in the new LS turfs. (Arran + Dayveth)
- Fixed the message about having 1 hour of VIP left never actually appearing. (Arran + Platinum'22)
- Fixed being able to recover any job vehicle without VIP while unemployed. (Arran + Amman)

Monday 16th January 2017
- Fixed CJ job specific clothes not being removed when ending shift. (Arran + Pepe)
- Fixed not being able to use '/criminal' when playing as Outlaw. (Arran + Pepe)
- Fixed equip slot 2 not applying after a re-joining the server. (Arran + Amr)
- Fixed getting stuck in a duel if the other player used '/kill'. (Arran + Amr)
- Added a new CITphone with bunch of upgrades, new apps and features. Complete information can be found at news board. (Ryan)

Sunday 15th January 2017
- Updated '/gps' and added missing locations such as new outdoor cinema places and the new Armed Robbery. (Brian)
- Added 3 new VIP hats ('/viphats'). (Brian)
- Fixed multiple major/minor bugs with /tournaments, also increased auto-end time limit from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. (Ryan + Vampiire + Magneto)

Saturday 14th January 2017
- Added some new gun mods: "Knight" "Shark" "RevoFX" gun models can be applied through '/gunmods'. (Brian)
- Fixed Today's Tops always outputting the wrong player. Added top score after player name. (Arran + SpongeFin)
- Fixed a bug where you could surrender and go to prison then get warped out of prison. (Arran + Magneto)
- Fixed getting stuck as an armed robber if you finish the robbery with no wanted level. (Arran + Magneto)

Friday 13th January 2017
- Fixed an exploit related to changing skin while wearing jetpack. (Arran + DJrami)
- Fixed being able to abuse '/uav' in an LS turf. (Arran + Amman)
- Fixed an exploit where Cave Miners could use jetpack in the caves. (Arran + Magneto)
- Fixed being able to use animations while repairing a vehicle. (Arran + PiNo)
- Added turfs on semi-official/official LS crim groups bases so now groups can claim and defend their own bases. (Brian)

Wednesday 11th January 2017
- Increased max rental time of cinemas to 1800 seconds (30 minutes). (Brian)
- Replaced "Classic" wheels tune with a better model. (Brian)
- Added shaders support to Buffalo. (Sashko + Brian)
- Fixed Police Ranger having a buggy cam position (Brian + Efe)

Tuesday 10th January 2017
- Disabled the auto fine system when driving wrong way over a road arrow, due to performance reasons. (Arran)

Monday 9th January 2017
- Mapped 2 new cinemas at LS Beach and Fort Carson. (Brian)
- Made the player hold /equip Whiskey and Wine bottles in its right hand. (Brian + Tiiger)

Saturday 7th January 2017
- Optimized some scripts to improve FPS. (Arran)
- Improved your FPS (Frames Per Second) by making peds that aren't on screen have no collision model. (Arran)

Thursday 5th January 2017
- Fixed M4 head shot equip doing way more than 40% extra damage. (Arran + Ammar)
- Fixed being able to use '/surrender' when hurt in the last 10 seconds. (Arran + NightFury)
- Added 'Vehicle Information' when you press X and click on a vehicle. (Arran + RichGang)
- Added a second escape route for prison. (Arran + Tad)
- Made it so Grenades/Flashbang can be thrown inside interiors such as Criminal Events. (Brian)

Wednesday 4th January 2017
- Cops and Criminals outside LV are able to throw grenades, instead of an explosion it'll have the effect of a flashbang grenade to the opposite team. (Brian + HassoN)
- Added an equipment called 'Sunglasses' which will avoid the blinding effect of flashbangs. (Brian)

Tuesday 3rd January 2017
- Fixed civilians not being able to use Rustler's airbombs in LV. (Ryan + ExiSenza)
- Modeled and added a new car called "Lambda". You can buy it at expensive vehicles shop. (Brian + Cherry)
- Fixed civilians being able to hurt and therefore get attacked by peds. (Arran + Amman)
- Fixed drug GUI not showing drug amounts over 100,000 by showing 100 K instead of 100000. (Arran + Acura)

Monday 2nd January 2017
- Fixed typo in /tournaments invitation message. (Ryan + Vampiiree)

Sunday 1st January 2017
- Added a simple baseball cap to '/viphats' called "Creeper Cap". (Brian)

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    Today at 12:40:29 am
  • KnOwN: Yea?
    Today at 12:34:45 am
  • Chopper'nXs: known
    Today at 12:12:43 am
  • Lacosta: Boyka*
    Yesterday at 07:49:47 pm

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