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CIT Honourables
« on: 17 10, 2013, 01:19:17 pm »

We're forever grateful for the support from all of our players. Those who are listed below have caught our attention with their dedicated and hard work. We thank you all.

ccw - The most amazing person on the Internet. Without his contributions to MTA I can tell you for a fact most of the MTA community including CIT would not exist, or exist in a much smaller, boring, unsafe and unstable form. I am 95% certain CIT would not exist right now if it wasn't for him.

ryden - An incredibly intelligent and talented computer programmer whose contributions to MTA made CIT possible.

SinovenatoR - Running one of the first successful gangs, successfully running the Quality Assurance team for a long time, making a notable contribution to the staff team.

Amazonic Successfully running the Quality Assurance team for a long time, making a big contribution to the staff team.

Chique - Contributing to the development of CIT by adding things such as fuel system.

DustyManaging the server and being a trust-able and respected staff member for a long time.

StevieFTW - Founding the SAPD team and contributing to the development of the law side of the server. Also making a big contribution to the staff team.

Nico - Staff for over a year, leading Armed Forces, etc.

AraaA variety of scripting contributions to CIT as well as a long lasting staff member.

Kavzor - Considerable effort and dedication to CIT and CIT staff. Improved quality of server with his presence. Most active and helpful staff even during bad times.

DennisFounding member plus head staff for 2 years.

Cherry - Huge contributions to staff and community as well as long term staff member. Created ARM system from scratch, took care of bug reports for a long time, significantly improved CITy designs as well as fighting for fairness and integrity. Always working on background to make this server a better place to play on. Providing new solutions to players' common issues.

Nvreformat - Huge contribution with server development, added lots of features that are still used, such as group system improvements.

Gonzalo - Contributions in server development.

KC - Outstanding ideas contributing to improvements for the criminal team.

Ryan. - Contributions to community and server development plus dedicated and loyal staff for long time.

Geert - Contribution to community's spirit with his self-hosted CIT2 Radio.

MikeJones - Using his web development skills to create things such as the live map.

Claire - Dimit - Contributing to the intellectual development of community members. Very long term community members. Made the debate board into a real debate board.

Pac-Man - PedoBear - Jaeger - Lelouch - Jamie - Casual - Ramy - Som3a - Vazz - NightWolf - Rabbid Rabbit - Uber - Shehabos - Moons - Lucifer - Turismo - DenosSabfas - RoverMoni - Ex_TcR - IronMan - Shanu - Franco - Pepo - Rusty - Rands - Contributing to improvement of CIT with their presence and dedication.

Vampire - Master. - Outstanding contributions to translating the server into different languages.

MeMo. - Czyeth - RealGame - Magneto - Reporting so many bugs and exploitable bugs.

PrototypeContribution in players' entertainment.

DreddBeing the only person to bring to my attention a severely overpaid feature which unbalanced the entire server. His persistence led to the exposure of how suggestion votes were being rigged by corrupt players for their own personal gain.

MHP - Making scripts contributions as well as long lasting staff member.

JaVa - Scripting contributions to the server.

BlackyMan - Being part of Punishments Appeal Team for over a year and always trying to grant fairness and transparency on CIT.

Relerx - Scripting contributions to the server.

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