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Running CIT costs money so to pay the costs there is a reward system for players who make CIT a reality and are rewarded for doing so with the systems described below.

Having VIP hours results in the following benefits:
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* Jetpack with '/jetpack' for convenient transport. (Can't be used in LV or when wanted and some other restrictions)
* Earn 20% more money / resources when completing most tasks.
* Ability to recover your vehicles straight to you.
* Wear a variety of hats with '/viphats'.
* You can sell VIP hours in 'F7' trading GUI for quick cash.
* Twice as quick healing from medics.
* Use '/glue' and '/unglue' on any vehicle.
* '/vipskin' to access skins including 5 (not skeleton) VIP skins see this which is from here
* '/fightstyle' - Change your fight style without going to a gym
* Quicker respawn after dying.
Do bear in mind that players with VIP are treated the same way as normal players and if you break the rules the same punishments apply, so make sure you've read the rules.

DL system for if you reach the following amounts:
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* Level 1: £50 GBP
Ability to repair vehicles as if you had the the mechanic job (press X click on the car then click repair)
Vehicles that you repair will get 50% fuel instead of the normal 10%.
'/hitme' command to be able to place a hit of $50,000-$500,001 on yourself with your own money and by doing so agree to give players a chance and not abuse. "/hitme amount warehouse" to warp to the hit warehouse. '/hitme 500001' is terminator mode where you will take only 20% of the normal damage.
'/d message' for donator chat.
You can own a total of 3 houses.
VIP won't go down at all when offline.
Can use '/setvehcolor' in all dimensions.
Spawn with armor, excluding when respawned to a turf.
Super advert cool down time: 2 hours.

* Level 2: £100 GBP
Everything listed in level 1.
If your play time is below 125 hours the CITphone transfer limits are disabled.
Provide a morale boost to their team (or gang when in LV) with a range of 5 meters that will give 2 HP every 5 seconds to themselves and their team.
You can own a total of 4 houses.
Access to the '/rt' command (rapid transport) which saves you having to go to a rapid transport marker.
Able to enter heists even when the team is full.
Super advert cool down time: 1 hours

* Level 3: £150 GBP
Everything listed in level 1 and 2.
You have VIP benefits even when you have 0 VIP hours.
You can own a total of 5 houses.
Some barriers can be placed with '/barriers'.
You can use '/streamurl' to play music at the car show area, hit warehouse and right next to your house icon(s).
Super advert cool down time: 3 minutes.
In the bank GUI, you can transfer money to another player's account.
Crafting barriers is 5 times quicker.

Having any donator level on the forum means:
You can access the private donator board.
A forum PM inbox of limit of 1000 messages for DL1, 2000 for DL2 and 3000 for DL3.
Mentioning members like @ForumNameHere works (without needing community member rank.)

If you send enough for a donator level in one transaction, your donator level will be given when your VIP is given, but to get the forum status you need to send me a forum PM.

If multiple transactions add up to one of those numbers send me a forum PM telling me your in-game account name to get your donator level activated.

Some transaction amounts and times you'll get:
Show content£10 - (2000 x 1  = 2000 hours) (83 days)
£20 - ((2000 x 2) * 1.05 =  4200 hours) (175 days)
£30 - ((2000 x 3) * 1.05 =  6300 hours) (263 days)
£40 - ((2000 x 4) * 1.1 =  8800 hours) (367 days)
£50 - ((2000 x 5) * 1.1 =  11,000 hours) (417 days)
£60 - ((2000 x 6) * 1.1 =  13,200 hours) (550 days)
£70 - ((2000 x 7) * 1.15 =  16,100 hours) (671 days)
£80 - ((2000 x 8 ) * 1.15 =  18,400 hours) (767 days)
£90 - ((2000 x 9) * 1.15 =  21,600 hours) (900 days)
£100 - ((2000 x 10) * 1.2 = 24,000 hours) (1000 days)

Notice that there is also a multiplier between 1 and 1.2 this is because if you send more money in 1 go, you get a bonus. VIP only goes down at 10% speed when offline, so even £10 of VIP would last many months depending on how much you play.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (Read these BEFORE posting a question)
Show contentHow to transfer a DL?
See this topic: (This link only works if you have donator level on the forum because only those who donated can transfer DL.)

Can I donate for permanent VIP?
I've made it so that if you get over 10,000 hours (£50) the time will not run down, therefore it is permanent VIP. This also means that you can later convert those hours into money if you no longer want permanent VIP.

Does VIP time run down only when I'm online?
VIP runs down when you're online 0.1 hours per 6 minutes, when offline it runs down 0.01 hours per 6 minutes. If DL1+ then VIP doesn't run down when offline. VIP will never run down if you have over 10,000 hours or are DL3 (it acts as permanent VIP.)

Can I donate any other way but with PayPal?
No, because there are no other websites that can be used to accept money easily.

What is PayPal?
PayPal is a website which allows you to transfer money online without giving away card details and such to other websites as PayPal handles the payments. It's free to register and send money, the receiver pays the fees.

PayPal isn't accepted in my country, how do I donate?
If you can't use PayPal in your country unfortunately you won't be able to donate. Recently they supported some new countries like Egypt so you should check the paypal website to see if your country is supported.

Can I get donator level if I've made loads of small donations?
Yes, for example if you donated £10, 5 times then you can ask me to give you DL1. Though it's best to donate more in 1 go as you get some extra VIP hours when you do.

Can I donate for an unban or clear my punish log?
No, only for the benefits listed here.

What do I do if I donated but didn't include my account name or what I entered was wrong?
I will send an email to the address your PayPal account uses asking for the right account name. Alternatively send me a forum PM saying what your in-game account name is or send me an email (paypal tells you my email) and try to include the email address you donated from.

When will you support Western Union or another payment method?
Probably never, though if a new better website comes along you can suggest it.

I donated over £50 but I didn't get donator status, why?
You have to PM me on forum stating your in-game account name, so that I can check to see if your total donations add up to what's needed for a donator level. If you're donating £50 in one go I will add you to DL1 without needing to be told but to get it on the forum you have to PM me on the forum.

Is it possible to donate with my mobile phone credit?
No. Find me one that doesn't charge ridiculous percentages. These mobile phone payment providers want 50% of the money, disgusting!

I can't donate because something on the paypal website doesn't work
Make sure you've got an up-to-date web browser and or try another web browser (firefox, chrome, IE, etc)

What type of credit/debit cards does PayPal accept?
According to this paypal help article they accept: Visa / Delta / Electron / Mastercard / Eurocard / Maestro / American Express and debit/bank cards that have the Visa or Mastercard logo on them.

If I get Donator Level (DL) does it last forever?
Yes, donator level does not expire, unless you pass it on to someone else. It is seperate to VIP hours.

How does the DL3's permanent VIP work?
It works without needing any VIP meaning that you can sell all your VIP and even when it says you have 0 hours of VIP, the VIP benefits will work as long as you don't give away your DL3..

Do I have to be online to be given VIP or DL?

Somebody claims they can't send the money directly and want to send you money then you send it to me, I even trust them, what could go wrong?
A lot can go wrong, do NOT send money on behalf of somebody else. Yes, I said do NOT send money to me that was sent from somebody else because they're probably trying to scam you.

If someone gives me DL1, Will I be DL1 for ever? Will I get VIP hours?
Yes, because DL can only be PERMANENTLY transferred which means once it's given to you they can't ask for it back. You will NOT get any VIP hours from someone giving you a DL.

Somebody gave/sold me DL1/2/3 can I sell or give it to somebody else?
No. Only the original donator is allowed to ask for it to be transferred and that can only be done ONCE.

If I am DL1 and buy one more DL1 I will be DL2?
Yes. Same if you were DL2 and wanted to be DL3. And even if you got a DL1 from someone else thought that DL1 won't count towards forum DL.

What does having DLx on the forum give you?
Some additional rights like what JCM gets: mention members and request notifications. Access to private donator board. 1000 PM limit in inbox.

How to donate for custom skins?
This topic: (If link doesn't work it's because custom skins shop is currently closed.)

How much of my currency is needed for x GBP?
To see how much of your currency you need go onto google and in the search box enter: currency to x GBP and it will tell you the current exchange rate though this may differ slightly to the one PayPal uses. So for example if I wanted to know how many US Dollars (USD) I needed for 50 Great British Pounds (GBP) enter: US Dollars to 50 GBP or just go on a website like this:

Can I donate less than £10?

If someone donates for me but they specify my account name when donating, will I be able to transfer the DL?
Yes. If the account name entered when donating is yours that is treated as YOUR donation.

Does skin shader and car shader also count towards getting DLx?
Not DLx or tag colors.

How to donate for custom vehicle shaders?
See this topic: (If the link doesn't work the shader shop is currently closed)

When sending money it says something like the transaction can't be completed and it doesn't say why, why?
PayPal accounts that don't have a debit or credit card linked to them may have transaction limits that for some reason they won't tell you about, they'll just give you a useless error message.

Only accepting PayPal - I'm sorry, if I could accept other things I would. PayPal will automatically convert your currency into GBP (£)

Note: You will get extra VIP if you do 1 large transaction rather than sending loads of small ones:

5% extra for £20 and £30
10% extra for £40 £50 and £60
15% extra for £70 £80 and £90
20% extra for £100+

1. Click on this link to enter your account name.

2. In the quantity box put how many £10 GBP you want to contribute so if you want to give £10 you don't need to do anything and if you want to give £30 put 3 in the quantity box.

3. Click continue. Login to Paypal. Click Pay now.

4. Now you need to wait between 0 and 12 hours for me to activate your VIP. If you haven't received it within 12 hours you can contact me such as send me a forum PM.

If you want to give VIP to others you can go ingame press F7 and put up a trade but make sure to mark the trade as private so only the player that you chose can see it in their F7 trade list.

Thank you to all who contribute, you're the ones who make the server possible! If you're having any problems (that I can help with) you can post in this topic.

What Donator can do ?
Watch this video :D
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--- Quote from: Yahyano on 06 08, 2018, 01:53:21 am ---So how to donate  「(゚ペ) 「(゚ペ)

--- End quote ---

Let me give you the link of the video, which shows you step by step how to donate. I believe it is gonna help you a lot!

Hi Guys, I want to ask questions. Can I buy DL2 or I should be buy first DL1

If a player wants to sell you a DL2, then you can buy it without having DL1. Furthermore, if you have currently DL1 and buy that DL2, you will have DL3.


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