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New Player Week
« on: 07 11, 2018, 09:56:23 pm »
For about the next 7 days I will be focussing on things to help new players, if you have any ideas you can post them here:

I have wanted to start working on making the new player experience better for a while but first I wanted to get some statistics on how many people register daily and how many of them keep playing as it's only been running a few days it's not very exciting:

I was actually surprised to see so many willing to stay for 1 hour. I'm sure that we can make much more progress on bring up the purple, orange, red and blue lines. I had to wait some days to see what it was like before making changes so we can see how much improvement changes have made.

I also made another graph to record average FPS and I went and added teams and online staff to it also. I regret not recording average FPS many years ago, then we could have seen if and when FPS declined as there have been many complaints over the years about FPS drops so without a noticable decline in average FPS we could have known that the complaints were true or false.

You can see both the graphs here:
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