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New policy about local chat insults
« on: 29 08, 2018, 06:06:17 pm »
I've personally witnessed how some players every day constantly report flames in Contact Admin chats even though either they weren't offended or flames weren't even directed at the one reporting. So due to this childish behaviour we've been having players that are frustrated and fear to talk due to childish ones reporting for every small borderline offense.

Quote from: Case 1
(contact admin) Player1: (LOC) [12]**: Fuck off gabriela (Complainer ain't Gabriela)
Staff globally muted ****. Chat offenses: #D (40 min)
(contact admin) Staff: Taken care of.
(contact admin) Player2: (LOC) [7]***: FK U
Staff globally muted ***. Chat offenses: #D (10 min)
(contact admin) Staff: Taken care of as well.
Quote from: Case 2
[2018-07-30 23:55:30] [Output] : (contact admin) Player1: (LOC) [4]Complained: Don't fuck with me (reporting just because of the word "fuck")

[2018-07-30 23:55:47] [Output] : (contact admin) Staff1: That's not even barely offensive
[2018-07-30 23:56:33] [Output] : (contact admin) Player1: (LOC) [5]Complained: Stfu  (trying other ways to get the same player punished)
[2018-07-30 23:56:43] [Output] : (contact admin) Staff2: Abbreviations are not punishable
[2018-07-30 23:56:44] [Output] : (contact admin) Player1: (LOC) [5]Complained: And gtfo (and again)
[2018-07-30 23:56:48] [Output] : (contact admin) Player1: Okay sorry
[2018-07-30 23:56:50] [Output] : (contact admin) Staff2: Same as above

These are just 2 cases, but the story repeats every day.

From today onwards, pasting chatlogs of local chat supposedly complaining about flames in Contact Admin is FORBIDDEN due to the following reasons:
  • The complained part often doesn't even have the chance to defend themselves
  • The pasted log is 90% of times out of context
  • 99% of times they are one occurence of flaming which honestly is so trivial that a mature person would ignore

What to do then?

  • If someone is complaining in Contact Admin about someone being disruptive and flaming, staff will have to check whether or not the player has been repeatedly flaming through chats staff panel. Mute will be triggered only if the complained part has been repeatedly disruptive/flaming. Otherwise no one will be punished.
  • Forum reports about one time occurence flaming will be classified as trivial and closed without punishment.

Is there something that can still be muted?

  • When players offend the dignity of other players, such as discriminative remarks (faggot, nigger, racial discrimination in general) or offending someone that isn't even in the game (relatives, parents, ...). These kind of insults must be reported in forum tho, as the complained player should still have the right to defend themselves,
  • If a staff witnesses a player insulting and the staff is aware of the context they're free to punish the player and take valid evidence of what happened.
  • Public flames are still punishable and mutable directly ingame (main, teamchat, support, etc.). This topic is for those who misuse the trust of staff and get others muted for local chat logs.

What if staff keeps doing this?

I've posted this same thing in staff private board, so if any staff is still approving this childish behaviour and muting you straight away, you're free to appeal and get your mute removed and you're also free to open an injustice case.
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