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Chronicles Mission Tutorial
« on: 02 07, 2018, 06:20:38 pm »
There's a new update by JaVa which is called 'Chronicles'. They are missions which you can play through, either alone, or with your friends depending on the mission's capacity. The update was added yesterday so there is currently only one mission, it is called 'Hot Evac' so I will explain how you can complete the mission, what the rewards are, and more information.

First things first, in order to join a chronicles mission you'll need to be a military. In order to be a military you'll need to teleport to the desert on this exact location.

After that you'll see a green marker, enter it.

After you've entered it, you'll have to take the job, feel free to choose any skin.

Now open the chronicles GUI by typing the command '/chronicles', after doing that you'll need to click the mission's name, in this instance we'll choose Hot Evac.

Now choose which chapter you'd like to play, I've chosen chapter 1 as that's currently the only chapter available. To join the queue, you'll need to enter the same key as your friends. Now press 'play chronicle', you're able to stop the mission by pressing 'stop chronicle'.

Once you've entered the chronicles mission, you'll fly into the desert with a parachute, make sure you land safely as you only have four lives in this mission. So that means you're able to die four times only, after that the mission is over. Once you've successfully landed safely, move to the ped and a message appears, read it and then enter the advanced hummer. The advanced hummer is located near the ped.

You'll notice there's an icon on your minimap, a question mark. You must take a path to this icon, the rebels will be there.
Picture of the question mark icon:

Then you'll have to clean the area from all rebels, there will be 43 rebels in the beginning of the mission. Once you've killed them all, there will be a red marker on a building, by entering it you'll be placing a fare on the ground. There will be a timer ticking in the right bottom corner of your screen, you'll have to survive till the helicopter arrives, the helicopter arrives after the timer has ended. The timer gets updated each 30 seconds, be aware of your surroundings as there will be more rebels spawned around. There will be an interesting song playing once you've entered the marker, you're able to enable/disable the music by going to /settings > Enable Chronicles Music > Yes/No.
Picture of the flare:

After you've entered the helicopter, fly to the destination mark to complete the mission. Successfully completing the mission earns you a reward of $50,000.
Picture of the destination marker icon:
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Re: Chronicles Mission Tutorial
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Topic OP is banned.

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Re: Chronicles Mission Tutorial
« Reply #2 on: 31 01, 2019, 10:03:20 pm »
The command has been only changed into "/chronicles"

Add this to this Tutorial

Military Job Levels:

Level 1 - Required XP: 10
Level 2 - Required XP: 40

  • Now that you've passed the Basic Combat Test you can accept Level 1 missions.
    Level 1 mission are not challenging, but they're necessary to build up your Military experience points so that you can reach higher levels with much more challenging missions.

And this

Rifleman > A Rifleman is responsible for fighting with Rebels with his M4 and his two grenades
Combat Medic > A Combat Medic is responsible for healing his team-mates by spraying at them via his medical spray. The combat medic can also fight via weak weapons to defend himself
Sniper > A Sniper is in charge of sniping players and taking them down in a long-range distance. The Sniper an also fight in a short-range distance via his Silenced Pistol
Combat Engineer > The Combat Engineer is in charge of placing barriers via /barriers to take cover from the enemies. He is also responsible for placing land mines vila /placelm. He can fight with his powerful Shotgun
Jump Jet Infantry > The flying Infantry Guy! He can use his jetpack via /jetpack to fly around and fight with his SMG while flying

There is more information related to this job . I will past them later.
This tutorial is for Chronicles, not Military's Ped Mission.
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