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Recent MTA Update
« on: 29 06, 2018, 08:33:22 pm »
MTA was recently updated for all players, a new major feature has been introduced which allows us to add new animations to the game and even modify default animations on specific players so for example one player could lay down when they press crouch and another player would be crouched as normal. We will try to take advantage of this new feature, one thing we should be able to do is fix that annoying hit by bullet animation that sometimes occurs when shot by certain weapons such as minigun and also maybe that annoying animation you do when you're shooting and a player blocks you.

But unfortunately, a bug was introduced, which I have reported to MTA. If you have changed certain key binds, they may be broken and not even show up in MTA binds options to change. For example if you changed the reload key from "r" to "e" neither button will perform a reload. To fix it you can do: "/unbind e" then reconnect. The bind will then be on the default key (in this case "r") then it will show up in MTA bind options for you to change back to "e" then it should work fine. Installing old version of MTA won't work because the auto updater will just install the new one. Hopefully an MTA developer will fix this soon. If you are suffering from the binds bug: download and install this newest verison: But launch MTA first to see if you get an auto update which will be quicker than installing the download.
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