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Suggest an edit to current jobs video tutorials here
« on: 09 06, 2018, 01:09:39 am »
So yeah, I came up with an idea for people who likes to contribute and got confirmed by Arran.

In case any job is changed, you may want to make a new video tutorial to be added to Jobs GUI (In another meaning; The GUI that appears when taking a job).

If you found any outdated video, then simply fill in this suggested format and reply here. It'll be checked by me and some other Police Chief or State Official (depending on the job type), then Arran will officially add it after it gets confirmed.

Note: We only accept YouTube videos.

Here are some examples about how your tutorial should look like:

Show content

Bus Driver

Iron Miner

Suggested format: (Write after [/b])
Code: [Select]
[b]Your account name(Case Sensitive):[/b]
[b]Job name you're suggesting to change:[/b]
[b]Tutorial video (Youtube link):[/b]

Your reply will be moved to one of these 3 spoilers after getting reviewed.

Officially added videos:
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Videos on pending (Waiting for Arran to add them):
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Declined videos:
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Your account name(Case Sensitive): this account (V.I.P)
Job name you're suggesting to change: pizza boy and trucker man
Tutorial video (Youtube link):
note i'm speaking arabic in this video but I made translate for this
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