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Gangsters will get wanted if they killed other gangsters


Suggestion explained in one paragraph: Gangsters will get wanted if they killed other gangsters.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion: Gangsters will receive 3WL for aiming at a gangsters, 10 extra WL if they started shooting and then another 10WL for killing. If a gangster kills a wanted gangster, the wanted gangster will respawn at the closest prison release with the same amount of wanted level.

This suggestion is worth the time developing because:

* LS is a city with laws, why can they get away with murder?
* The payment that comes along the gangster job, doesn't match the jobs difficulty. Making them wanted will balance it out.
* The law side is annoyed with the fact that it can't interfere in this turfing system, we're like a third wheele that can't do anything about it.
* Not getting wanted and the decent payment, made LS turfing attractive and as a result, most criminals are focusing on turfing and gangster wars instead of CnR, which also explains the drop in the criminal rate.
* Massive kill farming as the gangsters can kill each other without any consquences.
* It is believed that this new LS turfing system is the main cause of the this unexpected drop in the criminal activity rate. Criminals switching to gangsters and focusing on turfing resulted into less criminals attending Heists and CEs. Also, before the new system was implemented, gangsters would go wanted if they killed each other, giving cops another activity to focus on besides ARs and heists. Now, cops have nothing besides the Heist and AR cycle, which are poorly attended by criminals most of the time, leading into boredom.

I have added a weakened version of your suggestion which will satisfy both sides of the argument.


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