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Basic MTA problems and their solutions. (FAQs)
« on: 03 03, 2017, 10:31:10 am »
Basic MTA Problems and their solutions.

How can I fix MTA binds?

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1st solution. Set your binds, then do /saveconfig.

2nd solution. Well, your problem will be solved if you go to MTA > Settings > Binds > Load Defaults.
Then you just need to reconnect.

Note: You'll lose all your binds.

You were kicked from the game (SD #16 021A)

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Disallow disabled anti-cheat components. This is triggered when an anti-cheat component can not start. It is usually due to some problem with the PC and might be fixed by a reboot. Can also be triggered by a virus. If you don't have legit GTA SA Purchased from Steam and downloaded one from Google with corrupt files then there are more chances to get this problem.
Solutions that can fix this problem are;

1st Solution: Remove virus:-
1. Install Avast:
2. From Avast GUI: Scan->Scan for viruses->Boot-timeScan
3. Restart PC and wait for Avast to complete the scan

2nd Solution:Repair Windows:-
1. Start CMD as administrator
2. Enter command: sfc /scannow
(More help about this step from here: ... ws-7-vista)

3rd Solution:
If all else fails, then re-install Windows.

If your problem still exists then feel free to post it in this board.

How can I make a backup of my MTA Settings?

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Go to your MTA San Andreas directory > MTA > config > coreconfig.xml (All your MTA settings is stored in this file, including custom binds.)

Map objects are loading slowly?

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There are several solutions for this problem.
1. Press ESC > Go to Settings > Open Advanced Tab > Set Streaming Memory to Max.

2. Press ESC > Go to Settings > Open Video Tab > Set Draw Distance to Max.

Where can I get MTA/GTA SA Interior IDs?

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You can get all the MTA/GTA SA interior IDs in here. If you are ingame and you want to know interior ID of a place you're standing on, you can use this command to get its interior ID type /getpos.

Sniper crash when aiming? (It is an MTA bug that occurs, following solutions will reduce the chances of this bug to occur)
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1.Solution: Use the server alt cross and see if it helps as I have a very good PC but I still get crashed as well sometimes but if you use /altcross then it won't crash at most.
Also maybe there is some problem with your Sniper Aim? Do /settings and disable "Simple Sniper Scope" and then try.

2.Solution: Your game crashes whenever you take a aim of sniper. right? Whenever MTA crash, it give you the reason. So about what stuff it says. You have re-installed your GTA:SA but the problem remained same. right? follow the instructions:
It may seems like your GTA:SA setup is currupted i.e I mean to say that your GTA:SA setup don't provide you proper GTA3.IMG. Download the torrent of GTA:SA. This will provide you proper GTA3.IMGDo you use some mods of sniper? if so then check your mods work properly. Many time, mods cause the trouble and these may affect your GTA3.IMG file. If you use any crosshair which is not from CIT but from your GTA3.IMG then fix it or replace it to defaultMods affect your FPS, when your FPS decrease badly, MTA tries to crash your game in order to avoid your processor demage. So, improve your PC. Alternative Solution: You can adjust your graphics. Goto MTA:SA settings>video>800x1200 resolution+windowed. It will improve your FPS and it may decrease your chance of getting  crash.

3.Solution: Change your Sniper Crosshair back to Default from /settings  > Search for "Set Custom sniper crosshair" > Change back to default.

Random MTA Crashes or .dll file Errors.
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- Search for %temp% and prefetch and delete everything located in those folders.
- See if that helps. If not, continue the following steps.
- Press CTRL + ALT + DEL.
- Click on "Start Task Manager"
- You will see the processes running. Close all of them which are not needed. Right click on the process and click "End Task"
- See if that helps. If not, continue the following steps.
- Delete all of the unused games/programs you have installed on your computer.
- To make sure, run a system scan with your antivirus.
- Delete every gun/vehicle mod, ENB series you have. They affect your FPS badly.
- Download Razer Game Booster.
- Update your drivers:

MTA Crashing? Read Here First!
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If your GAME crashes on startup or during game load, download and run MTADiag  and follow the instructions. If MTADiag will not run for you, install Visual C++ 2012 runtimes (download and install vcredist_x86.exe)

Any  Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you send it to me through PM.

If for some reason MTADiag does not function, do the following before creating a new topic:

•   Install the latest patch of MTA:SA

•   Install the latest DirectX runtimes

If installing those does not fix the problem, try:
Delete the gta_sa.set file located in the GTA San Andreas User Files in your Documents folder/library (Windows Vista and 7 users) or My Documents directory (Windows XP users)
Check in your GTA San Andreas installation directory for a D3D9.dll. If one is present, delete it.
If all of the above fail to fix your problem, please send a PM to me and include a dxdiag log by doing the following:
1. Press the Windows key + R
2. Type dxdiag and press Enter; if a dialog box pops up asking you to check for WHQL digital signatures, click Yes
3. Click Save all information...
4. Include the contents of the saved log in your post within [ code ] [ /code ](You don't have to add space between code and brackets)  tags.
Also include any error messages that may appear when your GAME crashes; either copy and paste of the crash log or a screenshot is fine.

Want a solution of a problem to be added here? Fill this format.

Code: [Select]
[b]Question title:[/b]
[b]Solutions of following problem:[/b]

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Re: Basic MTA problems and their solutions. (FAQs)
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