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CIT Minecraft Server
« on: 20 10, 2016, 05:18:20 pm »
IP to join: or
Game Mode: Survival
Difficulty: Normal
Player vs Player Combat: No
Version of Minecraft: Latest
Minecraft IRC Echo: #minecraft on
You have to actually buy the game to play minecraft. DO NOT ASK US TO LET FAKE CLIENTS JOIN.
Causing any kind of disruptive behaviour like obstructing a player will result in a permanent ban.

Moderators are indicated by [Mod], they got access to kick/ban and some other functions. All CIT staff and possibly others that play MC will be given this.

You can protect an area from vandals see how here:

/trust [player]
/untrust [player]
/containertrust [player]
/accesstrust [player]

Other plugin commands:
/tpa name - Ask to teleport to player name.
/tpaccept - Accept teleport request from player.
/tpdeny - Dent teleport request from player.
/warp - Warp to admin-made warps.
/shop - Create shop chests where you can sell/buy items.
More info:
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