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What is NeXuS Radio?
NeXuS Radio is an internet radio made by the NeXuS Staff Team, it has been made to let everybody in listen to our music while our events and/or in your free time. This is the official topic of NeXuS Radio, here you can request a song to be added into our playlist or apply to become a DJ. We also have a website where you can listen to our music whenever you want.

General Information
Radio name: NeXuS Radio
Founder: @Ptole
Owner: NeXuS Staff Team
Creation Date: 31/07/2016
Listeners peak: 99
In-game command: /radio NeXuS
MP3 Link (for /mplayer):
Radio status signature:

NeXuS DJ Roster


General DJ Rules
  • Don't troll the radio, doing it live will cause you a direct kick and removal of all access.
  • You're only allowed to stream A FEW non-English songs.
  • Be active on discord when you're live on the radio.
  • You're not taking down our reputation.
  • Always edit the song title and artist, the information should be correct and useless tags such as (Lyrics) or .. should be removed.
  • Do NOT advertise anything on the radio.
  • Only NeXuS Squad Members can be a a part of this, leaving the squad = leaving the radio.

General Visitor Rules
  • You're not taking down our reputation.
  • Do NOT use this as chat topic ( so please don't say "GL", "hi radio", etc).
  • Please don't apply for us if you're not a NeXuS Squad Member.

Song Request Center

Song Request Rules
  • The songs you request aren't ridiculous or way too old.
  • Give us a good youtube link, try to give us a lyric video if possible.
  • Spamming, trolling, misbehaving will result into a blacklist.

Song Request Format
[size=15pt]Song Addition[/size][hr]
[b]In-game nickname: [/b]
[b]In-game accountname: [/b]
[b]Youtube URL: [/b]
[b]I agree that this song follows all of the rules (Y/N): [/b]

Application Center Status: OPEN
Remember, you can only apply for this if you're an official NeXuS Squad Member (2.1+)

  • Decent English skills.
  • Decent reputation in NeXuS.
  • More than 50 ENGLISH songs.
  • You need more than 0.70 MB upload speed.
  • Must know how to create and start/stop an encoder and how to start playing music.
  • Must be able to fill in a format correctly.
  • Check your upload speed on
  • Your last NeXuS Radio application (if any) was more than 1 week ago.

[size=15pt]NeXuS DJ Application[/size][hr]
[b]In-game nickname: [/b]
[b]In-game accountname: [/b]
[b]Nationality: [/b]
[b]Languages you speak fluently: [/b]
[b]Screenshot of your in-game stats: [/b]
[b]Screenshot of your songs: [/b]
[b]Screenshot of upload speed: [/b]
[b]Why do you wanna be a DJ: [/b]
[b]Do you have a broadcast program on your computer? If yes, which one?: [/b]
[b]Do you know how to work with it?: [/b]
[b]Do you agree to all of our rules (Y/N): [/b]

Ⓒ NeXuS Squad
Staff Team
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More General  Information
 Old DJs



Name: CapoDavish
Account name:
Reason: Annoying us to join the radio as 1.2 and without being nexus at first.(Tyga and Oxygen)
Finishs: When he gets 2.3

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Added Alex as a DJ (Radio Owners)
Added Alex as a Leader (Radio Owners and leaders)
@Suix Accepted as a trial DJ (Alex)
Added Suix as a trial DJ (Radio Owners)
@DesiigneR accepted as a trial DJ (Alex)
@Mayrou accepted as a trial DJ (Ptole)
Added Mayrou as a Trial DJ (Ptole)
@Suix promoted as a Leader (Radio Owners and leader)
@Suix left the team and removed from the roster
@omar accepted as a trial DJ (Alex)
Added Omar as a trial DJ (Radio Owners)
@Mayrou Left the team and got removed
@Mayrou got accepted as a trial DJ
Added Mayrou as a trial DJ (Ptole)
Accepted ReVo48 as a trial DJ (Alex)
Denided Ronaldo [Ptole(Wrong screen shot)]
Added ReVo as a trial DJ
Removed Legend and Avenger from the roster (Radio Owners)
Removed Ronaldo from the DJ Roster (Ptole)
Added CapoDavish to the BlackList (Alex And Oxygen)
Added Legend to the DJ Roster (Ptole + Alex + Drink)
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Membership Application

Part 1, Personal Information
1.1 Nationality: Egyptian
1.2 Age: 13
1.3 Time zone: GMT +2
1.4 English Skills (?/10): 7
1.5 Other languages you speak: Arabic , English , French
1.6 In-game Name: iGoldy.-
1.7 Account name: GoldenKiller

Part 2, Writing Part
2.1 Why do you want to join NeXuS Squad (39 words)?: NeXuS Squad was my old squad before leaving CIT , Now I'm back from 1 / 2 Years Inactivity so I want to join it back , and because all my friends are there , and this was like my first and only Squady Squad :3
2.2 Tell us something about your real life (40 words): I'm Aly Amr aka iGoldy , I'm 13 years old , I'm from Vienna / Egypt , Living in Egypt , Being Educated in Madinaty Language School , I do love playing basketball , Tennis , Do Love Programing , and I'm a beginner song maker , that's all for now :)

Part 3, Extra Information
3.1 Do you have any friends here? If so, name them: Ptole , Oxygen , Matis , Georgepop , Rami , MissLily ( Those are who I remember , there are plenty more )
3.2 Your stats (/stats):
3.3 Your ingame group: None
3.4 Your ingame group rank: None
3.5 Your former squads: NeXuS Squad , Lord Lenny Warriors , Project X

Part 4, Agreements
4.1 I agree to treat everyone equal and with respect:
4.2 I agree to respect all the CIT and NeXuS Rules:
4.3 I agree I will get Blacklisted when I leave this squad in the first month:
4.4 I agree I will be active in this squad:

2.4 Old Homie+ only:
Show content
[td][img width=180 height=180][/img][/td]
[td][b][size=14pt]Official Vote[/size][/b][hr]
[color=grey][b]Applicant name: [/b][/color]GoldenKiller
[color=grey][b]My vote: [/b][/color] [color=red][b]Negative[/b][/color] / [color=green][b]Positive[/b][/color] / [color=orange][b]Neutral[/b][/color]
[color=grey][b]Reason of this vote: [/b][/color][list]
AMs & 4.1 Trial Staff+ only:
Show content
[td][img width=180 height=180][/img][/td]
[td][b][size=14pt]Official Verdict[/size][/b][hr][color=grey][b]Applicant name: [/b][/color]GoldenKiller
[color=grey][b]Verdict: [/b][/color] [color=red][b]Denied[/b][/color] / [color=green][b]Accepted[/b][/color]
[color=grey][b]Reason of this verdict: [/b][/color][list]
© NeXuS Head Staffs
Application ID: 0
@iGoldy you should submit your application here.
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daaamn , so fcking sorry but didn't see this radio topic , sorry again .. @Suix
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