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CIT2 Radio - Leadership Duties
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Leadership Duties

This topic contains information about what leader what duty has.
It also contains some information about the duties. - DJ Roster - Homepage - Application Center - Song Requests & /Mplayer Guide - Suggestions & Complaints + Account Retrieval - Inactivity List - Support and FAQ - Duties Roster - Chat Topic

Leadership duties

We created duties so each leader has a specific task instead of all leaders having all duties. With this, the work flow will be more organized and minimizes mess.

Leaders have to do their duty or he/she could face punishments. If a leader wants to have a duty, then he/she should message any CEO.

Duties related to the radio, DJ team or what else are listed here.

Technical Manager
Manages anything related to the stream & radio server.

| Xander    | Norman   

DJ Activity Manager
Monitoring the activity + inactivity of DJs.

| Remaked

Trial DJ Manager
Should deal with trial DJs.
  | Dead

Behavior Manager
Ensures that DJs behave in our team.

| Norman    | Dead

Leadership Supervisor
Ensures that the leaders are doing their duty.

| Norman

Airtime Manager
Manages Airtime schedule and Non-Stop system.

| Norman   

Promotions Manager
Promotes / Demotes DJs.

| Ptole        | Dead        | Norman   

I need this line to keep the gap!

Duties related to our board, topics or what else are listed here.

Application Manager
Can accept or deny applications.

| Ptole      | Xander      | Norman     

| Dead

Suggestions & Complaints Manager
Handles the suggestions and complaints.

| Xander      | Ptole      | Norman

DJ Behaviour Supervisor
Monitors the behaviour of DJs on the forums.

| Norman   

Roster Manager
Keeps the roster up to date.

| Remaked          | Block     

Activity Topic Manager
Keeps the activity topic up to date.

| Remaked

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Re: CIT2 Radio - Leadership Duties Roster
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Duty information

DJ Activity Manager
A DJ activity manager monitors the activity of DJs.
He checks if DJs are streaming fairly regularly and deals with inactive DJs who do, and who don't report their inactivity.

Trial DJ manager
A trial DJ manager deals with the new DJs and helps them out.

Behavior Manager
Order and Control Manager maintains the order and control in the DJ team and looks after DJs behavior.

Suggestions & Complaints manager
A suggestions & complaints manager handles suggestions and complaints.
He decides if a suggestion is worth adding and decides if a complaint is valid or not.

Leadership Supervisor
A leadership team supervisor makes sure that the leaders are handling their duties properly.

Airtime Manager
An Airtime Manager ensures that radio stays online and keeps songs schedule steady.

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