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By: @Ghost05

1. El3b kways, mt3odsh t3ml troll L nas aw enk tday2/tra5m 3ala 7ad. Mtst5dmsh esm 7ad msh-hor fe elgame w t3ml 7agat b esmo, esm la3b aw group aw squad. Est5dm eltag bta3 group law hwa sam7lk b kda. Mtra5msh 3ala group ykon fe elbase bt3to, 8er msmo7 tamamn.
   -- Aksa 3ekab momkn ta5do: Jail aw mute 3ala ad ele enta 3amlto. 5 sneen ban lel 7alat el zayda 3an el lzom.
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1. Do not disrupt other players. Examples: Ramming cars, impersonating a player or group / squad, discriminatorily attacking a player, repeated verbal provocation and harassing players in their group base. It's against the rules to enter bases when the gate is closed. This rule applies in LV.

Maximum punishment: Admin jail or global mute using default duration for most acts. 5 year ban for extreme cases.

2. Esm3 kalam elstaff bto3 elserver, elstaff bykon fe awl esmo [CIT]. Lazm t3ml ay 7aga y2olhalk elstaff bs tkon fe elm32ol. Lama tegy test5dm elsupport chat fe 'J', lazm tsm3 kalam elsupporters. Enk tb3t report 8alt aw mlhash lzma (invalid), momkn ta5od punishment. mtso2sh est5dam el '/report'.
   -- Aksa 3ekab momkn ta5do: Jail aw mute la yat3ada el 48 sa3a.
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2. Listen to server staff, these are people with [CIT] in their name. You must comply with all reasonable requests made by a staff member. Do not annoy staff. Supporters can mute you if you ignore them in Support chat. Do not misuse '/report'.

Maximum punishment: Admin jail or global mute not exceeding 48 hours or the default duration.

3. Momkn ttnaksh 3an el seyasa wel deen, bs 5alek hady w mo7trm.
   -- Aksa 3ekab momkn ta5do: Mute la yata3ada el 72 sa3a.
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3. You can discuss real world things like religion and politics but remain calm and respectful while doing so.

Maximum punishment: Global mute not exceeding 72 hours or the default duration.

4. Mat8eshesh wala testa5dm hacks 2aw bugs 3ashan ta5od 7aga msh 7a2k wala tensob 3ala el nas. Law enta 2esta5dmt rule rakam 8 msh haytnsb 3alek.
   -- Aksa 3ekab momkn ta5do: Ban 5 sneen lw est5dmt hack aw cheat aw exploit aw nasb.
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4. Do not cheat, exploit bugs or scam players. If you don't break rule 8 you wouldn't get scammed.

Maximum punishment: 5 year ban for any cheater. Up to 5 year ban for exploiting. 5 year limitation for scamming, ban if serious.

5. Mat2olsh aktar mn 1 message b lo8a tanya 8er el English (zay el 3arby) fel main 2aw team chat. W mat2olsh 'Fail' ba3daha.
   -- Aksa 3ekab momkn ta5do: Mute la yat3ada el 24 sa3a.
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5. You mustn't say more than 1 message in main or team chat which is not in English. Do not say 'Fail' afterwards.

Maximum punishment: Mute not exceeding 24 hours or the default duration.

6. Mata3mlsh spam, 2aw to3od te2ol en fe lag, mat7tsh quick stats wala ten2l kalam maktob fel chat (logs). Dos 'J' Ba3deha dos 3ala contact admin law 3ayz teklm staff (kalmo English). Kol el admins 2esmohom beybda2 be [CIT]. Mat3mlsh soo2 2este5dam el chats el mawgooda le sabab msh mawgooda 3ashan tetklm fe betare2a 3ashwa2eya. Law 7ad 2et3amlo punish matetklmsh 3ano (ya3ny matet7aksh law 7ad 2et3amlo punish).
   -- Aksa 3ekab momkn ta5do: Mute la yat3ada el 72 sa3a. 3 ayam ban lw spam b 8aba2.
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6. Do not spam, complain about lag, or post 'quick stats'. Press 'J' if you need to contact an admin. All admins start with [CIT]. Do not misuse the chats that are there for a purpose and not for chatting randomly in. Do not talk about somebody getting punished.

Maximum punishment: Mute not exceeding 72 hours or the default duration. 3 day ban for major spam.

7. Mateshtemsh / toheen / tedaye2 7ad. Mat3mlsh keda 5ales.
   -- Aksa 3ekab momkn ta5do: Mute la yat3ada 30 yoom. Sana ban lw 3amlt kda kteer.
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7. Do not be verbally abusive.

Maximum punishment: Global mute not exceeding 30 days or the default duration. 1 year ban for extreme and or repeat offenders.

8. Ta7weel 7aga le la3eeb w matkonsh 3an taree2 system mawgood shabah F7 Trading 8er masmoo7 tamamn.
   -- Aksa 3ekab momkn ta5do: Ban 5 sneen.
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8. Attempting to transfer something to another player which isn't done through a system such as F7 Trading is forbidden. Excluding DL + shader transfers.

Maximum punishment: Limitation not exceeding 5 years. A limitation prevents receiving / transferring items from / to other players.

By: @Godzilla
1. Mtb2ash 3'er saree7.
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1. Do not be dishonest.

2. Mt3mlsh post aw to7t link l 7agat mesh kanonya, mo5alfa lel 72oo2, eba7ya, mo2refa aw ma7twa mesh monasb.
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2. Do not post or link to illegal, copyright infringing, pornographic, disgusting, or inappropriate content.

3. Mtshtmsh, mtkonsh re5m, aw t3ml troll lel nas.
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3. Do not insult, be nasty, or trollish to people.

4. Mt3mlsh post maloosh lazma aw maloosh 3elaka bel mawdoo3.
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4. Do not make useless or off topic posts.

5. 2e3ml el topics el gededa fe el board el sa7, shoof el board el enta feeh w enta bt3ml post.
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5. Post new topics in the right board, look through the board list before posting.

6. Mt3mlsh post l 7aga et3mlha post abl keda.
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6. Do not post things that have already been posted.

7. El ma7twa bta3 el profile bta3k lazem ykoon monasb.
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7. The contents of your forum avatar, signature and profile must be appropriate.

8. Esmak 3ala el forum lazem ykoon monasb w esm 7a2e2y. Ya3ny t7ot "." ka2no esmak mesh hyb2a ma2bool. Lazem ykoon b 7roof aw arkam English.
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8. Names must be appropriate and an actual name. For example using a full stop as a name will be not be tolerated. Names must only contain English alphabetical, numerical or standard keyboard characters.

9. El as2la fel "General Support / Question "lazm tkoon leeha 3elaka b CIT. Law 3ayez t3ml server aw tshtery website aw ay 7aga msh mota3aleka be el server, mts2lsh 3an mosa3da fel board da.
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9. Questions posted in the "General Support / Questions" MUST BE ABOUT CIT. If you want to make a server, buy a website or anything that has nothing to do with CIT, DO NOT ASK FOR HELP IN THIS BOARD.

10. Enak t3ml register l account b proxy aw e-mail mo2kt hy3tobr akno mo7awla l ban evasion w hay7sal permanent ban lel account. Law bt7awl t3ml register men nafs el IP bta3 forum account 7ad est5dmo 2oryab, haygelak ban fel a5er bsabb el accounts el mot3dda.
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10. Registering a forum account via a proxy or using a temporary email account will be assumed as attempted ban evasion or registering with malicious intent and will result in a permanent ban. When we are processing your forum registration attempt and another forum account has been used recently from the same IP address, probably because you're trying to create multiple identities for yourself and or ban evade, you will probably end up banned for multi accounting.

11. Mtb3tsh PM l staff 3an 7aga mot3leka bel bans, aw ay 7aga homa mesh 3ayzenha fel inbox bta3hom. Mt3mlsh mention l ay staff 3la el fady.
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11. Do not PM staff members about bans, irrelevancies or anything else they don't want in their inbox. Do not mention staff members without a valid reason.

12. Law el avatar aw el signature btoo3ak byst5dmo sowar mot7arka (GIF) moz3ga. Hygelak warn w el soora el enta 7atetha httshal.
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12. Avatars or signatures that use an animated GIF, and that GIF movement is significant enough to cause annoyance or distraction to anybody who is trying to read stuff, but can't because somebody has an annoying avatar or signature which is constantly moving next to what they're trying to read. You will get warned and the image will be removed.

13. CIT makan men 3'er kalam 3an el seyasa aw el adyan, 5aly el gedal 3an 7agat fel 7a2e2a b3eed 3an CIT.
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13. CIT is a politics and religion free zone, keep real life arguments out of CIT!

14. Lama t3ml post fel shout box lazem mtkonsh ded el rules el hena. Mt3odsh tshtky en enta disconnected men el server aw enak mesh ader t3ml connect lel server. Law 3amlt post fel shout box w enta muted hayglak ban l 7ad ma modt el mute t5ls.
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14. When posting in the forum shout box do not post anything against the above rules that also includes racism, non-English and any other inappropriate content. Do not complain about being disconnected or being unable to connect to the server. Posting in the shout box while muted will get you banned from the forum until your mute expires.

15. Enak ts2l 7ad eno y3ml vote lel suggestion bta3k mamnoo3.
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15. Asking somebody to vote in a certain way in a topic or post undermines democracy and is forbidden.

16. Mesh masmoo7 enak tgawb egabat 3'bya fel support board zay "format el PC" mamnoo3 w mesh masmoo7 b keda.
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16. Giving stupid answers in support board like "format your PC" is stupid and will not be tolerated.

17. Topics el htzeed 3n 50 saf7a hyt3mlha delete, el topics zy "count to" chat topics" momken yet3mlha delete orayeb
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17. Topics that exceed 50 pages of replies will be deleted for performance reasons. Unimportant topics like "count to..." and "chat" may be deleted sooner.

Eh ely hay7sl law galy mute 3la el forum?
Enta hata5od mute law el warning level bta3k ba2a 70% aw a3la. El warning level betnzl 1% kol youm we awel matnzl ta7t el 70% hat2dr te3ml post tany.
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