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Custom car shaders shop
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In this topic you can buy shaders to apply on your cars. They will change the paint job of the car, making it unique. Well known examples are paintjobs for sultan, elegy, savanna, etc. Some cars need special templates to have their shader added. Shader is bound to your account. Even if you sell the car, you'll still be able to use it once you buy it again. It's like a personal skin shader always applied even when you don't use the skin. One example is the Sabre Turbo. Don't worry, below here, I'll provide all the templates you need in order to create your car shader. You can also apply shaders on helicopters like Cargobob. You can ask every question here by replying in this topic. Please if you don't know anything, don't answer to other players' questions, it's annoying and obnoxious and it'll get you a warning. If you have any doubts ASK BEFORE paying.

Shader transfers are forbidden, too many people committing frauds and thefts.
Templates to make your own car shader
I listed below all the textures you need to modify to make your own shader. If you want, you can google some pre-made paintjobs for the most common cars, in case you like one you found in net. In any case, for those expert in using editing softwares, you can create an image over the paintjob texture (I put it in the list to let you have a generic orientation about parts of texture applied on cars) then apply shadows over your image with a layer and apply a "Multiply color" filter to paste shadows correctly. At the moment I put the most common car textures. I'll tell you if it's possible to create a shader on a vehicle you like. I tested almost everything in CIT so I may be able to answer you with detailed informations. Remember that you can submit images that are 1024x1024 pixels of size so try to make use of that limit for once, quality will benefit and your car won't have a blurred stain instead of a nice paintjob. You will find below buttons to buy a car shader.

CIT Modded vehicles
ID 503 - Sabre Turbo - Textures template + Mod files
ID 411 - Infernus - Textures template + Mod files
ID 597 - Police Sultan - Textures template + How to test
ID 415 - Cheetah -  Textures Template + Mod files
ID 437 - Coach - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 541 - Bullet - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 522 - NRG-500 - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 482 - Burrito - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 429 - Banshee - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 402 - Buffalo - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 605 - Lambda - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 434 - Hotknife - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 604 - SultanRS - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 589 - Voltic - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 586 - Wayfarer - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 474 - Hermes - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 505 - Sandy Racer - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 480 - Comet - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 514 - DFT-900 - Textures template + Mod Files
ID 451 - Turismo - Textures template + Mod Files

Vehicles with paintjobs
ID 560 - Sultan - Textures template
ID 559 - Jester - Textures template
ID 558 - Uranus - Textures template
ID 562 - Elegy - Textures template
ID 565 - Flash - Textures template
ID 536 - Blade - Textures template
ID 575 - Broadway - Shadows + Original Paintjob
ID 534 - Remington - Textures template
ID 567 - Savanna - Textures template
ID 576 - Tornado - Textures template
ID 535 - Slamvan - Textures template
ID 520 - Hydra - Textures template
ID 487 - Maverick - Textures template
ID 476 - Rustler - Textures Template

Standard Vehicles
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Requirements are similar to skin shaders:
- Max 1024x1024pixel of size;
- Image format must be .jpg or .jpeg;
- You can request one car shader per vehicle;
- You can buy all car shaders you want
After you sent the payment, you MUST send me a forum PM with (same for edits requests):

- Your account name:
- Your PAYPAL e-mail address:
- PayPal transaction ID (not necessary for edits):
- Jpg file you chose:


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Re: Custom car shaders shop
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Tutorials - This explains how to make paintjobs, which is useful to make your car shaders.

How to test your shader on GTA default cars with paintjob:
To be 100% sure that you'll spend your money in a good way, I suggest you to use cars that have paintjobs or CIT's server mods. Those I listed are the most common. To test your shader on a car with paintjob:
> open gta3.img with an img editor
> search for paintjob files (example: in case of sultan search sultan1.txd)
> open the file with TXD Workshop
> change the default image with the image you made
> add everything back to img file and test it in server

Video guide by @Weston 
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How to test your shader on CIT's modded vehicles:
CIT added mods on some vehicles to change their appearance. They're suitable to have own shader because mod creators are obliged to provide all necessary textures inside txd file. It'll be hard for you to test a shader on a CIT mod because server resets any modified files every time you login. That's why I created something useful for you, I added a script inside downloadable files in main topic. You'll have to grab it into MTA resources in order to be able to start it in a local server or Map Editor.

> download vehicle mod files from the topic above
> unzip the rar file
> open TXD file with TXD Workshop
> change the default texture (you'll obviously recognize the image) with the image you made
> save the txd file
> drag the folder into MTA resources folder C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.4\server\mods\deathmatch\resources
> start MTA
> open map editor and once it's opened, press F8 and type start VehMod
> spawn an Infernus and if you did everything correctly, you'll see your shader applied and you'll be able to test it
> repeat everything until you're satisfied of your work

Video guide by @Weston 
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Editing normal vehicles:
All remaining cars have a layer used by game to give that dust effect when cars are "dirty" which is called vehiclegrunge256. Vehiclegrunge texture is applied in a totally random way. You can't determine which part of texture is bonnet or trunk and which is applied on doors. Nobody forbids you to add a shader on this layer, but it must be a generic shader like a camouflage texture or something repeated.
Steps to test:

1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\GTA San Andreas\models\generic
2. Open vehicle.txd
3. Put the image you want as shader on vehiclegrunge256
4. Test ingame

Basically every vehicle will have that image, it's because you edited the dust layer. In this way you'll be able to choose the vehicle it fits the most, including patriots and other vehicles. Remember to make a backup.

Video guide by @Weston 
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