Players of The Day

Achievement Player
Top taxi driver KLM-P|Zer0#"Maybe" (161848)
Most successful bank robber |CF|Drista'Nostra (21)
Top killer of bank robbers NiceGuy (32)
Most successful gambler Oculos|AFK (1145000)
Spent the most on food SpicyHell18 (9440)
Top briefcase delivery man ~hakega~hokage~hekago~ (15)
Top bank robber zoldyc[SMC-HNG] (49)
Top turf taker oG|Z#ZO (57)
Died the most times Azer (312)
Used the most hookers LC/HeavenWarrior (9)
Top Fuel Tank Driver SGT-Shade.[AF] (2666)
Top Diver Ti|Abo-Saleh|Ts (149)
Top Bomb Disposal [HRS]*LeGend_ShaDow (11)
Top turf defender oG|Hellios^.^eX (60)
Top waste manager ^HaSh|ILC (2400)
Top shooter MC-Commnder#MGD (61270)
Top medic curer [DB]DoctorWayne|SB (6)
Top criminal zoldyc[SMC-HNG] (13635)
Top arrest killer Maria (154)
Top Hunter KLM-RC|Flynn#Fs (1125)
Top Pizza Boy Ti|Abo-Saleh|Ts (222)
Top fire fighter MC-Commnder#MGD (505)
Spent the most at pay and spray [Dz]Steven (15240)
APBs Jailed SGT-Anna*SOT[DT] (4)
Top news reporter |SaM|3bood|UN|'T (70)
Top Store Robber hashem (37)
Top Scrapper Fabolous|ILC (69)
Top fisherman Cheetah (1002919)
Biggest clothing spender FaB94 (48105)
Top racer |ZG|SamoTechno (71)
Top house robber |MC|-MR.7lbssa (22)
Top cop Maria (155)
Top mechanic TRL-The'Girl[GLA] (21479)
Top detective |BOPE|EHLuC.|RC| (67)
Times APB'ed Coolshot#REFORMED (5)
Tried to rob the bank the most Coolshot#REFORMED (64)
Top farmer Ti|Aizat (5421)
Sold their body the most [ZR]sozy (9)
Thrown in jail the most nigerianPrince (7)
Killed the most people WARRIOR (430)
Top hijacker Cz|Easy_Game<3 (11)
Top Ferry Captain KLM-EC|Goku_Black#nXs (4156)