Players of The Day

Achievement Player
Top taxi driver StickyFingaz (549349)
Most successful bank robber |SK|TonyLlanco'SvS (27)
Top killer of bank robbers zao (42)
Most successful gambler Makrem|ILC (4707500)
Spent the most on food #Rushed[TT] (6800)
APBs Jailed CPL-Safwan*SWAT (7)
Top bank robber Coolshot#Abacata<3 (37)
Top turf taker [MC]SrJuAn#OneKing (39)
Died the most times [T|P]Mad_Killer~SB (311)
Used the most hookers |MaY|Fortexx (3)
Top Fuel Tank Driver life_sucks (12892)
Top hijacker |CF|Connor (9)
Top Bomb Disposal Teslo#USNS (51)
Top turf defender AntiSystem (46)
Top waste manager |BOPE|Travis'Bickle|2S (5000)
Top shooter Maiqol (31006)
Sold their body the most EnchantingMenorah16 (4)
Top fisherman |TSF|Hui#GoRGoR|YF| (899667)
Top Hunter SnS|Tzoukas (1855)
Top Pizza Boy |TSF|KodaQ|TSF| (33)
Killed the most people [C|H]ALaa'cB (479)
Spent the most at pay and spray Maik3n (16297)
Top Ferry Captain [MSS]DJ_BiPeR|Ts (12750)
Top medic curer /NR/VentePaCaKriZ/eX/ (8)
Top Store Robber [HS]zaef (30)
Times APB'ed Coolshot#Abacata<3 (3)
Biggest clothing spender DereckRuthless (29150)
Top briefcase delivery man ich|Zilva (30)
Top news reporter Weezy'Q (111)
Top mechanic [ZR]funk (110630)
Top cop #IpHoNe'ES (138)
Top fire fighter KLM-JC|ReO.NeXuS (1363)
Top detective PSC-SuperGamer15[BGAT] (18)
Top house robber Lemond_Bishop (19)
Tried to rob the bank the most |H-TR|Ivan#'NaB (65)
Top farmer Born (2000)
Top racer Cocaine^-^ (44)
Thrown in jail the most Zak1iFarps|EAS (9)
Top criminal |H-TR|Ivan#'NaB (8850)
Top Scrapper MegaStrikerBR (46)
Top arrest killer #IpHoNe'ES (128)