Players of The Day

Achievement Player
Top taxi driver Mr.Victor'4.7 (92596)
Most successful bank robber [Grove$]TonyLlanco (46)
Top killer of bank robbers TRN-Caveira[DTA-NaB] (51)
Most successful gambler vivonzulul (747500)
Spent the most on food [TB]MrJack (6200)
APBs Jailed PanJI#F (2)
Top bank robber FightForHonor2 (64)
Top turf taker ~KendoNoob[iS] (61)
Died the most times |I|PabloEscobar>D[Y] (349)
Used the most hookers AkiKnyama (3)
Top Ferry Captain TG|DarK~KnighT (5681)
Top hijacker Wind (9)
Top Bomb Disposal TRL-SaNduN[BGAT-LB] (39)
Top turf defender TG|Leap51#xvtt (85)
Top news reporter AkiKnyama (61)
Top shooter |I|PabloEscobar>D[Y] (27374)
Sold their body the most |NVG|iFawaz300-T (4)
Top fisherman Ti|Brokez#F (515424)
Top Hunter KLM-SC|Chin|F (3345)
Top Pizza Boy Bno21 (64)
Spent the most at pay and spray |RSR|Starshine|TMT (15956)
Killed the most people |I|PabloEscobar>D[Y] (347)
Top mechanic [iS]buch (19308)
Top Store Robber lA8lZorte (36)
Times APB'ed [CIT]Lucifer[Biker-P] (2)
Top racer Wangrant (50)
Top Fuel Tank Driver Chapo[Biker] (8720)
Top briefcase delivery man Dont_Panic" (19)
Top farmer FatesDeath|Falken (3400)
Top cop SGT-Roukas*AX-SWAT-MP (104)
Top fire fighter Annie_MB (1131)
Top detective PRB-NickFurry~>[CAI] (66)
Top house robber #SaLaZaR' (13)
Tried to rob the bank the most [Grove$]TonyLlanco (65)
Biggest clothing spender [Vkngs]RagnarLothbrok (19750)
Top arrest killer TRN-Caveira[DTA-NaB] (81)
Top Scrapper [iS]PaiSa (53)
Top criminal [PiRu$]Derp42#IL (9927)
Thrown in jail the most KralPro (5)
Top waste manager Bart[Biker] (2600)