Players of The Day

Achievement Player
Top taxi driver 1337#SABVUFER (390287)
Most successful bank robber 5th|WooDy (74)
Top killer of bank robbers RCT-Balance[DTA] (79)
Most successful gambler kuba (3127500)
Spent the most on food 6$6ZIAD9$9 (10200)
APBs Jailed SA-Jokerian#NS (10)
Top criminal operative 5th|WooDy (164218)
Top bank robber nV|Drista (126)
Top turf taker [MSS]NeCo~ (74)
Died the most times D|#Dead-Zone~ (363)
Used the most hookers #Crew~Yunus_Emre (6)
Top criminal trouble maker nV|AchreF (23045)
Top Fuel Tank Driver KingFinn (2372)
Top hijacker x_13 (16)
Top delivery man RnK|Otake|NFS (545600)
Top trucker KLM-SC|LordVaper|UFN (1474808)
Top Bomb Disposal ChDaumas (39)
Top turf defender [ChS]MaDaQ' (71)
Top waste manager Ti|Gebeng7#xV (6200)
Top cop for filling up the jail Balance (194)
Top shooter |I|RoSaNa#eX| (98818)
Top medic curer ezpz|exodust (8)
Top fisherman Cz|Hazard#Ns (926056)
Top Hunter TRL-Baskan*SWA#Ns (3110)
Top Pizza Boy KingFinn (38)
Spent the most at pay and spray D|#JakeVergel (24188)
Thrown in jail the most geN|M4NI4C0|#VP (8)
Top Store Robber [L.4.U][TarGeTPOLISI] (94)
Times APB'ed 5th|WooDy (6)
Top Ferry Captain Quake (1269)
Top briefcase delivery man 5th|#Sky'24,- (69)
Top house robber ChrisRock (110)
Sold their body the most Sakkeew (10)
Biggest clothing spender PetroSailor{1%}[Biker] (108250)
Top fire fighter PVT-Blooper[DT] (2233)
Top detective CBP->NickFurry~[CAI]ES (58)
Top racer PVT-Jacub[RA]#F (115)
Tried to rob the bank the most nV|AchreF (136)
Top farmer [BO]Trapsfall (5015)
Top mechanic DiamonD (29130)
Top news reporter [ZR]-DantX. (77)
Killed the most people Bale (561)
Top Scrapper Escape (99)
Top arrest killer papamike (161)