Players of The Day

Achievement Player
Top taxi driver Kia'xV (502536)
Most successful gambler liimalindda (1007500)
Spent the most on food llRenga..? (37500)
Top briefcase delivery man Jebby#T (22)
Top criminal operative DoM|4568431 (50293)
Top turf taker Rv|X!A' (45)
Died the most times [A]#Sa[T]CheL~ (534)
Most violent heister |TR|Weed (63)
Top criminal trouble maker DoM|4568431 (10889)
Top Fuel Tank Driver Sencar#W (3240)
Top hijacker |OC|Duong (24)
Top delivery man Ti|Impostor#BF (632400)
Top trucker Cz|eXp!re (154890)
Top Bomb Disposal Titaniumm. (2)
Top turf defender KASSATA (44)
Top news reporter Thh|Evie|Falken (92)
Top cop for filling up the jail SuperSonic[CID] (479)
Top shooter vaN|$upper#Bo (16525)
Top medic curer Venus'NaB (5)
Top fisherman PTY-Blank[GLA]#MVP (116600)
Top Hunter 5th|Thanatos#nXs (2620)
Top Pizza Boy HaSh (66)
Spent the most at pay and spray KLM-C|eXoud'Ns (191100)
Tried to the most heists [FFH]Talha#Rs (69)
Top Store Robber SEnpai_Jaja666 (44)
Times APB'ed Coolshot&yUrsaMaior (7)
Top detective Josue (8)
Biggest clothing spender Jean (17030)
Thrown in jail the most [FFH]Talha#Rs (89)
Most successful heister DoM|4568431 (22)
Top waste manager |PHC|(#C30)CjBeren (1000)
Top fire fighter HaSh (2994)
Top killer of heisters SPC-Fury~[GLA] (147)
APBs Jailed BRG-Madrigos[GLA-NS] (2)
Top house robber Ti|Ar3x'VIP (34)
Top farmer GA~[IF]mxadi25 (2500)
Top mechanic Cz|Jaguar#F (672670)
Top racer Lone_Walker#Rs (47)
Killed the most people vaN|$upper#Bo (604)
Top Scrapper [Y.M.B]CyberPunk|JDM (79)
Top arrest killer SPC-Fury~[GLA] (232)