Players of The Day

Achievement Player
Top taxi driver AUSTRALIANO (400375)
Most successful gambler BBbehaulion|AFK (812500)
Spent the most on food Titty (12060)
APBs Jailed Mega#DIv (1)
Most successful heister BlackLight (41)
Top turf taker [H]fiwZ (51)
Died the most times minas (197)
Most violent heister BlackLight (77)
Top criminal trouble maker BlackLight (7824)
Top Fuel Tank Driver SK#Alexandre.R|T* (11147)
Top hijacker [STR]Naruto.1 (20)
Top delivery man KLM-P|Zer0#UFN (810960)
Top trucker sLn|HellBoy (78063)
Top Bomb Disposal KLM-JC|everything. (45)
Top turf defender [H]VaEd* (52)
Thrown in jail the most SK#TeFa (34)
Top cop for filling up the jail CPL-LababolPatatas[DT] (364)
Top shooter minas (38582)
Top arrest killer CPL-LababolPatatas[DT] (172)
Top Hunter [CIT]Denos|TSF (860)
Top Pizza Boy SmoggyThug (30)
Spent the most at pay and spray [H]-Abbey#SD (195026)
Tried to the most heists BlackLight (53)
Top Store Robber [B~T]thetiger (51)
Times APB'ed BlackLight (2)
Top detective Sinn|27|B-AC (11)
Top news reporter Shotgun|ILC#nXs (70)
Top criminal operative BlackLight (76524)
Top briefcase delivery man 1337|RealWest'ES (13)
Top house robber fat. (21)
Top fire fighter sLn|HellBoy (589)
Top killer of heisters CPL-LababolPatatas[DT] (50)
Biggest clothing spender FF#Snip3eR-_-Boy (31234)
Top waste manager joemar (200)
Top farmer PVT-SilkRoad[DT] (2174)
Top mechanic uG|Donald'S#SoA'MC. (21943)
Top racer Navi|poW.? (31)
Killed the most people minas (379)
Top Scrapper SulymanSahOgluErtugrul (143)
Top fisherman KLM-RC|Chin#F (423461)