Players of The Day

Achievement Player
Top taxi driver KH|^OmarBenjelloun^ (7580)
Most successful bank robber xBoDDy (4)
Top killer of bank robbers LCPL-Apex*X-SWAT-TMS (13)
Most successful gambler |RIP|LoSsAnDre|AFK (342500)
Spent the most on food UnrulyPluto67 (1100)
Top briefcase delivery man [FFH]dokt0r#HO (8)
Top bank robber |TR|PapitoMan#eX (13)
Top turf taker K3R0[LB] (6)
Died the most times kenn~ (69)
Used the most hookers |RIP|LoSsAnDre (4)
Top Ferry Captain EF|Soultix'cm (950)
Top hijacker TA-7ODA_FAHMY[CIA]#M (2)
Top Bomb Disposal EA#TheZeLaX (10)
Top turf defender HG|FernetConCoca (10)
Top waste manager MrSockzombieman (462)
Top shooter [GdP]Mohammed_Abdullah (16024)
Sold their body the most |RIP|Chrisbsilv (5)
Top fisherman [CG].Lorand#RN (165723)
Top Hunter Bicoss (115)
Top Pizza Boy NonchalantDinghy85 (3)
Spent the most at pay and spray [B13]ByS' (4108)
Top criminal xBoDDy (1572)
Top Store Robber amC|_Sortiz# (5)
Top Scrapper Govix (15)
Top Diver Gorkem (5)
Thrown in jail the most xBoDDy (10)
Top news reporter Nese (20)
Top house robber HelpfulPizza74 (11)
Top cop LCPL-BlackWolf*SWAT (26)
Top fire fighter jozifina_mendez (279)
Top detective LCPL-Apex*X-SWAT-TMS (2)
Biggest clothing spender GhostRaider (21500)
Tried to rob the bank the most |CF|Geni'AC (12)
Top farmer Rush (625)
Top racer [FG]HyperEagle (12)
Top mechanic PikaachwGames12 (4218)
Killed the most people PaRKour"87z (74)
Top Fuel Tank Driver Alexandre (265)
Top arrest killer LCPL-BlackWolf*SWAT (23)