Players of The Day

Achievement Player
Top taxi driver TomMy (20558)
Most successful bank robber [FFH]Misthy'GN#P (50)
Top killer of bank robbers Skillful (54)
Most successful gambler Kingslayer (1712500)
Spent the most on food KingTheWorld{k.w} (18720)
APBs Jailed PSC-#KassaTa-,!*SWAT (5)
Top bank robber [Peaky-B]NeXeN#o.V (53)
Top turf taker Bat (603)
Died the most times OnyxSuper17#KG (573)
Used the most hookers [P.E]ProSplit21 (5)
Top Fuel Tank Driver ST|dansoy (7566)
Top Diver ViejoRasta (20)
Top Bomb Disposal byterail (14)
Top turf defender [MS13]Psyaero (81)
Top waste manager George_k7_GamePlay (235)
Top shooter XQCGame (96605)
Top medic curer JA-KygoCID-nXs]#SU; (8)
Killed the most people OnyxSuper17#KG (756)
Top fisherman pZ'E(A)S|Vic (1776379)
Top Hunter TigreYF (670)
Top Pizza Boy xC|Mayrou#nXs (33)
Thrown in jail the most LatiN|Nauri (84)
Spent the most at pay and spray OM|Maria (22807)
Top Ferry Captain |TSF|KodaQ|KF| (16679)
Top news reporter SN|#RENATO|ANDERSON (150)
Top Store Robber [A51]DiegoArm (46)
Top Scrapper [TNM]NexToR#Ns (64)
Biggest clothing spender bullet_turk (34900)
Top briefcase delivery man bango|5th (32)
Times APB'ed [FFH]Misthy'GN#P (6)
Top house robber MinchiaCompa (32)
Top cop [FX]Bumblebee (279)
Top mechanic FO-DotExe[C-MP] (93067)
Top detective [AddictS]CatuxO (44)
Top fire fighter CDT-Forager[TF] (5011)
Tried to rob the bank the most |SK|ReliC'7TH (69)
Top farmer CIN-PiNo[SAPD] (5400)
Top racer Rv|Aristotle'97 (60)
Sold their body the most Angelina (9)
Top criminal OM|Maria (13847)
Top hijacker WooDy (28)
Top arrest killer [FX]Bumblebee (272)