Players of The Day

Achievement Player
Top taxi driver KLM-VM|ThePenguinQUACK (337687)
Top house robber ANon_007 (77)
Spent the most on food Lem (28860)
APBs Jailed COL-NaelFTW[GLA-F] (4)
Top criminal operative [FFH]Snake'UFN (85812)
Top turf taker vaN|Ultima#MR (74)
Died the most times eVo|MarilynMonHoe (421)
Most violent heister [FFH]Drowbe#AC (113)
Top criminal trouble maker [FFH]Mubii[X] (17801)
Top Fuel Tank Driver Saleh|ILC-nXs| (17483)
Top hijacker Arvinz (23)
Top delivery man Piedmon (1980900)
Top trucker Coyovi (321506)
Top Bomb Disposal Redmix (154)
Top turf defender Zombies|Mrad'T (86)
Thrown in jail the most [FFH]Mubii[X] (86)
Top cop for filling up the jail Papa.Leno (480)
Top shooter SK#Mec0>sleeping (23054)
Top medic curer Zzp|cB (7)
Top fisherman KLM-RC|Chin#F (1932164)
Top Hunter Ti|Filsuf7 (6385)
Top Pizza Boy Quake (75)
Spent the most at pay and spray HYFA[CAI]'NaB (23821)
Tried to the most heists Cz|Pekka#F (149)
Top Store Robber Dan1993 (72)
Times APB'ed Cz|Pekka#F (7)
Top detective 1337#Ganzo|>L (134)
Most successful heister SK#TonyLlanco'C (49)
Top waste manager [CIT]Goku_Black|KLM (3200)
Top briefcase delivery man xC|Neca|GCF (34)
Most successful gambler {}$ibrahim#as|AFK (630000)
Top fire fighter KLM-P|Zer0#ESG (2874)
Top killer of heisters COL-NaelFTW[GLA-F] (106)
Biggest clothing spender KING_DM (37990)
Top news reporter Fight4Freedom (148)
Top farmer |CF|Drista#D (3036)
Top racer PTY-BoodGhost[DEA] (90)
Top mechanic MATA16 (65517)
Killed the most people tank.exe (611)
Top Scrapper YasoWoW (141)
Top arrest killer Papa.Leno (213)