Players of The Day

Achievement Player
Top taxi driver AloneKiller (100750)
Most successful gambler LateTrooper58 (192500)
Spent the most on food RCT-Police[USHS] (11800)
APBs Jailed SR-Sammy#ST'AR (2)
Top criminal operative Bobby[SoA]LS (47756)
Top turf taker |RR|Lorran&' (40)
Died the most times yT|VuDZ (358)
Most violent heister Whisky'94[SoA-P] (22)
Top criminal trouble maker [ZR]--Rich-GirL=Julie (4661)
Top Fuel Tank Driver JoseMaestro (19743)
Top hijacker 1337#Stickz/vryshitboi (10)
Top delivery man DoM|Billmadboyxd (811580)
Top trucker icemax's|Arch (136221)
Top Bomb Disposal CHF-Ahmed[NSA] (17)
Top turf defender |RR|Kauan (42)
Top waste manager =DRK=BlackWater (200)
Top cop for filling up the jail Maria[DT] (442)
Top shooter yT|VuDZ (12687)
Top medic curer PALMMY1998 (2)
Top fisherman RedAlert (80598)
Top Hunter Otto777 (965)
Top Pizza Boy [DRN]juelian (10)
Spent the most at pay and spray skullz~ (155300)
Tried to the most heists 1337#M7MD-o3 (30)
Top Store Robber [ZR]--Rich-GirL=Julie (61)
Times APB'ed [VAC]ELRA3Y (1)
Top killer of heisters VSGT-MoHA[DT]#Falken (51)
Top news reporter TA-Dodgers[CID#nXs] (182)
Thrown in jail the most 1337#MooN#nXs (33)
Most successful heister Bobby[SoA]LS (17)
Top house robber 1337#Dv#NS (54)
Top fire fighter SlowCap8 (368)
Top detective HandsomelySharkie (2)
Biggest clothing spender Trrox (37945)
Top racer SK#Stoned4:20|LTM (42)
Top farmer Otto777 (400)
Top mechanic KLM-RC|Kazoki|Cupcakes (308661)
Top briefcase delivery man [H]#Sh3WzA' (23)
Killed the most people yT|VuDZ (449)
Top Scrapper SK#Whiskey'Ns (45)
Top arrest killer Maria[DT] (166)