Players of The Day

Achievement Player
Top taxi driver Dex (26394)
Most successful bank robber [FFH]Jumper (65)
Top killer of bank robbers ACHF-BiLaL[CID-TMS] (45)
Top house robber AlcoholicOperahat20 (27)
Spent the most on food A99|beo97#Mo (2800)
Top briefcase delivery man Ac~Quy# (11)
Top bank robber |SaM|Ross (90)
Top turf taker pZ|Ndx (52)
Died the most times _NEVERMIND_ (229)
Used the most hookers RCT-iNaka[SAPD] (3)
Top Fuel Tank Driver |TSF|Denos|F|#U (7881)
Top hijacker R3hab (11)
Top Bomb Disposal [TLR]xRaMoS~ (22)
Top turf defender OM*|Jokerian#S (70)
Top waste manager Ti|Mo7ammadM (400)
Top shooter KLM-C|RedHeart#EAS (27184)
Top medic curer |TR|Wachon#CA (1)
Top criminal [FFH]Jumper (14579)
Top fisherman [P](anas) (1355832)
Top Hunter DlCKHEAD (165)
Top Pizza Boy Cz|StaticShock (19)
Top Diver |SaM|AKLAS|UN|#Beast (42)
Spent the most at pay and spray |S|Sr.Diego[F] (22605)
Thrown in jail the most [FFH]Jumper (52)
Top news reporter Ace (128)
Top Store Robber WL|DraGoN (20)
Top Scrapper [T|T]Batt (151)
Top Ferry Captain Ti|StinGer|SpS (1179)
Top farmer Coolshot&UrsaMaior<3 (3000)
Times APB'ed [Outrage]Sailor666 (1)
Most successful gambler KEBAPCI_CELAL|AFK (1517500)
Top cop RCT-Maria|13[SAPD-IRS] (84)
Top fire fighter Ti|Abo-Saleh (1708)
Top detective DIR-Sheriff[MI6-MP] (17)
Top mechanic |TKM|GeyDrat (14458)
Tried to rob the bank the most [FFH]Jumper (110)
Biggest clothing spender mariam (22500)
APBs Jailed OVS-Ricky[DeltaTeam] (1)
Top racer Res|SecReTaRiaT~ (81)
Killed the most people madchild (276)
Sold their body the most POMS (3)
Top arrest killer Slasher-TMS (73)