CIT's MTA Server
Players: 274/2000
Player Peak: 1400

CIT's Synergy Server
Players: 0/10
Map: syn_trials4c

CIT Sven Co-op |
Players: 0/24
Map: nonsenselol_b1

CIT's KF2 Server
Players: 0/6

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CIT is a community focused around the multiplayer modification Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, an open source project which totally builds a multiplayer component into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. MTA was ranked #1 in Mod of The Year (MOTY) 2011 and continues to get better and better every day.

Our CnR/MW/Some RP server which we and a few community members continue to actively develop since December 2010. After 6 months we became the #1 server but we still continue to get even more popular, having 200-400% more players than the servers behind us.

336,000 accounts have been registered since the 26th December 2010 when we opened. We hold a mind blowing concurrent player peak of 1300. Our players have racked up 3,595,006 hours of play time and they fire an average of 3,002,574 bullets a day.

Special thanks goes out to ccw, an MTA developer who has saved us on uncountable occasions and has kept MTA development active for the past years. Cazomino05 and ryden also worked very hard optimizing MTA:SA so we can hold all the players that want to play as just a year ago only 128 players was feasible!

Don't forget our host OVH who've been providing us with epic servers for very affordable prices. Our current staff team and previous staff members who made the server playable, fighting off trolls, deathmatchers, cheaters and plenty of other fools. Last but definitely not least our developers and past developers who made CIT as enjoyable and popular as it today and I almost forgot to mention our regular players who actually make the server into something.

We are a community, not a clan and CIT is short for Community of Integrity and Transparency. Those are two concepts we try hard to practice but in times of extreme frustration integrity wasn't a priority I must admit, but nonetheless better than the average server. It creates a good abbreviation for our community - CIT.

Getting Involved

To your left in the main menu you'll find a link to our forum with over 1,000,000 posts where you can introduce yourself, get support, apply to ingame groups, talk to fellow players, vote in polls, up/down vote suggestions, post suggestions and scripts, report bugs and plenty more.

How to play?

You should find us in the server browser quickly if you search for "CIT" but if we're not there use the address: mtasa:// Don't have MTA:SA? Get it from


CIT Uses the its own network: To use IRC you require an IRC client. This and this guide explains how to get started with using IRC.

Official CIT ran channels on

#CIT - For general discussion, the main channel

#Echo - Echo is linked up with the support channel in-game

Did you get banned?

You can appeal on the forum here and please don't ask about ban appeals in the chat box on your right as it will be ignored. Also do bear in mind that if we banned you, saying "plz" and "sry" isn't going to make us change our mind.