Author Topic: Removing rustler bombing limits inside Law farm and apartments.  (Read 660 times)

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Suggestion explained in one paragraph: The rustler plane was given the ability to throw bombs a while go, and to prevent anyone from abusing this ability or spamming bombs, a few rules were added. These rules include waiting for 30 sec before throwing another bomb, waiting 10 minutes before throwing more than 5 bombs and paying 6k for each bomb. My suggestion aims to remove these rules inside the dimensions of law farm and apartments because the actual usage of bombs, which is to attack other players, and earn something from it, only applies in the main dim, during fights between cops and criminals.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion:

The messages you get are:

Things I'm suggesting to change:

Law farm: Being able to throw unlimited number of bombs without a time limit, it is already free.

Apartments: Making them for free and removing all limits.

This suggestion is worth the time developing because: The dimensions of law farm and apartment are separate dimensions, not related to the main one, people usually enter these dims to have fun or host trainings, nothing happens inside can affect anyone outside. Basically if someone wants to host a flying training in law farm (as I did multiple times) to teach people how to bomb with rustler, it will be very annoning that only 5 bombs can be thrown every 10 minues. The point is, the main objective of Rustler's bombs is only in the main dim, that's why I think bombing limits inside Law farm and apartments can be removed and bombs should be for free.
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Re: Removing rustler bombing limits inside Law farm and apartments.
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