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NeXuS Squad Application Format BACKUP
« on: 03 12, 2017, 07:21:02 pm »
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[center][size=18pt][b]Membership Application[/b][/size][/center]
[size=12pt][u]Part 1, Personal Information[/u][/size]

1.1[b] Nationality:[/b]
1.2[b] Age:[/b]
1.3[b] Time zone:[/b]
1.4[b] English Skills (0/10):[/b]
1.5[b] Other languages you speak:[/b]
1.6[b] In-game Name:[/b]
1.7[b] Account name:[/b]
[size=12pt][u]Part 2, Writing Part[/u][/size]

2.1[b] Why do you want to join NeXuS Squad (+50 words)?: [/b]
2.2[b] Tell us something about your real life (+50 words):[/b]
[size=12pt][u]Part 3, Extra Information[/u][/size]

3.1[b] Do you have any friends here? If so, name them:[/b]
3.2[b] Your stats [sub](/stats)[/sub]:[/b]
3.3[b] Your history [sub](/myhistory)[/sub]:[/b]
3.4[b] Your ingame group:[/b]
3.5[b] Your ingame group rank:[/b]
3.6[b] Your former squads:[/b]
[size=12pt][u]Part 4, Agreements[/u][/size]

4.1[b] I agree to treat everyone equal and with respect:[/b]
4.2[b] I agree to respect all the CIT and NeXuS Rules:[/b]
4.3[b] I agree I will get Blacklisted when I leave this squad in the first month:[/b]
4.4[b] I agree I will be active in this squad:[/b]
[hr][hr][right][i]? NeXuS Head Staff[/i][/right]
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