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KLM • Home | Information, News & Rules
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Group Name: KLM - Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij
Original Founder: Jos1996
Officially Founded: 23rd July 2012 (multiple previous creations)
Group Type: Civilian, L7 (official since 15 January 2014)
Group Motto: First successful civilian group
Group Official Soundtrack: Bryan Adams - Summer of '69
Members online: Here!
Headquarters: San Fierro, Easter Bay Airport ATC tower.
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Official Skins:
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Car colours:  Car Color 1: 18 149 216; Car Color 2: 255 255 255
Vehicle shaders: Andromada, Burrito, Coach, Sultan
Group chat/job colour: 0 150 0
Being civilian in CIT - civilian jobs in first person:

Group Discord: (non-KLM members are welcome!)


Welcome to the homepage of the civilian group, KLM. KLM began as a Dutch pilot group, based on the real life Dutch airlines company abbreviating Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (translated as Royal Aviation Company). However, KLM is no longer a Dutch-only group, and accepts all English-speaking players. We are also no longer pilot-only, and we accept all civilian players. We can proudly say that we are the most likely the single group with the biggest impact on CIT, by establishing the civilian group type, and allowing others to follow the path we carved out by creating civilian groups. For more details on the very early stages of KLM's development, visit the KLM History topic. For a brief summary of later development, continue reading below.
Note: The levels referred to below were part of the old official group levels (where L0 was semi-official and L1+ were official).

KLM's existence on CIT goes back to January 2012, however it was recreated multiple times since then, by Jos1996 and DeVille. However, as there was a lack of interest in a pilot group, KLM started to die. Therefore, it was deleted in March 2012. There were several attempts to recreate KLM, but they resulted unsuccessful. On the 23rd of July 2012, Jos1996 recreated KLM once more. This was the final time - this is the official creation, with DeVille being the first member (and leader) to join Jos. KLM was made for all pilots, regardless of whether they were Dutch or not, thus having a bigger audience, KLM started to gain members rapidly, and became much more popular. KLM was then eventually known as the first successful civilian group.
New leaders were invited to the group. Each leader brought something new, without them, KLM would not have succeeded.

During September to December, KLM was doing really well and had achieved a sub-board by January 2nd, 2013. On the 1st of February, the Base Team allowed us to have an interior, which was amazing! We had our own private space where we could hang out. Around June, our base was upgraded, and a health marker added - KLM was getting better and better! We also received vehicle spawners for our group, and we were thrilled.

Click to enlarge

In July 2013, KLM became a year old, but it felt like no child - in fact, KLM was already an amazing group. We really enjoyed ourselves and had a party, accompanied by a nuke bomb event and server peak (unforgettable for those who were there on that day!), which lasted for nearly the whole day.

←  Here's a screenshot of the party

Soon after KLM had its third base built - bigger and better. On the 15th of January 2014 KLM was added to the official groups' list as L1. KLM and its people were very happy and celebrated with a magnificent party where everyone was invited.

During its L1 period KLM and its people achieved a lot. Members worked hard, their amazing work improved the group and new features were added - DD interior, new roster & skin shaders. The interest towards KLM was growing up and the amount of applicants increased drastically. Among the community KLM was known with its generosity and kindness.

On the 20th of April, KLM was and promoted to L2. Members just could not believe it! The community appreciated KLM's behaviour and friendliness, and therefore recommended KLM just four months after being elected as L1. A new base was established and KLM was given an official group job. The group is now more active and organised than ever before!

It all began in January 2012. It was an idea that was just a spark in the minds of great former leaders of KLM, and indeed the civilian side. Their love for the skies led to the creation of KLM in CIT, which used to be a Dutch pilot-only group, but eventually became a proud for-all civilian group. Just to name a few that were there at the beginning: Jos1996, DeVille, Geniuz, KerimChan and MeDoMaN. Their work lives on in CIT, and has still has a positive influence today. Without them, and the things they fought for, the civilian side would not have been established. They did what was not done before them. Indeed, these first-generation leaders, they laid the foundations for which KLM is built upon. They pioneered KLM, The First Successful Civilian Group. They forever shaped CIT. A beacon for the lost, without which, would have possibly resulted in many people having no reason to stay in CIT. A home, a family and a helping hand.
Over the years, we have had so many great people who have contributed to KLM. These aforementioned first-generation leaders trained and hand-picked the next-generation leaders, notably LyCoZe, StefanM, Thijs and Zer0. These processes were essential to KLM's survival. It followed on from then with Abo-Man3, Exit, Nitrocide, Pilovali and woop being the next generation of KLM leaders. Finally, the addition of Skilled, Aditya, Captcha and Pepo. All of these great names started in KLM right from the bottom. They were built into the leaders that we can thank for today's existence of KLM. They never disappointed, and their appointing was never regretted. Every one of them was, and still is, the smartest, most loyal and amazing. True legends are never forgotten for the good things they do. They stood through good times (boy, we had a hell of a ride) and bad times. Speaking of bad times, like all groups, we have had trouble but the real KLM leaders always did what's best for the group. Those whose intentions were to cause harm and drama will be remembered with total shame. There is no need to mention names, they know who they are and they can forever live with that shame.
But ending on a more positive (and hopeful) note: it has been spoken of a reunion between all great leaders, even across the "generations" dubbed here, but it has never truly occurred for a very long time. Nevertheless, the future may have some surprises for us!
Fly high friends!

KLM would never have become what it is now, without everybody who respected, helped, and encouraged us. You might not know, but even the tiniest of contributions can, and have, a forever-lasting positive influence.


This is the KLM news area, where the latest news, changes and other important events are posted. For older changes, see the KLM History topic.

23 July 2012,
Following multiple previous creations, dating back to the start of 2012, KLM has been officially created!

September 2012,
During this period, KLM shifted from being a Dutch-only Pilot group towards an English speaking civilian group.

2 January 2013,
The KLM subboard was added by Pretface.

1 February 2013,
After many months of tough work, KLM as a civilian group was slowly being treated better and we achieved an interior. It took some real debating to get here.

21 May 2013,
Health marker added just outside the interior. We can now restore our health for $1000 each time we use it.

31 May 2013,
Making further progress. Slowly but surely! We now have gates, walls and stairs around the interior (6 objects excluding gates), it is safer and easier for us to start events now.

July 2013,
Another update for the base, now it was becoming something you could actually call a base, and we finally achieved car spawners!

23 July 2013,
KLM is now 1 year old! Congratulations to everyone!
We've also got a base spawn feature now!

23 October 2013,
The base has been updated again!

29 October 2013,
ILC has joined our alliance, now consisting of CivilX, ILC and KLM!

15 January 2014,
KLM has been added as an official group L1!

28 January 2014,
New interior added to the base: race track and DD!

23 February 2014,
Skin shaders have been added!

9 March 2014,
Abo-Man3 managed to create a new roster for KLM which is now in use!

20 April 2014,
KLM is now L2 official!

27 April 2014,
The base has been updated! Mapped by Exit with the help of Abo-Man3!

26 May 2014,
KLM members are now allowed to be medics in LV!

16 June 2014,
KLM now has a better guide book which contains a lot of handy tips to the applicants. (Aditya, Exit)

25 June 2014,
The carspawners have been updated. New vehicles: Elegant, Taxi, FCR-900, Admiral, Sabre, Windsor and Raindance.

11 July 2014,
We now have a skin shader for the pilot skin:,f2t8lE7 (Emile)

23 July 2014,
KLM is now 2 years old!

28 September 2014,
Skin shaders have been updated and armour pick-up was added. (Pixie)

13 October 2014,
Pixie's car shader (Sultan) won the CIT group car shader contest, and it has been added to the server!

14 January 2015,
A Squalo spawner has been added to the lighthouse!

31 January 2015,
Sultan and NRG-500 have replaced Sabre and FCR-900 in the car spawners.

10 May 2015,
Miles has been officially launched by Emile and transfers messages between IRC and GC. Core features available but further improvements ongoing.

23 July 2015,
KLM has turned 3 years old!

5 September 2015,
The KLM Employee (KLM job) is now officially employed by KLM. It has gained the authorisation to fly the skies, and carry cargo and passengers. (Arran, NinjaTuna)

10 February 2016,
New skin shader on ID 150: Female KLM flight attendant, created by DmitriMonSta!

27 February 2016,
New Andromada shader added! Designed by Landrax and gifted by Sabfas!

8 March 2016,
Homepage picture updated to another one of KhoaBui's brilliant creations!

30 April 2016,
The base has been updated! (Thanks to Exit, Abo-Man3, Max, Pilovali, PEPO)

23 July 2016,
KLM has turned 4 years old!

22 August 2016,
New car shader added on Burrito! Thanks to Vlad, landrax, Dash, Pilovali and everybody else who helped!

10 February 2017,
New coach shader added, created by Vlad and donated by Pilovali!

20 February 2017,
2 peds added outside base.

21 February 2017,
Static Andromada and Coach have been added. Also, car spawner update: Banshee, Burrito, Coach and Vortex (removal of Elegant and Windsor).

13 March 2017,
Two graffiti images added (by landrax and KhoaBui).

21 April 2017,
KLM promoted to L7! Special thanks to those who backed us - you know who you are.

23 July 2017,
KLM has become 5 years old!


The rules below must be followed by all KLM members at all times. Punishments will occur if these rules are breached.

#1.   Follow all CIT rules.

#2.   Do not get involved with any misbehavior against your fellow group members or any non-members. Show kindness to others, don't disrespect other groups, etc. The use of basekick is only allowed if there's a good reason e.g. blacklisted/misbehaving visitor.

#3.   Avoid spamming or use of non-English in group chat, if you've been told so. Do not use snakes in group chat. Avoid discussion of sensitive topics. Respect each others opinions.

#4.  Do not request an unfair advantage (such as money) from a group or alliance member.

#5.  Do not leak out group chat to anyone. If you're very sure that it does not negatively affect anyone, you need permission from a leader (VP+).

#6.  Do not share accounts (including in-game; forum), do not use multiple accounts (including in-game; forum). You must not share PCs with other CIT users.

#7.  Use correct group tags whenever possible. Temporarily removing them if needed is fine, we just ask you to not make it a permanent thing.

  • If you break any KLM rule, you risk 15-25% warning.
  • If you get jailed or muted by a server staff member, you will receive +25% warning.
  • If you get warned on the forum, you may be warned in-game.
  • If you get banned on the forums, you may be either kicked or demoted depending on the ban details.
  • If you get banned in-game, you will most likely be kicked.
  • If you get punished more than once within a period of 7 days, you will be demoted (forum warnings count).
  • If you get jailed/muted as a Trial, being kicked will depend on your application, behaviour and activity since joining. If it has been decided to give you a chance, you will receive a warning and a longer Trial period.
  • Promotion chance decreases with warning level, and becomes very unlikely if your warning level is over 25%.
  • KLMStaff may decide to reduce warnings of people who have proven they've learnt from their mistakes, by showing good behaviour, activity and involvement.

If your warning level reaches 60%, you might be demoted; kicked if it reaches 85%.

These rules are enforced so that everybody has a better playing experience.

KLM Staff Code of Conduct  (SCOD)

There are an extra set of rules which all members of KLM with any administrative power must also follow.

  • Do not abuse your power to negatively threaten, harass or negatively affect any individual;
  • Always consult in-game room chat or #KLMStaff on IRC before every administration action you perform - this includes warning, demoting, promoting or replying to applications;
  • You must equally treat all members with the utmost respect - a higher rank does not give you more importance;
  • You cannot allow personal friendships or grudges to make you biased against a member and carry out biased actions in favour or against specific individuals;
  • Do not leak messages out of private rank-restricted chats/channels, such as the in-game chat room and the IRC channels;
  • Do not abuse team assignment powers as could result in a ban and permanent blacklist from KLM. Consult with another person with team assignment access before adding a certain player to the group job. Take care when adding cops or criminals to the job as it may be considered abuse;
  • Moderators cannot abuse their powers. For example, you cannot modify or delete old topics. You cannot delete or modify new topics or posts without a good reason (such as maintenance or if they break forum rules). If you must delete a topic or a post for these reasons, then take a screenshot before you delete them.

Failure to follow the above guidelines may result in: a verbal warning; an in-game warning; a revocation of rank; removal from KLM Staff; or termination of KLM membership.

Promotion chance can be increased by:
  • In-game activity, as well as group chat
  • Forum activity (KLMStaff can handle admin duties such as applications and assist with other issues in the Front Desk); lower ranked members are encouraged to use the Front Desk to provide their contributions and suggestions in improving KLM.
  • Discord/IRC activity (have you noticed how almost all the high ranks use Discord/IRC?) - use OR Discord link -->
  • Following group, server and forum rules.
  • Participating in group/alliance events, and also involvement within the group.
  • Low/no warning level; not getting punished and following the rules.
  • Being mature and not getting involved in arguments in public chats (e.g. main / team), even when provoked.
  • Contributions to the group, the alliance, the civilian side of the server, or the server as a whole. E.g. forum: suggestions, bug reports and helping people in support boards. In-game: support channel helping, civilian team chat helping, and generally being a nice person to people.

If you truly show these qualities, you will be rewarded.

© CIT|KLM 2018

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