Author Topic: Replacing Formula 1 with GTA:SA's original Hotring Racer one  (Read 467 times)

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Suggestion explained in one paragraph: I'm here suggesting to add back Hotring Racer One and replace it with Formula 1, I honestly loved to drive around with hotring racer and seeing that none actually uses Formula 1 and it is just useless, none even uses it, there are many players like me who love driving cars like hotring racer and I honestly loved driving one but months ago it was replaced with Formula 1 if I'm not wrong and I'm suggesting to add it back.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion: There is no need to provide the download link as the vehicle is GTA:SA's default model. Vehicle ID of Hotring Racer is 494.

Here is a picture of the glorious Hotring Racer;

This suggestion is worth the time developing because: There is nothing to explain, it was pretty good and most of the players were using Hotring Racer, Formula 1 is replaced with Hotring Racer and one even uses Formula 1 anymore, adding back the hotring racer will actually be good for the players like me.

Quote from: Taken from /userstats
Formula 1 (494): 2258

Quote from: Taken from /userstats
Banshee (429): 90901
Pretty much shows that none uses Formula 1. See the comparison between Formula 1 and Banshee
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Re: Replacing Formula 1 with GTA:SA's original Hotring Racer one
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