Author Topic: Allowing non wanted gangsters to throw molotov to kill other gangsters  (Read 380 times)

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Suggestion explained in one paragraph:
as the title says this is a simple suggestion about making gangsters being able to throw Molotov when not wanted as some gangsters might need to fight with Molotov instead of teargas sometimes, so since we already have the ability to use molotov so why not use it with gangsters too when not wanted. (this is in LS of course because we can already use molotov in LV without being wanted)

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion:

This suggestion is worth the time developing because:
this won't take time at all its just allowing us to use the molotov to bring more fun when killing each other instead of only using teargas and having the ability to kill a hard player that's not dying easily so we may need to use molotov and the suggestion won't hurt anybody.
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