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Adding shotgun equipment
« on: 13 04, 2018, 09:07:51 pm »
Suggestion explained in one paragraph: I am suggesting bringing back the old explosive effect for shotgun at lv, because player can pick out of 3 weapons (sawn-off, shotgun, spas) so they their free will to pick their own weapon that'd fit their playing style, instead of being forced to play with a certain gun (spas) or (sawn-off)  that'd allow them to kill people while running, like (uzi or Tec-9), when there was the shotgun lv 2nd slot equipment, lots of people were using it but now barely anyone using shotgun at LV, as it's not strong enough as it doesn't have that explosive effect anymore, also as the (sawn-off) become pretty weak and it doesn't cause that much of damage as it hits 2 bullets each 2 seconds and sometimes it doesn't hit the target as it's like (uzi) you gotta run while shooting, so we're more like forced to use the spas as it's the most accurate gun out of 3 guns, but it still weak as it doesn't have it's old effect.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion: If we found out that it's bothering people in an annoying way, then we can decrease the damage by half so it'd fit it's purpose without being overpowered, and as a shield of it, people can use "water fire extinguisher" to be immune to most of the damage which will be caused of the explosion of that equip, or maybe forcing a price over that explosive effect would be legit like 5 up to 10 millions.

This suggestion is worth the time developing because: That would help players to have their own way of playing style and the freedom to pick their own gun to fight with, instead of being forced to play with a certain gun which he can't do that much with it, as he'd lose the fun like that.
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Re: Adding shotgun equipment
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