Author Topic: Adding the same medic/heal system from the interior CEs at JFM  (Read 613 times)

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Suggestion explained in one paragraph:
So basically as the title says I am suggesting to add the same medic system as in CE's to JFM.
Why? Well, I will take the big event at JFM from today as example, there we're like 40 criminals against 20/30 cops. In this case there ofcourse are a lot of medics, most of them stand in the way and prevent the cops and criminals from shooting eachother. Also since JFM is flooded with criminals, cops and medics it can be hard for them to heal so having the same medic/heal system as in the CEs will be easier since the medics are invisible and don't have to spray everytime wich can be hard when the place is overflooded with people.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion:
So with this suggestion I mean: adding the exact same medic/heal system from the interior CE's at JFM. Wich contains medics being invisible(ghost mode) and them not having to spray people to heal them but stand inside/near them.

This suggestion is worth the time developing because:
This shouldn't be hard since its already used in CEs and can easily be added to JFM.

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Re: Adding the same medic/heal system from the interior CEs at JFM
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