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Nordie's blog |NEW| Updated 21.11.2017
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Real name: Mark
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Country: Russia
Hobbies: computer games, cars, sports


Nickname: Nordie
Team: Criminal
Playtime: >2700 hours
Playstyle: attending ARs/CEs, stores robbing, random copkilling, playing as rebel.


Well, I started to play CIT since 2011. I downloaded MTA and sorted servers by players amount. CIT was the first, then I pressed JOIN to CIT. All files pre-loaded, I connected and registered as criminal. I started from LS airport. I played for just 1 hour and got my first punish: DM.
Then, after administrative jail, I bought my first car: Jester. I played as Pilot about 10 hours, bored as fuck and decided to join any group.
My first group was Black_Sculls. Fouder was VIK (current HoBoS founder btw). We raped LV hard, we tried our best. Then, later, our activity was reduced. We became semi-active group. After that, 1 month later, I left BS.
I was groupless, all my stuff was: getting cash at farm.
But, later, I met nice mates: Olezhka and Elektro, fouders of 1337. I asked to join, they said: you got low stats. I was upset but did my best to join leet. Later, I finally joined 1337. That was great time! We owned LV, got a lot of fans(helpers), got tonnes of haters, got fame and nice members such as Tosha, NYC, NoD3, OSKAR, etc..
Later we met some problems: bad realtionship between leaders just destroyed 1337, we got low activity, then, later, 1337 was frozen. I was shocked and was groupless for long times.
Then, later, I joined a lot of the most popular CIT groups (Hobos, The_Soldiers, etc.).
After that I was surprised when I got news about 1337 reborn. I joined 1337 2nd time, was there long enough, then we met same problems: troubles between leaders, low activity -> 1337 frozen again.
I was groupless again for some time, then joined Camorra family, nice, almost full-RP group with Italian gangsters inside. I was there long enough, got stable regular rank and respect, I organised some events, trainings, that was nice period of my playtime too.
Later I got news about DeviLS, another awesome group with russian leadership. I joined DeviLS later a bit after I knew about creating. I was loyal there, because that was nostalgy about 1337, also we were successful turfers, were awesome criminal-oriented group.  Then DeviLS got low activity too, later I left DeviLS and joined Camorra again. And later I joined DeviLS back, lol.
Later, DeviLS was deleted. Same situation: I was shocked and groupless, 3rd time, hell yeah.
And, another nice period of my playtime started from 08/08/2015, when Morning Star Syndicate was created. I joined it. We raped criminal world: we started our way as proffessional turfers, mad copkillers, awesome CEventers, succesfull robbers. Easier to say, we were succesful in all criminal shit just after 1 week after creation. And nowadays, MSS still successfull group. I left MSS twice: 1st time to join USNS, and 2nd time to join KLM, then after I got denied (because lied to KLMs) I changed my way and joined DT. And I made some mistakes: left both times w/o any warning to leadership and, nowadays, Easton not that kind to me because of that.
I understood, without my russian friends, playing CIT nothing, it's boring as hell, because CIT more than just server, as I said in start of these paragraph, IT'S LIKE SOCIETY inside big virtual world. Later a bit, after leaving MSS once again I joined my lovely group of all playtime: 1337. We raping CEs hardly as fuck, we getting Crim Daily top-5 as result everyday! I finally bought my personal skin, I paid 70m for this.

Recently, I married Oldkiller, we raping cops together nowadays. I invited to CIT my IRL friend and after hardwork he finally joined Leet as Jjunior. Now, I keep play as crim and raping all cops.
And 21.11.2017 is nice date for me: 1337 got board, congratz to us!

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Re: Nordie's blog |NEW| Updated 21.11.2017
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