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Your demise - Shade nib introduction
« on: 30 08, 2017, 12:50:29 pm »
Hey hey hey now for these retard to finally do an introduction after like what, 6 years.

Name: Better not mention it lul
Ingame Name: SK#Shade./ Shade.
Nickname: Shader, Shoode, Sahde, Sahdenib, Shada (Laura’s nickname to me), niblet, shadenoob, shadenib, Purple Chicken(AF inside joke by Yunus), Shadechan, Shde(Thanks @Dusca), ShRus, shadshad, Shande(@MeGo)
In-game husband or idk:Umut.O
Discord name(for those curious): Shadefag69
Title: CIT official niblet, Sadistic CEM
Alter ego: SmoolShoode, Shadechan, A2
Age: 18
Birthday: October 22, 1999
Acc name(I’ll explain later on): lol gangster
First Join date: Summer of 2011
Previous: trust me, there are a lot.
Current group: SK / Scary Killers
Current rank: Executioner
Steam(comment on my profile wall+ PM me in forum with your steam link so I can confirm its you.):Shadechan (I change my name alot)
Short Real life info:
Some quiet, Introvert 18 year old guy with ongoing depression, and just being entirely quiet, and have a boring real life, who happens to have few hobbies such as playing darts, swimming and has a few circle of friends despite being introvert and quiet

CIT life:
Let me just cut it to few chapters, I don't like wall of text(maybe)

It was exactly summer of 2011 when I first joined, now here  as a new comer, we're all expected to the "pls read F1" thing, I never did, I never read F1, nor bother to look at it(unless it was updated) and as far as I remember, I made five accounts(which are probably all gone now) because I was crashing, and I was stupid to know the problem(was a kid what do you expect, and will probably be until now hh) that I had a lot of mods installed, this was when I finally settled to the account I have right now. so at first I was shy, quiet, didn't bother to get attention that is until Terrorblade, some russian guy I knew before, who left the server and helped me with my first few days in CIT. First Civilian job is trucker, first car is a slamvan, first house is near santa maria beach(also near SAPD) and finally did my first CE.

It didn't take long, I went to Law side, AF, no not Armed Forces, Air Forces. If I remember right, I remember talking to Alien about it and wanted to join so badly, so as your typical me, I did manage to get into Air Forces, but knowing how inactive it is, I didn't bother and stayed, until I eventually left out of boredom then went back to becoming a criminal. I don't remember what group I joined as crim, but the groups I did remember joining as criminal is Bikers(the one lead by Jaeger, Spongefin, StevieFTW and Robber) yes I know its been a while but whatever. The group used to be alliance with Yakuza, nothing too special that is until we had a war between Air Force and Special Force (which is a great one to be part off+a horrible one to join in as you know, Air Force.) Bikers invaded Special Force's base and Yakuza invaded Air Force and things didn't go that well as we're heavily, well outgunned. However this made me see how Special Force do, so I left bikers, they didn't mind, actually supported me when I left and I manage to join Special Forces. Forgot which rank the one I lasted too, but I believe it was either CPL or SGT.

I was in Special Force until the merging happened between Special Forces and Air Forces, thus Armed Forces was made, I was one of the people manage to join after few days of its making, and stayed there, now as your typical noob Shade here, I did leave AF multiple times(but I didn't do it in shorter times, I did stay longer) I was known to troll people before, doesn't matter which rank, which member. I have the mindset of  "I don't care about ranks, as long as I'm in the group and its stable its okay" thing. again, as said I left multiple times joined Hobos when NemO asked me to join it, since it was brand new, I planned to stay yet AF keeps calling me back. Left AF again after being called back, I was at any law group(didn't hop, stayed for at least a month before leaving) then they called me back. Until I realized that AF was meant to be for me, so I finally decided to stay....that is until in 2015 or 2016, I  was bored after it was stable, left, called back and became adviser then left again, went to KLM and stayed there. that is until my PC broke and I was Inactive for about 5-6 months.

This year, I returned at like March or June with Bonfire, we decided to fix AF, again, after having some problems(I won't even mention it) after all it was my free time so I did spend some time to get AF back up, joined back as CPL and stayed until I became 2LT, which is now. And also in this year I decided to apply for CEM as I find it interesting and fun, so I did, didn't even expected to be accepted but I guess it was worth it

As you may have noticed, after serving AF again for like 4-5 months or so, I resigned as CPT due to some problems and now starting a new life in SK, or basically crim life lol. I suppose, I became more suicidal

and that is where I end this MASSIVE wall of text

Now for Fun facts about me or other stuff:
-Back then we can apply for ranks faster than today, so yes I did manage to apply for SCM.
-When other language board first appeared in forum, I was one of the original moderators of PH language board, and until now I'm still a moderator of it.
-I applied for staff 5 times, all denied, it's kinda obvious.
-I was indeed banned once, for flaming people in local chat because I keep getting arrested, yes I flamed cops before. and somehow Robber saw it.
-Been a leader/deputy/trusted on Gonzalo and Araa's respective group.
-Been a moderator(I think) on Araa's group.
-I did became APB once(was being offduty on AF, didn't expect myself to become APB  (◔◡◔))
-I was friends with Franco in SF, and until now we're still friends.
-I'm a piece of shit to whatever fandom I've been (Undertale, Nier automata, some few animes)
-I was recommended(Kinda?) for Police Chief by Kavzor.
-Most of my punishment were "Removing punishment" in my punish log, and I only have a few legit punishment such as muted for trolling and spamming
-I lost my SCM for posting the worst and offensive joke I've ever made on ILC chatbox. (and I won't even do it again at this point)
-Armed Forces used to have an rc tiger back then   (◔◡◔)
-Had a dogfight with one of AF'a best pilots, Matthew(even if I lose idc)
-I've made people rage a lot.
-I'm such an attention seeker
-I used to be a spammer(specially in GC/fmsg)
-I'm broken
-I stayed as MSGT in AF for 4-5+ Months
Just to add one special thing:
-I've undergone serious abuse to myself
-on the edge of committing suicide four times
-Went home alone (when I was on grade 1/1st grade that was like either 6-8 years old(not sure the age range)) without my knowledge that the one fetching me is outside
-Nearly lost my friend in a fight
-Almost caused if not, one of the violent fight in school
-Lost my grandmother few weeks or near weeks my birthday
-Almost lost all sense of sanity when I was still given a chance despite failing three subjects(just to shows how stupid I am for everyone to enjoy, I was meant to be expelled from the school when the teachers still show a faint of heart)
-I nearly stab someone at school out of rage.

Just to show how my life can go from depression to, I seek attention because I'm stupid

It just proves/ shows how a cunt, and an attention seeker I am. I'm honestly sorry for those I've annoyed so much in the past.

and a lot more that I'll soon add/update

List of Friends:
Alot, But special mention to Bonfire for the ones that actually made me stay in CIT longer..despite Bonfire banned, But that doesn't matter, he have a special place for me, and It will remain that way.
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Nice intro nub.💗💗💗😊😊😂😂.
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nice too meet you niblets :P
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Shadyy <3

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Nice to know more about you <3
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I've expected smool introduction, and that one is hugeass, I've got pranked! >:(

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Joke, niblet. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Good spammer 10/10, funny, nice introduction fam, what is to say more... Well, nothing, let's let at least my reply be smool. >:D

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I've expected smool introduction, and that one is hugeass, I've got pranked! >:(

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Joke, niblet. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Good spammer 10/10, funny, nice introduction fam, what is to say more... Well, nothing, let's let at least my reply be smool. >:D

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Very nice introduction, niblet (◔◡◔)

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Interesting intro shade  O0
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hh shade

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