Author Topic: Split LV in half. + North half for exploiters + South half for fairplay  (Read 2570 times)

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The exploiters must learn to share LV with the rest of CIT's players.
- This is the ultimate showdown. Northside vs. Southside. Gangster style!
Suggestion explained in one paragraph:

Simply cut the city in half. The south side has following rules:
- No explosives & RPG
- No extra gamespeed
- Slow binds

And later, we can vote for other special rules. That's just to start off with.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion:

This suggestion is worth the time developing because:

There are a lot of CIT players who want to play GTA:SA, not GTA: Exploit Andreas.
They expect to be able to fight normally and have fun flipping turfs, but they simply can't.

I believe this change would make LV fun again for all the people that currently don't have a chance to enjoy this part of CIT.

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