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12 10, 2017, 08:15:32 pm by Redfire | Views: 298 | Comments: 1

Suggestion explained in one paragraph: Everyone knows the so-called "Enforcer" (ID: 427), a big law vehicle with a lot of room for units and is mainly used for special operations which requires a big amount of units in roleplaying. You wont see anyone or any law group using this vehicle in patrols, and that is due to the fact that it is rather slow and wrecks easily. It is thereby used to decorate in roadblocks as it fits perfectly to the theme.

So I am suggesting to give the ability for the Enforcer to place a stinger by using the command /stinger (you will be frozen while doing so). If you use the command again, the Enforcer wont place the stinger and you can immediately drive again.

We already discussed this at the law feature board, and almost everyone agreed with this: Giving the ability for the Enforcer to place a stinger

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion: The stinger will be placed right at the backdoors of the Enforcer, just like in the following screenshots:

To avoid the feature of the Enforcer (ID: 427) getting misused, there will be a time restriction: It will take 10 seconds for the Enforcer to set up a stinger while holding still.

This suggestion is worth the time developing because: The Enforcer is not really worth buying because it is way too slow (acceleration and speed) and it wrecks easily when you turn due to its size. By giving it a special feature, it would become a special vehicle and could be used to stop some of the wanted criminal's vehicles by wrecking their tires.

Criminals often drive from an armed robbery to another or criminal event to another once they have finished it, this means that there will be multiple vehicles driving on a specific road(s) heading to the next AR or CE. By coordinating a possible place on these roads they take, and thereby have the Enforcers ready to deploy the stingers, they will become quite useful. Imagine if they have to drive through a tunnel or on a bridge in order to get to the next AR/CE, and with that multiple police vehicles are chasing them, the Enforcers at the other side of the bridge or tunnel would become rather useful.
12 10, 2017, 06:12:04 pm by Premium | Views: 334 | Comments: 1

Suggestion explained in one paragraph: That suggestion is pretty straightforward. As the title says, the idea is to remove the ability to turf in Los Santos if your group has chosen not to have a base turf. If that sounds too much, then what should at least happen is not to allow the members of the specific group to capture other groups' base turfs but only "neutral" turfs.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion: The reason behind this suggestion is very simple to understand, fairness. When you decide not to have a base turf it means that you want to opt out from turfing. So, it's completely unfair to still be able to capture other groups' turfs while you don't have the guts to maintain your own turf. That's completely unfair for all the rest groups that have their own turf and spend time to defend it. When your group decides not to have a base turf but you still keep turfing whole LS and capture other groups' turfs it's like you wanna have everything for yourself and for your personal advantage. It's simply like having one's cake and eat it too. Like having only to gain and nothing to lose while other groups have something to lose. Completely unfair and unbalanced way.

This suggestion is worth the time developing because: It's worth the time developing simply because the situation as it is, is 100% unfair. When you decide to opt out of having a base turf it means 2 things: 1) Your group is not interested in turfing and it wants its piece doing its own thing (so zero turfing), or 2) Your group doesn't have the guts to maintain its own turf but still wanna attack other turfs in a creepy way with no risk of losing your own turf. Another issue is that when you get attacked by a group like this, you simply can't attack back because it has no turf. So yea, it's all about fairness and balance. If a complete ban of LS turfing sounds too much then , as I mentioned, can only be banned of capturing other groups' turfs.
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* Changelog

Sunday 15th October 2017
- Enforcer can now deploy a stinger, like how the Advanced Hummer already could. (Arran + Redfire95)
- Fixed police computer not showing correct location, if the player had earlier on, entered an apartment. (Arran + Vampire)

Saturday 14th October 2017
- Community Event Managers can now create quizes. (Arran + MethodMan)
- Updated CITphone radios list. (Pilovali)
- Removed the ability to claim LS "Base" Turfs when your group opted out from having a base turf. (Arran + Premium)

Friday 13th October 2017
- Disabled infrared goggles as apparently only desync exploiters use them. (Arran + Mr.Omar)
- Mechanics who don't have any VIP hours can now recover the Towtruck to themselves. (Arran + Chique)
- Criminal boss notes can now be seen by Gangsters who are outside of LV. (Arran + Albus)

Monday 9th October 2017
- Fixed 'Trucker' and 'Delivery Man' earnings not being updated inside '/stats'. (Brian + Amman + B0B0)
- Fixed not being able to paint vehicles with 'Spray Can'. (Brian)
- Fixed zones in main dimension interfering with being able to place objects in apartments. (Arran + Som3a)

Sunday 8th October 2017
- Made it so the weather you choose through '/weather' gets saved and applied when you connect to server. (Brian + Pilovali)
- Fixed pistol having lower acurracy than before by increasing it's range as that seems to affect accuracy. (Arran + Skillful)
- Fixed terminator hits being too vulnreable to teargas damage. (Arran + ExiSenza)
- Fixed an exploit where you could cause yourself to get warped back while glued to a vehicle that moves. (Arran + Wickness)
- Fixed various exploits to do with entering shamal while having another GUI open. (Arran + Vampire)
- Added a new button to '/weather' panel that allows you to insert a custom weather ID. (Brian + Melo)

Saturday 7th October 2017
- Fixed problems when switching between fire extinguisher, camera, spray can. (Arran + Amman)
- Fixed rebels and military being able to capture a turf while in water. (Arran + Jaguar)
- Fixed time to complete armed robbery freezing if you exit the area while driving. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed 'Kills left to become hitman' not updating. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed medics being able to earn over the money income limit. (Arran + Amman)
- Fixed not being able to drop many air bombs in non main dimension. (Arran + Addicted)

Monday 2nd October 2017
- Dropping Rustler bombs in the non main dimension is now free and limited to 30 per minute. (Arran + Volcano)
- Mystery Bag can be picked up by Rebels, Military and Gangsters now. Increased reward to $75,000. (Brian)

Saturday 30th September 2017
- Added rapid transport markers at the 2 prison releases in LS. (Arran + M1D0)
- Players can no longer craft rockets when holding a briefcase. (Arran + Youssef)
- Fixed legitimate players being affected by the anti exploit script when you fire and switch weapon at exact same time. (Arran)

Thursday 28th September 2017
- Global Army group promoted to L5. (Staff Team)
- Medusa added as Trial Staff. (Staff Team + Community)

Wednesday 27th September 2017
- Added Parachute to ammunation store GUI. (Arran)
- Fixed those with access to deploy Criminal or Police barriers not being able to do so as Rebel or Military. (Arran + OzBeast)

Tuesday 26th September 2017
- Fixed Military not being able to drive the Barracks. (Arran + Mr.Omar)
- Fixed getting message about jail fine when a wanted gangster is killed by a gangster. (Arran + RealGame)
- Added ammunation marker at military and rebel bases. (Arran)

Monday 25th September 2017
- Fixed rebels being able to enter criminal event interiors. (Arran + ExiSenza)
- Fixed group join history not saving. (Arran + Amman)
- Fixed an exploit where you could teleport to a Seasparrow if you died driving it. (Arran + MimoS)

Sunday 24th September 2017
- Groups with car spawners can request upgrades to be added on their vehicles to spawn (topic=154014.0). (Arran + Brian)

Saturday 23rd September 2017
- Added a rapid transport marker at Area 69 to encourage playing as military. (Arran + OzBeast)
- Added a new rebel site near El Quebrados. (Arran + OzBeast)

Friday 22nd September 2017
- Halved pay for rebel / military site defense and captures, added payment per 5 minutes for effort: captures, defenses, kills. (Arran)
- Fixed Rebels and Military being immune to self inflicted damage. (Arran + Amman)
- Fixed everyone being able to hurt idle peds instead of just Rebels and Military. (Arran + Amman)

Monday 18th Spetember 2017
- Added 4 new rebel sites and increased pay by 150%. (Arran)
- Fixed 'Taxi Driver' compeltely excluding SF from passengers creation. (Brian + Amman)

Friday 15th September 2017
- Fixed wanted players not getting ejected from broken down helicopters and planes. (Arran + Dead)
- Fixed taxi job not creating new jobs in one city if there's too many jobs in the other. (Arran + Kaka)
- Fixed Bomb Disposal not paying 20% extra when VIP. (Arran + Freska)

Thursday 14th September 2017
- Added 3 new rebel turfs. 1 is at wooden bridge, 2 are at Bayside Marina. (Arran + OzBeast)

Tuesday 12th September 2017
- Military peds will attack Rebels and Rebel peds will attack Military. (Arran + OzBeast)
- Fixed being able to use Medic skins as Taxi Driver. (Brian + Amman)
- HoBoS promoted to L6. (Staff Team)

Monday 11th September 2017
- Fixed rebels not being able to use vehicle weapons like Rustler. (Arran + OzBeast)
- Fixed rebels not respawning at rebel base. (Arran + OzBeast)

Saturday 9th September 2017
- Fixed all team chats getting divided between LV and non-LV instead of just Gangsters. (Arran + NoobStar)
- Added '/repair' and '/flip' for use in apartments to repair and reset rotation of vehicle. (Arran + DeadStunter)

Friday 8th September 2017
- Added old rebel turf script. Job must be taken from rebel base above the Hydroelectric Dam. (Arran)

Thursday 7th September 2017
- Made 'Advanced Hummer' immune to car-tazer effect. (Brian + Albus)

Tuesday 5th September 2017
- Increased 'Shotgun' damage by 10%. (Arran + Weston)
- Fixed gangsters being able to kill each other in Jefferson Motel. (Arran + MaX15)

Monday 4th September 2017
- Promoted 'The_Institute' to L5 group. (Staff Team)
- Merged all LV vehicle shops into one that is inside LV's hospital. (Brian)

Sunday 3rd September 2017
- Fixed group join message not saying who invited the joiner. (Arran + Vague)
- Disabled any script features that connected to CIT2Radio as they represent a security threat. (Arran)
- Due to CIT2radio managers being completely unable to protect and defend their own database, we recommend you to change your passwords if you've registered an account on their website. (Staff Team)

Tuesday 29th August 2017
- Re-added the old Jefferson Motel roof entrance. (Arran + Chique)
- Medics in Jefferson Motel will be completely invisible like they are in criminal events. (Arran + FeroliciouZ)
- Player owned vehicles will be hidden when entering Jefferson Motel and indoor criminal events. (Arran + Youssef)

Sunday 27th August 2017
- Fixed being able to freeze Hotdog and Mr.Whoopee vans in the air while selling food. (Brian + Amman)
- Fixed players not drowning if they're glued to a vehicle. (Brian + Addicted)

Thursday 24th August 2017
- Added a safe zone at LV airport for fuel, repair and plane shop markers. (Arran + Shomy)

Tuesday 22nd August 2017
- Added rapid transport marker in North East Los Santos. (Arran + Farhan)
- Fixed being able to use some restricted skins while working as Taxi driver. (Brian + Amman)

Sunday 20th August 2017
- Fixed "fake jump" desync exploit. (Arran + SouSTa)
- Added auto punishment for when "double satchel damage exploit" is used. (Arran + SouSTa)
- Reduced keysync analog sync interval and keysync mouse sync interval from default 100 ms to 50 ms which might reduce desync to hopefully make some desync exploits less effective. (Arran)

Saturday 19th August 2017
- Fixed exploiters being able to run faster than normal with a weird animation when using slow walk styles. (Arran + Pepe)
- Fixed gangsters being able to farm kill each other by not getting additional wanted after 6 stars. (Arran + Franco)
- Fixed a non VIP gangster not being able to respawn when killed by a gangster. (Arran + Amman)
- Added a new military mission. (Arran)
- Nitrous factories now give 7000 units of Nitrous instead of 4000. (Arran + Amman)
- The message about not healing a player because they disabled being healed by medics now appears above their head. (Arran + Ariana)

Wednesday 16th August 2017
- Increased JFM pay by 50% which is $300,000 max per hour, which is fair. (Arran + Randy)
- Fixed group history not showing when a player joins the group when they were offline invited. (Arran + Matt)
- Fixed an exploit where you could unfreeze yourself when entering the event dimension. (Arran + Kaka)
- Fixed (maybe) not being able to heal in outdoor criminal event. (Arran + Amman)
- As shooting at a pedal bike now causes the damage to transfer to the player (players can't get hurt when on pedal bike) wanted players can now use pedal bikes. (Arran + OzBeast)

Tuesday 15th August 2017
- Fixed arrested players not being detached from vehicles. (Arran + S3xy)
- Fixed country supporters '/warpback' feature getting broken. (Arran + LeGe)
- Fixed 'Todays Tops' in 'F1' getting messed up when ordering the gridlist then changing tab. (Arran + Wardog)
- Fixed vehicles not being detached from a vehicle when that vehicle gets recovered. (Arran + KuaT)
- Fixed being able to use '/spacesuit' in any team. (Arran + Lxuraz)
- Fixed players being able to kill you when you're using UAV in a safe zone. (Arran + Alaa)
- Fixed LV turfs being bugged since nuclear event failed earlier today. (Brian)

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  • UniqueMercy: The healing itself is working their are getting HP but im not getting payed
    Today at 02:00:20 am
  • Rusty: Also check healing restrictions in /settings, you can choose Law, Criminals, or All.
    Today at 01:42:38 am
  • Rusty: Try not to block if they're trying to shoot though
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  • Rusty: Some ppl might have medic healing disabled. Use spray can outside of CEs and just stand close to ppl inside them.
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