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18 10, 2014, 12:40:23 pm by Arran | Views: 2796 | Comments: 20

The next news topic was going to be 'Staff Changes' but I'm quite certain that people will bring things up which happened to them months ago, even though the staff team has changed a lot since then, so I'll leave it a bit longer until people have recent bad experiences that they'd like to share.

This topic is going to be a bit like 'Development Changes', but just for today. The player count is high right now so it's an excellent time for some direct democracy. All you have to do is post something like what people posted in the 'Development Changes' topic and then if it's a half decent idea I will hold an ingame vote on it which will allow every player to have an equal say and as long as something gets over 50% of the vote then it can be done.

I'll reply to each post with the voting results and then implement the change immediately if it's a small tweak, or leave it for another day if it takes times to complete. Anything that isn't explained properly, rubbish, never going to happen, etc will be deleted.

"The old RPG system should be back like 2 RPG's every 30 minutes"
Voting over! Yes: 347 (77%) No: 103 (22%)

Remove sales from F7 after 3 hours to stop idlers trading 24/7?
Voting over! Yes: 165 (34%) No: 308 (65%)

Add a course to enable / disable x-ray vision like LSD was?
Voting over! Yes: 367 (78%) No: 99 (21%)

07 10, 2014, 07:42:03 pm by Arran | Views: 4263 | Comments: 134

Following on from the last news topic, which had great success, I noticed that a lot of people were bring up problems with the rules and administrators. So now we'll be focussing on the rules. In this poll, you can pick up to 3 rules, if you believe that those rules need changing or getting rid of altogether. The whole rules:

Show content
Note: Some rules have been removed which is why there are missing numbers and the rule IDs can't change without affecting our auto punishment for repeat offending system.

2. Listen to server staff. - Server staff can be identified by a [CIT] tag and are here to help players.

3. Do not annoy staff members, do not stand near them and do not honk at them. Do not send blatantly invalid reports like "DM" in LV or at a criminal event. If you do this by accident you can delete the report, else face punishment. Do not ask for the hijack to be recovered.

4. Do not cheat, exploit bugs or scam players - Cheating is defined as an unfair advantage. Do not camp in a CITy zone while you're wanted in order to avoid being arrested unless your zone is fully accessible. Hosting car shows where entrants must pay is forbidden. Scamming is mainly when you have an agreed transaction with another player but you don't intend to fulfill the transaction. It is also scamming to buy a CITy zone from the server and then sell it to someone else for unfair profit. If you do this the profit you made and the cost of the zone will be bo
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* Changelog

Sunday 19th October 2014
- Added a stealth mode. Stealth mode makes you invisible to X-Ray goggles and hides your player blip (as long as you're not in a vehicle or using the jetpack) however you suffer from 50% slower running speed and criminals will still have the police computer blip visible to cops if they're wanted. To enable stealth mode change your walking style to 'Stealth Mode' either via '/walkstyle' or by going to a gym. (Arran)
- Removed the distance limit when trading as the 54% who voted yes yesterday are clearly stupid and had absolutely no idea what they were voting yes for. You can still use '/sell' though. (Arran)
- Modified 'F7 Trading' so you can only view items for sale. To buy the item the seller must do '/sell' and then the buyer must enter that marker to buy something. (54% in favour) (Arran)
- Lowered 'Fire Fighter' promotion requirements by 30%. (79% in favour) (Arran)
- Lowered 'Bus Driver' promotion requirements by 60%. (83% in favour) (Arran)
- Added an 'X-Ray Vision' course to '/courses' (78% in favour) (Arran)

Saturday 18th October 2014
- Lowered crim event max players to 30. (67% in favour) (Arran)
- Removed the 'SWAT Officer' job. (65% in favour) (Arran)
- Disabled the ACA crim event. (53% in favour) (Arran)
- Lowered wait time for crim events. (88% in favour) (Arran)
- Disabled crim event turrets. (68% in favour) (Arran)
- Disabled the automatic fine for driving on wrong side of road. (80% in favour) (Arran)
- Lowered the minimum VIP hour purchase from 24 hours to 3 hours. (92% in favour) (Arran)
- Re-added '/buyrpg'. (77% in favour) (Arran)
- Removed satchels from ammunation. (59% in favour) (Arran)

Friday 17th October 2014
- Indoor criminal events: Disabled being able to aim or shoot before the event starts. (Arran)
- CnR: Disabled police being able to play hijack as 64% voted for it. (Arran)
- Police: Disabled arrest payment multiplier as it made some players extremely over paid. (Arran)

Wednesday 15th October 2014
- Imported the newest model of Alpha. Buy the new car at Luxury car shops (Brian)
- Added a 'Space Boots' course to '/courses' for low gravity. (Arran)
- Converted all weed and LSD into med kits, removed weed and LSD. (Arran)

Tuesday 14th October 2014
- Set default max health to 150 HP. (Arran)
- Removed speed and converted each 4 hits into 1 med kit. Made it so the speed effects are now permanently enabled. (Arran)
- Made it so you can kill peds. Also you get cash for killing peds in MvB which is in front of All Saints Hospital. (Arran)
- Removed the ability to have 200 HP so instead of taking 30 bullets to kill someone it'll only take 20. (Arran)
- Made the tazer work for criminals as well as cops. Note: Tazer only works on moving players. (Arran)
- Changed silenced pistol image at ammunation and new HUD into a tazer image. (Brian)
- Disabled the getting wanted delay for aiming at cops as it was annoying and unreliable. (Arran)
- Fixed lamer cops and criminals being able to run through their opponents. (Arran)
- CITy: delivered a new kitchen and a new modern floor light (IKEA)

Monday 13th October 2014
- Vazz promoted to L2 (L4 & L5 Staff)
- Jester added as Trial Staff (Staff Team)

Sunday 12th October 2014
- Added 6 new sky images. Your sky is random each login. (Arran)
- Criminal events: Made the message telling you to wait till 5 minutes left tell you how many seconds away. (Arran)
- Mechanics: Modified the accept vehicle repair so instead of the cursor appearing you press left or right to accept or decline. (Arran)

Saturday 11th October 2014
- Removed 92,007 punishments for #13: Non-English in main/team. (Arran)
- Removed 40,934 punishments from players punish logs for rules which have been removed. (Arran)
- Removed rule #18: Barrier misuse as only 20 punishments have been issued since it was added. Any barrier misuse from now on will go under #8: Griefing. (Arran)
- Removed rule #9: Unacceptable name as a staff can simply warn a player if their name is so unacceptable. (Arran)
- Removed rule #7: Requested Unfair Advantage as staff can simply ask a player to stop asking. (Arran)
- Removed rule #14: Support channel misuse. Added a new sentence to rule #2: When using the support section of 'J' chat interface you must listen to what supporters tell you. (Arran)
- Removed 'F10' advert GUI. Added 'Trading' to 'J' chat interface. (Arran)
- Removed rule #3: Obstructing staff. (Arran)

Tuesday 7th October 2014
- Added a better anonymous mask and bunny ears hat to /viphats (Brian)
- Dodo supports first and secondary colors. Shamal can be painted too (Brian)
- Did the same with Las Payasadas (the bus stop town, north of Area 69), Valle Ocultado, trailers in Tierra Robada, El Castillo del Diablo & Las Barrancas (Cherry)
- Significantly lowered the house prices in Fort Carson & El Quebrados. Those with less money can now enjoy owning a house. (Cherry)
- Considering the high amount of brainless players who buy groups/group founders ranks and then harass staff members because they've been scammed and/or they lost the group, I've modified rule #11 and added: "Selling groups/squads and their founder status is prohibited and will be punished with group deletion." (Brian)

Sunday 5th October 2014
- Made the "Freight Box" train paintable. Paint it of white if you want to keep the standard grey texture. (Brian)
- Added paintable Hydra and Dodo (Brian)
- Drugs: Since heroin does the same as a med kit but it heals you constantly which is wasteful if you're at full health, converted each 2 hits of heroin (they only healed 45 HP and you had to be on speed) into 1 med kit, which will only heal you when you actually need it, so now you have 1 less thing to worry about. Also doubled the speed at which med kits heal when you're taking speed. (Arran)
- LV: Increased payments by 50% (Each player in LV is worth $3000). (Arran)
- LV: Added 3 more respawn points to each turf (so there are 4 now) and removed spawn protection. (Arran)

Saturday 4th October 2014
- Ammunation: Projectiles are now in stock at just $1500. Based on 80% votes in favour. (Arran)
- Added 'Contact Admin' to 'J' so if you want to get help or report someone you can use that. (Arran)
- Lowered FPS 'fighting limited' from 12 to 8. Lowered FPS kick from 8 to 4. (Arran)
- Criminal events: Increased max players indoors to 40, max outdoors to 70, duration limit to 20 minutes, and time between events to 25 minutes. Based on 69% of votes in favour. (Arran)
- Ingame Rules: Removed rule #17 (Misconduct) (Arran)
- Respawn: Lowered the respawn fee maximum from $3000 to $2000. (Arran)
- Trading: Made it so you can only buy drugs if you're stood near the seller. (Arran)
- Criminal events: Moved PDR into the police station interior. (Arran)

Friday 3rd October 2014
- Disabled setting weapon type and reset M4, AK-47, SPAS, MP5 and Deagle to their default GTA SA settings. (Arran)
- Increased minimum ping limit from 300 to 350. (Arran)
- Drugs: Re-enabled weed farm harvesting. You need a combine harvester and be there to harvest it when '/weedtime' says it's ready to harvest. Also, criminals CAN kill each other in the harvesting area. (Arran)
- Ammunation: Replenished Desert Eagle, shotgun, assault, sniper and minigun rounds. (Arran)
- Combat: Disabled the pump action shotgun preventing you from running for 8 seconds when being shot by it as I'm sure that more people hate it than like it. (Arran)

Thursday 2nd October 2014
- Ingame rules: Amended rule #8, specifically the part about group bases to: "Don't harass players that are in a group base." and moved the bit about laughing at peoples punishments to #6: "Do not go on about somebody getting punished." (Arran)
- Courses: Added a new course. "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle" which costs $50,000 but will allow you to free-cam like mescaline, forever. Use '/courses' to start. (Arran)
- Drugs: Removed mescaline and converted each 10 hits of mescaline into 1 hit of heroin. (Arran)
- LV: Made it so civilians can fight there again. (Arran)
- Ammunation has ran out of projectile stock! Projectile stock will be replenished on 5th November 2014 with a discounted price of 50%! (Arran)
- Modified all ammo crafting recipes to give 25% more ammo for the same resources. (Arran)
- Forum rule changes:
> Renumbered every rule as so many have been deleted. 41 down to 19.
> Removed rule #40 (fighting in a complaint / appeal)
> Removed rule #38 and merged it into the new rule #18.
> Removed rule #10 (impersonation) as the dishonesty rule covers that.
> Removed rule #20 (appeal wrong format)
> Removed rule #25 (back seat moderation) as useless posting usually covers that.
> Removed rule #27 (forum account sharing)
> Removed rule #5 and merged it into the new rule #1.
> Removed rule #8 and merged it into the new rule #3.
> Removed rule #1 (Not using brain)
> Removed rule #11 (Requesting forum status)
> Removed rule #13 (Useless bump)
> Removed rule #16 (Time waster)
> Removed rule #19 (Redundant rule)
> Removed rule #21 (Gen. discussion misuse)
> Removed rule #23 (Identity changer)
> Removed rule #26 (Redundant rule)
> Removed rule #28 (Copying content)
> Removed rule #33 (Redundant rule)
> Removed rule #34 (Lying about confirming a bug (see rule #2))
> Removed rule #35 (Redundant rule)
> Removed rule #41 (Redundant rule)
- Automatically converted every 3 hits of steroids into 1 hit of heroin and removed steroids as they're useless. (Arran)
- Increased country rifle damage (50 -> 75 damage) (Arran)
- Increased sawn off damage (5 -> 7 damage) (Arran)
- Reset Uzi and Tec 9 damage (12 -> 20 damage) (Arran)
- Reduced the cost of trains from $10 mil to $2 mil so more players can experience train driving. If you already own a train you can sell it back for the price you paid and then buy a new one for less. (Arran)
- xCode added as L1 official group since all votations about them not deserving it were actually invalid. (Brian)

Wednesday 1st October 2014
- Criminals events: Completely removed not being able to enter due to team unbalance. Made it so you only take 10% damage instead of 25% damage when shot in the back. (Arran)
- Fixed the sliding / shooting exploit related to switching between deagle and shotgun too fast. Also increased deagle accuracy by 50%, reduced damage by 25%, increased magazine to 10 rounds so now people might actually use it for reasons other than to exploit. (Arran)
- Changed DFT-30 model to allow players drive their cars on it. You already could /glue your vehicles on it. (Brian)

Tuesday 30th September 2014
- Criminal events: Lowered the anti rush turret time from 7 to 3 minutes. Increase max allowed unbalance from 4 to 10. (Arran)
- Chat: Removed main chat fee. Reminder: You can disable seeing main chat in '/settings' (Arran)
- Chat: Fixed the possibility of making fails in main chat as you now have to do '/main message' to send a message to main chat. If you want to talk in main without having to type '/main' at the start you can do '/bind KEY chatbox main' KEY being an unused key but when you get muted for having a "fail" that's the risk you're choosing to take. For those of you who don't seem to understand... YOU STILL ENTER COMMANDS AS NORMAL. DO NOT DO /main /command JUST DO /command (Arran)

Monday 29th September 2014
- GuebraAnjo passed trial. (High & Head Staff)
- Trains: Made it so you can press space (like with the shamal) to let passengers enter. (Arran)
- Fixed police not being able to hurt unwanted criminal medics who are healing wanted criminals. (Arran)
- Made it so you have to be a Paramedic before you can do '/criminal medic' as it was basically giving everyone access to '/go medic' which is unfair. (Arran)
- Added '/go police medic' requires 100,000 arrest points and 1,000,000 heal points. (Arran)

Sunday 28th September 2014
- CITy: added new shader textures. (Cherry)
- Trains: Made it so 3 carriages attach to your train when you enter it. (Arran)
- Removed getting drugs from criminal events, increased cash payments. There is now a drugs shortage as there is currently no way to get drugs. (Arran)

Saturday 27th September 2014
- Added Cop medic skin (Cherry)
- Disabled medics being able to enter criminal events. They must enter as police medic or criminal medic instead. Increased the max players from 20 v 20 to 25 v 25. (Arran)
- Criminals: Added a new job 'Criminal Medic' which is like a criminal and paramedic combined however they can't use powerful weapons. To get the job do: '/criminal medic' (Arran)

Friday 26th September 2014
- As a large portion of our community is Arabic, added an Arabic support channel to the 'J' chat interface. (Arran)

Thursday 25th September 2014
- Fight For Honor promoted to L2 official group (Official group leaders + Staff team)

Wednesday 24th September 2014
- CITy: added 3x1 and 5x1 glass windows together with a glass roof in Construction section. Added a 50s style entrance sign designed by Cherry into Lighting section. Added a couple of barriers and 2 types of lamp posts into Perimeter objects. Added a big palm for your CITy garden. Made some bug fixes for existing objects. (Brian)
- Fixed bugged walls inside Interior 7 (Brian)

Tuesday 23rd September 2014
- Added vehicle and helicopter recovery points to every hospital. To use it, stand on it, press F2, select a vehicle, press recover. If you have VIP then this won't make a difference to you. (Arran)
- Made punishments before 1st April 2014 not count in the punishment time multiplier. (Arran)
- Reduced 'Flaming Staff' to 24 hour ban or 24 hour global mute also removed most already existing flaming staff bans. (Arran)

Monday 22nd September 2014
- Added sky box shader that can be disabled in '/settings' (Cheeze + Arran)

Sunday 21st September 2014
- Car + Bike Races: 2nd place will get 50% and 3rd place will get 25% of what 1st place got. (Arran)
- Added 95 new animations to /animations. (MaRouane)
- Police: Added a new job 'Police Medic' which is like a cop and paramedic combined however they can't use powerful weapons. (Arran)
- Added an unarmed Hydra (only Staff and Armed Forces can fire it) to aircraft stores for $40,000,000. (Arran)
- CITy: Added a 150 object limit for very large zones, the only zone considered very large is SK zone in LV. (Arran)
- Completely disabled projectile throwing freeze time. (Arran)

Saturday 20th September 2014
- Made it so marriage partners are classified as a CITbook friend in case they're not already on your friend list. Also made it so that when your partner logs in, their colored square blip will turn into a love heart blip. (Arran)

Friday 19th September 2014
- United added as trial staff (Staff Team)

Thursday 18th September 2014
- Constitutional amendment, added: CITC 3.3 "Group Related Rights" which contains the following:
"A) A group or squad cannot be judged negatively if it has "rule breakers" in it."
"B) A group or squad cannot require to see a players punish log in order for that player to join."
This is so people can stop worrying about getting punished, let me show you some examples of harsh (and now unconstitutional) membership requirements:
SAPD: "No Punishments within 1 month, No Bans in 3 months"
FBI: "No more than a punishment in the past month"
Armed Forces: "no punishments in the last month and no bans newer than 3 months"
SWAT: "Must have no punishment logs newer than a month and no more than 1 punishment within 2 months"
So if you make a small mistake and get jailed for misconduct or muted for spamming, you can't apply for a month? Ridiculous.
When a group now wants to see your punish log you must not show it to them and they can't refuse you because of that. (Arran)

Wednesday 17th September 2014
- Police: Added an arrest payment multiplier based on your arrest points. The message when you jail them will tell you how much your multiplier is. 10,000 arrest points is equal to a pay increase of 10%. Because some people have ridiculous arrest points and would earn 24 times more from jailing someone, the highest the multiplier will go is 3. (Arran)
- CITy: Instead of having to give people delegate access to recover vehicles you can now create a vehicle recovery pad and aircraft recovery pad and anyone who stands on them can recover vehicles. (Brian + Arran)

Tuesday 16th September 2014
- Increased med kit healing from 60 to 100. Reduced heal speed by 50%, if you want a quick heal use a medic. (Arran)
- Fixed interior 15 bug that allowed players to walk on the ceiling of the interior. (Brian)

Monday 15th September 2014
- Added /barrier11 which is a smoke flare. (Brian)
- CITy: Added walls with door slots and a column object in "Wall" category. (Brian)
- CITy: Added a military bunker, fountain and 4 more doors including one that can have textures applied to it. (Brian)
- Cave Miner: Fixed not getting a new mining location after clicking finish. (Arran)
- Criminals: Added a new armed robbery mission location at LS Docks Train Yard, where we used to have the LS train robbery criminal event but this one you must stay inside the warehouse. (Arran)

Sunday 14th September 2014
- Criminals: Made all prison sentences 20 seconds longer but reduced total duration by 25%. (Arran)
- Criminals: Added a new criminal mission called 'Armed Robbery' where you can rob the Palomino Creek Bank tills, press F5 as a criminal for further details. (Arran)
- CITy: Made it so you can change you fighting style by pressing X then clicking on a punching bag. (Arran)
- CITy: Made it so you can change your walking style by pressing X then clicking on a treadmill. (Arran)
- CITy: Made it so you can change your skin by pressing X then clicking on a wardrobe. (Arran)
- Pilot: Made the Andromada, AT-400, Beagle, Dodo, Nevada, Shamal and Stuntplane not collide with each other. (Arran)
- Delivery Man: Reduced promotion requirements by 100%. (Arran)
- Deleted all group custom titles and issued the refund equally amongst all group members that were online at the time. (Arran)
- Deleted all account custom titles and refunded them. (Arran)

Saturday 13th September 2014
- Bus Driver: Increased pay by 100% to match other jobs. (Arran)
- Fisherman: Instead of having to hold left or right, you can now just press it once. (Arran)
- Zergad passed trial (Staff Team)
- Added vehicle spawners for the hooker job, both in LS and SF. The marker spawns a Savanna. (Brian & Cherry)
- Added a new player (all existing players will get it too) key bind help text. You press the key and then another message will appear for another key. Just press all the keys and it will disappear forever then. (Arran)

Friday 12th September 2014
- Moved the ambulance to the cheap vehicle spawner at hospitals instead of 2 markers, only medics can see it in the list though. (Arran)

Thursday 11th September 2014
- Added Freight and Brown Streak for sale at LS Unity Train Station for $10,000,000 (Arran)
- Modified the criminal experience GUI so you can read the mission info easier and made it so when you first spawn as criminal (even for existing accounts) it will say "Press F5 to view criminal missions" so just press F5 and the message will disappear forever. (Arran)
- Made it easier to pick which house / base / zone to spawn after death. (Arran)

Tuesday 9th September 2014
- Added 29 peds to San Fierro, more to come (Brian & Cherry)
- Made new criminals start with 500 Pistol and 500 MP5, new cops start with 500 Tazer and 500 MP5 and new civilians get an extra $20,000. (Arran)
- Made new players start of with an $50,000 on hand, $5000 in bank and 10 of each drug. (Arran)

Sunday 7th September 2014
- Also, Sick added as trial staff (Staff Team)
- Ryan & Suly added as trial staff (Staff Team)
- Moved all job markers at LSPD to inside the LSPD interior. Removed all the old job vehicle markers. (Arran)

Saturday 6th September 2014
- CITy: Removed '/editent' To edit an object press 'X' then right click on the object. (Arran)
- CITy: Added 25 new objects including a new sports category. (Araa)
- Removed '/mykills' made it appear on screen like: "K: 1 D: 200" (Arran)
- CITy: Added 4 trees in "Garden" objects list, triangle-shaped glass window in "Construction" section, 2 new walls with windows and 2 triangle-shaped walls/floors a wood house in "Buildings" (Brian)

Friday 5th September 2014
- Copied the race script and made it for bikes. Look for the orange custom blip on F11 for race start or enable the "always show race" in '/settings' command to see when it starts: '/bikeracetime' (Arran)

Thursday 4th September 2014
- CITy: added 2 more islands and respective CITy zones (Brian)
- CITy: Select an object with '/editent' then do '/copyent' to make a copy which is useful for making aligned objects. (Arran)
- Fixed police being able to steal other peoples locked police vehicles, also applied to ambulances. (Arran)

Wednesday 3rd September 2014
- CITy: Added 24 zones to the empty part of LS docks. (Arran)
- Vazz added as trial staff (Staff Team)
- Added new CITy zones in the third island near LS (Brian)

Monday 1st September 2014
- Added a bunch of peds in San Fierro, including strippers in Jizzy's. More to follow. (Araa + Brian + Vazz + Cherry)
- Constitutional amendment, added CITC 3.2.E: "The severity and duration of a punishment must be proportionate to the impact their actions had and their intentions." (Arran)
- Added a whole new block of zones at CITy Underground, not sure how much but they were sold rather quickly anyways (Arran + Cheeze + xb0x + RabbidRabbit + Azoulas + Franco + Brian + Cherry also BoDy!)
- Created 30 CITy zones on some islands at East LS. (CITy Engineers)
- CITy: Added 27 new objects. (Arran + ZtyX + VazZ)

*** For updates older than this check the 'Updates Changelog' in the 'News' board on the forum ***

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